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Tomás Ujfalusi’s Arthouse Photoshoot


Seriously, can anyone assist us with understanding this situ?


We get the idea of dressing up nice and having your photos taken with soft lighting and designer gear and airbrushing and so forth. Oh, we get it.

But how exactly did this photo series of Atletico Madrid’s Tomás Ujfalusi and his (now ex) wife Katerina ever come to fruition?

We’re imagining an intense boardroom meeting with many mood boards and a variety of alcoholic beverages. Someone, who may or may not have been smoking crack, suggests a “deconstructed break down of the overloards IKEA expressed with nakedness and a g string. And also sauna/bath house wood paneling.” The room erupts in applause and the photographer is booked. Sadly, Mario Testino is not available.

Never thought the day would come that a baller without clothing would make us weep. And not in a good way.

Random: Katerina used to be the former Miss Czech Republic.

Via our besties at the Spoiler

Splitsville? Michael Chopra and Heather Swan



Splash News/KEYSTONE Press

So, this is weird.  It looks like Michael Chopra and his wife Heather have broken up.

The couple only got married last month (on Friday the 13th, mind you), and reports started surfacing earlier this week that Michael (who plays for Sunderland) had moved out of the family home and was living in rented accommodation down the road.

Things started going pear-shaped at the breakfast reception the morning after the wedding, when Michael and Heather had a blow out fight in front of a group of guests.  Michael flew back early from their honeymoon and left Heather’s ‘just married’ arse out in the Caribbean to drink pina colada’s on solo. 

FYI, Heather was one of the WAGs featured in the WAGs Boutique program, which has left many a relationship decimated in its wake.

Here’s the thing: surely, if you’ve been dating for the amount of time this pair has, you would know each other well enough to decide whether marriage was the direction you want to take, yes? How can a relationship disintegrate so quickly?

Perhaps the wedding cake was made of marzipan.  If anything can devastate a marriage, it’s having your other half feed you a 40-year-old fruit cake infused with toxic levels of sherry. That’s got bad news written all over it.

cheers TFO!

WTF Files: Lionel Messi’s Bottom



Well, let’s look at the positive: today we’ve learned that there actually are occasions when we would prefer a baller kept himself fully dressed.

Thank you, Lionel, for teaching us this valuable lesson.  Let us all now wash our eyes in bleach.

Link: Lionel Messi Style

Wayne Rooney Gets Inked



images by EMPICS/KEYSTONE Press

Is Wayne Rooney’s new tattoo meant to be ironic? Amusing? Iconic?

It says, “Just Enough Education To Perform” – an album title by The Stereophonics.

We know one thing: Vegas is a dangerous, dangerous town.


WTF Files: Sol Campbell’s Trousers



Oh, Sol. Just when we had completely forgotten you existed, you return to our minds like a bat outta bin liners.  We’ve missed you, mate. 

So, we have to ask: what the hell are you wearing? Why didn’t your girlfriend (the shart-tongued diva, Fiona Barrett, stop you? 

Seriously, isn’t there a point, even on vacay when you’re relaxed/on your 45th straight hour of intoxication, that you would turn to your man and tell him it’s either the trousers or you, to make a choice and make it quick?

Obviously not.

image courtesy of BIG/KEYSTONE Press and our besties at The Spoiler