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Manuel and Ana Almunia Walk the Dog



image via FAME/KEYSTONE Press

Trucker hat, motorcycle-style bomber jacket, micro-dog in a hot pink coat. 

Works for us.

QOTD: Frank Lampard on Cleanliness and Confidence



“I have never had a manager who, while I’m standing in the shower cleaning my balls, tells me I’m the best player in the world. He did that. I’ll never forget it. So casual.

‘You’re the best player in the world, but you need to win titles.‘  From that moment the extra confidence was in me.“

Frank Lampard talking about former manager Jose Mourinho.

thanks SJA!

Robbie Savage: Nice Car, Ugg Boots



Robbie Savage (Derby County) in Cheshire, Jan 21 2009.  Image via EMPICS/KEYSTONE Press

Kickettes: would you allow the man in your life to wear these boots?

Picture the scene: sitting at a cafe with your friends, waiting for your boyfriend to appear, full of excitement and anticipation, when suddenly the jet engine roar of his white Lamborghini pierces your eardrums, sends a flock of scared birds and small animals scurrying away in terror and causes several pensioners to dive for cover under a table. And then having to watch as the door slowly opens and a pair of UGGs step out onto the kerb?

Cheque, please!

We’ve stated our position on these boots in the past – they’re a real style splitter around these parts – but on a bloke? For real?  Nice job on the colour coordination though, Robbie.

Need to refresh your palate? This lovely shot of Mr. Savage with his son Charlie will do the trick nicely.

Product Shill: Niko Kranjcar for Max TV



image via PA Wire/KEYSTONE Press

Here’s a question: if you worked for T-Com in Croatia and scored hotties like Niko Kranjcar, Vedran Corluka and Ivan Rakitic for your Max TV ad spot, would you dress them up in pornstashes and party sideburns?

Yeah, we would too.

Fernando Torres Can’t Stop Making Ads


YouTube Preview Image

Today is a good day. Yet another of Liverpool striker Fernando Torres’s hook-up-a-mate advertisment stylings.  This one features some sort of dog training school. 

Will someone please put a code red hit out on Fernando’s agent?  Or at least speed dial Oprah so she can sit him down and have a serious chat about his people pleasing issues?

God bless you Fernando and your cheesy, dodgy video, doggie-filled field of dreams.  The image of you warming your hands on a fiery canine obstacle course is almost – almost – comparable to the wig head shoulder roll.

We’re waiting for the big “reveal” where we’re told that these ads are just clever jokes. Until then?

via ONTD Football