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Mladen Petric: Hard-Core Traveller



image via ZUMAPRESS/KEYSTONE Press for kickette.com

Nothing like a good nearly-plummeted-out-of-the-sky plane story to get everyone in the mood for holiday flights:

Croatian-cutie Mladen Petric was involved in a rather hairy airborne incident recently when on his way to appear on a German television show in Mainz.  Mladen got on a small, private plane chartered by the TV station, which picked him up Hamburg (where he plays for HSV.) 

When the airplane reached 10,000 meters, the air pressure valve broke and they quickly descended to 3,000 meters.  Mladen says it was more than a little bit scary during that time:

“The pressure dropped, it was terrifyingly cold. I thought my head was going to explode. In an instant, water froze next to me.“

Trooper that he is, upon landing, Mladen popped a couple of headache pills, filmed the TV show, and then headed back out. On the same plane.

Let’s hope he had his man-bag with him to cuddle up to during the more frightening moments. Louis Vuitton always eases the darker moments in life.

Cheers to RS for the translation/tip!

Cheryl Cole: Angel of the North



image copyright Lee Jones

Attn: Artsy fartsy culture vultures, it’s time to weigh in on whether you think this painting of Cheryl Cole is a quality investment opportunity. 

Created by Liverpudlian artist Lee Jones, it depicts Mrs. Ashley Cole as the Angel of the North.  And why, exactly? “I see her as a new icon of popular culture for the 21st century, a beacon of light in these bleak times,“ says Jones.  “A fine example of a northern lass making good.“

The painting will be on exhibit in London in February for those looking to expand their collection.  Do you like?

We’re on the fence and will be sticking with our retro Athena poster of shirtless man and baby for a little while longer.

Link: Now Cheryl’s Become a Work of Art
To buy: Lee Jones Art

Cheers MUD!

Guti: Everything But the Pimp Cup



Yeah, we have no idea either. But isn’t it totally trashtastic?

Guti-stalkers, if you have a moment, do fill us in on the reasoning/bribery behind this photoshoot. We would have killed to have been present on that magic-making session.  Lobster and a porcelain spotty dog? We never have any fun.

cheers SE!

Victoria Beckham’s Lampshade Fashion



Have you checked out the new advertisement for Victoria Beckham’s line of designer dresses?

Although we aren’t experiencing the levels of annoyance that began to haunt our waking lives after all the Marc Jacobs crazy, we’re not 100% on board with this either.

We get that it’s hide and seek for rich, skinny chicks, and we support that, so long as the winning prize involves the ownership deeds to the mansion in the vid – but is it artsy-cute or artsy-eye roll?

Warning: there is also a woman dressed as an self-styled elephant in this video.

Your thoughts?  You can check out the video at Victoria Beckham Collection Online

Secret Skill: Miguel Torres and his Comb



We like Real Madrid’s Miguel Torres. He’s like a Menudo-inspired doe-eyed little deer that appears in the woods and eats a sugar cube from your hand before getting startled by a loud noise and running off. 

But here’s the thing.  Miguel’s hair choices both confuse and leave us dismayed.  Please click, zoom and consider: How exactly does one get this particular forward/sideways pompadour-wave combed effect?

They say everyone has a hidden talent, and this just might be his. 

via ONTD Football /Real Madrid