May 26th, 2010

Cesc Fabregas: Hot & Bothered Boredom

Spanish National Team World Cup

Nothing says “I’d rather be eating donuts” than staring at the ceiling. Praying for the presser to be over doesn’t work either. Nevertheless, his beard is working for us. Images via AFP Photos.

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51 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas: Hot & Bothered Boredom”

  1. Sylvia says:

    OMG IM SO JEALOUS OF CARLAAA!!!!! HES STILL WEARING THE RING!!!! :'( :'( i love david villa and xabi alonso too and they're married but im not that jealous… is gerard pique single??? its easier to fantasize bout him wen hes single ;) omg soo jealous of carla.. grrrr :@

  2. nana_indra says:


    he looks so HOT

    kisseeesss CESC..

    ganteng bgd..

  3. Tora says:

    Just look at Torres. He looks like a teenager. Well, the sweetest teenager in the world, but… :D Looking at these pictures, can you believe he is actually 26 and has a child?

  4. Spiller says:

    Good grief. Was feeling a bit depressed about my last exam but all of a sudden….what exam?! Blimey he's hot. Can't wait for the world cup and although I'm a Cardiff fan I'd be devastated if he left the UK!

  5. Zlatanista says:

    This is the first time i actually see his potential. Up to this point i never saw anything in him, but perhaps he is growing on me :) .

  6. aps says:


  7. Charlottee says:

    Heyyyy, cesc is looooking goood (y) so is fernando :) and fernando torres sooooo looks like this spanish at my school – miss gomez loooool :) :) xxxxx and cesc don't lives arse to go 2 barca :(

  8. Love the beard and think he looks damn fine in these pics like all you kickettes…but am I the only one who noticed that he does his eyebrows? They're perfect, and as generous as mother nature has been to him, those are not natural…especially on a man!

  9. Homeskillet17 says:

    ah what is it about bored men that makes them so sexy! LMBO! i have now reached a point were cesc sex cescy sexy all sound they same! :)

  10. Much as I love Cesc, why didn't the photographer focus on the Nando. :(

    P.S: I think Cesc is having a hard time keeping his hands off the yumminess that is Torres. :)

    • Mel says:

      Exactly my thoughts. You cannot blur out Torres!!! That action should be punished!

  11. Jasmine says:

    OMG HOT!

  12. Kahlen says:

    OMG ladies, take a look at this pic. Cesc looks absolutely adorable and so does Gerard Pique!!!…

  13. Syrian! says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaw his just too perfecttt man

  14. dcubetcha says:

    he's so hot. that's all.

  15. Yasmin Marisa says:

    Aw Cescy what's the matter? Come here, let me feed you a doughnut…

  16. Miss_Always_Arsenal says:

    i was soo mad (!) at him for being quiet about the whole arsenal-barca saga…until i saw him today in the interview!

    omg is he getting sexier day by day!! i always loved him but it looks like he has grown into a fine young man in front of my eyes!!!

    i hope sooooo much that he wont leave us! we need him (i need him! who can i fancy in my team then?!)

    • Miss_Always_Arsenal says:

      n look at those uper cute eyes!!! and i loooove men with sexy beard like his!! but he doesnt look happy…seems like the whole thing is really getting to him!!

      • BAB says:

        So true! i've been getting frustrated with the whole ordeal but just seeing these pics make me forget and forgive (ever so slightly) him. Darn him and his charm!!!!

        • Ana;) says:

          Aww I totally agree with you gurlies about the barca thing I'm

          sad but these yummy pics cheered me right up, what can I say? Our little cescy is grown and sexy!! :)

  17. NinyaC says:

    LOL everything he does is so cute in my eyes – even this!

  18. Lete says:

    i approve of the fact that the spanish national team members appear to be heading to the world cup with sexy, not crazy, haircuts. and normally i am not a fan of beards, but cesc looks pretty good.

  19. Inés says:

    I can't take out his boredom any time! ;)

  20. TristaJade says:

    Umm, dear Cesc,

    please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE keep this beard. It looks so super sexy on you and I adore it.

    Thanks! :D

  21. *Naylea* says:

    Oh Sex, Sex… I mean, Cesc Fabregas ^_^


  22. andreykelv says:

    He's just too hot to handle!!!!

  23. Linda (Gooner till I says:

    he is so beautiful, sexy and hot. and I love him.

    My Captain…

    damn, Arsene must persuade him to stay…. even the idea of him leaving Arsenal hurts me so f*****g much. :-(

  24. key says:

    i dont like the way he's looking at nando lol! maybe he's just wondering why nando has cut his hair..and he is just trying to figure it out! haha :P

    • *Naylea* says:

      Hahahaha that's the same I thought when I saw that picture!

      "Mmmm… his new hair isn't so bad…" xDDD

  25. p4ng says:

    move! I can't see Torres >.<

  26. Jinx says:

    The beard is foxy, but I disapprove of the Xavi-esque eyebrow waxing.

  27. elylovesfootball says:

    cescy looks kind of tired in these pics..

    but oh my i really love the beard =)

  28. Ella says:

    Swoon. Even his beard is hot. He's just delicious and gives me naughty thoughts. :-)

  29. ahhh...young love says:

    d' you know…i wonder if he sees stuff women write about him and thinks to himself..god damn i'm hot….or if he's just flattered by all our adoration =P

    hehe there should be a show where they make the hot footballer sit on a chair and just read about ALL our LURVE!! and no duh kickette should be first in the line up for their sources =D

  30. lala says:

    he looks like borriello in the second picture from the firs row…he even has the same haircut ..and the beard..this is weird

  31. C16 says:

    He has waxed eyebrows… o.O

  32. Rory88 says:

    Yeah, he seems a little sad! :( <3

  33. Holy moly, the beard! I love it Cesc!

  34. Anonymous to You says:

    Looks like this Arsenal-Barcelona saga is getting to him.

  35. senora ramos says:

    sex and his beard makes my day more managable. thank you ladies

  36. Anastasia says:

    I'm a big fan of his beard. Its very sexy.

    Not that anything could make his face less attractive…