April 16th, 2007

Catfight: Jordan and Victoria Beckham

imageJordan (Page 3/Playboy/Glamour model/Reality TV star/Etc)  has been sticking the knife into Victoria Beckham during her first major US television interview.

Bit of bg: Jordan and Victoria first got up in each others grill about 6 years ago, when Victoria was working with Jordan’s then-boyfriend, Dane Bowers. 

Victoria found Jordan classless and trashy, sang “who let the dogs out” when Jordan walked by, and generally disapproved of her existence. Jordan claimed David Beckham had the hots for her, that VB was a hypocrite for not admitting to plastic surgery and slammed her for being “too posh to push” when she had her children by C section.

Good stuff, this.

With the news that Jordan’s reality TV series has been optioned by E! television, one has to wonder what Victoria is thinking about the whole thing.  Some tabloids are reporting that she’s thrilled for Jordan and looking to put the past behind them and become mates in the US.  Obviously that’s complete tat.

Especially after Jordan threw down a doozey of a gauntlet at a champagne launch party in Hollywood where she told execs: “Posh is about as exciting as a dead fish.“

imageThen, on an Extra TV broadcast, she pretended to have never heard of Victoria and David, before her hubby Peter said that Jordan was better looking than Victoria.

Jordan’s response: “It’s not hard to be better looking than her, is it really?“ 

And the final dig: “She’s just a footballers’ wife.“

Victoria, please do the right thing. And by right thing, we mean retaliate publicly and with some sort of entertaining weapon like a can of spray foundation.

Link: British Cat Fight

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2 Responses to “Catfight: Jordan and Victoria Beckham”

  1. Musaafiruun says:

    Victoria is a beautiful, classy woman and Jordan is a tramp. Unfortunately, if these two ever came to blows poor Victoria would be broken to pieces. Even after she'd been beaten up though, she'd still be more beautiful than Jordan.

  2. shona says:

    i prefer jordan 2 vikki any day at least jordan can smile nd dnt have 2 hire actors on her tv show x jordan is also prettier and cn trust pete 2 b faithfull x jordan also is herself een she is wiv her kids nd nt posin 4 the cameras x i do lyk posh tho is only she was 2 smile morew, o we can only dream xx