May 24th, 2012

Cesc Fabregas & Daniella Semaan: Innocently Intimate Or Insolently Indecent?

This is how the couple on holiday in Ibiza started off their day on their sun loungers.

And this is how the day ended.

Kickettes, help us figure out what happened in between?

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129 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas & Daniella Semaan: Innocently Intimate Or Insolently Indecent?”

  1. Kind of cool, thank you for the help that you have been.
    Chris Harris

  2. Yuliana says:

    I have to admit, I am baffled by this side of Fabregas I did not know! I am a huge fan of his for his futbol, but this is he first time I investigate his personal life and find out that he cheated on his gf of 8 years for an old soon to be wrinkled ****! what is he thinking?? and then to make matters worse he gets a tattoo of her stupid name! I really hate her and I cant wait for them to break up and see what hell have to do with his new tattoo, fabregas just lost massive points in my book, I am so disgusted and btw I looked at her twitter and it is clear she is a dumb *****, she can barely spell, in either english or spanish, I duno if its because she isnt dominant in either one but it just makes her sound like a moron tht she prob is, smh I am praying they break up real soon!

  3. fad says:

    i love these 2 ! i want to love

  4. rod says:

    how beautiful is daniella , who can blame you man , vamos espania

  5. didi says:

    i hate what he has become. remember good old cesc at arsenal with a steady girlfriend? i'd do anything to get that cesc back…. :'(

  6. Dee dilaurentis says:

    Things i dont like about daniella.
    1.she's always full of make-up!!i mean,the lipstick is always there.have u heard of lipgloss?
    2.her bio on twitter."u can only find a soulmate once in a lifetime" ONCE?? I THINK U MEAN TWICE!considering the fact that u were married 4 9yrs before this.
    3.SHE DOESNT HAVE A CAREER!!!clearly.this woman has a goldigger element in her coz she married a millioniare and never even bothered to get a job+she divorces him and goes straight to a footballer????!!if any of u dont see it…then ur clearly blind!
    Things i like about daniella semaan
    1.she's beautiful
    2.she's a mother

  7. Sabrina says:

    I love Cesc…and as a female fan…I was a bit jealous of his relationship with Carla…but I still think she was better. Sure she may not have been the cutest…but she seemed to have a more sincere attitude and personality…What shocks me the most is that Cesc…after knowing Carla for years on end did not get a tattoo with her name or anything of the sort..but after knowing this woman after a few months…he decides to get one. Cesc Fabregas…you are messing up badly. You can do much better! Carla had more class, thats why she didnt take pictures like these with you…this woman who is much older WITH 2 CHILDREN…clearly has no respect…

  8. levine says:

    one bastards freak is really jealous here or maybe a jealous chick , chill people and stop hating , love is beautiful in every form

  9. Diidaa says:

    Shes no gud for him!! He used 2 have some packs for cryingout loud!!!!!!!
    So disappointed cesc..
    I'll always love u tho #weeps! :'(

  10. Tee says:

    Disappointed to say the least. When I was in school I had a poster of you on my wall cesc.

    Broke my heart when he moved to barca but now that we see this new cesc, might not be such a bad thing – it's probably better to stop reading these posts and try and remember the times when he'd rock up to nobu with carla in trainers and step onto the pitch in a red and white shirt….

  11. ive says:

    i agree she is classy

    • Cait says:

      Three complementary comments, made at the same time and with different user names??? Don't need to be a genius to connect those dot's! Clearly this is your first rodeo. Hi daniella!, and was that you the day before too? hmmm..

  12. pedro says:

    vamos cesc , this girl is stunning !!!! haters , come on , stop hating on her , she must be so nice for fabregas to be that in love with her !!! i mean a tattoo !!! whaoooo

  13. jenn says:

    i love how these two love each other ! some people should control their jealousy , i m sure they didnt think the evil papparrazi are taking photos , but so what , they are a couple for a long time now , where is the problem and what is in there that can harm kids , that i dont understand !!!!!

  14. deli says:

    i think she is very classy and beautiful ,i love you fabregas.

  15. gerard says:

    i think this woman's ex and cesc s ex are all over the internet loooooooooooooooooooollllllllll people get a life i m sure they dont give a fuck

  16. Juliette says:

    I did wondered when people pleasing Kristina would raise her head…you came later than anticipated!

  17. Selina says:

    Grow up! Honestly, she is stunning and what do any of you even know about her? She's probably very nice. She has kids; so what? Is that it? You get divorced, you have kids, goodbye to a relationship? No, it's not. Stop being such prudish old women and leave them alone.

  18. Caitlyn says:

    I totally agree! David Silva is so cute and keeps his pesonal life personal, you don't see him on twitter looking for attention. Stays true to his craft!

  19. Mia says:

    can't believe Fabregas is still on the FF. Dear Kickettes, if you really wanted a spanish hottie on the list, wouldn't someone like Pepe Reina be a better choice? He's buff, funny, has cute bubbas, a great goalkeeper, and looks great in a suit! Not sure how much more you can ask for tbh

  20. CocoX says:

    He looks a bit weird, not like he used to at Arsenal.. what happened?

    And reading that this weird creature that he is on top is has child that is 11 years old tops it all off

  21. Prince of wax says:

    won't be nice to talk with the kids about the pictures. But it's Ibiza … things like that happen there.

  22. Juliette says:

    I'd like to meet anyone who looks at these beach pictures of Cesc and Daniella and would deem Daniella's behaviour as justifiable, yes I am saying Daniella and not Cesc, Cesc has no children to speak of. Of course Daniella should have a life after 40 and divorce she'd be a damn fool not to, but to have children who have seen their parents separate, then Mum and Dad have new partners and on top of that their Mothers partner is a younger famous footballer and pictures of their Mum behaving in an inappropriate way with her young lover, please tell me that that's not so wrong?

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I meet mothers like that every week. They go to tell us teachers that we have to educate them in behaviour, which is their damn job!

      • Juliette says:

        So sad, why is it that it's adults who choose to destroy children, but it's never children who choose to destroy adults? When Mothers like Daniella get old and all the men are gone, she'll try to become a better Mother to her children, and want to be around them all the time, she should be ashamed of herself.

        • Agnes Wonka says:

          yes, kids have good memory, and when she grows old, her children who will be adults then won't appear to look after her. I've seen many cases like this….

    • Maria says:

      Yes. Great job and I totally agree. I think we should definitely tell all women who to date and how to act!

      Who has said she's a bad mother, anyway? Why should she be ashamed of herself/enjoying the company of another person? How is she destroying her child/children? You're all embarrassing yourselves.

      In other news: Cesc Fabregas has just been called up for the Euro 2012 list and he is decidedly NOT fine. He's gotten out of shape since he left Arsenal. Why are we criticizisng her for acting in a completely normal way (As an Italian, this behaviour seems pretty damn average), and not him, for dipping in form + physique? Check yourselves, girls. Your internalized misogyny is showing.

      • Katie says:

        Because this article has nothing to do with Cesc and the Euros. It's about the two of them on the beach and how they are acting. And most of the criticism I have seen of her is because these pictures are available to her children. They aren't Cesc's. If I saw a single dad behaving like this and the pictures were accessible to his children I would think the same thing. Put up an article about Spain's list and I would gladly tell you how I don't think him/Pedro/Torres should have been called up.

      • Juliette says:

        Children are affected by their parents behaviour, whether it's good or bad, that's just a fact. Children are 'destroyed' by nasty, selfish, lazy style parenting, you don't have to smack and neglect a child to destroy them, and I will use the the word destroy because you have to meet the adults of selfish parents to see the destruction in them that has been caused by their parents. I only have thoughts of all children when I see such behaviour like Daniella's. I know of parents whose behaviour isn't great and I can tell you now that I see the sadness in their children's eyes. To think you thought that I was showing some form of misogyny, I would say I was just showing natural care for children.

        • Kristina says:

          How much do you know about Daniella? In your initial comment you wrote "…and on top of that their Mothers partner is a younger famous footballer and pictures of their Mum behaving in an inappropriate way with her young lover, please tell me that that's not so wrong?" You wrote "on top of" which for me means that even that wich is NOT "on top of" is condemnable to you. That wich is NOT "on top of" is: "…to have children who have seen their parents separate, then Mum and Dad have new partners…".
          lol, if you think separating and meeting a new partner when you have kids is inappropriate then half of the grown up population in Sweden are acting inappropriate.

          To be continued…

          • Kristina says:

            And if you think children with separated parents automatically gets traumatized then almost all my friends should be just that. Half of my classmates, at least, had separated/divorced parents. But, it's all about how you involve your kids in the process. And about always searching for solutions that are the best for the kids. And it seems we are pretty good at that in my country since we are not traumatized.

            Lastly, before you start talking about the inapproriatness of Cesc's and Daniella's behaviour in the picture, let me just remind you that THAT was just the "on top of"-behaviour, according to you. AND of course you shouldn't hurt your kids in any way, BUT in this case we must keep in mind that we are speculating. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Agnes Wonka says:

        Children tend to feel ashamed of their moms acting like that……Mostly teenagers!

  23. didi says:

    i sooooo h8 wat he's become!!!!

  24. **Comment deleted due to user posting under various identities despite being previously warned**

  25. Zahara says:

    Stop hating on cesc people…hes young and happy, let him do what he wants without such negative comments :)
    clearly, i still love the guy

  26. Agnes Wonka says:

    I've said it many times, and will go on repeat it…Cesc is not what he used to be!!!!

  27. joanna says:

    go get a room!!

  28. Katie says:

    I think there is a difference between acting like this on your hotel balcony and having the paps intrude from a far distance, to doing this on a public ground. Yes, you are allowed to do whatever you would like, but there is a common decency and they have seemed to cross that line. I would be quite angry if I took my children somewhere and this was how a couple was acting.

    • Gabrielle V says:

      yeah, i know that feeling, when im with my nephews and my older sister she gets soo mad to see older people being sexually aggressive in public, because it's really premature for them to watch that kind of stuff! but how old are the kids anyways? maybe if they're teens they'll be like mooooom stop acting my age! stop embarrasing me! (typical teenager behavior) hehehe

  29. aisling says:

    I don't really care about Cesc boys will be boys. It is the fact that if she was my mother I would be so embarrassed. Her oldest child is 11 I don't think its fair on him when your mother is acting liking a teen. People might be commenting on leave her alone she can do what she want's. It's clear you people don't have kids. You always put your kids feelings ahead of your own and she isn't doing that. If she didn't have kids then I wouldn't care but its embarrassing for her children and a little selfish on her part.

    • gigi says:

      I can understand how Cesc, having been famous since he was an adolescent, seems to have adopted a devil-may-care attitude about the public nature of this relationship. What's unfortunate is that Daniela seems to have done the same. I'm not saying older women with kids shouldn't have fun (my mother, and my grandmothers for that matter, are living proof), but I think it would be in her children's best interest if she was more careful with how she's seen in public. The way things work these days, her children are going to see ALL of this, and so are all their friends and the kids they go to school with. I just hope she's the kind of mother who bothers explaining this kind of thing to her children… although if I was her, I wouldn't really know where to begin.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I'm a teacher, and I can tell you that kids who have mums like her are totally problematic :S
      It's sad, kids are real victims!

  30. Tephy says:

    First of all the paparazzi is gross. I know that they're in Ibiza, but it doesn't excuse the stalking and the violation of privacy.

    Second of all, the second picture is 50 Shades of Nasty. Somebody please pass me the brain bleach tyvm

  31. Gabrielle V says:

    i saw your comment down there saying carla was boring,and what makes you think this woman is fun are you like her god damned mother or something? I think everyone has the right to say what they think, you expressed your point, so let the other ones say whatever they want. We all known his grown, i dont see no one here bitching or whinning about that he should break up with her or some sh+t like that, they're just saying what they think of her for the love of God! dont come here acting like if you've never disliked someone because i could bet my sweet ass that at some point in your life you didnt like someone regardless of who she was/did/act. And we are all having fun here you're the one taking this serious!

    • Gabrielle V says:

      im not saying you're wrong! you can think whatever you want! im just saying to relax, like come on, we all have our lifes of our own so give us a break! and thanks for the apologies i do like the respect.

    • Gabrielle V says:

      btw, if you like being sarcastic, please do tell me more about why she's such a fine lady and why it sucks to be us

  32. xoWinnie says:

    blech. don't care for him at all anymore.

    also don't know why people are so quick to vilify her. yes, she's a homewrecker or whatever, but Cesc was the one who cheated. she was already separated from her husband. she didn't owe anyone anything. it's not exactly fair or right but those are the facts. don't know why people are so quick to jump on her back and forget the fact that Carla was Cesc's girlfriend, not Daniela's. he is a dog. and if Daniela's just another gold-digging WAG, well: you reap what you sew!

  33. Gabrielle V says:

    haha! this is funny stuff. If i was there in that moment i would be like damn we come to the beach to relax and take a little bit of sun but watching people have sex with their clothes on its like a little bit awkward for most of the people there. I guess they are paying a hotel room so they should just go there and do their freaky sh*t but not in public beaches where OBVIOUSLY theres going to be cameras because this man is someone famous. I would hate that my kids see my butt cheeks and not only them, the whole wide world. Cesc reminds me when Cristiano was dating Nereida Gallardo (goshhh they're both so tacky) but well, its his life not mine. BTW, say hello to the kids for me daniella, i know they're so proud of how they're almost 40 year old mom whos supposed to be mature and not thinking that shes 21 like me, acts. Hooray for that!

  34. Jenni says:

    I'm surprised at some of these comments. I kind of think it's 2012 not 1952 and, as someone else remarked, Spanish people have always been more relaxed about exposure and PDAs on beaches than the rest of Europe. Never fancied Cesc, but don't think anything he's done here makes him a bad person. As an Arsenal fan, I can tell you that when he joined Barca, we all knew he'd warm the bench. He can't even get into the Spanish NT, so what made him think he'd walk into the team at Barcelona? Don't blame his girlfriend for his struggle to make the step up.

  35. mira says:

    He should be out of the FF-list quickly. He´s not a "fine" man anymore.

  36. iram1982 says:

    the pics r very indecent. I don't ever go to the beach and see any couple like that! and i'm not a fan of her…but i do have to admit, she has nice glossy hair.

  37. mary ann says:

    i need to stop reading these posts about the two of them because im really starting not to like him great player but dude wtf were you thinking dude GOLDDIGGER and where are her kids i mean really other wags call them what you want you see them with thier children sigh alas who cant hear will feel because im not bashing anyone but i wouldnt want to be in a relationship with a cheater come on and as for the pda people get a f-ing room

  38. pola says:

    thats love !!! she is hot and fabregas is in love

  39. MsMe says:

    I love how the spanish show affection publicly, we cold nordics don´t do that. We are boring. So he´s cuddling with his gf, they have clothes on, so what?

  40. Natalie says:

    Well, it is his life and his mistakes!

  41. Jayy says:

    Carla was better.

  42. You already know therefore significantly with regards to this topic, made me in my opinion consider it from a lot of varied angles. Its like men and women don’t seem to be involved except it is something to do with Girl gaga! Your personal stuffs great. At all times care for it up!

  43. mata says:

    Little displays of affection can be cute, but crawling on top of someone like your having intercourse is just plain vulgar, yuck.

  44. Katie says:

    Can't say I'm a massive fan of Cesc (don't shoot me please!!) but that is 1 step away from public dry humping.

  45. Brt says:

    When cesc was with carla there weren’t so much photos of them on the net, while now he and daniella just show off and they publish a lot of photos on twitter.. I think Daniella only wants fame. She is a beautiful woman, i accept this, but i think she’s not so wise and full of grace as she seems to be with all that Ghandi phrases on her twitter account: if she was, she wouldn’t show off so much, behave like a teenager and stay away from her kids as she’s doing. I thought Cesc was more intelligent

  46. footballandme says:

    Call me a prude, silly, childishor whatever people say these days but the picture of Cesc on top of her is tacky. I know that they are grown adults but they must've known that camera's were around, Daniela is staring at the camera in the Daily Mails pictures so why would you take it that step further?

    He's happy with her, obviously but this isnt the Cesc we witnessed when he was with Carla. And Yes, Yes I know that people change and 'grow up' but THIS Cesc wouldn't do THAT with Carla in pubic, they were happy being cheeky and in love together. Cesc and Daniela just seem plain old horny together.

    You've only got to look at Pique and Shakira to see how a relationship can change a person not only personally but professionally as well and I'm afraid that I can see Pique's situation rehashing itself with Cesc and Daniela.

    • tashy says:

      How did shakira affect da way pique plays jajaja u being lyk pep trying 2 dictate who pique sleeps wid

    • Kristina says:

      You know, I can understand if there are people who think that they should get a room. And that there are those who think she's a gold digger. But there is one thing that is absolutely absurd and that is the notion that Cesc's bad form is due to his relationship with this EVIL woman! It's ridiculous, I'm sorry. Since when are people NOT responsible for their own actions? And another thing, do you really know that Cesc has changed personally? How do you know that?

      Furthermore, if she was a golddigger then I must say that it's pretty counter productive to make him perform worse on the pich. Who is she going to rely on to get all those shiny dollars, if that's what she's after?

      And that sorting of women into the "Madonna" and the "Whore" category is medieval! Let them be horny together! Ok, I think they are overdoing it a bit in public, but horny is essentially good. :)

      • Footballand Me says:

        I've never called her a gold-digger ANYWHERE in what I wrote so I don't see why you are aiming that specific thing at me.

        And Evil Woman? Once again point out where I've said anything of the sort and I'll accept it but I merely said that in MY EYES Cesc has changed from the person he was with Carla into the person he is in these photos with Daniela. Do I know him personally? No. But am I allowed to base an opinion on how I believe a person is acting personally based one what I see? Yes.

        • FootballandMe says:

          And I do believe that somehow his move from Arsenal to Barcelona coinciding with his start of his relationship made his 1st season in Spain not a memorable one for him. With starting all over again (even though he's from Barcelona, the move is still relevant) and the fact that Daniela will want Cesc all the time (its human nature to want to see your boyfriend) he would've been battling both situations and sooner or later one of them has to crumble and for me it was his football which took a back step towards the end of the season.

          And again your last paragraph, why mention that when I've said nothing about classifying her in a specific catagory? I merely said that I didnt like the pictures, I think his career is on the way to resembling Pique's if he doesnt get the balance right. Horny in public is not ok, that way my main point!

          • Kristina says:

            Like you I'm interpreting. You seemed to imply (no, you wrote it out) that Cesc would never do THAT with Carla in public. They were more "cheeky and in love". To me, that sounds a lot like one of them were more innocently in love, and the other one just wants sex. We don't know any of that.

            The gold digger part was not aimed at you. And to conclude, it's still ridiculous to blame the girlfriend of a HIGHLY paid PROFESSIONAL for his dip in form. See Jenni's comment below about Cesc, it makes a lot of sense. Plus, he's made a lot of good things for Barcelona this season. Most people tend to forget that.

            • FootballandMe says:

              Cesc and Carla were childhood sweethearts, of course they were more innocent together. Thats why I said it. You never got pictures of Cesc dry-humping Carla on the beach did you or visa-versa?

              How is it ridiculous? Some of the best managers in the game agree with my point of girlfriends can distract players from their football resulting in loss of form, managers like Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola to two. I'm a professional but does that mean that I can't too experience a dip in my work when I'm stressed/under pressure through both social and professional implications? Of Course I can and at times do. I feel that THAT happened to Cesc this season on top of the fact that he is playing for his boyhood team. It all became too much and his form took a beating.

              He didn't warm the bench at the start of the season, he played almost week in week out. I know he's done good things but they soon peetered out over the course of the season.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      "Cesc and Daniela just seem plain old horny together. " ewwwwwwwwwww :S
      It's disgustingly true! you're so right!

  47. EsiN says:

    cesc' body is really gross.

  48. sarah says:

    i wonder why good looking famous guys cant get decent relationships..

    • sarah says:

      SOME good looking famous guys*

    • gigi says:

      Well, there's her homewrecking thing. Then her gold-digging thing (nasty talk about how she handled her divorce). Then there's her rumoured possessiveness of him thing. Then there's her possibly not spending much time with her children just to be with him thing. And then there's the acting like a horny 20-year-old groupie in public despite how this could be affecting her children thing. That being said, he seems perfectly okay with all of that (and yes, the homewrecking thing was half his fault). I don't know what that says about him, but they do seem happy together and very much in love.

      • drea says:

        Bazinga! I think that's what bugs me about him. If she's so desperate to hang on to him that she's doing all these things, shouldn't HE also remember that he's dating someone with kids? He's not that young, shouldn't he also be more responsible?

  49. Cella.xx says:

    Every time I see them together I need to drink something(alcohol)
    And I just feel sorry for her kids…i dont know how I would react if my mom was doing this in public?!

  50. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I find this tacky!

  51. Kristina says:

    I want to be somewhere nice doing THAT as well!

  52. Nienke says:

    And I thought Pique and Shakira were disgusting. I hope her kids don’t watch these pictures but internet is for everyone…

  53. tashy says:

    This lady is almost always in barcalona Where are her kids some ppl jst don’t deserve 2 be parents is this y she’s abandoning her kids,2 go 2 ibiza wid her kid bf nd be frwnds wid leos gf whose also a kid compared 2 her.wat happens wen cesc wants kids she’ll be 2 old 2 hav kids nd than its sliptsville he suld knw 2 stick 2 ppl his own age or his frwnd carlos puyol suld tell him (but I luved him nd malena as a couple) or deigo forlan nd that zaira chick stick 2 ppl ur own age or if he has thing 4 a age difference there’s a fifteen year old gurl who’d luv 2 be urs ME ME ME ME single nd available nd wats up wid him on top of her control ur self cesc ur in public

  54. FootyCookie says:

    i hate everything.

  55. Thea says:

    The Daily Mail had her listed as Carla – they need to updates their files.

  56. Maddison says:

    Is this the latest ?

  57. Sarah says:

    When were these taken? Barca is going to play the cup final tomorrow, why is he on holiday?

    • Carvivlie says:

      Maybe he has a groin injury and Daniela is trying to work it out. :)

    • PepaCandela says:

      They were given last weekend off. Ibiza is a quick trip from BCN

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Spainsh football finished like 2 weeks back, CDR final is to be played tomorrow, so he was on vacation

  58. Bats says:


  59. mimi says:

    Cesc seems to be very happy with that woman, accept it kickettes. ;)

    • cupcakes says:

      Except, like Pique, it's affecting his game. 34 million euros to warm the bench and Guardiola even dropped him for a number of matches last season.

      They could have had 2½ Mesut Özils for that or almost one whole Falcao!

  60. Carolina says:


  61. Lizzy says:

    Where are this woman's kids?

    • Sarah says:

      she has kids?!

      • Lizzy says:

        People are giving you thumbs down, but it's true…

        • Thea says:

          Ladies – don't get hung up on it – the road to WAGDOM has many pifalls – so few last and even those that do (Coleen, Abbey, Toni et al) don't always have that easy!

    • Kristina says:

      With their father, perhaps?

      • Lizzy says:

        True…. maybe it's for the best. This is something I wouldn't want my kids to see :) .

        • Kristina says:

          Yes, it's that and, you know, divorced couples with kids usually takes turn taking care of them. Because in 2012 it's quite common for men to take an interest in their offspring ;) . Sometimes when it comes to this woman, though, it seems like people are stuck in the fifties. But I guess women will always be hard on other women. It makes me sad sometimes. You are considered a whore if you divorce and start a relationship with a younger man when you have two kids. Gosh, it's weird to be writing such a sentence.

          • Lizzy says:

            Hey, it's a free world, people will believe whatever they want to believe. I have nothing against this woman, except the fact that maybe she stuck her tail in another woman's relationship. Women will always be hard on other women? That's how it is, it won't change anytime soon. Women will always get their claws out on one another. And she should have known better.. him too, than do something behind someone else's back. That's speaking from personal experience.

          • Catty Women says:

            Kristine you always write the truth on this website, Bravo to you!(:

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            Well said regarding them! However this photo continue to be tacky!

            • Kristina says:

              The angle it is taken from doesn't help either. The photo reminds me of this dry humping;…

              Whats with the dry humping?

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                jajaja it actually reminded me of that too, but the difference is Cris was on his own private yacht, but Cesc is in public place, HOWEVER it is Ibiza lol

              • Lizzy says:

                At least they're not in public, they're on a yacht, probably just the 2 of them. Don't get me wrong, I hate this kind of PDA, it's tacky, and makes you look desperate for a shag.

                Seriously though, what's with the dry humping? If you're in the mood stay inside lol.

    • Caitlyn says:

      Hopefully nowhere near a Daily mail.. If i was 11 year old girl and i seen my mum like that in a national paper, i would die if embarrassment. I guess we all know where this womans priorities lie and it's not with her kids! But i suppose when your bf is 14 years younger and cheated on his ex to be with you it must make you slightly insecure about what eles he's capable of. After all, he is just another footballer!

      • Lizzy says:

        Thank you! That's exactly what I'm saying. It's easy to say…oh with the father. Maybe it's better that way, maybe the father is more responsible, because she…. I don't even have words to describe her. 14 years older than him…. had no idea how major the gap was. Why do older women (some of them) look for way younger dudes? We are not allowed to shame other women, but we're allowed to stand by and watch how they're sleeping with our boyfriends. He's at fault too, don't get me wrong. My ex cheated on me, and trust me it's one of the worst feelings in the world, especially when you really love that person.

        • Kristina says:

          I'm sorry if I gave the impression that it's ok to betray people. Of course it's not. But I don't think that it's possible to go through life without hurting someone. Or to be hurt by someone.

          I have never been married and I don't have kids. But both my sister and my brother are divorced, and they both have kids. Since we are very close and I stood by them all the way, I know that it is no simple thing to be left or to be the one who leaves. It's heartache. But it's also life. You never know what it brings you. They have both got new partners now and they are happy. But for a while it didn't look like they ever would be again.

          • Lizzy says:

            I never said that that's not the natural thing to do, to move on that is. It's never ok to hurt people, especially those who sat by you years and years and through lots of things, and that's how you repay them? That's how you say thank you? If you don't want that person anymore will it hurt you to just speak with that said person and break up before you do something that will end in heartache? When I asked my ex why, he just shrugged and walked away, nothing more nothing less.

            But what I'm trying to say is that it's more than ok to move on, people get hurt, of course they do, but don't expect me to sympathize with them. And she has kids, who probably see these pictures, the daughter is 11, she's more than capable to understand what's going on, all she has to do is google her mother's name.

            • Catty Women says:

              Lizzy it's sad what happen to you, however that is life and unfortunate things happen to the best of people on this earth. We really don't know what happen between Carla and ceces. Maybe he fell out of love with her and did not handle it the moral way, but Danielle is not to bleame for cecs and carla end, she's just the women that Cecs fell in love with and chose to be with. I am sure wherever Carla is she is healing in her own way and you will too. Good luck

    • xoWinnie says:

      i'm sure wherever their are they are fine and being well cared for! i didn't know you had to be attached at the hip with your children once you have them. sheesh!

  62. Lexi says:

    Carla :(

  63. numero nueve says:

    santa madre.
    i miss carla.