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Question: What Do John Guidetti, Noel Gallagher & Mischa Barton Have In Common?


Answer: Diehard Man City fan and former Oasis lead guitarist/songwriter, Noel Gallagher, recently enlisted the music video services (they still make those?) of City player John Guidetti’s rumoured love interest, Mischa Barton.

We only made it through the first five seconds of the above clip before we had to go do some urgent shoe shopping, so if anything interesting happened after that, please let us know.

Goal Celebrations Gone Mad


H/T to One Point Four.

It’s like Star Wars. And a Benny Hill sketch. There are furry animals. And hot footballers.

Finally. Someone has successfully articulated what’s going on in our heads.

Marcel Schmelzer: Embarrassing Disco Moment


Image: REUTERS/Ina Fassbender.

Marcel was hoping like hell no one saw him after his “Flashdance – The Musical” rehearsal until he managed to slip out of his costume.

Sadly for him, they did.

FEMEN: Topless Trophy Tipping


This woman resisting her suited male suitors is a member of the Ukrainian feminist movement FEMEN. FEMEN is kind of like Kickette, only they’re braver and less likely to be arrested for public disorder offenses. Their supporters have an aversion to wearing bras and enjoy throwing the EURO 2012 trophy around podia to protest against the upcoming tourney.

It isn’t so much the footy they have a problem with, but rather the massive boost any large gathering of blokes gives to the sex tourism industry.

While yesterday’s feisty escapade cooled as quickly as it started, the group’s past activities have seen the tables turned on them, with protesters ended up assaulted and threatened with violence. The fact that their penmanship is so pristine, their message placement so not crooked and that they’re prepared to risk this to spread their message has inspired us to launch our own #OccupyFootballersPants protest.

What do you think Kickettes? A worthy cause or a wasted effort (ours, not theirs)?


Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Sara Real Madrid goalkeeper WAG Telecino presenter

Oh, hai there. Image: EFE.


- Our mums always said don’t let a guys’ wrinkled clothes or dodgy bull fight hairstyles fool you because it’s what’s inside their pants and underneath their shirts that counts. [ABC.es]

- Heart of Midlothian ‘ballers, hang onto your 2012 Scottish Cup winners’ medals. It’s time for you to claim our free drinks for life prizes. [TribalFootball.com], [Daily Record] & [BBC Sport]

- If Blair Gavin can make a Midori Sour equal parts Midori and Sour perfectly on the first try then his suspiciously strange mustache can mix our drinks anytime. [KCKRS via OMG-Yanks ]