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Andrea Vasa: Home Sweet Home



Andrea Vasa may not be a name you’ve heard before – but it will be one you’ll remember. Well, for at least two minutes after reading this story, anyway. 

Andrea is a defender for Bresa, a lower-tier club in the Italian leagues.  Due to a combination of being cash-poor and abs-rich, he agreed to move into the Dirk Bikkemberg shop window in Milan, which has been styled to resemble a luxury flat. 

Vasa gets a nice car and all the free clothes he can scarper, plus of course, he gets to live in a shop window. Customers have the right to observe him in his “home” whilst browsing for fashionable clothing.

We can’t decide if this is just sad, or brilliantly sad.  But we will let you know after we’ve reported on the thread count of the bed sheets.

Of course, the obvious and valuable lesson to be learned from this urban tale of broke ass players using themselves as objects of retail pimpdom: Don’t date a lower tier player.

A question: which footballer’s living / retail space would you most like to crash?  We’re torn between being able to finally confirm what type of lip gloss, moisturizer and other necessities The Ramos packs in his man bag every morning vs being able to just see Roque Santa Cruz in his jammies. 


Link: Nothing Should Surprise… [via The Spoiler]

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Theo Walcott: Briefs on Sale Now


imageIn the mood for a little online shopping, Kickettes?

Of course you are.  But today, we’re not pointing you in the direction of a cute pair of heels as seen on a recent WAG night out. No. That would be too predictable. Instead, we would like to direct you to this pair of pants. They belong to Theo Walcott, and they’re available for purchase. 

In a new spin on charity auctions, several celebrities and one footballer – Theo – are offering up their scanties on ebay for the New North London Synagogue’s Destitute Asylum Seeker Drop In charity. Good cause, odd choice of item. We’re thinking a signed shirt might open up the interested audience a little bit more.

Titled, “Impossibly large M&S white Y-fronts”, these undies have also been autographed for your good-deed pleasure. As you can see, they’re also quite happy.  We’re 94% sure they are unworn.

Hope you paid your credit card off last month and can quickly make an offer!

[via ONTD football]

La Furia Roja: War Paint or Kitty Whiskers?



The Spanish NT model their new jerseys for the upcoming FIFA Confederations Cup in South Africa. Looks like Iker was still in makeup when the photo was taken. Image via AFP/Getty. Thanks L!

The Monday Mmm: Luca Toni



No one brings dorkalicious like Bayern Munich’s Luca Toni. 

Disagree? Please, we implore you to check out these attached photos from his 2009 calendar for Emilia Romagna.

Dork: He’s grinning in a hot tub, while a floating hand holds up a tropical beverage;
Delicious: He’s running on the beach, groupies by his side, pecs a flexin’;
Dork: He’s striking a catalogue pose while he enjoys some local architecture with a random he picked up at the train station.



Via Straight Up Serie A.

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QOTD: Clive Owen on Steven Gerrard



Steven Gerrard, December 2008. Image via Splash News

“It was the same when I met [Liverpool and England midfielder] Steven Gerrard. I had an opportunity to have a conversation with him and I was tongue-tied. I’ve met the biggest actors and actresses in the world and I’m easy and comfortable but give me Gerrard and I’m in trouble.“

Clive Owen in the April 2009 issue of GQ magazine.

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