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QOTD: Cristiano Ronaldo on Anger Management



“When my mother is involved, then I’m sorry but I don’t let anyone, I repeat anyone, harass her… I regret what I did, but I can’t promise that I would not react in the same way again, because when my mother, [Dolores], is involved it is difficult for me to keep a calm state of mind.“

Cristiano explains why he kicked in the car window of a girl filming him and his mother on their way to an Elton John concert in Lisbon.

Conflicting reports have the girl as a paparazzi and/or a fan girl.

In other completely related un-related news, Cristiano’s ex, Nereida Gallardo is continuing her never-ending, life-long media tour of famewhoring without clothes, and recently said that if Dolores doesn’t like you, you’ve got no chance of a relationship with Cristiano. (link NSFW).

No shite, Sherlock.

Link: Cristiano Ronaldo Rages

Wedding Speeches: Ugly Friday


imageAs we all know, the speech segment at a wedding reception is hit and miss depending on alcohol consumption and personality. 

In the case of Joe Cole’s marriage to Carly Zucker, it would seem that, yet again, allowing any person to speak publically in this setting is riskier than outlet shopping.

During the speeches, Carly’s father, Nigel told the crowd about how she crashed Joe’s Range Rover after he taught her how to drive, and then mentioned that Carly hadn’t been the most beautiful of babies:

“The staff at Whipps Cross Hospital still call it Ugly Friday,“ he said.


What’s the correct response to that joke? We are assuming a poison dart, but correct us if we’re wrong.

Q: what do you think is worse? Guests hearing that as a baby you struck terror across hospital wards everywhere? Or guests being told about your breast implants?

We’re going to give this one to Alex Gerrard, but only just.

Read the full interview with Carly and Joe about their reception – and guest speeches – in this week’s Hello!


When Love Hurts: Iker Casillas



The only thing keeping lust alive here is Iker’s adorable hand-dog expression.  The irony? He’s at the launch for a book called, “Sure of Myself.“

Mate, in that get up? The only thing we’re sure of is that you need an intervention. Shoot, even something out of Sergio’s closet would work better than this. Or, you need to just stop wearing clothes all together.

Also, would you mind taking your feet out of first position? This isn’t Swan Lake.

QOTD: Cheryl Cole, Under Pressure


Cheryl cole

“I’ve just been to see the doctor and he’s drilled a hole in my nail to release the pressure.

I feel quite disturbed.

When I was training for the climb, my boots were too tight, which put pressure on my toe and the nail went black.“

Cheryl Cole talking about her nasty-ass foot injury after her Mount Kilimanjaro climb.

Sergio Ramos: Fore!



Another day, another fascinating photo of the one we call The Ramos. We’re impressed with the way his Kinesio tape has been fashioned into some sort of a Borat type man sling.

Anyone else wondering how he’s going to get that tape off without extreme pain? Or is it obvious Sergio is the type to… wax?

Apologies. It’s too far away from Friday for this line of questioning.