April 5th, 2012

Champions League Observations, Pt. II: Heading Into The Semi-finals Stretch

No more messing about, Kickettes. We know who’s in the semi-finals now, so the tough, probing questions are coming to us thick and fast.

A bit like a Kickette staffer during cocktail hour.

Real Madrid 5-2 Apoel Nicosia (agg 8-2)

Keep running Angel. Before Urko crushes you between his thighs. On reflection, that’s not an entirely unpleasant thought. Image: PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP/Getty Images.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the footballing equivalent of Samantha Brick? If you yet to come across the topic which is confounding everyone in the UK from our staff to Gary Neville, familiarise yourself here first.

Then ponder: are Crispy’s skills not treated with the same respect and admiration that certain other players enjoy because of his blinding prettiness and penchant for posing? Would he be better off restraining the theatrics and keeping his pants in their rightful place? Or is it all just part of his particular brand of CR7 that everyone should grow to love (if they don’t already)?

Remain focussed on the football, please Kickettes.This debate will go nowhere fast if anyone becomes blinded by the thighs he likes to tease us all with time and again.

Image taken 29.04.2010.


Chelsea 2-1 Benfica (agg 3-1)

Images: GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images; Warren Little/Getty Images.

We realise that posting a photo of Fernando’s new hair without warning was unfair. Your comments suggest it gave you one hell of a shock. So we’d like to offer you the opportunity to reconsider your initial response in a safe, comfortable space. Among friends.

Has PTSD set in? Or now that you’ve seen that the buttery blond hue isn’t quite as terrifying against a green backdrop as you initially thought, might you survive the trauma?

Answer carefully. We’d hate for you to have a relapse.


Special Bonus Vaguely Football Related (But Not Really) Question

When we get this far into a cup competition, it’s virtually impossible for us to consider anything other who’s going to face who in the final. So please, pay no attention to our shallow outlook and lack of commitment to the cold, hard facts of the situation.

Who do you want? You Bayern fans might not even care who your boys face if you beat Madrid, simply because of the decent advantage afforded by the tie taking place on your home turf. But what if you don’t? The alternatives are thrilling and terrifying in equal measure:

1. There’s the Mourinho based final, featuring his current team Madrid vs. his recently troubled ex-team Chelsea, which would afford the Special One a tidy little opportunity to slam home a point to Roman;

2. Or there’s the Mourinho based final, featuring Real Madrid vs. their old foes from home, Barcelona. This would afford Mou the opportunity to claim bragging rights for the rest of his management career if Madrid win, and blame everyone from the head of FIFA to the ballboys if they lose.

If you find expressing a preference for either of those scenarios tough, just tell us which you hate least. That may be easier.

Image: AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza.

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92 Responses to “Champions League Observations, Pt. II: Heading Into The Semi-finals Stretch”

  1. Janice says:

    Okay Kristina and Winnie. What I said was a fact.
    How many coaches you know have gone around to different countries, different cultures, different languages and did something extraordinary in every single one of them?
    He can speak five languages fluently and that is a fact, so yeah he is very talented.
    Pep has stayed in his comfort zone and coached a team that has been playing together under del Bosque for years of course he is a fantastic coach, but I think Mourinho is a litle more.
    Mourinho has gone out of his comfort zone and has earned his name in so many different countries. He took a little Portugese club no one had heard of before and truened them into Champion Leaugue winners. He is for sure one of the greatest coaches ever and honestly if you disagree I could care less because lots of people see this and believe that he is the best coach ever. His acheivements outwash his controversies big time and I'm pretty sure Pep also had some controversies. Barcelona aren't innocent like you guys think they are.

    • Janice says:

      ahah whoops I posted that twice. Sorry!

    • Kristina says:

      Your assesment are precisely the opposite of mine. Mou's controversies outwash his acheivements big time. And why do I say that? Because he is not a sportsman. What constitutes a sportsman? A sportsman acknowledges the achievements of other sportsman. That's the least he has to live up to. But he does not do that. He belittles his collegagues. He calls them cheats. He mocked Pellegrini when he left Madrid, totally unprovoced. He stalks referees. He mocks referees.

      That, my dear, is what I think of when I think of Mou. He can win it all, I don't care, because he does not win it as a sportsman. He's a dirty ol' rat and will always be.

      I love what Cassano said: "Mourinho says can't beat Barça at home? Only because they're so good. All the rest is people putting up a show." People (Mou) are putting up a show, that's for sure.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        No no no! and No! Barcelona opened sprinklers over Inter when celebrating at their home turf, Barcelona complains and whine, recent example the pitch in san siro ( Milan issued an official annoucement saying UEFA agreed to their pitch), didn't you all scream conspiracy when Barcelona was tailing RM with 10 points, didn't pep said: : if referees did their job properly or something similiar" didn't xavi say " referees are against us" in Spain, how is this any different to Mourinho.

        Isn't United link with FA and referees, doesn't take anything away frm their accomplishment, HELL NO! If you think Mourinho because he whines ( just like miliion of coaches out there) take his accomplishment, then no one has his accomplishments anymore,

        Kristina, Barcelona don't own sportmanship, as simple as that, So I don't get this comment.

        • Kristina says:

          Well it's all fine and dandy then. You like and you're proud of your coach. That's a good thing. I wouldn't be, but that's me. Mou can win the league and the CL but I still would think about him primarely as a douche.

          For the record, I have never said Barca owns sportmanship, or that anyone associated with Barca is a saint. As ususal that comes from non-barca fans.

          • Janice says:

            They're not any better than Mou.
            Blaming refs, opening sprinklers, calling RM "sore losers", Pep swearing at Mou (a former coach to him), Fabregras trying to pick a fight with Xabi when Xabi was trying to ignore him, lots and LOTS of favorablt decisions…I'll never forget when Pinto dove outside the box for the ball in front of the ref and the ref ignore it. Pep later said he "didn't see it"
            So actually , I think we're pretty damn even here. An Mou has never really denied he's not nice but Barca repeadedly try to remind people that they are doing the right thing. So on top of that, they are hypocrites.

            • Kristina says:

              Of course Pep should have taken Mou’s insults laying down. Of course. And of course we should all accept Mou’s bad attitude because he admits to not be perfect. And of course we should all forgive Ramos elbow to the face because he apologized after the game.

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            I never said I am proud of his actions ( as my coach he have done alot for RM, so yes am proud of what he "accomplished") and I didn't defend what he had he done, he is Mourinho he gets his haters and he earned them by being an asshole sometime Kristina! All I have said his actions doesn't take away from him being one of the greatest coaches in the game. That's it.
            You are saying because he is unsporty man, then his accomplishments is nothing, you sound exactly like people who said but Barcelona wouldn't have won if not for their diving or acting, same applies to La Roja for people saying the same , all I have done found a flaw in your argument, that people don't like to lose when they do, they will blame stuff, Jose maybe does it the worse in the game, but he is not the only guy who complains and that's it.

        • xoWinnie says:

          "Barcelona don't own sportsmanship"

          *start to slow clap*

      • Janice says:

        Your attitude of thinking Barcelona is made of saints is making you see unfairly.
        And plus, nobody can deny Mou is a successful coach that is loved by many.

    • xoWinnie says:

      i agree completely, which is also why I believe Ronaldo is a better/more well-rounded player than Messi. until Messi can prove himself away from Barcelona and builds his accomplishments with another club like Cristiano has done, I'm not going to buy into all the hype surrounding him, that's just how I see it.

  2. Jenni says:

    I don't want Barca vs Real in the final, as taking El Clasico to Germany is ridiculous. I also don't want Chelsea vs Real Madrid, cos I hate them both. I'd prefer Barca-Bayern.

  3. I think we are guranteed an open game vs City. Assuming a united victory over QPR our game will essentially be a title decider if city lose or tie an 7/8 point gap would be to much to make up. If they win they can begin a late charge. While this is not a must win for arsenal, we don't do parked buses, I hope AOC plays as he will thrive I hope its 2-1 with an RVP double and walcott man of the match

  4. AC Milan was able to trouble the Barca back four, but Chelsea doesn’t have the same kind of or quality of players to do the same task.

    Zlatan is a handful and Robinho’s pace is hard to match. Besides, it is CHELSEA’s back four that need to be worried.

    Chelsea, while better, haven’t been capitalizing on chances and have looked a little too lazy for my taste. Barca FTW.

  5. NEal says:

    i will be more happy if Chelsea beat barca in both semi finals, cuz Chelsea only English teams remain his position in Europe competition

  6. Utd Girl says:

    Why can't Bayern play Barcelona in the semis and Madrid play Chelsea instead? I would much rather prefer a Madrid vs Bayern final due to it will be a win-win situation due to the fact that Barcelona won't be in the final. I love Fernando Torres, but I don't see Chelsea surviving past the semis.

    Honestly, it doesn't matter who wins, I'm still depressed over United's horrible exits from Europe this season. Okay, that is a lie. I want Madrid to win it all!

  7. Love Sergi says:

    REAL and Chelsea for the FINAL, only because if Real plays Barca, I can already predict the outcome and the heartbreak. I'm not saying I have no faith in my boys, but let's face it, Barcelona is Real's biggest hurdle. If they do end up playing each other and no, I am not counting Bayern out, I just want REAL to be in the final, I am 100% cheering and going crazy. No matter what these 4 teams will all play tough games so we'll see how it goes!

  8. AiM says:

    my God, those thundering thighs! *tracing Ronaldo's thigh veins in the picture*

  9. Mrs_Q_Borri says:

    My wish: Bayern vs Barca. Why? 1. El Clasico is on April 22, wich is more than enough, and to even think of two more games is kind of insane! Bloodbath, conspiracy, fights…. The words can keep going on and on. I just think one game is enough for now. 2. Too much tension to handle. Still anything can happen … Anything even another clasico!!

    I have to say the RM and Bayern is going to be amazing, both teams are doing so good and their teams are impressive is going to be a tough.

  10. debsen says:

    I'm afraid a RM vs. Barca final will be bad blood for the Spain NT in the Eurocup and Spain will not retain position.

  11. sarah says:

    I wish for a Real Madrid and Chelsea final!
    It will be hard for Chelsea to beat Barca but I seriously don't want an El Clasico in the final. It would be more dramatic than the El Clasicos last year.

    • laligagirl says:

      ITA, sarah. That would be great…..live Sernando, lol.

    • DebS says:

      Me too, Sarah but Chelsea's a big underdog against Barca, imo.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Torres is one of these players who happen to do well against Barcelona! So you never know, I have faith in Chelsea, but I am cheering for a Clasico final tbh! It is like meant to be after all last year. I don't mind it.

    • xoWinnie says:

      It looks like it's shaping up to be a clasico final. i would rather lose to Bayern tbh, so i can keep my damn sanity this season.

  12. adi says:

    Ronaldo definitely doesn't get as much respect and admiration as Messi and I can't understand why. They are both at the same skill level but Ronaldo scores lots of wonder goals and Messi scores mostly tap ins, yet Messi gets more praise. It really doesn't make sense at all.

    • AiM says:

      perhaps it's because it's not just about how they score, but how they fare overall as a footballer – skills like decision making, creating a goal, speed, etc. Cristiano definitely scores plenty of beautiful goals, but you know, Leo kinda makes his goal look easy when most of them are not….just my opinion :)

  13. Hannah says:

    Mmmmm I like Nando ANY way his hair is……Yum.

  14. Maran says:

    Barca vs Bayern is the game I'd like to see. Perhaps Chelsea vs Bayern. That would be unexpected and I like unexpected things. Chelsea has fighting spirit. But I don't think RM has what it takes. Or maybe they haven't had the chance to show it. So far they have had an easy road.

    Anyway, it's gonna be hard for RM to reach the final if their coach don't believe it will happen. I guess by saying that he is saying that UEFA, FIFA, RFEF, UNICEF, ESA, NASA, USA, is favoring Barca. And not RM. So it's not his fault if they loose.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Says the person who thinks that RM as a club doesn't have what it takes to win although they have super stars breaking record team,don't claim you hate Madrid for Mourinho Hun because you definitely hate Madrid for being Madrid because you are taking everything that. This club have done and claimed it is a fault of Jose seriously even clues admit RM gets what it takes jajaja I can't

      As you are neutral as you claimed to be (even if you hate Jose) ,you would know that pep is not innocent this season, but hey he never does anything wrong, excuses excuses. Honestly kristina as a cule gets more than you are " neutral"

      Jose idn't say he didn't think he could win, I suggest you start watching united more and saf aand understand how mind games work in the game,but hey it is Jose he is the anti Christ

      • Maria says:

        I agree with you in every singe point :) well said

      • xoWinnie says:

        LOL Sarah, you should just ignore Maran at this point. She seriously plays more mind-games on this site than Jose does in real life, and this whole "neutral" thing is how she goes about it.

    • xoWinnie says:

      LOL "I don't think RM has what it takes" as they're poised to take la liga and are heading into the semis in the CL…………………………………………………………

      major side eye.

  15. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Bayern x Chelsea in the final like it that way!

    • xoWinnie says:

      that would be some epic trolling…and then i'd be free to root for Chelsea :-)

  16. anon says:

    Chelsea did not play well at all last night. Even being up a player for 3/4 of the game, Benfica still looked more dangerous. They are going to have to pick their game up big time if they want to be Barca.

    • April says:

      While that is true, the good thing is that not many Chelsea fans expect them to, so if they pull out a surprise, awesome. Many of us weren't sure we'd get this far. And for all of Benfica's danger, they only scored once in 2 matches. We'll take last night's win and advance and be happy with it.

      • Doles says:

        We were sloppy last night. But I don't think the players were fully focused last night.
        I'm sure they will bring out their A-game in ties against Barca.
        Also looking at previous games against Barca, the records are pretty good.
        I know Barca has gotten stronger than ever and CFC has been suffering a lot recently… but you never know.
        Even if it is smallest chance, I wouldn't rule it out completely.

        • April says:

          I dont rule it out completely, but we're certainly the underdogs and I don't expect the win, like I might have in some other matches. The records have been good in the past, when Chelsea was a bit more solid as a team- we can't really say the same about this season, unfortunately. They will need to play better, but I felt like the sloppiness was down to energy levels. The guys just looked tired. Hopefully the upcoming fixtures won't see them lose to much of their health and freshness. Hope Terry gets rested in the next couple of matches and would like if Cahill could fill in. DL could probably use a break as well, but I am not sure he is going to get it.

    • DebS says:

      I have to agree Anon. Their passing was really lacking yesterday, imo. Barca's ability to recover the ball quickly and then maintain possession will not make it any easier for Chelsea unless they can get their passing/decision making sorted out.

  17. littlegreenpea says:

    I'd like to see Barcelona and Bayern in the final. Only because I don't want a bloodbath.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      No Real vs Chelsea even better xD

    • sarah says:

      Haha that's true! :D An El Clasico in the CL final would definitely kill someone… and if not the players or the fans… then me. I'd die from heart attack :D

  18. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Something terrible is happening stops Mario Gomez, who is getting married seems haaaaaaaa! Damn!

    • Loninha - Brasil says:

      Thank God it was just a false alarm, he said he has no intention of marrying infirm do not just think about it and even dating! Thank God!

  19. Kristina says:

    Kickette, you wondered what final we prefer. I want Barca to go to the final, obviously. But it could be any of the teams left. Mou had this to say about it, though: "Let me be honest, I don't think the final will be a Real Madrid/Chelsea final. It could be Bayern or Barcelona, I just don't think it will be Real Madrid v Chelsea and we know why."

    "…and we know why" We? All I know that this guy would conspire and plot with his last breath.

    May the best teams reach the final!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      lol Kristina but it is ok for Pep to say " Milan pitch is not Milan or MADRID fault" that's ok? yeah we sent couple of cows and horses to ruin pitch before game thank you for clearing our name Pep.

      He said because they are very good too but this part always get cut, he is playing mind games like Pep is when he kept saying Barcelona won't win Liga. he didn't say referee this time, but I get guys everything that Jose says should be somehow an insult to Barcelona.

      • anon says:

        Um the pep quote is "The pitch (at the San Ciro) was in very bad shape. But it isn't Milan's problem. It isn't Milan's fault. It isn't Inter's fault. It isn't UEFA's fault. It isn't even Real Madrid's fault. It is San Siro's fault. That pitch is like that. Nothing else."

        He's clearly making fun of all the conspiracy theories that people like to throw around.

      • anon says:

        And mou also said "Let me be honest, I don't think the final will be a Real Madrid/Chelsea final. It could be Bayern or Barcelona, I just don't think it will be Real Madrid v Chelsea and we know why."

        The "we know why", makes it seem like he is inferring to aspects other than how Barca play the game…

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          he said " I dont know why" not : I know why", then he said because they are good team, about Pep quote, yeah of course he is funny because he is Pep xD.

          I know I will never win this argument, but people should understand by now both RM and Barcelona are playing mind games with each other including conspiracies yes Liga conspiracy then cules think that referees are with us in Spain, madridistas think UEFA are with barcelona, they are playing on that. that's it, that's my point from my argument.

        • xoWinnie says:

          well considering how the game went the last time Chelsea played Barcelona in the CL, I don't think Mou's conspiracy theories are too off in this case. *shrugs*

      • Maran says:

        Pep is making fun of Mou's conspiring. I guess he has to in order to keep his mental health. God knows I need to. Read Anons quote below. That's how it should be presented.

        • Maria says:

          I don't think Pep should ake fun of anyone before looking into the damn mirror and seeing ihs own freaking conspiracies

          • Kristina says:

            We are all part of Mou's conspiracies. Just because we have to deal with them. Pep uses wit and sarcasm, and I prefer that any day to open attacks on other teams and stalking referees. It all starts with Mou, and just as I said in a comment some posts ago Barca, or Pep or the Barca fans, can't win this because we get dragged into it just by answering his provocations. Or sometimes by NOT answering them. It's unfair as hell!

            But I'm not gonna let the bitter and the jealous get to me. Mou is a little man.

            • Janice says:

              He is still one of the greatest coach ever.
              I personally like Mou.

            • xoWinnie says:

              by bringing it up, you proved it got to you…

              • Kristina says:

                That's what I said, didn't I, in the very first sentence. Mou is getting to everybody. But I'm struggling hard not to let Mou ruin things for me and to remain sane and happy. People are so full of hate and frustration it's scary.

                • Janice says:

                  What I said was a fact.
                  How many coaches you know have gone around to different countries, different cultures, different languages and did something extraordinary in every singly one of them?
                  He can speak five languages fluently and that is a fact, so yeah he is very talented.
                  Pep has stayed in his comfort zone and coached a team that has been playing together uner del Bosque for so many years but Mourinho has gone out of his comfort zone and has earned his name in so many different countries.That is what I call a great coach. Excuse me if you disagree.

                  • Kristina says:

                    Five languages fluently? Maybe that is what constitutes him as a good coach. Cause he sure ain't got no moral strength. As soon as his team f**cks up he can't face the press. Not a good leader. I'm telling you, I'm not what teeny bit impressed by him. Not at all.

    • xoWinnie says:

      after I found out the semi was Chelsea-Barcelona I tweeted "Chelsea-Barcelona in the CL semi again? This should interesting. Wonder how many handballs they'll get away with this time #yeahisaidit" people got mad. why would they be mad? is it not true? i was just sayin…no one can EVER convince me what happened in that game wasn't some grade A shady-ass shit. never EVER.

      • Kristina says:

        #yeahisaidit? It sounds to me like you think it takes courage to say something like that? Puhlease! You said it alright, like tons of other people out there. Nothing original about that. I haven't heard one, not one, Barca supporter deny that they got advantages in that game. It doesn't take away any of the things Barca has accomplished throughout these past 3,5 years. They are in their fifth CL-semis in a row. That's remarkable. And I have decided to love every second of it.

        I'm not gonna dwell on all the advantages that RM has got this season, cause those things only makes you sound bitter. I'm gonna say that shit happens. And may the best teams reach the final.

        • Maria says:

          Obviously you don't know Barca fans. Most of them think they won that game failry.

        • xoWinnie says:

          doesn't it take courage? considering Barca fanatics will jump down your throat for insinuating their clergy of a team are anything but saintly! *snorts* i didn't say they were proud? but then again, they didn't particularly seem to acknowledge it even happened in the first place. typical Barca fan attitude "sh1t happens". yeah, until it happens to you. then all of the sudden whining, etc becomes acceptable. lol give me a break.

          • Sarah, Madrd says:

            excuse me winnie if they complain, it is Jose fault he force them to complain.because he complains, then they have to complain, it is not never the fault of Barcelona.

            I love how everyone forgets how whinny Barcelona were couple of weeks ago! I love how hypocrite football world is! However, Jose loves it, he said I like to make me motivated jaja

          • Kristina says:

            Then you are very many "courageous" people out there. Together you are strong, right?

  20. IrishBlue says:

    I'm baaaack from my super-amazing trip to London baby! After recovering from seeing Nando up close for the first time ever (!!!!), Ivanovic's epic bum (!!!!) and Mata just being his cutie pie self (!!!!), it was a tough game. We started unconvincingly, they had loads of the ball, it just wasn't happening. Benfica were so up for it and I had this horrible niggly feeling that after they scored, they could get another.

    Then BOOM Meireles! What a goal! The crowd went wild and I screamed like the girl I am! I am sure Raul got quite a thrill out of scoring that one, seeing as the Benfica fans booed the guy at every possible moment.

    As for Barca…….hmmmm we shall see. Stranger things have happened, is Mou meant to meet his old club? Could be fate yano……

    I can also officially confirm that our baby boy Nando's hair looked SIGNIFICANTLY better in real life than it did in that Kickette post…..

    • Gladys says:

      Congratulations on your trip! That sounds like so much fun. And congrats to Chelsea!!! (Loved Meireles' goal– he's tried so many times this season, but finally one went in at the most important moment.)

      • IrishBlue says:

        It was great! I've been to see them in Premier League games but this was my first Champions League experience. Definately worth the journey – as always!

        The only downside was my unfortunate travel sickness on the aeroplane (as per usual), at least it was just an hour flight :)

        C'mon Chelsea!

    • April says:

      That's awesome! I am quite jealous. The best I will be able to do anytime soon is to go to the US pre-season matches where they will play MLS All Stars or something. Not quite the same atmosphere.

      How close were your seats?

      • IrishBlue says:

        Row 13 in the lower west stand, so pretty good! We try to get seats down there usually, for the best view :D

        Nando looked good April, really good, really really good! I did have a couple of moments where I lost track of the game due to being caught up staring at him. Sigh.

        • April says:

          Distracting little bugger, he is! Those sound like great seats! I only got to see Nando from afar… very far, actually. I could still pick him out by his hair and other assets though didn't get to see his purdy face until they interviewed him at the end of the match and put it on the big screen.

          But it sounds like you had quite the view! Let's hope he continues to perform well enough that they elect to keep him around next year so he can help Chelsea win and provide a nice view while doing it!

    • Miss Lampard says:

      Oh I was thinking about you yesterday…Unfortunately I was on my sofa with a couple of friends who were there only to see Nando, but one day I hope to feel the same. However I think that yesterday wasn't one of Chelsea best performances, they still have to improve if they want to have a chance to beat Barça. I wasn't impressed but this seemed also a tactical thing to preserve the condition of the team and of some players (I immediately understood that Jt, for example didn't feel so good when he came out, and today I discovered the truth about the 2 ribs). Chelsea obviously seems for some reasons less competitive and less organized than Barça A-Team, but Luck it's so unpredictable, and it's Chelsea time to be kissed by Luck. I hope we will get a good (not paid or drunken referee, like Ovrebo in 2009) referee, because I think that José was right when he said that Barça has had some friends among the referees. We'll see and personally I struggle to contain myself.

    • Mrs_Q_Borri says:

      Lucky girl!!!!! What an experience I imagine the atmosphere there because is one thing to watch it on the tv and another is to watch it live, with Nando running and looking like his sexy self!! xD

  21. Moxie says:

    His hair looked much better on the pitch (although my favorite is still brown and short.) In the picture with the hairstylist he looked like a lesbian tennis player.

  22. Gina says:

    Congratulations to Real Madrid , really hope they win it :) they must be the best looking team in the history of the game! Everyone can see that Jose is right about favouritsm towards Barcelona,everyone is sick of it happening and i wish everything was fair. People should stop being so blinded by Barca, they are beatable. I hope Madrid win the Liga and Champions League this season, go Jose :)

  23. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Yesssss 2 season in row in semiiiiiii!! We are back in Europe. Bring it on Bayern!!!

    Que golazos we are scoring!!

    • mybabyri says:

      it will be a extremly hard match for Real BUT a very intertaining for a neutral like me… no actually I´ll be nervous bcuz want real vs bayern in the final…

    • DebS says:

      I know, Sarah, right?! It just amazes me that lately, whomever Mou puts in is playing great. Varane looked reallly good out there. Nuri & Granero played well together, as if they play all the time together. Then DiMaria comes on and scores. These guys are all playing so well. I'm happy for all of them. I don't envy Mou since he has to figure out which one is the best to play against a certain team. But it's good to see that even the subs come right on and play well.

  24. Mirella says:

    I know it's not going to happen, but I wish for a Bayern vs Chelsea final and then Bayern to win at Allianz Arena…

    It's all good with Nando's hair, I quite like it. Think about it though, we are able to directly communicate with his hairdresser. So why not all the girls with twitter account tweet Leo Bancroft on how Nando's fans like his hair best?

  25. mimi says:

    I love his ass! :D

    • April says:

      It really brings out the highlights in the best way, doesn't it? Puts the whole look into perspective!

  26. April says:

    Nando's hair looks much better from this angle: http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/gfsports/2052912…

  27. Mumtaaaz says:

    Is it just me or you guys also think some magical spell have attacked Nando's hair? His hair is magically not that blonde last night.

    • DebS says:

      yeah, I thought the same thing. I like how his hair looked during the game. The pic with his barber looked too blonde for my tastes.

  28. Doles says:

    Nano's hair looked much much better in his Blues uniform and headband. It doesn't look THAT terrible anymore.

    I prefer RM vs CFC final. Although CFC against Barcelona will be touch game…. but the ball is round and who knows that can happen this point. Seriously, many thought CFC wasn't good then we are the only EPL team in UCL!
    And Mourinho derby will be fun to watch.

    • DebS says:

      It will be tough for Chelsea but then noone expected APOEL to make it as far as they did. As I've heard said, "Anything can happen in playoffs, which is why they play the games".