May 1st, 2012

Cesc Fabregas: Kickette Covert Operative (In Training)

Image: AP Photo/Manu Fernandez.

This seems to be catching on, doesn’t it?

We can’t tell you how happy it makes us to see players doing the same things to one another that we would do if we had their level of access.

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9 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas: Kickette Covert Operative (In Training)”

  1. Jenni says:

    Did Cesc get into trouble for this? I'm not sure you're supposed to do that… I'm glad he did though!

  2. boston79 says:

    I think something like this happened in one of my recent dreams, except I was in the middle of that grabbing fiasco…. :D

  3. zoraida says:

    cesc fanboying! :)

    having seen this pic i think i can say his finest 5 spot is well-deserved!!

  4. Jayy says:

    It would have been better if he was trying to grab Branislav "Buns of Steel" Ivanovic's ass.

    • Gladys says:

      LOL. It's almost like Ivanovic read your mind and is on the ground protecting his exceptional "asset."

      • Jayy says:

        That booty is astronomical – I'm sure if i did a survey on here, pretty much every Kickette wouldn't mind a sneak peek of that rump steak!

    • FloraJane says:

      Ivanovic does have one of the most amazing asses any of us are likely to ever see. It's almost literally unbelievable!

  5. FloraJane says:

    Frank is beautiful from any angle, but damn that back view is HOT! I'd grab that ass, too, Cesc. Hell yes.

    All this time, we thought it was fighting, when really it's been foreplay! lol

  6. rafaela says:

    Oh God!!! If I were Cesc!!!