July 24th, 2012

Cesc Fabregas & Daniella Semaan: Sunny Sexfaces

Yes,┬áthis entire scenario has the power to bring Kickette HQ to instant, complete and utter jealous raging, the likes of which haven’t appeared since we saw a WAG with a Birkin.

Although we put Cesc’s sex face on Twitterverse blast earlier, we didn’t put two and two together that it was Cesc making the face and Daniella making him make the face. It seems as though we were – and maybe still are – in serious denial about the Barcelona ‘baller being booed up.

See you at Ben & Jerry’s, Kickettes?


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64 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas & Daniella Semaan: Sunny Sexfaces”

  1. Finally after more than two years i discovered that it was not a blowjob, but a kiss on cesc' little brain XD! Well, it was not innocent anyway and Daniella proved once more to be a very unclassy and vulgar whore, but well…at least it had been NOT a blowjob! You saved your manliness Cesc! Don't you believe me? Look: http://dgoaway.tumblr.com/post/50321207363

  2. jooo says:

    Fabregas stole some ones wife whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol . Very Sad

  3. kayla benitez says:

    shes a skank and he will become one too if he stays with her

  4. Kristina says:

    If you think they're having sex in that picture it says a lot about how your mind works :) … Seriously?

  5. Tashinka says:

    I'm still haunted by this photo. Even if they're not doing what it clearly looks like they're doing, the implication is there. And it's not hot, it's gross. Blech.

  6. Sometimes malice, just like beauty, is only in the eye of those who watch. Well, I'm not his fan and I don't like at all this couple, but for me talking about sex in a publi place in this case is very exaggerated and i'm gonna explain why: i'm almost sure that in the first pic he was just yawning and stretching and she was trying to cuddle him – just as another persone wrote- and in the other pic, that one published by the daily mail, well, in my opinion is very very hard that they were doing something obscene on a public beach. Probably she was kissing him or something like that, even if the position was weird and her act was enough perverted. They are sooooo far from the couple Casillas- Carbonero or Alonso-Nagore…she is an old exhibitionist and vulgar woman who doesn't remember to be a mother and he confirm to be a stupid and brainless child who is addicted with her in a pathetic,shameless and pathological way. I think that mad love(if this is true love) could be very destructive and in this case even ridiculous.

  7. Phoebe says:

    This is tasteless, cheap and downright tawdry, Francesc.
    I believe you need regular lessons on classiness from the classy man Xabi Alonso himself. This needs to stop, you are a part of the league of some extra-ordinary Spanish gentlemen, please don't stoop so low. The bedrooms were invented for what you're doing on the lawn chair.

  8. IDontLikeDaniella says:

    I still can't believe how stupid he was for getting a tattoo of her on his arm. He's acting like a 16 year old. C'mmon!

  9. kayla says:

    I agree by and large with most of the comments apart from one. Biologically speaking its not healthy for women to have kids past 34, so in that sense he is making a BIG mistake.
    She looks old too.

  10. kayla says:

    totally and completely disgusting. cesc will get bored soon, thn she will become an ex like carla and he will move on to someone else. the sky is the limit for these footballers, he will not just make do with this stale piece of bread. we have all been in passionate lustful relationships which eventually dissoolve into nothing, think about it girls, he is hrdly going to marry this woman in the future? she cant give him chldren, shes been there and done that and he is just driven by emaotions here. it will phase ot soon.
    i understand the psychy behind women like daniella semaan. to be with a younger and successful man make her feel younger and she divorced from her husband two years ago s she want to feel liberated.
    but she facing benig alone as an old woman after cesc dumpes her afer he has his fun
    enjoy daniella it wont last

    • Dee espinoza says:

      Its true!! Cesc will not marry this woman!! I mean, he may be infatuated by sth about her(have no idea what) bt one day he will dump her. Bt have u noticed that she has been covering her body like she’s hiding a pregnancy!! I swear if cesc knocked her up…….i will totally lose respect for him completely!!!

    • nurina says:

      One question: What can´t she give him children? I mean, I´m not a fan of her, but women can birth children until they´re 45 or older.

      • Laura says:

        I think it's more of a been there, done that thing..I understand we're just speculating here and what we say does not affect Cesc's life in anyway whatsoever..with woman like Daniella where they already have 2 kids, and one is what 11 already? I think when the time comes and Cesc thinks about settling down for good which is at least 7-8 years from now a woman in her mid/late 40's with one child who is already going to be old enough to be in college would not be very happy about going through that whole process again you know..giving birth, caring for a newborn, school, being mom to a teenager and sending them off to college..
        I mean that chapter in her life would already be closed, and it would be tiresome to open it up again..

    • Caitlyn says:

      Listen. You can be sure of one thing and that is SHE WILL GIVE HIM A CHILD! A woman like her would never cut her nose off despite their face… After all, children and divorce are her meal ticket. She’s an opportunist and she’ll make a career out of this if it kills her. You can be sure of that!

  11. s.m. says:

    it's hard to find anything good in that first picture, except (except!) that she is really caught at an unflattering angle. better her awkward ass than mine.

  12. yas says:

    Regardless if anything untoward is happening pictures can send the worst possible messages out. I don't care if she is older then him, or if she is a total gold digger (not saying she is just that if she is i don't care because it's his life) but I get super annoyed when I see a mother acting like a total "something" in public. How is she supposed to explain herself to her children? How can she be proud of how she acts? She has a daughter that may look up to her, and I suppose has no qualms about the message she is sending. That above all is what irks me. Have your affair but have some respect for yourself and your children.

  13. Agnes Wonka says:

    I just can't believe how gross they are!

  14. Rosie says:

    I try VERY hard not to judge women; it's against my personal feminist code, so let's remember that it takes TWO. Consider my judgmentally pursed lips and glare directed at BOTH of them.

    It is possible to love someone, to be madly in lust with someone, and to have lots of great sex WITHOUT doing so in public. I think they need a reminder.

    They have officially stolen "Excessive PDA" crowns from Shakira and Pique, usurping their dubiously desirable thrones.

    Now, whenever I find myself judging a mother for her behavior, I'll be thinking, "At least she's not having sex in public." Sad, very sad.

  15. Aisha says:

    Cesc seriously needs to dump this attention seeking B**** fast! She’s really ruining his image!

  16. Agnes Wonka says:

    I'm jealous of a Wag with a Birkin…but this? It makes wanna vomit!!
    When will she start behaving like a mother?

  17. kayla says:

    These two are animals not human beings

  18. kayla says:

    Terrible state of affairs.
    These two are sickening, no other words for it.

  19. treguain says:

    its as though he's crying with lots of pain…let the photo do all the talking cos am speechless (its too much for my eyes)

  20. miss tweezy says:

    When I first saw this pic well I read an article bout them on the daily mail n they said she fell n hurt him n that’s y his making the face,now looking at the pic closely it looks like she doing something sexual 2 him so yep daily mail was wrong . I read somewhere that cesc n dannys(my nickname 4 daniella) age gap is the same age gap as cesc n maria(dannys daughter) on that note I hope 4 dannys sake maria wasnt near by coz she’s well aware of wat they doin. I know as a teenager I would die at the sight of these pics my mom doin the nasty wid her kid bf ewwwwwww. I’ll be the first 2 admit I’m not a fan of them as a couple but cesc was in a relationship with carla basically all his life his trying 2 figure out wat he wants n maybe danny is helping him figure him self out I’m not even close 2 25 but I’m sure its ur peak where u figure out wat basically it is that u want. I love the second pic its so adorable it makes me want a bf. I think danny is preggers coz she’s usually always showin off her body n now all of a sudden she’s all covered up seems fishy 2 me

  21. Jayy says:

    I am going to use this picture as an excuse to boot Cesc off TFF.

  22. nurina says:

    Omg… I mean, he´s a famous footballer and she has two children. And then they have sex in public. Sorry, but it´s definitely too much. He risks his job.

  23. Luna says:

    what if he's just yawnning and she's trying to…hmm…get on top of him???? :D :D ok ok i know it's probably not the case but WHAT IF??? xD

  24. Caitlyn says:

    I was sooo over him a long time ago when he got with this broad. All i want to know is why is he still on the FF?

  25. Tee says:

    good god. can these two PLEASE stop?!?!
    doesn't he have pre-season to get to or anything?

  26. FabregasPublicist says:

    thank God I've quit my job already! Good luck to his new publicist! Hahaha!

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  28. elsebethynwa says:

    Reminding me of the couple we saw at the beach yesterday. They were seriously dryhumping in the sand next to us. They didn't even stop when we started taking pics of them. Cesc and Daniella look like this, just much better looking.

  29. EvilBean says:

    To me it looks like she tried to cuddle with him, and by accident hit him in the nuts. But maybe that's just me :-)

  30. nia says:

    Out of all the wags out there, she is one i dislike the most. She seems to always want to play up their relationship in public, granted Cesc is not innocent in this either (and i thought Shakira and Pique were bad). I'm not hating at all although, i think Cesc needs to be with someone closer to his own age. It's better to be used by a childless wag rather than, a wag with two kids.

    And this pics are really inappropriate considering they know paparrazzi are always around them, whether they are insinuated or real.

  31. Carla says:

    Lol i commented on a picture Cesc posted with her on Instagram, i said i was happy for them, and of course she would always be with him since she doesn't worek and is living off the money of her ex millionaire husband. And then i'm guessing she read my comment and she blocked me!! LOL. I wasn't even following her so there wasn't a difference, but I WAS SAYING THE TRUTH. I change my mind, i'm not happy for them. Especially when they're like that in public…

  32. MochiCavalry says:

    Thank you Daniella! You are doing a great service for Barcelona! I would rather see him getting the sexy in public than hanging out until the early morning at nightclubs! Keep up the good work Ms. Semaan!

  33. OhDear says:

    They seem very aware that there are people taking photos of them.

  34. :-) says:

    Now I'm only waiting to see them having sex in public.

  35. nurina says:

    Is she doin´ a handjob in a public place? oO

  36. camille says:

    i saw this pic and read the title-after my brain kick started again-and the only words i came up were: GET IT B***H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol she just became my hero

  37. Sophie24 says:

    Seriously I really hope she is not doing the nasty in that first pic, She has a teenage daughter who I'm sure will come across these pics, I'm not a Daniella fan but surely she wouldn't stoop that low knowing the paps have been around them all summer. Think of your children woman LOL

    • Kel says:

      In other pics it shows that her son is actually at the villa (or wherever they are) with them so I'm hoping she wasn't doing that

  38. Lily says:

    Getting caught once is one thing, but doing this stuff over and over again is being desperate for attention.

  39. mimi says:

    Is she waxing his chest hair? LOL

  40. mina says:

    I´m allways embarrassed, when I see this couple "acting" like this.

    • Kel says:

      I get that they're young (ish) and in love but other couples are like that without it seeming so… gratuitous

  41. Kel says:

    I hope he's just yawning and she's in an unfortunate position.

  42. thelovehater says:

    oh bb, that’s a towel…

  43. Taylor says:

    They’re really annoying.

  44. Loninha - Brasil says:

    I have nothing against men who date older women or vice versa, but it is verade 36 years and have two sons 11 and 9? Thanks to those who answer me!

    • Catty Women says:

      Loninha, Cesc got to live his life and learn the hard way, just let him be! Ashonton and Demi More, where is Ashonton at now? with a hot young beauty no? let Cecs live his life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Cella.xx says:

    oh God they are worse then Shakira and Pique..

  46. Donna says:

    Seriously what is actually happening in that first picture? lol

  47. sljh says:

    …eeeeuw, is that a tissue in her hand?!?