February 23rd, 2012

Champions League Observations, Part II: Why? What? Really?

We should pay more attention to FC Basel ‘keeper Yann Sommer.

We’re warming to this observations business. It’s quick, easy and most importantly, allows us to sneak out of the office for an extended lunch break. Super!


1. Why have our loins never warmed to FC Basel’s Xherdan Shakiri?

Nope, he’s got no clue either. Image: CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images.

He’s achingly cute, takes his clothes off to reveal flawless flesh and is a transfer target for some of the biggest clubs in Europe , yet the most we ever manage is a mention of  the poor pup in passing.  Is it because, like team-mate Yann Sommer, he plays for a club that doesn’t pop up on our infamously crap radar too often? Or perhaps it’s because he looks about twelve (although that doesn’t usually put us off)?

Whatever the reason, the fact that Basel stunned Bayern Munich with a  1-0 victory in the first leg of their last sixteen tie, plus his increasing profile, means we need to up our game if we’re going to convince people we fancied him before he was famous.

Darn it. More work.


2. What the hell is going on at Inter Milan?
It’s easy for neutrals to be vaguely amused by the Inter fans chanting for Jose Mourinho to return to his former stomping ground, but the poor form of the club that won the treble just two years ago is a big concern. Last night’s fixture at Marseille was sprinkled with chances that both sides failed to convert, until Marseille’s Andre Ayew (left) scored in injury time.

This gives the French side a slender advantage going into the return leg, and Inter coach Claudio Ranieri a new record to ponder: seven games without a win in all competitions.

Any theories, Nerazzurri supporters?



3. Do Manchester City actually need Carlos Tevez?

We think City look fine upfront. You? Image: REUTERS/Nigel Roddis.

Since the Argentinian troublemaker gave our wildest dreams a serious boost (if he’s apologised, surely it’s only a matter of time before Frank Lampard starts answering our daily requests for a naked interview), speculation has been rife as to when he’ll reappear for Manchester City.

But the side seem to be doing just fine without his services, thrashing holders Porto 4-0 in the second leg of their Europa League match last night, and winning the tie 6-1 on aggregate. We prefer Sergio Aguero upfront, but people keep telling us that how hot a player is shouldn’t have a bearing on team selection. Weird, but bearing this in mind, do you think Tevez will be a valuable addition to the City strikeforce?


We’ll be back in time for afternoon cake, don’t worry.

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15 Responses to “Champions League Observations, Part II: Why? What? Really?”

  1. xbabyshakesx says:

    OMG Basel keeper looks sooo adorable!

  2. You are gonna be mindblowing like always I’m sure.. and gonna shine *smile*.Is there a prize for finding the shiny black bass?*smile*

  3. littlegreenpea says:

    too bad they lost… I enjoyed the ice cream though! :)

  4. gillian says:

    Yann Sommer? YUM.

  5. Kaaya says:

    Yann Sommer is yummy…how about featuring his teammate Valentin Stocer. He scored a goal as well!

  6. rossanera says:

    I take great pleasure in Inter's imminent demise. That is all.

  7. doug says:

    I think if Man City knew what they were doing they would have kept Santa Cruz and put him up there with Kun. Dreamy!

  8. DebS says:

    Was wondering why I'd never seen Sommer on Kickette while watching the game last night. Glad you finally spotted him Kickette! ;)

    Tevez? No..just go away please. Whatever half-ass apology he offered is about as sincere as UEFA is at ending racism. He doesn't seem like a team player at all and City is doing fabulously without him.

  9. littlegreenpea says:

    Yann Sommer is hot, but I can't tell how old he is sometimes and I don't feel like looking it up.
    Shakiri is cute I guess, but he looks kind of short-ish.
    Man City DOES NOT NEED TEVEZ. Send him packing!!
    The knicks play the heat tonight. I hope they win. I've got my half-baked ben & jerry's all ready. :)

  10. mata says:

    Ashamed to say it's the first time I noticed Sommer – he's so adorable, and very talented too.

    Even putting aside his unfortunate looks there is no way Tevez should ever appear again in a ManCity shirt. How could you ever trust him again? Mistrust his motives in coming back, certainly don't think it's to help the team win the league, and disgusted by his arrogance in thinking that the team need him.

  11. Alone- Brazil says:

    And again the Bayern Munich game super bad, and lost my Super Mario this time was not as super as well and could not deliver us from evil Amen!
    What the hell are you doing with Jupp Heyneckes Bayern? Drugs are 240 minutes without scoring a goal you want!

    • Annika says:

      I really do not think it's Jupp's fault. Not at all. Most of our players have been playing quite badly in the last few games. Too hesitant, too lazy. Now, I have no idea what's going on, but it needs to be fixed. And it needs to be done soon. Very soon.

  12. Jayy says:

    Kickette, no need to worry about Shakiri – he'll be making more appearances since he's joining Bayern Munich this summer and you'll have more 'coverage' of him to debate over :P I personally dont find Shakiri HAWT, cos he looks like my uncle.
    But Basel's goalie? Hells yeah, anytime, any place.