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Good Week/Bad Week: From the Sublime To The Ridiculous


Jack Wilshere, back in training. You know what that means, don’t you, Kickettes? Image via facebook.

When it’s good, it’s really, really good.

When it’s bad, we just can’t be arsed with it, frankly.


Dirk Kuyt: When All Else Fails, Fancy Dress Doesn’t


ex liverpool footballer club magazine cover photo shoot model ball

Images: KCKRS, Tumblr.

We look forward to seeing more photos from Dirk Kuyt’s feature in Fenerbahce’s magazine so that the inevitable speculation about his attendance at Liverpool’s annual fancy dress Christmas party can begin in earnest.

Raffaella Fico: Baby Daddy Disappointment


In a recent poll of Italian drivers by Facile.it, 21% of respondents said Mario’s the least reliable celebrity to buy a used-by-a-VIP car from. No surprise there, really.

In an interview with Italian tabloid ‘Diva e Donna’, which hits newsstands tomorrow, Raffaella Fico accuses her ex-boyfriend ‘baller of harassing her to the point of stalking, saying he’s been calling her off the hook, sometimes even as late as one o’clock in the morning.

She’s already penned the player a letter via the press before, so we shouldn’t be all that surprised that Miss Fico is at it again.

Yet we are.

In the spirit of participating in the court of public opinion, let’s hear the former showgirl turned virginity auctioneer out before we judge.


AS Roma: Aquatic Acrobats


Cheers for the tip, Jo P!

Set to one of the most ear piercingly bad soundtracks on planet Earth, here’s AS Roma’s first team shirtless in a man-made lake. Or something like that.

And here’s more pictures to prove it really happened.

Damn watermarks.

Éver Banega: Have You Considered Public Transport?


YouTube Preview Image

Remember when Ever Banega forgot to put the handbrake on at the gas station and got run over by his own car?

Well, that memory faded into the smoky middle distance today when we watched this video showing Ever’s smart red Ferrari burning to a cinder while the player himself casually requests a bucket of water, then buggers off into the Valencia training facility.

There wasn’t much left of the car, but that’s unlikely to be a problem for Éver, who probably has another five in his luxury garage.