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Females Only: The Future Of Football?


Slowly, we’re taking over the football world. Image: AP Photo.

With misbehaviour by fans in Europe plummeting to new depths of depravity, football associations are becoming increasingly innovative in their sanctions.

So congratulations to the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), whose latest punishment is in honour of the firecracker wielding, pitch invading supporters who’ve been troubling their fixtures as of late. Last night, a crowd of 41,000 turned out to watch Fenerbahce play Manisapor in the Turkish league. And they were all women.

That’s right, folks. Males over the age of 12 were banned from the stadium.


WTF Files: Sandefjord Players Forced To Train Naked


Image Credit: Sporten.dk.

We always joke about the extreme lengths we’d go to in order to get ourselves mixed up in a situation such as this, but now that our lifelong dreams have come true we suddenly find ourselves acting like gun shy prudes. Go figure.

Last Friday during their Norwegian team’s practice, Stian Antonsen and Marius Berntzen challenged their squad’s veteran goalkeepers to a game of footy tennis. The stakes were high – winners took all, losers took it all off (until practice was over) – and Team Antonsen/Berntzen failed to cover the spread that had them pegged as heavy favourites. They did, however, cover and spread in other ways as a result of said shortcoming.

While there are many right and wrong things that we could say about this picture, we’ll just leave you with the first two thoughts that popped into our heads: ‘Is that a pickle between Stian’s legs?! If so, is it a gherkin or banana pepper?’


Iker Casillas: Hassled In Hose


Iker was annoyed. Why hadn’t someone warned him there were pre-training physical exams before he had chosen to wear tights? Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

Robbie Savage: A Career Nadir?


We’re not sure if this shot was taken before or after his ‘Strictly’ makeover, but it’s all the same really. Image via bbc.co.uk.

If his prediliction towards frightening personal grooming is anything to go by, Robbie Savage has been preparing for his latest adventure throughout his career. Yes, the former Derby County captain has announced he will be appearing in the new series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, which launches in the UK on Saturday.

Although he’s obviously been receiving plenty of ’support’ from his Twitter ‘mates’, the whole thing leaves Kickette HQ with a bit of a conundrum: do we cover Sav’s sequinned sashays for the mirth benefit of our non-UK based contingent of soldier girls and boys? Or simply pretend that the whole spray-tanned, lycra clad shebang isn’t happening?

In the tradition of more or less every important decision we’ve ever made, we throw the question (and therefore the responsibility) to your good selves, Kickettes. Yay or nay to ‘Sav’s Series of Strictly Shambolic Saturdays’?

Protest now, or forever hold your peace, people.

Didier Drogba: Comedy Genius


…and kudos to Jose Bosingwa who somehow managed to keep a straight face for his photo, despite his colleague’s best efforts. Image: Dirty Tackle.