May 2nd, 2011

Cesc Fabregas: Back On The Market?

Is this the face of a sad, single man?

Many of you have asked, and now we’re finally ready to address.

Cesc Fabregas and Carla Dona Garcia: are they or aren’t they?

That’s a loaded question, to say the least.

We hope, by now, a majority of you have skimmed/read/looked at the pictures accompanying the The Sun‘s ‘confirmation’ of the Arsenal captain’s split from his 7-year-long girlfriend. Although it should go without saying that we’re taking many of their facts and sources with the tiniest smidgen of sand from the Sahara, in the newspaper’s 30th April story ‘exclusive’, Cesc’s father was (supposedly) the first to publicly stick a fork in the duo (much like Leo Messi’s outspoken grandfather once did) when he revealed:

“It’s a shame. They had been together for a long time and she was a lovely girl…But Cesc wants to be on his own. He preferred to end things before there were children or things like that.”

What’s interesting to us about Papa Fabregas’ words on the notoriously private couple’s potential children-filled future is that it somewhat seemed to echo a similar sentiment we heard from our own sources.

Apparently, in early April, Carla issued an ultimatum to her man*. Like all women with a ticktastic biological clock, Cesc was (possibly) warned that if he liked her, he should put a ring on it and take their relationship to a more serious and stable level. Our rumour survey said he was none to pleased with the make it or break it threat, and eventually called time on the twosome. Obviously, these whispers are in stark contrast to stories of Cescy being ‘cut up’ about the split, but after seeing a solo CF partying his sorrows away at Whiskey Mist mere hours after Arsenal lost to Bolton last Sunday (above, lead image), we’re apt to believe the writing on the walls (and his skin – which, yes, is new, but we know nothing more about. Soz).

While Spanish ‘friends’ of the couple are said to be surprised by the news because they were convinced Cesc & Carla would ‘make it’, Barcelona fans have been quietly hoping that this change in the player’s romantic tides will boost their club’s chances of securing his signature during the summer transfer window.

Yes, it’s worth mentioning that neither Cesc nor Carla have confirmed or denied the news and/or break-up reports, but really, we’re dying to pick your brains on this matter, Kickettes. Are you sad at the prospect of these lovebirds going their separate ways, or do you already have one foot out the door, headed for Whiskey Mist/Arsenal’s training ground?

*We must make clear that we can’t say with 100% certainty that our sources’ version of events is a slam dunk solution to this story. With reports still only circulating via one major outlet, we have some concern that any of this has gone down at all. Still, as with beauty, we think gossip is in the eyes of the beholder – unless we’re talking about our well-furnished flats. We like them just the way they are, so understand that all articles re: this ‘story’ are heavily based on well-placed speculation and nothing more (for now).

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66 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas: Back On The Market?”

  1. lavina says:

    she wasnt that special , he could do better , the new one is so hot and so classy , i wish him happiness

  2. Jisu Lee says:

    oh noooooooo i don't want to see his 'new' girlfriend…:(
    they were very cute couple .. what happened to them?!
    carla..i miss you..

  3. ffdeefe says:

    He isn't wearing the ring she bought him on his index finger

  4. Del says:

    Cesc has finally realized I exist. I knew he would come for me.

  5. Sria says:

    OMG!!!! I never thouht that i would be so upset. I just wish i was there to comfort him……;) but he has to move on bcoz she was……well i dont know. they lookd great together but times get hard. and he will not leave arsenal at all bcoz hes heart belongs with us! :)

  6. @AgnesWonka says:

    link link link link

  7. @AgnesWonka says:

    that was the cause of their break-up…she wanted "the papers"!

  8. @AgnesWonka says:

    yeahhhh!!!! I'm sooooooo happy! as many other girls in Twitter!
    see? that's what you get for pushing a man to get married! what kind of woman does that? a 50's decade one?

  9. Sofia_x says:

    Damn, this is what I call 'a situation'! ö__Maybe later he'll see the mistake he made..____In the meantime, we have to let him know we'll always be there to dry his eyes. :)

  10. xNavitas says:

    I agree with you, still hoping it's not true. they were cute together and I really liked her because she was not always in the 'spotlight', actually she was almost never in the 'spotlight' or something ;]

  11. Catie2838 says:

    I hope it's not true, or that it's only a temporary break, because I love those two together. He's adorkable and she's a refreshing addition in the overly tan, tarted up WAG world. But, at the same time they've been together since their teens, and that can be a hard thing to transition with. More of these romances end in break-ups versus marriage, but I seriously do hope they are among the couples that make it.

  12. GaGa4gunners says:

    I know I should feel bad, but I’m really thinking “YES, one more out the way”. I loved Cescy and if Carla made him happy then fine let them get back together. but for now I think I’m going to Whiskey Mist and wait for the man of my dreams, after all he need a shoulder to cry on.

  13. tiggy says:

    Come on Cesc do a Kate and William and get back with her!!!!

  14. Sarai says:

    You're right, he has been very weird on Twitter. If this is true, I hope they find a way to get back together soon. I really love them as a couple, and this news makes me sad.

  15. Donna C. says:

    I hope this isn't true. They were a couple I really enjoyed, Carla isn't like the typical wag fake everything and picking jobs to be in the spotlight, she even said the credit should go to him and not her cause she did nothing. If they are broken up then it was probably that both of them needed a break and time to think. They were together the majority of their teenage years into their early twenties so maybe it's time to be with other people experience other relationships but in the end I can totally see them coming back to each other and this time hanging on for good. Sometimes you need to be around other people to really appreciate what you had and miss it.

  16. rubyqueen says:

    i'm glad to see cesc was drinking his sorrows away like me after that game. it's a sad to hear about him and carla going solo.

  17. Marina_Isabella says:

    Maybe he got tired of being taken… that can happen. It happened to me. Now, I think it is fair of him to just severe the ties instead of going behind her back with some other chicks. It's better that way, don't you girls think?

  18. Isabella says:

    They looked so cute together, I hope is not true…

  19. tiggy says:

    come to think of it you might be right. men from divorced backgrounds tend not get married quickly! and i think that arabic tweet, "i miss you" is for her.

  20. MadameGourcuff says:

    if it's true, maybe they are just taking a break, absence makes the heart grow fonder

  21. Zahara says:

    nooo this cannot be!
    it cannot be, i tell you!
    cesc and carla are supposed to be like the spanish brangelina!they dont haave to marry but the will be together!

    cmon, cesc, dont let her go..she is too good.

    please stay together!

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      what? no you didn't! don't compare Carla with Angelina Jolie! that's ……..sin!

      • Zahara says:

        lol i meant carla and cesc could be like brad pitt and angelina jolie coz they dont need to get married to be together….they can live with each other forever and adopt underpriveleged kids. lol .and be happy!

        if you mean i shouldnt compare carla and angelina on looks, i know what you mean
        carla is gorgeous ( i think she is but i know lots of ppl think shes ugly..shes not) but angelina is like a goddess.

  22. Eleanor says:

    She was one of the only WAGs I actually liked :(

  23. xbabyshakesx says:


  24. xbabyshakesx says:

    me too! if he's not with Carla (or me ^_^) i don't want him with someone we don't know! too much worrying >_< I'm hoping summer will help them clear their minds and make things better!

  25. Lily says:

    She is indeed one of the few (ex?)WAGs who are respectable. Cesc shouldn't have broken up with her as he won't find another one like that soon, but pressuring a 23-year old into marriage isn't the best idea, no matter how long you've been together.

  26. MADRA BEAG says:

    This is sad news. I suppose we'll soon be seeing some ditzy blonde club girls with implants hanging out of him; and that image is so ….. wrong. Chin up Carla, maybe he'll get it out of his system and com back soon!

  27. Winnie Mata says:

    oh :(
    i was really hoping he would put a ring on it.
    c'mon Cesc! on the other hand, if the reports are true
    she should not have pressured him.
    he's in his early twenties, world-famous athlete
    with a sea of ready-and-willing fans, but at the same time
    he goes home to the same girl every night.
    maybe he felt offended by her insistence?
    maybe this was a long time coming, and he saw it as a way out?
    we'll probably never know, but i hope it's not true.
    if it is, i wish them both the best.
    she may not be the best-looking (in some people's opinion,
    because i think she is really pretty and feminine)
    but what for whatever looks she supposedly lacks,
    she has a lot of other redeeming qualities.
    as for him, we KNOW he'll be fine as far as ladies (or tramps) go

  28. loly says:

    Let's wish that SHAKIRA will stay away from him and let the chance for another one

  29. rosiefab4 says:

    i'm split on this one. on one hand their relationship seemed so… real. they stayed out of the papers, she wasn't tanned-orange with huge implants and they had been together since before he was The Cesc Fabregas.
    but, now Cesc and I are free to marry and live out my dreams <3

  30. WOW says:

    Kickette this news truly saddens me alot. I hope you ladies where kind enough to sand my Fav Wag a bottle of champagne and some of them Java cake you snack on @ Kickette HQ, because i got the feeling that Carla is going to be doing much drinking & snacking to cope during this difficult time! Cesc i hope you know what the hell you're doing letting a women like Carla go!!!! What r you going to do next date a hooker sign for Barca?=(

  31. simone says:

    such a happy day

  32. Sarah says:

    Yayyyy!!!! Made my Monday a whole lot better.

  33. Iram says:

    i hope i don't sound so awful but can iker pllllllllleeeeez jump on board and break up with pastasauce? I want to see him with a person who doesn't seem so into herself.

  34. kel says:

    It comes as a surprise cause they were together so long but I suppose it comes to a point where you have to choose whether you move things forward or break up, and not everyone can get accidnetally pregnant.

  35. AC_USA says:

    I think that they are truly perfect for one another and will get back together soon! Unless there is something that we dont know! But I wish them luck :)

  36. Sophie says:

    They did make a very couple but most young footballers want to live the highlife and lets be honest he has been with Carla since he was 16 so maybe he just wants some free time to play the field with no responsibiltys. Now wheres my car keys til I get my ass to London.

  37. Crackers says:

    Agreed. She was a refreshingly un-WAGlike WAG, and they seemed nice together, but sometimes it's just the way things happen, y'know?
    I don't blame Carla for the ultimatum, if she did issue one (it's been 7 years for them after all) or Cesc for initiating the split (23 is really young to be thinking about marriage, everyone's not Nando and Olalla).

  38. Sunshine! says:

    Agree 100% if he did let her go he's going to regret it down the line then it's going to be too late.

  39. Cris_7 says:

    Well a part of me hopes that it's true and the other part hopes that it's not . She's really cute and natural unlike the other plastic wags …. if it's true than it's great to have a man like Cesc back on the market ;) i wish the best for both of them they make a perfect match.

  40. Gladys says:

    With all the craziness that surrounds footballers' lives it seems like it's best to either get married young to someone you can trust (not always what a 23 year old wants to do) or to wait until you're older, retired and less hounded by the world (and in the meantime carry a lot of birth control, don't hook up with anyone's wife or someone who charges money, and ignore all press attempts to marry you off to the first person you have a second date with). That said, I'm sad about Carla– she seems awesome. (And little Leo– it can't be easy being his girlfriend, no matter how many ladies would love to volunteer. He deserves someone really nice and special but a whole lotta harassment must come with the territory.)

  41. IrishBlue says:

    Awh nobody wants to see a sad Cescy, either he makes up with her quick or we gotta round up all of our troops in the Kickette army to track him down and help ease his poor ickle broken heart. I'm researching doughnut recipes as we speak…….No really, I hope it's not true. I liked them together. I thought they would stay together kinda like Nando and Olalla.

  42. Jen says:

    I'm upset about it too..I loved Carla and thought they were great together. And considering she's been with him long before he was mega-superstar..she was in it for the right reason..I'm just bummed about the whole thing. :(

  43. tiggy says:

    someone said he's got another girlfriend but why would he go from one serious relationship to another? i think it's only tempory after all kate and william split up an now they're married!

  44. Hinata says:


  45. JA7 says:

    Even though i love the idea of him being back on the market..its really heartbreaking that they broke up..they made a really cute couple. I liked the fact that she was down to earth and genuine and not some gold digging, slutty chick..

  46. Clare says:

    so messi and cesc are not single….wow, if only i was like a hot spanish speaking supermodel id totally have a chance :D …but hey seen as their both single im that little bit happier :)

  47. Goonergirl says:

    The ring has gone…

    • meh says:

      oh shit

    • xbabyshakesx says:

      i know! he hasn't had it on in a while =[
      and Carla didn't attend the last arsenal WAG charity fundraiser

      • Goonergirl says:

        I thought it was all rubbish, then i thought, im sure the ring is from her, he used to wear it everywhere. He also tweeted "i miss you" in arabic last week, although who know what thats about.

        I think its really really sad. They seemed to be a lovely couple, she seemed very grounded, but he is young, here's to hoping he finds someone as nice and normal for his next girlfriend… preferably in London, who's a massive arsenal fan that will convince him to stay lol. I'd offer my services but unfortunatly im taken! ;-)

        • kelly o'keeffe says:

          who is goonergirl it it u charlotte mcdowell becaus eit kelly i agree in what u say mate

    • Zahara says:


  48. meh says:

    sad if its true but….means hes single he's in london, im in london…im hitting the clubs imediatley…