August 30th, 2012

Champions League Draw: Easy Come, Easy Goes

Chelsea FC champs league uefa winners european cup

Well, well, well.

And well.

The 2012-13 CL Group Stage draw took place shortly ago and we weren’t surprised by much of what transpired.

Any Kickettes fancy a reactionary debate over the group stage set ups? Wish to name (or shame) those teams who’ll cake walk through to the next round? And which group would you bestow the infamous Group O’ Death honour upon?

C’mon, we know you’re up for it.

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51 Responses to “Champions League Draw: Easy Come, Easy Goes”

  1. Nayet21 says:

    Group D is, totally, the group of death. I'm a madridista and I'm not afraid to say that's going to be interesting to watch those games. I wish the best for my team during this season. Hala Madrid!!!

  2. Nayet21 says:

    Group D is, totally, the group of death. I'm a madridista and I'm not afraid to say that's going to be interesting to watch those games. I wish the best for my team during this season. Hala Madrid!!!
    And, Cannavaro was gorgeous ;)

  3. Elizabeth says:

    As my hometown team (Ajax) is playing against Real, do you think I can slip in to the Real site and cheer for one time for SR en Xabi Alonso? just for them being hot! and then go bak cheering for Ajax again?

  4. Sofia says:

    GoD=group D!! And…Goooo olympiakos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again against a German,a French and an English team!! call it Deja vu!!

  5. IrishBlue says:

    Group D is the group of death for sure, it's gonna be soo tight. As for my boys, I'm happy. Can we do it again? I'd obviously like to think so but it would be incredibly tough.

    I'm pretty interested to see how Man City fair in the competition this time round, as league winners they shoud be full of confidence. If Mario keeps out of trouble and they get Tevez and Aguero on top form, they could do very well.

  6. DebS says:

    City is my favorite team in the EPL but Madrid is my fav team EVER! I sure wish they weren't in the same group. :(

    Group D is def the group of death but Madrid has what it takes to make it through, assuming the same team that played Barca in the Super Cup shows up. Now I'm going to have to go hunt down a video of the draw! :p

    • mybabyri says:

      omg that is the issue i have too :( i hope both qualify but for city its going to be hard i think.

  7. futbolfan says:

    Bahhh. ManU always gets the easy draw. Always. Madrid is in the Group of DEATH, so it'll be quiiiite interesting…

  8. HiL says:

    I just want Real and Dortmund to kick Man City in the butt.
    good luck there!!!

  9. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Bring it on!!! If we want Decima, we beat the best! eliminate them one by one to the big one!

    FINALLY, SOMEONE FROM LA ROJA WINS BECAUS OF LA ROJA! ANDREEES although this award is not exactly ballon d'or but heey I take it.

    Btw Irina looked gorgeous!

  10. YoungChelsea says:

    Ooooooooh the games all look interesting! Can't wait for the Champion's League to start!

    …and Fabio looked rather lush ;)

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  12. tammyv says:

    Also… City v. Madrid is the Jose interview for the Man Utd job the way Inter v. Barca Semis was hte interview for the Madrid job. Protect United's legacy like he protected Madrid's and he is confirmed as next United manager.

    • Sergz says:

      Do you think United would want a manager like Mou instead of someone who could imagine himself staying for more than five years?

    • mybabyri says:

      R u even going to get him first before even considering if he is good or not (rolling eyes) united is not the most attractive team in the world you know…..

  13. Teresa says:

    Oh Fabio… Looking HOT!!! Once he came on I didn’t care what was going on anymore! ;)

  14. PhilippaB says:

    Well, that could have gone a lot, lot worse.
    Welcome back, Olive. This should be interesting.
    Any Arsenal (or Schalke or Olympiakos!) fans planning a trip down to Montpellier, I can recommend good restaurants in every price range…

  15. tammyv says:

    they groups are actually interesting and semi-balanced this year… so that is exciting

  16. Miss_F says:

    One thing is for sure… Never underestimate any team… The Champions League can always surprise you! The top seeds may look like they're sure to get through but the CL trophy is highly prestigious and everyone wants it! :)

  17. Gladys says:

    Slightly off-topic, but between the draw and the Supercup tomorrow, is every hot footballer in Monaco at this moment?! (Kickette, I'm assuming you're covering it live with bikinis and martinis.)

  18. Kristina says:

    Group D is ridiculous! But, for a neutral it's gonna be very entertaining.

  19. Miss_F says:

    Defo Group D… Should be interesting to watch :)

    Totally agree Cannavaro looking hot… that smile! *swoon*

  20. rubii says:

    just two words : f*ck platini :) )!

  21. gin_in_teacups says:

    Is there even a debate? D for death. The rest of the groups have very clear frontrunners, and while I'd be willing to put down money that my boys will make it through, they're not going to have an easy time. Oh well, I'd prefer Madrid come out on top of tough competition rather than coast.

  22. xoWinnie says:

    Group D is the Group of Death for sure.

  23. s.m. says:

    I love that Cristiano Ronaldo brought two girlfriends. amazing.
    totally agree with @Jayy about Cannavaro. I like his Mad Men hair.

  24. Kristina says:

    Yeahhhh! Don Andres is the best!!!

    • Gladys says:


      • Kristina says:

        Cris seemed a little pissed off :) . In my book, Iniesta deserves this more than any man. A magician on the field and with a social consciousness. That's sexier than muscles. And the way his adorable wife looked at him during the interviews… They are my favourite couple!

        • xoWinnie says:

          why does "social consciousness" and lack of muscles matter? this wasn't a popularity contest last time i checked. anyhow, I'm glad Iniesta won, it's about time his talents were recognized with an award. i think that's more of why he won tbh, not necessarily based on the performances last season. otherwise, I think Cris should have won. whatever, at least it wasn't Messi.

          • Kristina says:

            Oh Messi is in another league all together. They really should consider a "Messi-not-counted"-prerequisite when they hand out these awards :) .

            And no, social awareness has nothing to do with playing football, but it just makes me love him more. He's better than Cris butt football-wise as well, IMO. So he would win all kind of competitions.

            Brains and sensitivity are sexier than muscles. It has nothing to do with Cris. I was talking about Iniesta. You are too touchy.

            • Kristina says:

              Oops. Why did I write "butt"? Must be a Freudian thing:) Cris=Butt. Sorry.

            • rubii says:

              i think u have an RM,Mou,and Cris node!

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              I just will say one thing iniesta for me was just a representative of great la roja team, soooooo glad he won, but but overall this season consistently, big teams, euro, liga UCL all was Cristano! He was superb, oh yeah in the same legue of messi jejejeje Messi beingin different legue is sooooo funny because it is far from reality as I said once before if it is true, the messi vs cris competition would be gone for now, but people still do it, making them in "the same league"

        • mila says:

          haha Cris congratulated iniesta :) )!
          and i think iniesta deserved it last two years but not this one :) !

        • Gladys says:

          When I watch Don Andres I always think of Fred Astaire. Pasty, balding, and tiny when standing still, but the epitome of style, grace, and intelligence when moving. He is my favorite player to watch in action. It's a bonus that he seems so kind and unassuming, but if I didn't know this, I would still be mesmerized by him on the pitch.

          And this is not just an FCB thing (though I love the team). When it comes to goal-scoring, I much prefer watching Falcao over Cristiano or Messi– something about his animal energy. Chelsea might be my EPL team, but I'm cheering for Atleti today. They could use another trophy, and we know La Liga is likely going to one of the two usual suspects.

          • Kristina says:

            Atleti, and Falcao, is doing great right now! So impressive! And I love your depiction of Andres. I love the way he moves on the pitch. Kind of like Zidane in his best years. Unbelievably graceful!

        • rubii says:

          haha WE cris's fans are pissed too!! becasue micheal scum platini games are so obvious now !!

          • Gladys says:

            Wow, you fans all seem to be pretty angry for CR7? Would you feel the same if it went to Pirlo, who was 4th? (I think I would have been OK with that myself– in the end, once you get to the level of the top 10 nominees, "best" is pretty subjective.)

            • rubii says:

              haha no i think i wont be sad if it went to pirlo..
              all i care about is justice and it's not happening.

              btw pirlo won his leauge(italian) and reached the final..same as iker(who won the spanish leauge and euro) so dont u see someone taking sides ??!

              • Kristina says:

                Justice? This is about football.

                • rubii says:

                  hahah yes justice..but since you are a barca fan(platini's side) i guess u're not familiar with that word..

              • Gladys says:

                I don't know if it's someone taking sides (this was voted on by dozens of journalists from various countries, and the Spanish journalist voted for Cristiano– plus both of them were only 2 votes behind the winner). But I wasn't surprised that it went to Iniesta because I had been reading for months in various sources (non FCB papers) glowing comments about him and that he should win this. Or maybe everyone is just tired of the whole Messi vs. Ronaldo argument. (Though I'm a Barca fan, I'd say that, given their different style of play, the same amount of votes for each sounds right.)

                Again, it really is subjective (Don Andres is one of my favorite players, so admittedly, I am happy he won). However, one could argue, based on what you wrote, that it really should have gone to Pirlo for this season. As for Iker, I think, sadly, GKs are always going to be overlooked for these things. (It is ironic that so much goes to those who score, and nothing to those who keep the ball out.)

                • rubii says:

                  hmm .. votes…
                  u sound a little bit logic..not like that Kristina who is bringing up cris's muscle in the subject for no f*cking reason -.-!

                  • Kristina says:

                    Votes, yes. That's it. Democracy.

                    • I can't believe people are being mean to you when, whether I agree with your or not, you are making sense… Social conscience SHOULD come into it, for me. Of course, Madrid fans can't understand that since they follow a Nazi team.

            • Wave says:

              Funny, I couldn't believe it they gave it to Andrés Iniesta Luján when I first found out about it, I was sure it would be Messi again because of his champions league goal tally. BUT then I remembered that this award doesn't award CL performance alone, it takes into account the whole season, Euro included. And Iniesta was named the best player in the European Championship so it's not unfair to give it to him since he really was that great playing for Spain, wasn't he? Now I still can't believe they gave it to Iniesta, it feels like a dream, since he really deserved it imho. Congratulations!

  25. Americus Killaponius says:

    I know Barca won't have a problem getting through but the fact that they get easy draws always seems unfair to me. Manchester United too. Really, lady luck?

  26. Jayy says:

    Just watched it on TV and the Group of Death is defo Group D!
    Real Madrid, Man City, Ajax and Borussia Dortmund ALL in one group? TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.
    The rest of the groups arent too bad but poor Celtic have to face Barcelona, bless them!

    And I have to say – Fabio Cannavaro looked F-O-I-N-E whilst dishing out Pot 4. The man is shmokin'.

    • Wave says:

      Oh Cannavaro with those striking blue eyes and that jaw line, and the pleasant but manly personality truly is God's gift to women!!