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Iker Casillas and The Ramos Like Bullfighting



image via Hola

Oh dear.

Two of our favourite hotties, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos were spotted out this weekend enjoying some bullfighting with Real Madrid prez Ramón Calderón. We’re not terribly thrilled about it.

Call us kooky, but the “sport” of watching an animal getting poked with several sharp pointy things until they die leaves us rather cold. We always end up rooting for the bull, regardless of how cute the matador or his outfit may be.

Your thoughts, Kickettes? Are we being way too uptight? Or would you also lose a little footie lust for your fav player if you saw him at the bull ring?

See more at Hola.com

The Beckhams, in Lego



The only reason we can even deal with this image is because it’s Friday.

That is all.

Link: Immortalised in Lego

Frank Lampard: Bronzed and Bedazzled


Oh, Lampsy. We love, but how you do challenge our emotions. 


image courtesy of BIG Pictures UK/KEYSTONE Press

Just one short day ago, you were rocking an insanely hot profile and looking yum.  Flash forward to your required post-CL win London nightclub celebratory festivities (Funky Buddha, of course), and we’‘re in a quandary. 

Well, actually there is little quandary.

You’re orange, sweetie. We have studied this photo, and still cannot ascertain the cause.  Bad lighting? Bad bronzer? St. Tropez fake bake gone wrong (and if so, when did you find the time? Is there a portable unit on the team bus?)  Is it a severe case of jaundice with a side of leatheritis coming on?  Please enlighten us.

Also: the rhinestone bedazzled shirt has not gone unnoticed.

Perhaps Phil Scolari has the answer:

“He is a midfielder and he arrives many times in front of goal and makes goals. He loves football. He is training hard every day. When you do this I think God helps you.“

There you have it, Kickettes.  Tangerine-tones are next to Godliness. 

cheers SA!

In Pictures: Gooch and a Gal



This is the American centre back Oguchialu Jacob Onyewu, more commonly known by the rather frathouse-inspired moniker of “Gooch”. He’s 6’4″, plays for Standard Liège (Belgium) and is in talks for a potential transfer to the EPL or one of the bigger sides in France.

BTW, did anyone catch the Liverpool/Standard Liège game last night? Let’s all send some supportive, steady-handed thoughts to the surgeon who’ll be operating on Stevie G’s groin.

But back to Mr. Onyewu. Before you ask, no, we do not know who the graduate of Professional Video Hoes 101 is. UPDATE: she’s his wife, Salome. Golly.

Nor do we have much information on whether these photos were taken for Gooch’s private Athena collection of bicep and skeeze or as an ad campaign for denim, undies or draperies.

What we do know for certain is that footballers and their ilk have bizarre addictions to these such photoshoots. Need we remind anyone of the IKEA cardboard arthouse?

This spread may not be able to rival that of the bat-shite crazy nun on a bicycle, but we applaud Gooch for his effort. Also being applauded: his abs.


Captions, Monkeys and Short-Tents, Oh My


imageLet’s all raise a glass to the highly accurate fact-checking monkeys that rule the media, news agencies and the internet. 

Many times we have employed such chimps here at Kickette. In fact, there may be a few hiding out now in our liquor cabinet working the ice machine and chewing through a dictionary or two.

In any case, according to Yahoo, this is not Nicolas Anelka getting some love from John Terry. It’s Andriy Shevchenko.

Fine. Good. Whatever. We’re much more concerned with whatever is occurring in JT’s pants.  Looks like he’s got a serious case of the Ballacks.

Link: Andriy! You’ve Picked Up A Tan!