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Nemanja Vidic: The Many Faces of a Hot Robot


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For those not in the know, Dynamo is a remarkable magician from Bradford in England, famed for scaring the crap out of A-list celebs including Robbie Williams and Tinie Tempah. Nemanja Vidic is a defender with EPL champions Manchester United, famed for being a hot robot.

Here are the highlights from their recent meeting.

1.58 – EPL superstar but great with kids Vidi

2.09 - Sceptical of the short guy in the anorak Vidi

2.24 - Very sceptical of the short guy in the anorak Vidi

2.35 – Where the hell is my security detail Vidi

2.45 – Grudgingly impressed by still sceptical (robotically speaking) Vidi

2.53 – Vaguely interested now Vidi

3.23 – I no longer appear to be the centre of attention Vidi

Not bad at all, no?


Omar Bravo: He Started It…


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Please enjoy the above video of Sporting Kansas City player Omar Bravo, who, during his side’s fixture vs. Seattle Sounders at the weekend, instigated amusing scenes of mayhem and thespian collapse when his two footed tackle on Pat Noonan received a red card.

We won’t spoil the rest of it for you - suffice to say that the poor challenge was just the beginning for Omar, who, upon review of the footage, probably would agree that he should have left the pitch when instructed to do so by the referee.

It would’ve saved a lot of embarrassment, we feel.

Girl Code: An Open Letter To Jennifer Thompson


Dear Juicy. Jennifer. Jen?

We realise that while your career trajectory is relatively flat and you must do all you can to maintain momentum while you have it, but we feel it might be in the best interests of your personal health and safety (not to mention dignity) if you would refrain from attending bars in Liverpool for the foreseeable future.


Nani: Flirting With The Other Side


Having blessed Nani with the gift of soccer skills, the gods were angry when they caught him posing in the guise of ‘the other side’. Moments later he was sucked into hole in the space-time continuum and forced to look at this photo of himself forever as punishment (or, this picture is poorer quality than we would usually demand, but we deemed it too hilarious to omit). Image via yfrog.

Andres Guardado: Caught On Camera


Image via ontd_football

We all have webcams. Admittedly some of us pretend we don’t know how to use them, but even the Kickette staff that ‘fess up to usage in the past insist that it was purely for business purposes and definitely not dodgy gratification of any kind.

We only wish we could say the same for footballers. Alexandre Pato (allegedly) demonstrated that having a globally recognisable face is no impediment to sexy-time-surfing by supposedly popping Little Alex out during a chat with a lady a couple of years ago, and now a new playa has ’seen’ his action, and raised him a ‘let’s see, take off your thong. Are you gonna warm me up?’

Ooh, matron!