May 8th, 2007

Catfight: Danielle Lloyd and Random Blonde


Less than 24 hours after we reported that Danielle Lloyd dumped Marcus Bent (after she was dumped by Teddy Sheringham), and swore she was finished with footballer players, Danielle got into an altercation at a nightclub over two footballers

Danielle stumbled into the Paper Club in London, drunkity drunk, and began flirting with Charlton’s Jerome Thomas and Liverpool’s Jermaine Pennant, who were sitting at a table with a hard working blonde that had been putting in the time for her cash prize all evening.  At the point when Danielle rolled through, the blonde was dancing on a table, again, working hard for her potential future windfall.  Danielle also began some table dancing, but crossed the line when her intoxicated ass bumped into the blonde, who pushed her to the floor in a rage.  Danielle was then seen leaving the club with a nasty looking bruised and bleeding leg.

We’re beginning to think some sort of intervention is necessary for Ms. Lloyd, no? She’s only twenty-three and is rolling through ballers at a speed that makes even us uncomfortable, not to mention this chick is acting rather skankalicious on a regular basis.  Plus, there’s that whole redneck/bigot thing. 

Wannabe WAGs take heed: this is not how to conduct your application for the club.

To see the pap shot of Danielle’s icky leg, check out the story at the Sun: Dani Catfight Over Premiership Aces

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  1. ballack's missing hair says:

    a hard working blonde, who had been putting in the time for her cash prize all evening