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Cristiano Ronaldo: My Eyes!


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If you have anything planned for the rest of the day, cancel it. You’ll need to be doing every manner of CSI-level scanning and analyzing to determine the owner of the package in question.

Btw, we feel this video is completely mistitled – Cristiano looks hella uncomfortable to us, not “intrigued”. More of a “didn’t see a thing there, mate. But I am going to move over just a little bit and try to spell my name backwards to clear my mind of this vision” type of vibe.

That’s our take after watching this six dozen times, anyway.

UPDATE: Apparently, it’s Park Ji-Sung who’s so… happy.  Who knew?  See here, and here. Since he’s next to Evra, you can hardly blame him. Thanks Amber!

Via ONTD Football

Nicklas Bendtner: Trousers Not Required



After the Arsenal loss, you can’t blame young Nicklas Bendtner for wanting to go out and get sloshed last night. His location of choice, wagabee central – Boujis in London.

No shame in that. However, we can blame/judge him for the inability to keep his trousers on whilst in a public arena with photographers present. We point the finger at you for that one, luv.

How exactly does this happen, by the way? Was he in transit from the loo and remembered he left the oven on and needed to leave post haste? Or (more likely), was he in transit from some sort of sexy-times action in the VIP and suddenly got busted?

imageJust what exactly is going on for club security to throw you out without even waiting for you to hitch up your jeans and quickly re-arrange your junk back into its rightful place in your trousers?

So many questions.

FYI, Nicky arrived at the club at 11.45pm, and was seen at various intervals in the evening having a smoke in the “smokers pen” outside and chatting to several different ladies also getting their smoke on. When he left the club (at 4am), the car driving him sped through two red lights. Obviously an urgent pants-in-public situation.

Side note: not sure why Nicky would be covering his face. Doesn’t part of the professional football player contract include having no naked shame? Confusing.

Posing in Polka Dots: Victoria Beckham



Images via celebutopia

Shall we play the Find Something Nice To Say Challenge with Victoria Beckham at the Met Gala in NYC?

We’ll start: We like Victoria’s eye makeup.

Your turn. And you can’t take ours. We already said makeup. Good luck.


Swaggerific: Jude and Djibril Cisse



Djibril Cisse and his wife Jude, outside club Circo, where he held a birthday party for her. What sort of discussions do you think these two have during the ‘getting dressed’ phase of the evening?

Francesco and Chanel Totti: Seal Bait



On first glance, we actually believed this was a real sofa-sized seal pictured with Francesco Totti and daughter Chanel at Zoomarine in Rome.

But it’s not.

Is it?

Seriously. We need answers.

It’s larger than our flat. So it must be made of stone. But if it is just a statue, surely the kids would just be riding on it and sticking chewing gum under its chin instead of stroking it?

Regardless, we’ll be seeing this in our nightmares tonight.

Update: The seal is real. His name is Vito. He weighs 440 kg. Thanks Malin!