February 22nd, 2011

Cesc Fabregas’ Image Issues: Beard Or No Beard?

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Arsenal captain facial hair question

Images: Getty Images.

Hearing how Arsenal captain/Finest Five member, Cesc Fabregas suddenly found himself in facial hair distress earlier today was all shades of traumatic for our office. For one unfortunate staffer, the decision making panic came on abruptly and forcefully, and she failed to keep the agonising memory of motherly desertion outside a Harrod’s dressing room pent up in her mental chambers.

For the most part, her pangs of torment can be attributed to the fact that after hours of trying on an array of gorgeous garments, she eventually had to put her purchases on hold in order to locate said parental unit. Once the pair reunited and returned to the sales counter, all her items had vanished into another thin girl’s bag, and she had no choice but to sulk off into the sunset empty-handed.

Damaging stuff, we tell you.

We share this tale of terror with you to illustrate the severity of a ‘baller leaving his beard behind. For some men, like Cesc, the sprouting of stubble is a right of passage into manhood, no matter how baby faced he may be. Bare cheekbones and jawlines are no laughing matter, Kickettes, because once his hairy lip and chin cease to exist, it’s a long time coming until it grows back.

Think hard, people, as you join us in dropping our midday donuts and heads for a second to help Cesc put his best face forward. But beware, your conclusions may have razor bump-like consequences. For added effect, may we encourage you to share your thoughts with Cesc and ourselves via Twitter, so he has no choice but to acknowledge our marriage proposal(s).

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105 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas’ Image Issues: Beard Or No Beard?”

  1. Citlalli says:

    HE look soo much Hotter with out the beard!

  2. Citlalli says:

    Whooboth ways ill take him

  3. Isabella says:

    no beard is ok as long as he keeps some of his manly hairsesesesss on his sexeh bodeh! I don't like it when he looks all super waxed… I hair… mmmmMMmmm hair.

  4. madridmama says:

    beard, no beard. there's not one girl on the planet who would turn him down only because of facial hair (or lack of it!)

  5. DavidVilla7_Lover says:

    he always looks hot..! but i think he looks more handsome and sexy with more hair ;p <3

  6. mochara says:

    it's like asking me chocolate or more chocolate? I don't know! Cesc in any way or form is perfect!!

  7. Zahara says:

    i love him whatever he does to his facial hair!
    but i like it better with a stubble..not a full grown beard…and not hairless either..
    gosh, he makes me hyperventilate…in a very very good way.

    oohlala cescy! carla is one lucky lady!

  8. Guest says:

    either way he is beautiful! and he seems like a nice person so iim sure his lucky gf wouldnt mind that scruff

  9. dendrobiem says:

    I have never really liked beards, until Cesc let his fill in…

  10. ashmenon says:

    No beard! I can't stand my own beard, so it's the least I can do for him :)

  11. anna says:

    i seem to be one of the only people to like him better without a beard… maybe because im 16 so prefer him to look younger… but really, it doesnt matter to me cause hes sexy both ways :)

  12. Tanya says:

    With the beard he looks like Ezio Auditore…(I know, I’m a female tamer nerd)

  13. Cait says:

    With or without the beard he is orgasmic!

  14. gabriella says:

    i love him without beard yet if he wants to have beard, it won't make me hate him or whatever
    beard, no beard doesn't matter to me, he's still b my love~~ :D

  15. kim says:

    No beard! He doesn't look good in beard. The only man I know who look sexy and handsome in beard is Xabi Alonso. Cesc is sexy, but without beard :)

  16. Jay says:

    HAHA, sorry my bad!

  17. Jay says:

    This topic is on Cesc's twitter! He reads kickette?!

  18. Femz17 says:

    Bearded definitely!! He looks like my lil brother without it.

  19. JulieFromParis says:

    with the beard but with less clothes please. Thank you.

  20. Brianna says:

    Scruffy beard to bring to the bedroom, clean shaven to bring to my parents.

  21. imladris says:

    beard. sexy rhymes with cescy.

  22. Zinny says:

    Bearded Cesc is like a whole 'nother man to me. Clean shaven Cesc looks like a regular nice guy but oh my god, Bearded Cesc makes me have horrible, unspeakable thoughts.

    So non-bearded Cesc for the sake of my sanity.

  23. Seemeen says:

    When I saw that tweet yesterday my first thought was you poor man, you don't know what you just let yourself in for hehehehe ….. or maybe he did (I can just imagine him and Pique having sessions looking through Kickette competing over whom has the most adoration!) My second thought was don't you dare shave that beard off. For goodness sake it's the difference between Cesc as Sex and Cesc as petulant child.

    • Leya_S says:

      LOL at the image of Pique and Cesc looking through Kickette pages! On a regular basis I wonder if any footballers take a chance to occasionally glance at this site.

      • Seemeen says:

        I think no matter how much they'd like to play as if they're all humble and not googling themselves but they're human and in their position I'd be checking out stuff about me as well. Plus it's kickette I'm sure they've heard about their gaggle of admirers hehehehe. I also had the thought that what if in some alternate universe I catch the attention of Fernando Llorente or Cesc……….OMG my adoration is all over kickette for him to see.

        • Leya_S says:

          But is your undying (and well-documented) adoration all over Kickette a good thing or a bad in this alternate universe, haha?

          • Seemeen says:

            hahahahahaha good point I have to say Kickette being the guilty pleasure that it is could never be a bad thing. In fact maybe it would be my well documented adoration (reflecting my marvelous intellect) that attracts Senore llorente to me. If only we lived in a world were intellect were enough ….Big Sigh.

  24. Ida says:

    No beard, por favor

  25. Winnie Mata says:

    i really don't care as long as that god-forsaken mullet things is never permitted to happen again!

    • Crackers says:

      LOL, Winnie. He was young when that crime against hair happened, I'm sure he knows better now!

      • Winnie Mata says:

        i know, i know, we can only hope. but that was honestly quite ghastly.
        i wonder if can i sue for assault (on my eyes) and emotional distress because of that? lmao

    • Mai says:

      i thought cescy can do no wrong until that mullet happened!lol thank god that episode is over!!

  26. Amandinha says:

    As long as he's on top of me.

  27. Ally says:

    I just can't vote for him in any way…not until Sergio Ramos makes it onto at least one of your lists of finest, hottest, etc. It just doesn't feel right.

  28. winter says:

    Another Catalan/Barca wonderkid turned Gunner, 18 year old Ignasi Miguel made his debut. Just worth noting.

  29. xbabyshakesx says:

    He's super FINE any way!
    but I would like the beard for special occasions though ^_^

  30. Stefania says:

    I definatly like the beard it makes him look older, more manly, hotter and SEXIER! But beard or no beard he is by far my favorite player and one of the hottest footballers ever. Carla is one lucky girl to have this man in her life!

  31. senora ramos says:

    any way i'd totally take cesc, but with beard he is just smolderingly, exquisitely hot. like, hot to the infinite degree

  32. [...] FYI, kamu bisa ikutan polling Sex Fabregas di Kickette. [...]

  33. Jackie says:

    No doubt….. Beard! So much more rugged.

  34. @mezz98 says:

    Beard = the sexiness.

  35. YvoYeungGirl says:

    Cesc is hot either way he chooses to present his gorgeous jawline. His scruffiness is sexy and just makes my knees go weak. His clean shave cheekbones just makes me want to smooch him all the time. Cesc is just sex on legs ALL the time. He is so versatile. Scruff, beard, clean, captain, teamplayer, he just does EVERYTHING. Love 'Sex' Fabregas :)

  36. Leya_S says:

    I'll have my Cesc any way, but stubble is my fave. Not full-on beard, not clean-shaven, just in-between.
    <3 <3

  37. Kait says:

    Bearded. Always bearded. He's cute without the beard, yes. But with the beard, he's irresistible.

  38. Jen says:

    Any Cesc is FINE by me!!!

  39. LosAngeleno says:

    Ahhh, the young me would have said clean cut…the older, wiser, more confident me says sexy beard. I love that he wants the lady vote in the first place. What an incorrigible flirt! (Hopefully Carla's just rolling her eyes.) Almost makes me forgive him for beating my lovely Barca…almost.

  40. beri says:

    I'll take him ANY way…that is all!

  41. Liz says:

    Of course the second I saw the tweet I had to respond so I can feel like one of the girls who helped him decide :)
    I vote no beard, but honestly you can't go wrong with a man as beautiful as that!

  42. JA7 says:

    Carla is so lucky she can have cescy any way she wants!

  43. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    I'll take cescy naaaaaaaked :P ;)

  44. chay says:

    i'm neither here nor there for cesc in general, but hot DAMN. love his beard! :-)

  45. Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

    The question he should have asked was do i look better NAKED with a beard or NAKED without the beard….HOOOLLLAAAAA

  46. Miguel says:

    i love you, kickette. you're like walking in on a pillow fight at a sleep over, post mom & dad's liquor cabinet liberation. bluto, animal house, style. more wags would be appreciated, though. xoxo.

  47. lisette05 says:

    Bearded. Every time. It's just how I roll.

    There's something about a guy who looks like he could have deep, pretentious conversations long into the night that does it for me.

  48. Beth says:

    I never thought I would ever get dragged into this debate (always seeing cesc as sweet and cute over sexy), however, with the photo evidence provided he looks particular good with both a beard and clean shaven – and it is almost an impossible decision to make!!
    I’ll go with BEARD, just because he looks that little bit older and more manly :)

  49. Shauna says:

    He really is one of the few guys I have seen who looks just as hot with or without the stubble, Just not a fan of the heavy beard he had last summer at the World Cup, But it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker if he wants to keep it!

  50. Liz says:

    It’s funny – when he first got the beard, I thought it marred his good looks.

    Now, I look at him smooth faced and he seems a bit…Ken Doll-like…I dunno, a bit generic?

    Does that make any sense? I’m finding this hard to articulate. I think people get used to people looking a certain way, and then start to find that way attractive.

    Then there’s the fact that he was much, much younger (IIRC) when he last had the smooth face, and now he’s older he needs something that announces that he is a motherfrakking MAN.

  51. cherryboomboom says:

    BEARD <3
    He looks way too sexy with a beard .

    (I dont know, when he lets his beard grow , he looks arab in a way .. )

  52. rubyqueen says:

    without the beard.he just looks so much hotter and younger.:) and why all the hate for my cescy wescy.??he's a hottie.:)

  53. _Daena_ says:

    Woah, it's such a hard decision! …Im gonna have to go for with a beard though! ;D

  54. bri_saldana says:


  55. Polo93 says:

    Having had Cescy stubble graze my own cheek on a previous occasion (note: Arsenal GOSH advert filming – he left a kiss on each cheek, very european), I can say it was damn well good.
    Personally I like the inbetween – not quite caveman, but with a touch of manly-man about him. But he could quite honestly be covered in cuts or look like Gandalf, he's still damn hot!

    • Crackers says:

      Oh I LOVED that ad!!! (it's the one with the fuzzy animal suits, right?)

      And oh wow you're so lucky to meet them AND get cheek-kissed by Cesc!! *dies of envy*

  56. Kelly says:


  57. Rhee says:

    I think he looks good either way, but I prefer him without beard since he looks fresher XD

  58. Nihaal28 says:

    Beard no beard I can’t choose

  59. Sar says:

    Where's the ugly either way option?

    • Winnie Mata says:

      LOL dryy….and i like Cesc (most of the time…)
      mean comments make me laugh haha
      people take sh1t so seriously!
      you got my thumb up :)

  60. MrsNesta says:

    I'll have Cesc anyway he wants to give himself, I prefer the beard but whats great is that he's good at growing them, so I don't worry when he's shaved it off.

  61. blake2108 says:

    Where's the "I don't like Cesc anyway so I don't care whether he has a beard or not" option?
    That's where my vote would go

    Watch me get about 100 thumbs down for this!

  62. Christine says:

    Beard or no beard, Cesc is SEXY!

  63. Torontonian.madrista says:

    Well I think he looks better without the beard but I’m 16 so beardless is more seexy

  64. gin_in_teacups says:

    Any Cesc is good Cesc. Seriously, he looks great either way. Beard – RAWR HOT! Clean shaven – adorable to take home to meet mom and dad.

  65. roza says:

    beard,of course! manly!

  66. IrishBlue says:

    It's obviously a win-win situation. Sex-Fabregas could work the pornstache look if he so wishes, I'd still want to do all sorts of naughty things to him….

  67. SlyMysteron says:

    Neither. I don’t know how in a world where Yoann Gourcuff and Kaka exist that Spanish Spock has a place on the finest five list. I apologize in advance to the many Cesc fans for my harshness. I must admit I just found out Xavi is injured so I’m in a bad place.

    However, I stand by my comment, it’s just the frustration is giving me the courage to finally question Cesc’s hotness and I feel like starting a fight. Okay, bring on the red thumbs.

  68. GigiSantaCruz says:

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeard all the time, al the way!!!

  69. Bri says:

    Cescy with a beard is far too hot to even consider the alternative. Scruffy Cesc. All the time. Every time.

  70. blitzenTO says:

    Beard, no beard, pants, no pants, I'll take him any way he is offered!

  71. Summer says:

    I like him so much with beard, he looks more sexy and mature with it, despite is young age.