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Fashion FAIL: Claire Merry’s Silver Suit



Claire Merry (the former Mrs Thierry Henry) on the blue carpet at the London Premiere of Star Trek.  Glad she went for something subtle and non-attention grabbing.

Lazy Links and Randoms



Blumer Elano, wife Alexandra and daughter Maria Teresa head to the opening of the Bem Brasil restaurant in Manchester. Also in attendance from the Man City squad: Shaun Wright-Phillips, Wayne Bridge, Robinho, Felipe Caicedo, Pablo Zabaleta and Glauber Berti.

Comparing the hotness factor of Cristiano Ronaldo v David Beckham is like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. Wrong on so many levels.

Our Polish sisters-in-arms have a pic of Didier Drogba showcasing every muscle group in his chest and torso.

You want to ride the Berbabus, don’t you? It’s okay to admit it. Give in to Dimi, it’s better that way.

Tottenham’s Tom Huddlestone’s new girlfriend, Corrine, loves pink lipstick. Do we need to stage an intervention?  [link slightly NSFW]

Add Roque Santa Cruz to the “gimping ain’t easy” list. He’s just had surgery to sort out a “floating fragment” in his knee.
Are concerns about Bobo Vieri and what he’s doing in his spare time keeping you up at night? Probably not. But FYI, he’s been playing poker.

Who knew Arsene Wenger had moves like these? Go on, get crunk, AW!

We’re all for the combo of cute and talent on the Barca FC pitch, but if anyone brought these freaky things into our homes we would have to beat them with a pointy stick until they exited.

Baller Soap Operas: Dani Guiza



Dani Guiza takes a moment to connect with his emotions. His love life is exhausting.  Image via PA Wire

So, let’s see, when was the last time we visited our friend Daniel Guiza of Fenerbahce/Spanish NT in the doghouse? Actually, never. Which is a shame, because his personal life is so very worthy of a bulleted Baller Soap Opera list:

- Daniel Guiza was a wild child in his early footballing years. He married, had a son with and divorced his OBM (Original Baby Mama) Rocio Aranda after two years. He eventually partied his ass all the way out of the Spanish second league to up to Getafe.

- Within months, Madrids own Danielle Lloyd, Nuria Bermudez, (she’s dated at least six 1st team players) managed to sink her claws into Dani.

- Known for regularly whipping her shirt off in public forums, Nuria quickly moved to secure the vacant roles of agent, girlfriend and Baby Mama Numero Dos.

- Nuria managed to tame Dani.

- In exchange, Dani promised to make an honest woman out of Nuria if Spain won Euro 08.

- As we here at Kickette correctly predicted, Spain prevailed. The reward for being the ultimate ride-or-die wag (see, Toni Terry, Olalla Dominguez): a ginormous ring, surely?

- There was no ring.


Question of the Day: The Polo Shirt



Who the hell made the call on this fine work of fashion craftsmanship being part of the English National Team kit?

A one-eyed peppermint candy maker on a day course in golf shirt pattern-making?

Frank is not amused, and neither are we.

This quote sums up the experience quite nicely:

I’m very concerned by the way it makes England’s lithe athletes look like lardy layabouts.

Btw, the above was commentary on the white kit, as seen during the game against Slovakia, not this 1970s biscuit-coloured, collared blaze of knitted glory.

John Terry’s Mum Arrested for Shoplifting



Parental responsibility. Aside from providing food, shelter, love and guidance for the early years of our lives, what else does it involve?

Well, if you’re John Terry’s mum, it also involves embarrassing the living crap out of your son just before he’s due to captain an international game.

Yesterday John’s mother, Sue Terry and his mother-in-law, Sue Poole, were cautioned for shoplifting £800 worth of food and clothing from a Marks & Spencer and Tesco shop in Surrey.