August 17th, 2011

Cesc Fabregas: Gone Baby Gone

The Emperor of Adorkable has new clothes. Images: David Ramos/Getty Images Europe/Zimbio.

People? The time for flirting, bickering, stony silences and pouting is now over. No, Ronnie and Sammi from Jersey Shore haven’t broken up (despite our prayers) but Cesc Fabregas and Arsenal FC have finally negotiated who gets the Coldplay CDs and Krispy Kreme gold card and wished each other farewell.

We must face facts: Cescy was unveiled as a Barcelona player yesterday afternoon after signing a deal worth about £35m to the London club.

It’s the news no Arsenal fan wanted to hear, every Barcelona fan wanted to hear, and the rest of us have been hiding under the duvet to avoid for some months now. Now it’s over, Kickettes, let’s come together as one and plead for our Number One Finest Five boy to do the decent thing and get a haircut.

Then put all this unpleasantness behind us and concentrate on the far more important matter of involving you in our fantasies instead of doing any work.

You owe us that much for our devotion alone.



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55 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas: Gone Baby Gone”

  1. Agnes Wonka says:

    omg! did anyone noticed he has a tatoo with a "D" inside a star?!! what the….

  2. sahil says:

    he had to go so he is gone..

  3. Agnes Wonka says:

    I feel so sad for all the Gooners now. They say goodbye to their beloved captain to see him being sit on the bench waiting for Xavi or Iniesta to get injured. :(

  4. Marina_Isabella says:

    What a sad bunch of butt-hurt people leaving comments here… get a life will you?… it's not the 1st transfer in the history of football kind. Same thing when Fernando Torres left Liverpool… some of you here need find a hobby or two.

  5. Diana says:

    He is not hot. Don't know how he made it the finest five. He is not even close to the likes of Aitor Ocio or Carlos Bocanegra.

  6. Rory8 says:

    Once a Gunner, always a Gunner. Not for you, Cesc! Kissing the badge and few hours later you tweeted that? Mmm you no good….

  7. anne says:

    yes congratulation and all but i find myself very interested in those new tattoos. They are new aren't they? Does anyone know what they represent?

    • Rory8 says:

      New tattoo you can see in the 1st picture is dedicated to his goldigger.. Ermmm, sorry.. I meant new girlfriend! It's in arabic and it means "My life D forever" (her name is Daniella..).. He also has a number 4 tattoo and another one with CF or CC (Cesc and Carlota), I don't remember right now.. I don't know if he has other new tattoos in other parts of his body :P ;)

  8. xbabyshakesx says:

    I HATE HIM!!!!!

    ok i still love him, i'm just in pain atm. as time goes i hope we can all move on
    but for now i'll just shed a little tear

  9. eviltangerine says:

    He looks like a smelly monkey adn his totally over-rated.

  10. JA7 says:

    Kissin the badge..too soon Cesc, too soon. I think if we can move on from Theirry Henry, we can def move on from Cesc! "Heroes come and go, but our passion is forever" #Arsenal

    • nina says:

      noone can really move on from Thierry Henry!!! He is the one and only… it's his birthday by the way today.

  11. says:

    first he split up with Carla, than dates (allegedlly) a gold digger with 2 kids, than spilit up with Arsenal a team which he was a significant player at, only to return to a club that officiously really don't need him! Nice going Cecs think before doing!

  12. Gladys says:

    I'm very sorry for Arsenal and its fans. Though I'm a Barca fan, I'm less excited about Cesc and more concerned that Thiago and Ibi get enough playing time, now that the midfield is so stacked and powerhouse Alexis has arrived. That said, everything else I've read from Cesc has been incredibly respectful and grateful towards the team and Wenger. I do not think it was an easy or rash farewell. And in turn, the goodbyes he received from his former teammates were just incredibly sweet and genuine. I wish the team well and hope they make some good acquisitions this summer.

  13. Taz says:

    I'm happy that the move has finally happened, if for nothing else but the never ending drama of it all to end. It's great that he's finally back home, where he's wanted to be for a really long time as well. What's the use in someone staying in an unhappy situation causing everyone, especially the club he's at to suffer? Goodluck to Cescy, and welcome baccck :) :)

  14. gooner1 says:

    Got to say he looks butt ugly in that barca shirt, but who can blame him any one would? :P Go Gunners and for tonight's game Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaala Madrid!

  15. cescteam says:

    it's mean rarely chance to watch cescy talks in english, so bad :(
    or maybe it's time to learn spanish :)

    • Gladys says:

      You'll probably still get to hear him in English from time to time. Mascherano is always giving interviews in English cause he's one of the few Barca players who speaks it (and he's Argentina's captain). I imagine the same will happen with Cesc.

  16. Kat22 says:

    I don't think anyone can begrudge Cesc's move to Barcelona.

    Barcelona were his boyhood club and it seems he's been wanting to go back for a while.

    Maybe Arsenal fans can take some comfort in the fact that he didn't join another team in the PL but instead moved back home.

    Oh, and I do think he's sexy as hell, even though he'd be way too short for me. ;-)

  17. zztop says:

    Thank god it's over.

  18. beri says:

    I'm anti-Barca, but I wish him all the best. Home is where the heart is and he got what he wanted. I'm interested to see how they fit him in. Can't see him being a permanent fixture for starting, but I'm guessing they'd work it out…

  19. xoWinnie says:

    wow…so this is like the confirmation that
    all those in denial have been waiting for.
    nice Cesc. been "waiting for this for years" have you?
    and kissing the badge already i see. smh. nice.
    ah well, didn't expect much better from you after everything, tbh.
    so don't let the door hit ya Cesc, have a nice life.

    • BlackRose says:

      he's returning to his boyhood team, the one which has several of his family members as "socios" and the one which he always said he wanted to come back to. Kissing the badge seems only natural…

      • timeria says:

        he can kiss my as* for all I know!

      • xoWinnie says:

        i'm not gonna argue with a Barca fan about this.
        but kissing the badge so soon after the sh1tstorm this transfer caused is more than a little crass imo.

        • Pam says:

          You seem to forget that he was a Barca boy before he went to Arsenal! He trained at Barca until 2003. And he's been Barca socio since 2003. Kissing the badge after he's back with his hime team is just about the most natural thing in the world! Tough, if it doesn't meet with your approval!

          • iniestalover says:

            you are missing the point here. He isn't sincere. If his home team was Udinese Calcio I bet he could wait a few years before kissing the badge and "coming home". Don't forget that he most significantly grew as a player at Arsenal not Barca. It leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Arsenal fans to see that. Not a good sight and kind of respectless. Sad that you don't see that.

            • janeNYC says:

              I agree, she is missing the point. However that's soccer. It's a business and Cesc is fooling himself to think this is a decission made by his heart. No, he wants to be a winner again, can't blame him. Let's see how many minutes a game he will play.

          • xoWinnie says:

            you really seem to care about my opinion don't you?
            well guess what–it's not going to change just because YOU don't agree with it.
            so tough t1ts. move along.

  20. Mercy says:

    Oh come on!why must everytime a footballer gets a new girlfriend,she is called a “gold digger”?not everyone is after their money.

  21. Dutchgooner89 says:

    We (Arsenal) were good when he joined, had a great team we're winning trophies and they were not the team they are now or were not winning things, I doubt he took much persuading, roles are reversed now and he's all of a sudden dreamt of this moment for 8 years.

    Says it all about him really.

    Farewell Cesc, the Liam Brady of the modern Arsenal. by far the best player in our recent mediocre squad and only a single FA Cup success to his name……Well, a Community Shield as well, but you get the point.

    Oh well players come and go, good ones and bad ones, life moves on, shame the way cesc departed but at least he's honest, and is leaving the club for the right reasons for once. Money is irrelevant as he has put forward £4 million of his own money to make this transfer happen unlike Nasri and many others.

    Yes i sound like a bitter bitch but i'll get over it…but one of the best midfielders in the world just left and has left a massive hole in our midfield and hearts :(

    • Yo. says:

      If Man United could carry on and become one of the best teams in the world after the Munich Air Disaster, then Arsenal can definitely cope with this.

      Tonnes of people where I live is saying that Arsenal's "dead" and that they'll never win anything again. I actually think that Wenger will splurge some of the saved up money and kick some butt. :)

      • Utd Girl says:

        Please don't EVER compare the Munich Air Disaster to anything like this. It is so irrelevant and not even close to Cesc leaving Arsenal at all. Wow, I'm sorry but, I just find half of this comment utterly ridiculous!

  22. Lilly says:

    Welcome back Cesc!
    I don't care if he plays or not, I don't care if he gets a haircut or not, I need his hotness in my life. Cesc commands that kind of unconditional adoration as far as I'm concerned. Case closed.

    • PepaCandela says:

      well yes, but…. HAIRCUT. NOW.

      that or score 5 goals tonight in which case he can do whatever he wants.

  23. Yo. says:

    I'm glad for him, I know that he's been wanting to home for some time now. Even though I think he'll be spending a lot of time on the bench (Barcelona's squad is too good at the moment) it's a good decision for him.

    But I have to say, I think it was disrespectful to the Arsenal supporters for him to say that he has been "waiting for this moment for years". The way he said it made it seem like he was suffering at Arsenal or something…

  24. Sarah, Madrid says:

    It is interesting to see if he will debut today! But seriously, football aside, the classico is just getting "hotter", really good looking bunch!

  25. Thea says:

    He looks happy to be there at the Nou Camp but in realityhe may struggle to get first team action! Love the picture, but man do I miss UNICEF on the front of the shirt!!!

  26. Tapioca says:

    Well, he'll have the best seat in the house for the El Clasicos, right there next to Guardiola!

    I understand his reasons for going, but I would be hugely amused if he left Arsenal to win trophies – like Torres did with Athletico & Liverpool or Michael Owen going to Real – and spent the entire campaign on the bench.

    I wonder how long his new golddigger, sorry, GIRLFRIEND would stick around then?

    • DebS says:

      And yet Pep put him the Super Copa game and he played well for someone who just joined the team, imo. It was good to see him so happy with the win. (Sorry Arsenal fans but I can't blame a guy for following his heart.)

      • sibylle says:

        that's true. I think he followed his heart. However, I think if he had been more successful with Arsenal the voice of his heart would probably not have been loud enough for him to hear it. Anyway, I wish him all the best. Eight years is a long time away. I just didn't think it was very nice of him to say he had wished to be at Barca for years. That's a slap in the face of Arsenal fans. However, I can't blame him. Football is a business, the careers of footballers are short. For those of you who think he bought himself free: you are naive to think that. The 4 million will be compensated for over the years.

  27. Bri says:

    Moc Moc!!!!! =D There will be shennanigans!

  28. blitzenTO says:

    I like his hair. Tousled Hobo is a good look on him. :-p

    And while I'm at it, can Mascherano grow his curls back, pretty please? They were adorable.

    • Gladys says:

      If only sweet little Jeffren were still there to give him a fashionable cut! (Perhaps his parting is the reason the team is suffering some severe hair problems lately). Your comment about Masch makes me laugh cause I'm always torn between the bada** shave and the curls. On the other hand, am loving Thiago's '80s fade.

  29. JulieFromParis says:

    Oh i love that film "Gone, baby, gone"!! And I love Casey Affleck!! And yes, this has very little to do with Cesc Fabregas and this article.

    • BlackRose says:

      Gone, Baby, Gone is a fantastic film! :) And Casey Affleck, yup, terrific actor. Gave me the chills in The Devil Inside Me!

  30. Zahara says:

    welcome home cescy! i look forward to a million pictures and videos of how much u love pique, puyi and all ur other bros at barca! but mostly, im glad ur smiling!
    and duude u need a hair cut! but are still yummy yummy

  31. michelle says:

    well….at least we kickettes still get him no matter where he's at! (haha that came out much more stalker-ish than i'd intended…)