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Andrey Arshavin: Primed & Ready For… Something


Image via arshavin.eu

Highly amusing photographs of Andrey Arshavin are not hard to come by. Indeed, we often mosy on over to Arshavin.eu when we’re in need of a laugh, whether it’s his innovative views on women or a bizarre desire to see him dressed as a boy scout. Either works.

But even we were surprised by the sheer battiness of these latest shots to appear on those hallowed pages. It’s Andrey in a giraffe t-shirt (left) with a dead cow on his head! Ooh, look! There’s Yulia posing with some flatbreads! The Arshavins visit a dangerous ravine with a tall, handsy gentleman. And in our personal fave (above), Andrey and Yulia are… well, we have no idea. For all we know, this is how Andrey prepares for his marital duties.

Good heavens.

QOTD: Yulia Voronin On Alex Gerrard


Image via sports.ru. *All Q translations were actually properly done by a fluent speaker, although they’ve been somewhat re-worded to make sense for us English folk. Thx Dina!

You all remember Yulia Voronin, right? She of the tracksuit that will never die?

Of course you do.

Mrs Voronin, whose husband Andriy formerly played for Liverpool and currently plays for Dynamo Moscow, has given a truly spectacular interview to a Russian sports site. You’ll have to bear with us and Google Translate* because our ability to read Cyrillic is about the same as Jose Mourinho’s ability to keep his emotions off his face.


John Terry: Socks & Awe


That’s all very well and good, JT. But… really? You like how that looks? Image: REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic.

In a series of Kickette approved poses, John Terry demonstrated that despite a total inability to operate a pair of socks, he is more than capable of distracting us from our work.


Oktoberfest: Grimm Fairytales


Manuel Neuer and Kathrin Gilch prepare to enter the magical world of Grimm’s Fairytales, where scary monsters, large wooden staircases and the paparazzi must all be negotiated before they get to live happily ever after. Image: Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images.

Having already exploited the comedic value of football players in lederhosen for all it’s worth last week, the timing of the release of these photos of the Bayern Munich boys at Oktoberfest couldn’t have been worse.

Fortunately for you (and our legal team’s billing dept) we boast some of the most imaginative and astute minds in football today, and just fifteen minutes in the Mayhem & Fruit Beverages Suite was all it took for these images to be forcibly attached to one of the famed ‘Grimm’s Fairytales’.

Whether it really worked or not is a different story.


Honorary Kickette: Tracey Crouch, Tory MP


YouTube Preview Image

This morning we must offer our congratulations to British Conservative member of parliament Tracey Crouch (no relation to Peter), whose obstinacy, refusal to obey the rules and blind adherance to her beliefs have confirmed her as a true Kickette.