July 3rd, 2012

Cesc Fabregas & Daniella Semaan: Table For Two

Cesc and Daniella hit up London restaurant, Zuma, for a meal this evening – and from the looks of things, the food was so good Daniella didn’t want to leave. Why does this couple’s exit strategy look like an uncomfortable struggle? Better question: will our readers play nice in the comments about Fab’s WAG, or do we have to forcibly send our manservants to keep the peace?

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54 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas & Daniella Semaan: Table For Two”

  1. kayla benitez says:

    its halarious how he can feel good going out in the public with a woman who looks twice his age. LMAO girls ;)

  2. SachaAguero says:

    She always looks kinda trashy. Oh how I wish it was back to the days of Cesc and Carla *sniff*

    If Cesc is happy with her right now, then let It be I guess :( but I don't think it'll last.

  3. didi says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………………………. so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kayla benitez says:

    its not a case of being happy or not…this old hag has taken advantage of a younger man and is milking the limelight.
    its really disgusting to see cesc trade in carla for this OLD and used hag. come on guys…shes got 2 children!!!! i wouldnt believe any of you would be 'happy' to see cesc with this woman…if you guys look at them, you can see LUST not real love.
    if cesc loves this half wit, he will MARRY her….oh wait, no wedding bells in the air huh?
    this woman clearly snagged cesc on purpose and i will tell you lot one thing, her ex husband was good to get rid of her.
    women like that with no principles will always end up worse off
    real love is what fernando torres and his wife have, and david villa and patricia…not these disgusting shows of PDA's in bikinis.
    cesc is young and impressionable and to say the least…WEAK

  5. Aisha says:

    Technically she is 37 years old!

  6. striker9 says:

    i can't help myself in my opinion she always looks kind of trashi. everytime i see her, i miss carla!

  7. Agnes Wonka says:

    I hate this woman for many reason I've said before.
    I think it's not good to stop people give their opinion!

  8. DebS says:

    Definitely a strange vibe between these two in this picture. He looks a bit peeved and she seems to be in a good mood. She had a few beverages at lunch maybe? Don't know but for some reason these pictures make me think that.

  9. Eliz says:

    D Best kiss of d EURO goes 2 Cesc Fabregas

  10. Cella.xx says:

    If she is not with him for the money it must be for fame
    I liked Carla more…

  11. Maria says:

    I must admit that i liked Carla more, when Cesc was with her he playrd better and was less distrracted. I cannot think of Daniella as a WAG to me she is a Cougar!!!!!!!!!

  12. xoWinnie says:

    Cesc still hast the ugliest tattoo in football. just terrible.

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  14. Alex says:

    Actually surprised to see Daniella wear something that I would call stylish. Usual her clothes are just way over. Remember what he wore in The Brit Awards thing, just plain awful. This is nice outfit, with or without sunglasses, but maybe they are part of the style…

    But I really don´t care who Cesc dates, until he and Geri come out the closet. I just want Cesc to be happy and more importantly play WELL.

  15. Dee espinoza says:

    I have never liked her coz of many sensible reasons..but i have to say i actually lyk her outfit!!truth is that cesc is inlove with her(so much) right now….but its obvious that this is nt the person he will marry!!i dont like her coz….jus lyk one of u said…she has a target for rich men!! And ontop of that, there is sth bout her that jus doesnt seem genuine in comparison to other wags!!

  16. miss tweezy says:

    I’ve thought long nd hard about this nd I’m not gng hate on her becoz cesc is not hot anymore n I’m not jealous of her anymore.
    I luv her chanel bag its amazeballs. I don’t support relationships wid big age gaps coz these types of relationships don’t last look at ashton n demi or katie n tom they don’t last but wat do I know bout relationships I’m only 15
    Lyk most ppl on this site I kept askin myself y is she never with her kids nd than I thought maybe she doesn’t want them 2 be exposed 2 the spotlight maybe she didn’t want ppl mocking/judging her more 4 putting her young kids under these types of circumstances (i know ppl double standard)
    Anyway daniella is actually pretty n I neva thought carla was pretty so cesc upgraded!!!

  17. German_Girl says:

    Say what you want – I think she looks really good for 36! Much younger.

    But, does anyone else think Cesc's outfit is very, very casual to be eating in such an expensive place?

  18. MrsVV says:

    Lol @ her sunglasses!!! seriously woman, you're in London, no chance of rays for the next 2 million years or so. Maybe she's getting a bit ahead of herself there (hello z-list here I come…) or maybe she's just auditioning for I'm a celebrity get me out of here?!?

  19. FabregasPublicist says:

    You've said everything about Daniella (which I don't like so much), I think I have to comment about my client here.

    I have told Cesc alot of times before, YOU NEED A STYLIST! You don't look awful, you're just boring. And sometimes, you are a failure when it comes to dressing up. But he just shrugged it off.

    But you know, I still love him so much! Hahahaha!

    Anyways, my petition for putting Cesc on the HHOF, what happened to it? Paging Vanessa! Can you speed thid one up? LOL :)

  20. FabregasPublicist says:

    I have told Cesc a lot of time before, YOU NEED A STYLIST! You don’t look awful, you’re just boring to look at.

    Anyways, I really don’t like Daniella. She is not a horrible woman but nor she is terrific. But their PDA during the Euro was just so much. I am still receiving calls from newspapers about it.

    He’s Indonesia right now, if you’re wondering where he’s headed next.

  21. iram1982 says:

    i'm just wondering, does she speak spanish? I dont know if i read it here, but i was just wondering is she lebanese?

    regardless…i hope to whom this may apply, Happy fourth of July!

  22. canadanata says:

    She is just being a regular WAG, not a classy one like lets say Nagore Aramburu.

  23. s.m. says:

    totally fine, but those seem like really predictable YSL Tribtoos she's wearing…

  24. Rosie says:

    I'm usually not one for hating on significant others, but who are your manservants? What do they look like? If they look good and you promise to send them, I could get catty.

  25. Melaniee. says:

    She probably wanted to spend more time in front of the paparazzi instead of avoiding them like a decent human.

    • Melaniee. says:

      if they are happy i shouldn't make bad comments. i'm just being bitter haha. we all have our little moments :)

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I think "decent human" does not apply her…..

      • Eliz says:

        Whom do you think "decent human"? Is it Irina Shayk. All are fame wh0re. Cesc's case is different in the sense he is in love with her and fears not to express his feelings of her to d world as his twitter messages speaks (Yes I am in love with D). Irina case is different in the sense nobody shud talk about CR' GF to her in public.

        • Agnes Wonka says:

          Cesc doesn' t speak about her in public because he knows his fans hate her and she'll be bashed!
          Irina can have all the defects that you want, but she doesn't have any children without caring and is not sucking the fame from a boy that is at least 10 years younger than her.

  26. Dizzy says:

    I suspect he likes that she can pay the bill for that meal, and the trip to Indonesia, herself. It's the whole families of inlaws living large off the footballers' dime that is unpleasant to me. Plus I like to see young guys with experienced older women (for, uh, reasons of curiosity only y'understand). Cesc and Daniella, Mel Sykes and her Jackrabbit, one of the One Direction kids and ….. some random radio woman. So I'm all for it. Enjoy Cesc!

    • kel says:

      Yeah, it's great that she can pay for the meal and her own trips with the child support from her ex husbands money. That makes it better.

      Sorry, couldn't help myself.

      • Lisette says:

        It's a fair point, but I doubt it matters that much to him. I think it can be quite wearing to always be paying – if she can and does pay, for whatever reason, that means she's not after his money.

        • Dizzy says:

          Yep that's my point. She may not have "earned" it (although stay at home mothers work and unquestionably deserve alimony and child support in my opinion, whatever the wealth of their exes, and however trashily they may sometimes dress) but it must be a nice change for a footballer not to have to put his hand in his pocket for everything.

  27. Dee says:

    I don't think Daniella is an awful person, but not a marvellous woman either. She's just a woman who knows how to get rich men. She's already getting much money from her ex millionaire husband in child support, and globe trotting around the world with Cesc. I guess she knows how to keep men happy? :) Haha. Anyway, Cesc tweeted her a while back saying "You are the best thing that's ever happened to me". He really seems to be in love….so I guess we can all be happy for them :)

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      She's better than moving back to Barça? mmmmm something is not right there…..

  28. Aisha says:

    If Cesc is happy then i'm happy!

  29. Nataly says:

    She just looks like a tramp

    • Kristina says:

      What? Her outfit? Looks pretty harmless to me. Don't know where you get that from.

    • Dee espinoza says:

      Actually her outfits pretty nice!i think its the only nice thing iv ever seen her wear!hahahahaha:D

  30. Sarah, Madrid says:

    If they are happy, Buena Suerte for them!

  31. Letty says:

    I agree with Monica, i miss Carla. She seemed more fit for Cesc but whatever makes the boys happy, cant wait for the rest of the boys to start vacationing on a beach somewhere in the world so we can so those pictures!

  32. Aisha says:

    Been 2 Zuma before. Really great place! A lot of hatin going on daniella but I don’t mind! Just don’t hate on Cesc!

  33. Monica says:

    I still wish he was with Carla, but hey, if he loves her so much, I'm happy for him.
    Plus, she seems nice and not a showoff, attention seeker, and etc. like other wags that we know of.

  34. Kristina says:

    I'll be nice Kickette :) . They seem to be happy together, and I have no problems whatsoever with that.

  35. Noni says:

    I like them together, but sad how some people hating on her. I´m glad to see Cesc happy, he seems very in love

    • kiki09 says:

      people will hate regardless. They hated when he was with Carla so they'll continue to hate at this point.