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Karim Benzema: Sexiest National Team Player, So Says A Bunch Of Swingers


Image is old. Like early 2011 old. But would you look at those puppy dog eyes!

Our mates over at PasseenProfondeur.fr came to us with some interesting awards-related news this afternoon, and we felt guilty about keeping it all to ourselves. In a totally unscientific and systematically corrupt survey, Karim Benzema beat out his fellow internationals – namely Alou Diarra and Hugo Lloris – by a slim 19% majority to be crowned the sexiest French NT player by FirstAffair.fr.

A swingers-friendly website. Yes, it’s true. Look it up yourselves if you don’t believe us, but don’t be alarmed by the cheesy, soft core porn photos destined for the cover of Danielle Steel’s next novel that may pop up along the way.

Congrats, Karim…? We think?

Kickette Catch Up: Your Extended Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Shakira girlfriend WAGs Barcelona

Image: Sport.es.

There was a pool party at Eric Abidal’s house over the weekend, but we rescinded our RSVP after learning clothing was not optional.

Weekend went well for the rest of our Kickette Army we hope?


Good Week/Bad Week: Unpleasant Sightings


real or fake

Image: Sky Sports News.

Daniele De Rossi has a yellow and black tattoo that looks like a caution sign on his right calf. It’s either fake or real.

The tattoo, not his right calf.


At Their Service: Harvey Nichols Now Delivers To Man City’s Training Ground


Jenny Thompson topless fling Wayne Rooney

Balotelli was reportedly unhurt but a female passenger in Balotelli’s car was taken to hospital ‘as a precaution’. It’s not known if the passenger was Ballotelli’s girlfriend Raffaella Fico or his new merch.

Before getting into a car accident near Deansgate Locks in Manchester late Thursday, Mario Balotelli was seen leaving practice with a Harvey Nicks’ bag in tow.

Get this, Kickettes – according to a source, the club has a dedicated delivery tent on their training facilities’ grounds for players to retrieve their personal shopping selections in peace.

Whatever you’re thinking, hold that thought.


Style Files: Are Scousebrows Spreading Internationally?


Image: Claudio Villa/Getty Images Europe.

We hate to be the ones to say it, but it looks like Melissa Satta’s arches have heeded the scousebrow memo.

Oh noes.

Personally, we’re wondering if it’s possible for anyone to make this ‘brow trend look good. Then again we’re feeling a tad sarky because it’s Thursday and there’s little to do other than wither away in the pollen and dust of a quality English spring and read back issues of the glossies.