April 3rd, 2012

Champions League Preview: Happy Players, Happy Places

Recent events have made French footballers more cautious with their affection. Not sure? Keep one hand in your pocket while giving, both hands behind your back if receiving. Image: CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images.

We love happy footballers.

We love happy footballers running, walking or standing still in shorts even more.

But nothing puts a bigger spring in our step than happy go lucky footballers working out their pre-game jitters in shorts whilst taking the pissing out of their mates and/or competitors.

Bayern Munich vs. Marseille (agg 2-0)

Image: ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images.

Franck Ribery likes to prepare for big games by gently stroking his teammates. Bayern Munich take a 2-0 lead into the second leg of their fixture vs. Marseille, so Franck restricts his gestures of manlove to less experienced players, in this case, Diego Contento.


Image: ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images.

Diego Contento doesn’t like manlove.


Barcelona vs. AC Milan (0-0 agg)

Image: Jasper Juinen/Getty Images.

We hate to say they’re over confident going into this tie, but Barca players mocking the Rossoneri’s amusingly pointed haircuts suggests a strong belief in their ability to overcome the Serie A leaders.


Image: AP Photo/Manu Fernandez.

But someone isn’t convinced by their reasoning. Uh oh.


Care to predict the possible outcomes to these heavyweight bouts, Kickettes?

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4 Responses to “Champions League Preview: Happy Players, Happy Places”

  1. indianmuggle says:

    Rossoneri's hair does look like it could puncture the ball…

  2. FloraJane says:

    I giggled at your commentary for the top pic (because I'm pervy! hee!)- 'two hands behind your back if you're the receiver'. I then took a closer look and saw that the hand of the 'giver' isn't in a pocket, it's in the front of his shorts! Pervtastic! LOL Thanks, Kickette!

  3. Jayy says:

    Ribery and his neck stroking creeps me out.

  4. NinaNoir says:

    Zlatan looks like a bullfighter! Omen?