August 23rd, 2011

Cesc Fabregas & Daniela Semaan: For Real, For Real?

We should’ve seen this coming, but couldn’t get past this initial rendezvous’ surface.

Welp, that was a big mistake.


While the now-defunct NOTW was first to report details about Daniela Semaan (36-year-old divorcee who shares two kids, ages 11 and 9, with her property tycoon ex-hubby, Elie Taktouk) and her hook-up with Cesc Fabregas, Noticias 24 is now coughing up the details about how these two allegedly first came in contact.

As their unnamed, unidentified sources recount, Ms Semaan and Sex Fab met a year ago at Japanese restaurant Nozomi in London. Yes, while he was still with Carla, as the article asserts.

Daniela, being the ‘normal fan’ (their words – not ours) that she was, asked Cesc for a picture but ended up snagging his digits instead. Of course, El Periodico‘s sources would like you to believe that they didn’t get paid to sell out their mates, but we and Jennifer Anniston can read between the ‘just friends’  lines.

Word of mouth internet gossip, on the other hand, does not deny that this hook-up may be more than just a fling, but does insinuate that Daniela was the real reason behind Cesc & Carla’s break-up.

Alright, which one of you Cesc-afficionados is spreading that rumour?! Don’t be embarrassed – we’re impressed that storyline made it all the way to us!

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Side note about the tattoo on his left arm: apparently the ink says ‘My Life D Forever’ in Arabic, with the letter D at the centre of a star design. Multiple commenters of ours previously suspected the artwork is for Daniela – who is of Lebanese descent – but we’re not sure how the two are related. From what little we do know about permanent ink jobs, we can confirm that Cesc’s tat was done at Luis Tattoo in Barcelona, which is somewhat of a popular haunt for many footballers looking to get tatted up (Thierry Henry, Sergio Busquets, Dani Alves, Bojan, Carles Puyol…just to name a few of their recent clientele).


What’s it gonna be, Kickettes? Is Cesc really rock solid with this woman? Is age ain’t nothin’ but a number? Do we need to lay off the afternoon scented candle stops at Jo Malone?

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134 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas & Daniela Semaan: For Real, For Real?”

  1. Some dame says:

    It won't last. A relationship that is built on lies isn't going anywhere good. and even if his closest family and friends warn him or have there suspicions about her. it will have no effect on him, cause the truth is it takes a person "cesc" to see for themself what you have been warning them about to appreciate what you meant! "learning the hard way"

  2. Some dame! says:

    Ok reading all comments there are a few points i would like to make!
    The tattoo. it makes more sense that it would be for daniella given the arabic scripture, than the "D" meaning the spanish for god. why choose arabic writing and then refer to god in spanish or even abbreviate the word god? you wouldn't! Also No one "No one" in there right mind would get a tattoo of some broad they just started dating unless they were dating "having a affair" for a while. If these thing's are true and she is the type of person she is painted to be and with him in spain then i gareentee you there will be a marrage and soon! He may be young and stupid but this "girl" has been round the block! she is not going to hang around 8years like carla and she will be needing a visa. Right! Also given the age of her, there will be a pregnancy and soon!

  3. jess says:

    doubt this fling is for real. No young attractive guy would shack up with a old hag, he is clearly taking advantage of an older woman who needs companionship. Pathetic Cesc, get a life and a real woman.

  4. YoyoRainbowMartini says:

    "Because in all honesty, if he were, that would make him much less attractive to us. And that just wouldn’t be acceptable." Kickette (quote from hookup post)

    So does this mean his off the Finest Five list??????

  5. Myself says:

    Nobody knows! lol

  6. sebastian says:

    i m happy for cesc , and i m sure he didnt cheat and if he didnt love her he wouldnt break up , he could ve continued cheating , his ex was so lucky to be wth him all those years ! she is thick man

  7. freya says:

    i saw pictures of Daniella on the net , she is really stunning , cant believe she is 10 older , together she takes all the lights! and she doesnt seem interest in anyones opinion so far

  8. freddy says:

    i cant believe you all guys ? this daniella is beautiful and this must be a real love that we all wish to feel or have one day !! with 2 kids , they must be crazy in lpve with each other !!

  9. cella.xx says:

    realy after 8 years…to hook up with a woman with two kids..and cheat your girlfriend like that…and 8 years is not a little.. shame on you cesc,shame on you…BTW i need a drink after this..

  10. x_X says:

    i think everyone said what i was thinking!!! I just wish ppl would stop cheating, but their is a saying in spanish that i will translate into english … "What starts bad, ends bad!!!" …soo if he cheated thats NOT going to last that and i'm a strong believe in KARMA!!!!!

  11. Sophia says:

    Giving out digits and getting a tattoo does not equal cheating! Maybe he actually did the right thing by breaking up with Carla because he does respect her and believed she deserved more. If he was intrigued by Daniela then that was his only choice. Better to spare Carla worse heart ache later if he did cheat. I actually respect him more for maning up and ending it!

    • Gladys says:

      I'm kind of hoping that Carla dumped his a**….but it seems unlikely. That "drag someone along for years without committing" maneuver is the oldest guy trick in the book. But you are right…we don't know anything about timing. My only question is…what does this new gal do for a living? Does she have a brain? A career? (Victoria B., Shakhira, Sarah C., et al just keep looking better and better next to these types.)

      • Myself says:

        what does this new gal do for a living? Does she have a brain? A career? –>
        Don't think so… I'm totally convinced that before knowing Cesc she supported herself with her ex husband's fortune, and now she's doing the same with Cesc's. If she had a job and a stablished life she wouldnt' had come with himto Barcelona with any kind of regret or doubt… don't you think?
        Well, acctually the question is: DOES DANIELLA REALLY LIVES NOW IN BARCELONA WITH CESC?? :S

  12. Nienke says:

    I think it's weird that he has a relationship with someone for 8 years and doesn't get any tattoos about it, and that he is now doing something something with someone that is so much older than him and has two kids, and gets a tattoo right away. If there's one thing I know, it's that kids ruin relationships, definitely if they're not yours. He'll get tired of those at some point and then he'll be there with that tattoo?
    It might still mean something else. D from Dick?

  13. MnMn says:

    I dont care about Carla ,who ever Cesc choice we'll support him all the way,btw I like the D tattoo idea!

  14. C for cougar says:

    Either my eyesight is REALLY bad… or she really does look like Robin van Persie or Ruud van Nistelrooy…

  15. H.M.H says:

    I'm sad! I really liked Carla!

  16. [...] COUGAR TOWN, POPULATION CESC. The story of Cesc Fabregas’ hookup with a woman old enough to be his aunt and how it probably wrecked his relationship with his childhood sweetheart. // Kickette [...]

  17. mochara says:

    Cescyy.. first you leave us poor Gunners and now this?? I can't take anymore!|! :'(

  18. Faz says:

    I think you guys should just chill. Unless there's any actual PROOF of all this then I'm not believing it. Hello, 'unidentified and unnamed sources'! Completely legit of course…

    • Marina_Isabella says:

      Couldn't agree more with what you said. Some people here need to get themselves a f * c k i n g life ASAP.

  19. Bella says:

    Age is a number, as long as its not illegal there is nothing wrong with that, but these guys all cheat. I think the only one who doesn't is KAKA, bc he is afraid he will be struck dead by lightning hes so religious. lol But his girl was awesome, he had a good woman and he left her for a gold digger. At this point, whatever happens he deserves it.

  20. Fatima says:

    WTF???? I hope this will all just be some stupid rumour…because well… because i dont think cesc would do anything like that, and i try not to believe rumours until they are facts, because i hate assuming… if he did i have an excuse to go Barcelona and slap him one…well after kissing his scrumptious face in and give him a hair cut :P

    • Fatima says:

      oh and i dont think that he's stupid enough to get a tattoo already he didn't have one of carla and there were going out for 6 years so maybe Nora is right and it means god… cos he did go through a full god phase on twitter… and i think she's older than his mum…freaky…xx

  21. Diane says:

    Cescy, it's not gonna work out. It's not gonna work out. it's not gonna work out. Wake up kiddo!

  22. Diane says:

    Cesc, please there still so many 'fresh' girls out there. Why do u have to choose this old widow, Cesc?

  23. Pam says:

    Like other commentators here, I thought he and Carla were perfect match. That said, it really has nothing to do with me.

    Not going to judge this new relationship, if it is true. None of my business if a player decides to breakup with one GF and hooks up with another.

    I am going to comment on their play and behavior on the field. Not off of it unless their off-field behavior impacts their or their team's performance on the field.

  24. Rachel says:

    strange hair, and now this? I think I need to take a vacation from Cesc

  25. linvinnaar says:

    I don't mean to sound jealous at all with what I'm going to say. I hate HER.
    Seriously, Carla was the PERFECT match for Cesc. They looked so good together it just doesn't make sense that Cesc would break up with Carla for THIS…. LADY (for lack of a better, more polite word. I'm trying okay!).


  26. April says:

    I'll get thumbs-downed for this… but because I have total tunnel-vision and while I admired Cesc and his playful name, Fernando Torres has and always will be my Spanish eye candy……….. SO………. given recent hair, relations, and tattoos, down with Cesc in the FF and up with Nando, I say!

    Besides ladies, there is a new cutie Spain NT youngun heading to London. And he thinks that sex is a good way to relieve stress, according to a recent interview… helloooo Juan Mata! Chelsea is going to be the best looking squad soon enough!

    • DebS says:

      PF's pics in Esquire where pretty hot weren't they? If he hits the ground running even half as well as David Silva did, Chelsea's made the perfect signing.

      • April says:

        Totally.. he isn't my typical type of guy, like I said, I find him to be more "cute"… but the Esquire shoot lent him a bit of an older look, which took away from some of the boyish-ness. Not that it's bad! Nothing wrong with cute! I'll take it!

  27. iram1982 says:

    so is cesc a "buddy" with her kids, or going try to give them fatherly advise? I wonder what cescs own parents think of this?
    I am sorry, I am grossed out by this. It's not the age thing…it's the fact that a grown woman who has kids is cougaring after a young "superstar". It is just too weird.

    • kel says:

      If I did what Cesc has done then my parents would be pretty mad about it. They certainly wouldn't be keen on the 12 year older partner with a divorce and kids.

  28. Pam says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. The cougar is probably enjoying making her husband jealous.

  29. littlegreenpea says:

    wait. bojan has a tattoo?? omg. that's the only thing I got out of this whole article. I never liked cesc and now I know why.

    • Leya_S says:

      Lol, I thought that, too, I was like "Bojan?!?"
      Anywayz, I used to love Cesc bc he's all sorts of adorable, and even after his move to Barca, I was sad, but wasn't angry with him.
      But this……..
      …I might be in denial, but I just can't believe (or I'm desperately hoping against it) that he didn't REALLY get a tattoo devoted to her?!?! Like, fo realz? Nothing against her, but to have been with Carla for 8 yrs, and then meet this girl and ink yourself with her inital?! Really?

      • littlegreenpea says:

        I know right?! It seems like you really have to KNOW someone to get their initial tattooed (painfully, might I add) onto your forearm….

    • kel says:

      He's had it for a while. It's a lion or something on his right shoulder but I've only ever seen one pic of it when he was shirt swapping after a game and it was pretty blurry

      • littlegreenpea says:

        thanks for sharing! maybe bojan will score this season and take off his shirt so I can see it ;) I'm crossing my fingers right now….

  30. Stefania says:

    I mean Daniella is pretty, but I really miss the Cesc and Carla couple :( , I want them to get back together so badly, please Cesc realize that Carla was the perfect girl for you!!

  31. Myself says:

    I agree with the most of you who think she is not a "good influence" for him. But I'm actually convinced that they will split soon… he will travel a lot with Barça and she will be bored alone in Barcelona (does she have any kind of job, apart from being "wag"?) and then she will come back to London. Don't worry, girls!! :P
    She has a Twitter account and the correct writing of her name is with double L… So it's Daniella Semaan. Take a look, if you want: @firstLadyD4

    • April says:

      She refers to herself as "D" in her Twitter handle… I thought the tattoo had to be about something else, but now they may be right. If so… way to permanently subscribe yourself to someone you just met, Cesc. Brave soul, as most that have done that have lived to regret it.

      • Gladys says:

        Yeah, I think it's that tattoo that makes me think perhaps Cesc is not so bright. Just ask Johnny Depp about "Winona Forever." (And at least that was small enough to change into something else.

    • Tee says:

      just had a quick stalk of her twitter, and she has in under her name "A lion does not turn around when a dog barks"
      when cesc was going through his philosophical/god phase on twitter, this was one of the quotes he said – i distinctly remember it. plus she communicates with carlota, one of her tweets is "@cescsbeard", follows cesc (who follows her back)
      not good :(

    • x_X says:

      she said on twitter and i quote (acuatlly cut & paste)

      "U cant lose what u never had & U cant keep whats not yours & certainly U cant hold on to something that doesnt want to stay..night everyone"

      and now my thing is … who is writing hate twits to her … cause why would she put that if it didn't go with what she is going through….

      btw she is also has meet the family cause of this next twit…

      " @carlotafabregas @Tonigarcia15 @josocat @NuriaSoler4y7 @boleta1970 @sergibrunet @makineti4…love u all"

      I don't know her … & I don't want to judge .. but I don't have a good vibe about her … & like i said in another msg… What start bad, ends bad … =|

      • kel says:

        She listed all those people from his family and said she loves them?
        She barely knows them. Stop trying to ingraciate yourself.

      • yup yup! says:

        Her whole twitter account reeks of a person who "wants" to be and "wants" to be known as a wag. Where are all her friends and family that follow her on twitter? "there are none" is the answer! it's only Cesc's family, friends and his followers that do, excepet @boleta1970 Who is cesc's aunt Who is only 4years older than her but daniella follows her. The little boy and girl that you usually see in pics with cesc are her kids and this is probably why she dose not like her If it's true about her leaving her own kids behind! I WILL NOT be following her on twitter and i hope no one else dose. but i will be cheeking in now and then, cause i will be interested to see how narcissistic and arrogant she allows herself to get!

        • Myself says:

          Probably, the kids you mean are Cesc little cousins, not Daniella's sons.
          By reading her Twitter, I'm totally convinced that instead of being a wag, she could be a philospher:

          U cant lose what u never had & U cant keep whats not yours & certainly U cant hold on to something that doesnt want to stay..night everyone

          Nothing I will ever say or do will be as good as loving you …….

          One must never judge others … surely have absolutely no clue of what they are going through……

          • Yup Yup says:

            I didn't say they were daniella's kids i said they were cesc's aunts and i also never said son's i said little boy and girl! LOL if those unoriginal tweets are your idea of philosophy then i really hope the money you or your parents dropped on a collage education didn't cost too much toot's!

            • Myself says:

              I was just joking… I've recieved an excellent education, don't worry :S

              • Myself says:

                I'm from Spain and, saddly, I don't have a perfect english writing…Otherwise, I'm a human being and I sometimes make mistakes, the same as u all :S

    • Myself says:

      Wow! 5 replies!! :)
      Cesc, open your eyes, she only wants to get your money and fame, you don't deserve her!

  32. Melaniee. says:

    yeah….. i can never get over her last name.
    and this makes me sad. :(

  33. Gooner says:

    Gross. In other news, good riddance, Cesc; thanks for leaving your team when they needed you most.

  34. AC_USA says:

    I blame them both actually. And even though I am a woman too, I blame her a bit moe. Why you ask? She has kids and had a husband. Should know better then running after a first baller that looks at you and abandon your kids. What in the world happened to morals? When did that word come out of dictionary and lost all meaning? UGHHHH
    And Cesc- Why boyy whyyyyyyyy? You are better then this! Please come to your senses!

  35. kel says:

    He has gone so down in my estimation if this is true.
    He possibly cheats on and likely leaves his none attention seeking, degree having, charity starting gf of something like 7 years who was with him before all the fame and success for some 36 year old (that's 12 years older than him) divorcee with two kids (and fake boobs from the look of it) who was married to a property tycoon (likes her money I guess) and maybe has a tattoo for her already?
    Urgh Cesc.
    Just, fucking, urgh.
    Poor Carla.

  36. Lilly says:

    If you're not allowed to make mistakes at 24, when are you supposed to make them? He'll learn the hard way.
    As for Carla, I don't think she needs anyone's pity. She seems kickass

    • April says:

      Cheers to that- maybe she is the one that called it off. Seems the more mature one of the two, if the story above is accurate. And if the story is right about her ultimatum… those are made for a reason. The answer can go two ways and she probably was prepared for either… but I don't blame her. 7-8 years is a long time to be with someone and I'd wonder what the hold up was if marriage wasn't out of the question. I mean, clearly kids aren't a problem for him.

      • Gladys says:

        Very very good point. However, regarding the last part, hanging out with someone else's kids (especially once they reach a certain age) is not the same as deciding to have your own. Hopefully Carla is out there laughing about all this and enjoying the attentions (without cameras everywhere) of someone awesome. Cesc has always stuck me as sweet but a little spacy and flighty, so likely she was the grounded one in the relationship. That can sure get tired after a while, especially as you get older and have your own goals and aspirations.

        • April says:

          You're right… though for me personally, spending time with someone else's kids that are already a certain age is weirder! Maybe that's just me, and as a person having had divorced parents that dated other people, I remember my parents always had an awkward time making that introduction. It is hard to be introduced to a kid and potentially not stick around in their lives… almost as big a commitment if you ask me!

  37. Titi says:

    I'm not going in to the cheating subject, simply because I don't want to judge when I basically don't know anything about his situation.

    I'm inclined to think that age is just a number. Sure, I can think about a situation or two where it could be a problem. But when you boil it down it's all about personality. And love and respect.

    So it is that easy to make contact with the Barca boys, ey? I have to book a flight to Barcelona, stalk Pep and catch him in his favourite restaurant. The age difference would be just about the same in our case, only the reverse.

  38. Candice says:

    Athletes cheat, it's nothing new. He is a fool to have let go of a girl like Carla AND to have left Arsenal AND to have gotten a ridiculous tattoo. Ugh, all this stupidity is making me realize he is just not as "fab" as I had once thought.

  39. Kristine says:

    Oh Jesus, who cares about the age difference? I've dated men 20 yrs younger than me, it's no big deal for crying out loud. and Newsflash! Ballers cheat on their wives and girlfriends.

  40. Mercy says:

    Oh Cesc*smh*,the next thing we’ll be hearing that Xavi is dating a woman in her 40s(God Forbid)!

  41. Rachael says:

    When I read this an image of Fernando torres sniggering and saying to himself “that will teach em at Kickette to drop me from the finest five” leapt into my head lol

  42. Jennifer says:

    NOT for real, for real. i refuse to believe this.

  43. london says:

    First of all, she is 37 not 36. She was having a affair behind her husbands back. Then she divorce's him and leave's "sorry" Abandoned Maria and Laurance (apart from when she can be bothered to phone or visit) to be with her lover in Spain! No mother would ever choose a man "i mean Boy" over their own children. Not only is she a Wicked, self- indulgent, opportunist. But she is mostly a "bad mother" Cesc has got no moral compass either. But he is 24, had no kids or marrage at the time!

    • Sophie says:

      Wow really? Do you know her personally? If she has left her kids behind to follow Cesc to Barcelona…….. Well the only thing I can say is they deserve each other.

  44. Lily says:

    I'm glad he and Carla separated, she deserves better than him. Cheaters don't get any respect from me and I wouldn't be surprised if that chick got pregnant. She's already getting two child support checks from a tycoon, might as well get another rich baby daddy.

    • xoWinnie says:

      mmhmm! thank god Carla didn't become the typical WAG doormat,
      i would've lost so much respect for her!

      *side eye at Gigg's wife…

      • karma says:

        The only reason Carla did'nt become a pubic doormat is because cesc binned her! Im sure she would have stuck around given the choice. There is no way Carla is that nieve, i sure she red flaged a few thing's during their relationship! The one thing i did like about Carla is how she preferred to stay off the radar. This new "hot mess" couldn't open her twitter account fast enough. "what is that all about"? It kidda sum her up really!

  45. Annie says:

    She doesn't even look 36 ! Anyway I don't think we should blame her or either him…What if they actually fall in love?
    Cheesy I know ….but you can never tell.

  46. Green 4 says:

    So he is a step daddy now eh.! I thought I was too old for him, but she makes me feel a whole lot younger.! ha.!

  47. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Footballer or not, but if there is guy who cheated on a girl after being too long with her in a relation and now he is all serious with the other girl who he cheated with, you can't like him! It is a girl code, isn't it?

    Now on the good side for Pique he found his double date mate!

  48. xoWinnie says:

    ugh…i am slowly losing my faith in men…or ballers at least.
    wasn't Cesc supposed to be the cute dorky friend to Pique's jockish playboy?
    apparently they are one and the same. disgusting.
    i feel horrible for Carla if Cesc cheated on her,
    after 8 years that must've been brutal.
    but i hope no one starts hating on the girl here,
    we should be putting HIM on blast, he's the one who cheated
    she was already separated, right? he's the scumbag!

    • Kristine says:

      You had faith in Ballers? Come on ladies, these men have women throwing themselves at them. They have access to any kind of sex they desire, they are coddled, people want to please them. I'm shocked when I hear that a famous baller might be faithful.

      • xoWinnie says:

        i don't like stereotypes, and i don't wanna lump all ballers into a box.
        not everyone succumbs to temptation. there's ballers like RVP, Xabi and Raul
        and countless German ballers whose private and family lives are not plagued
        by scandal and infidelity, it's possible. for SOME reason,
        i though Cesc would be the kind to drop the girl and then go on about his business
        NOT carry on behind someone's back–evidently i was wrong.

        • Kristine says:

          ehhh.. I don't believe for one second that any of the "good" guys haven't cheated on their Wag at least once.

          • xoWinnie says:

            maybe i'm naive, but i would like to believe that not all men are that weak lol

          • April says:

            Hmm, I dunno about that… I am pretty skeptical of all men (not just footballers) but I have to say that I haven't seen Nando so much as look at another woman, not to mention look incredibly awkward whenever he had to model or act with them.

            And my USMNT-fave Benny Feilhaber makes it a point to mention his fiancee/gf every interview he has, as if to ward off any temptation. Some boys are good and actually think they are the lucky ones to have the girls they have, despite their popularity.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              Same goes to Xabi! Not all men cheat and not all footballers cheat, assuming that one footballer is cheating because of his profession is pretty much unfair. Yes, alot of them do it, but alot don't just look at happily married couples as: zizo, figo, raul that's on top of my list only.

              • Caitlin says:

                But just because nobody knows about it doesn't mean it never happened, right?

                Not saying it did, but we do not know for sure. (nor is it any of our business)

                • Sarah, Madrid says:

                  But this saying goes to any couple regardless being a footballer or not how would you know if your friend couple one of them isn't cheating based just because you didn't see it it doesnt mean it didn't happen concept. Why assume that everyone cheat and a certain profession force people to do it.
                  My point is we don't need to sterotype that all footballers cheat, it doesn't make sense.

                  • Caitlin says:

                    I tend to agree with you.

                    It's just when you said 'look at happily married couples such as xyz' I meant we cannot be sure they are as happy as they seem. Nobody knows what truly goes on behind closed doors in any relationship and that goes for people we know personally as well.

                    That's why I think people shouldn't be so quick to judge. (not talking about you by the way)

                    • Sarah, Madrid says:

                      Yes, agree! I should have said never heard of stories of them cheating instead of don't cheat statement!

        • AC_USA says:

          I blame them both actually. And even though I am a woman too, I blame her a bit moe. Why you ask? She has kids and had a husband. Should know better then running after a first baller that looks at you and abandon your kids. What in the world happened to morals? When did that word come out of dictionary and lost all meaning? UGHHHH
          And Cesc- Why boyy whyyyyyyyy? You are better then this! Please come to your senses!

          • xoWinnie says:

            yeah, i didn't know all that when i first commented.
            but i mostly made that comment because some
            people here are very quick to condemn the woman
            we all know how women love to call each other whores
            (not judging, i am guilty of it as well). but yeah,
            they are both at fault. i doubt it will last or end well
            relationships borne of shadiness seldom do

        • Sarah says:

          Didn't RVP cheat on Bouchra with a pole-dancer back in 2005?

          • April says:

            I believe so… they moved on from it but this was a pretty public affair.

          • xoWinnie says:

            …that's so disappointing…another doormat.

            • April says:

              It's tough.. I think some women can overcome it (I couldn't.. it's number one on my "you're cut off" list)… it happened awhile back and she had said in an interview that she was really upset with him but felt that what they had was good enough for her to not look elsewhere and she was willing to give him another chance, and it seemingly has gotten better. They appear to have been a solid family since.

              It's the repeat offenders that get me… the WAGs that put up with multiple trespasses come off as sticking around for the notoriety or abuse. Same goes though for guys that put up with lady players, though we hear about that a lot less (though I have known of them).

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Oh, not to forget KAKA, I think the day I hear that Kaka cheated on his wife, I will lose faith in all men all together!

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        No self-control?! Just saying! Any man that CAN'T control himself, divorce is there for a reason and then goo live your life.

    • london says:

      separated when these pic were taken but still married and living with her husband at the time she began the affair!

    • Titi says:

      Cheating or not, there are always two sides, at least, to a situaion. I'm not gonna judge because I don't know him, her or anything about the situation.

    • x_X says:

      I thought she was married, it says they meet year ago. Didn't she get divorce this year not last year???

  49. Sophie says:

    Why Cesc WHY? Have to admit I'm disappointed that he cheated on Carla, after 8 years she deserved better than that from him. As for Cesc I am losing interest fast, him sporting a hobo look, cheating on Carla and leaving Arsenal means he is officially off my hottie list.

  50. Hot4Spurs says:

    Goodness! He and Pato are serious man whores!

  51. Toni says:

    Ah Cesc. *facepalm* Looks like you need to spend some time on the naughty step.

  52. tiggy says:

    I actually feel sorry for her. If he was happy to cheat on his long term girlfriend then He’ll probably do it again. She’s also a lot older than him and one day he’ll want to settle down. Also in interviews he describes himself as single. Not very nice if ur his gf. Maybe cesc is not a innocent as we think

  53. bertaboo says:

    aww, i noticed he was wearing a ring during his barca press photo things and was secretly hoping it was the ring from carla, but i guess not…

    • Tee says:

      i know i got soooo excited!!!!
      why cescy – i had so many hopes for you…. i'm losing so much faith in you – ex gunner, cheater, fugly-ass haircutt :(

  54. Gladys says:

    I thought about calling this "pulling a Pique," on account of her age. But somehow, it's hard to compare Shakira and this gal. But as long as he's happy, it's not my business. Plus, she's roughly the same age as Shak and Puyi (and Malena's the same age as Geri and Cesc), so it's perfect when they triple date. ;)

  55. Nico says:

    Are you shitting me?! I can't believe he got a tattoo. I don't know why this seems like a mistake.

  56. Sheck says:

    Got to hand it to him for upstaging Pique.
    Cesc: "My cougar is older than yours, and whilst yours is an international superstar, mine has had 2 kids and looks this sexy…moc moc"
    Who else agrees dude is in a dire need of a cut. This whole crazy mane thing going on isn't for you, hate to break it to you but you're no Puyol!

    • Sarah, New York says:

      The added 'moc moc' has me dying of laughter.

    • Tapioca says:

      I believe the term is "Puma" if they're only in their 30s!

      It's weird how 12 months ago I loved Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique and Shakira, and now I can't stomach any one of them. At least Xabi will never let me down!

  57. Anna says:

    …And we thought Cesc was one of the few who didn't cheat.

  58. Nora says:

    well i'm Arabic so i can tell u the tattoo really does mean that lol . but what is he doing with his life,uh, i have no idea

  59. Maxima Decima says:

    Around that time he went crazy on twitter about loving God, and all that was around the same time he got the tattoo, I believe. (correct me if I'm wrong.) So in my opinion the D tattooed to his arm stands for 'Dios' the spanish word for God.
    That's what I believe…

  60. Sheck says:

    Whilst I've always been a Cesc aficionado, I'm not losing sleep over his apparent hook-up with his new ladyfriend. Would I have prefered him with Carla? Yes, yes and yes! She seemed to be a down-to-earth girl who had her priorities in order, le sigh, c'est la vie huh?
    PS DislikeDaniele for whatever reason, but the fact remains; her body is AH-MAZING!

  61. tara_napoli says:

    If he cheated on Carla with THIS, he really doesn`t deserve any better:(

    • PepaCandela says:

      another site linked to her twitter and the first message was something like "if someone can be taken from you he was never yours" or similar. ick.

      • Caitlin says:

        Sorry, but you don't sound very bright.

        Typical case of woman blaming the other woman, never her man!

        And physical violence…I rest my case!

    • Bad move buddy boy! says:

      Ahhhh Cesc. How i used to put you on a pedestal. Well if there is one thing that we all are reminded of daily when it comes to footballers. It is that anybody, "Anybody" can date one!

  62. Americus Killaponius says:

    He and Geri with the cougars I swear! Shakira is 10 years older than Geri is too!
    Not that I'm against older woman younger man, or I think they can't be in love and all that. But I could just see Geri, nudgin him… "Eh? Eh Eh?"

  63. JA7 says:

    Seriously, she was probably the cause of his and carla's break up? Omg, NOT COOL. I do not like homewreckers.

    • Lalas says:

      She wasn't the one in a relationship. The only one to blame or call a home-wrecker if he cheated is Cesc.

      • JA7 says:

        It really pisses me off when people meddle with relationships. Like why do you have to cheat? Just leave, if you dont want to be with that person anymore. Cheating hurts.

  64. Anninha says:

    If he's happy, as a fan that I am, I'm happy too.

    (But he could do better, huh?)

  65. Bri says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! CESC NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm sorry that is all I can get out right now…