September 20th, 2012

Champions League Results: Cor & Order

Worth the entrance fee/satellite subscription/three hours fiddling with a dodgy and not entirely legal live feed alone! Image: Alex Grimm/Getty Images.

Our Champions League viewing was peppered with inspired performances last night. And those that weren’t so inspiring?

Well, we papered over the cracks with pictures of hot boys. It helped.

Celtic 0-0 Benfica

Image: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Europe.

The fact that Celtic players arranged themselves in descending height order for the pre-match photo tickles our OCD like you would not believe. Oh, and it reminded us of this, too, which is never, ever, going to be a bad thing.


Chelsea 2-2 Juventus

Image: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Europe.

When we pointed out the bountiful beauty that is Eden Hazard’s behind the other day, a few of you complained you were unable to make a dispassionate judgement because Nandina was in shot. This view, unencumbered by Spanish short tents, is for you.


Barcelona 3-2 Spartak Moscow

Image: David Ramos/Getty Images Europe.

2-1 down at the Nou Camp with twenty minutes to go? No problem.


Manchester United 1-0 Galatasaray

Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe.

When even the fourth official politely averts his eyes, you know the mother of all bromances is about to commence. Kickettes? Where would this stand in the pantheon of ‘baller love?

And more importantly, what shall we call them?


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38 Responses to “Champions League Results: Cor & Order”

  1. Shelly kegan says:

    Whatever, I don't want to participate in this contest I just wanna share my glad for getting the match summaries! Thank you so much for a complete follow-up.

  2. mamaly says:

    Gigi is just gorgeous!!!!

  3. Loninha - Brasil says:

    I loved Oscar's chelsea, but Bayern beat and I can also say that without Mario Gomez at UCL is uglier!

  4. jen says:

    I'm a Liverpool supporter and even I enjoyed watching Chelsea! I want to steal so many of their new guys, esp Hazard and the precious Oscar. That second goal was unbelievable, I could watch it over and over again. Def has to be up there for goal of the season! And God bless him, he seems so sweet and adorable, which makes it all the more enjoyable to see him doing so well!

  5. Fantastic. Many thanks for sharing.
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  6. Gladys says:

    OK, Kickette. Now Hazard is just doing it on purpose. I predict we see him on the outside of every hug circle from now on.

  7. Aisha says:

    We won't an artical about how hot MATS HUMMELS is !!

  8. cella.xx says:

    God i love Michael Carric!!

  9. Anna says:

    Yay for Oscar! The second goal was amazing! He looks like a ten year old boy lol, he's adorable.

  10. tracy765 says:

    The obvious answer: Persarito. It's totally on.

  11. Piaaaa says:

    Juve men were beautiful!

  12. Agnes Wonka says:

    Can we talk about Spartak Moskow? They did an amazing job!!! …they defo deserved to win…

  13. Sergz says:

    Fletcher's comeback was the highlight of my wednesday. He has fought so hard to come back after his diagnosis! God bless him. :)

  14. HiL says:

    You have to mention the great MICHAEL CARRICK!!! <3

  15. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Welcome Back Juv we missed you!!! Beautiful first round of UCL! I think the best in while!

  16. German_Girl says:

    How cute is Oscar?? He looks about twelve, bless him. But wow, those goals were amazing! Chelsea sure got themselves a little gem there.

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      I was like "who is that cute little baby person?" And then boom! And boom again! Way to make a debut.

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  18. Thea says:

    Great fight back by Barca!! So glad the away goals don't matter so much as this stage of the competition!

  19. Kristina says:

    Oh, and yes, there is PASSION in RVP's eyes! Why couldn't they have just ripped those ugly pieces of cloth off and made out, right then and there? They know they want too.

  20. Kristina says:

    No, no problems at all for the little man. Who said he can't use his head? That was quite a missile straight into the net. But, the defense is bleeding and now Pique is injured as well.

    That second goal by Oscar was magic, though! Fantastic.

    • Gladys says:

      Just when we get all our forwards back. What is it with FCB's defense?!! I'm looking forward to Alba's return from the flu (poor thing looked positively gray sitting next to Puyi during the match) and some beautiful blue-eyed Bartra action this weekend. I guess I should applaud the opportunities for the La Masia youngsters.

      On a side note…though I know it's the lesser competition…a great big abrazo for Atletico and Levante! Great wins yesterday.

  21. IrishBlue says:

    I am loving me some Oscar, he's so cute! His second goal was spectacular, I hope he's not injured, RDM should definitely consider starting him in the league….just a pity we couldn't hold on for the win.

    And re Eden and his beautiful behind: Oh Hell Yea.

  22. Jayy says:

    I'm so happy for Oscar, bless him! He looked so nervous during the warm-up last night, and those two goals were brilliant – the perfect debut.
    Of course, the fact that he is gorgeous may contribute to the reason why I want him to do so well but you cant deny that the boy is foine.

    • IrishBlue says:

      He is gorgeous…and not as young as he looks, and probably not as innocent either! Hazard is only 8 months older than him but I think looks much older.