September 16th, 2010

Champions League Results: Good For You?

Kickette reasons for watching group stages of Champions League #6.

Usually we lean towards a ‘multitasking’ approach to the Champions League group stages; the tendency towards exhibition football by the bigger clubs allowing us to freely surf for handbags whilst keeping half an eye on the games.

However, certain results and events this week have caused us to avert our eyes from the latest must-haves and in honour of this stupendous revelation, we’ve decided you deserve a little round-up. Aren’t we lovely?


Manchester United’s 0-0 draw with Rangers at Old Trafford aside, the disappointing result for the English clubs on Tuesday was Spurs 2-2 draw with Werder Bremen. Leading 2-0 just before half time, Harry Redknapp’s men conceded once before the whistle and shortly after the second half began. To make matters worse, Rafa Benitez’ Inter Milan failed to beat FC Twente, so a win would have given Spurs a table-topping three points.

The Spanish clubs fared better; Barcelona putting their disappointing result against Hercules behind them with a comprehensive 5-1 win against Panathinaikos, while Valencia smacked four past Bursaspor. Lyon jointly top the Group B table with Benfica after a 1-0 win against Raul’s new side, Schalke 04.

Images: Reuters /daylife


A much more optimistic set of results for English clubs, with an imperious looking Arsenal firing an unanswered six past Braga at the Emirates. Cesc Fabregas was unfortunate to miss out on a hat trick, but Marouane Chamakh and his buzzard cut, Andriy Arshavin and Carlos Vela all contributed, Vela with two. Chelsea finished 4-1 winners at MSK Zilina, Nicolas Anelka scoring two and celebrating with a handcuff gesture he later revealed to be aimed at the French NT.

In other results, AC Milan new boy Zlatan Ibrahimovic (lead pic) scored two against Auxerre, putting his club joint top with Real Madrid, who also won 2-0 against Ajax. Roma’s miserable season continued with a 2-0 defeat away against last year’s finalists, Bayern Munich. We can only offer our condolences and hope Marco (left) accepts our offer to take his mind off things. Ahem.

Images: Getty/Daylife

Over-awed or bored with the opening round, Kickettes? Tell us…

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87 Responses to “Champions League Results: Good For You?”

  1. Kc95 says:

    You to, Thanks for pointing it out, a couple months ago on this site, all you heard was over the top Cristiano love, and now recently, no one likes him. It's good to hear someone defend him.

  2. @AgnesWonka says:

    the MU draw was awful :(
    the Gunners are doing great though! Chamakh is pure energy!

  3. Kc95 says:

    I love in a certain way. I'm not all that attracted to him, but I respect him as a player and as a lucrative member of the team I support. I want him to be better, because I know he has such great potential. He is, one of the best after all. And I'm dissapointed in a lot of the rest of the team as well. He is fairly cocky, which is fine, as long as he backs it up. It becomes more annnoying when he doesn't. He's never been my favorite, and I don't think he ever will be, but as long as he is loyal to Real Madrid, he has my respect. I still want him to get better though.

    And I hate his hair. Period.

  4. neenyah says:

    OF COURSE IT WAS GREAT!!!! Barca dominated the game against Panathinaikos. The team was hungry to win, driven and inspired! Messi's second goal could even be the best goal of the club this season. I'm still at awe when I watch it back! Bojan is still not playing like a number 9 but I'll give it time.. Ahhh! What a joy!

    Spurs ended with a draw against Werder! Unfortch, since the matches were on the same times, I wasn't able to watch it. Will download a replay though. Heehee!

    OH and the format kinda looks like what TotalBarca is using no? Anyway, I like it although I'm worried about that thumbs up/down buttons.

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      I think it is the same system that they use at TotalBarca. It looks very much like it. And i´m not sure what to think about the thumbs either.

  5. AM liking the new format, although i was looking forward to reading the other kicketters comments, oh well never mind, just wanted to say how proud i am of the ARSENAL, the way we played (yes i know it was an infirior team) was amazing, Wilshire and Fabregas were BANANAS 4 real, am sooooo proud of them, and ive got a total crush on Chamack right now—->it must be the arsenak kit! Arshavin's celebrations was funny and he was FAB too, and my love NASRI was back and he did great, as a matter of fact the whole team were amazing, i hope we keep this form up and win some silverware for real we defo deserve it! from what ive seen so far, and my little Vela scoring twice *sighs* i love Arsenal that is all!

  6. Gioia says:

    Shame for Atletico, to lose last night in Thessaloniki. :-( Don`t like seeing a frustrated Diego Forlan – he`s got such a wonderful smile ! :-)

    I agree re first stages, though – to most games, I just listen (and have a look when the comment becomes excited!) while doing something else.

  7. Thea says:


  8. farah says:

    im completely with you on this one particularly the point you about his fans. i admire liverpool for their fans and im often disappointed by the supporters of real madrid because they often turn on their own team. of course there are many who support madrid whole heartedly but the bernabeau is notorious for whistling against their own players. And this is when the players feel let down according to me atleast, because the support of the fans is really inspiring and motivating. and cris of course is often subject to the worst criticism if his game is even slightly off.

    • JulieFromParis says:

      oh come on girls, being a "fan" doesn't mean you have to lose all critical sense when it comes to your team. It's not like madridistas asked for Cris' head , and being demanding is also a way to show RESPECT for your team, instead of the sickening care bear approach. And YES, we did know about his injury. What you dont seem to get is that we're very demanding on Cris because we know the team needs him and Im pretty sure he understands and feels motivated when people ask for more.
      Let me just add that I've been following PSG, going to the Parc des Princes since I was five so I know what supporting your team through and through means. Plus Im FRENCH, so i really think I deserve the title of the most-dedicated -team-having-a-crappy-time -fan title :) ))

      • D.J says:

        ok cool :) i get where you're coming from. i still wish people would give him a chance though rather than just jumping on him. the image that he has does tend to make people very divided over him and i get that. Cules etc hating on him doesnt bother me. however i wish madridistas would support him atleast since he does tend to give it his all for the club. as long as he does that what he does in his private life isnt really my concern. and he did try very hard against ajax. its just that he isnt fully fit yet, so people need to keep their expectations accordingly :)

  9. Steph says:

    Well, the Barca game was awesome. :D Definitely leaning more towards them now. As for the RM game yesterday, yeah, not their best. :/ They still won, which was good, but Cristiano pretty much kept missing the net, and looking like he was forcing himself a bit, and it took them a while to score that second goal. I was really leaning towards them during the preseason games, they were awesome then and when VDV was still there, but now? I don't know. Not really liking them as much. They're not as tight and as sharp as they were. I also saw the Lyon game replay today, cause it was on and I wanted to see Yoann. :P They were pretty good, I gotta say. Kinda felt bad for Raul and Neuer, though. lol.

  10. Goonerette4 says:

    Welcomeeeee to the World of Football & Kickette and you know what… have made an absolute great choice by picking the beautiful 'Red and White Army'…Arsenal ;)

    I was actually at the Arsenal vs Braga match on Wednesday and it was sooo amazing! The first time I went to a Champions League match and than to see soo many goals…great! I was even behind the goal where Cescy took the penalty! Anyways I have to say their performance was superb, especially Senor Cesc, but I hope they can continue like this, starting with have a difficult away game on saturday against sunderland, and end very successful with a Trophy!!!!

  11. Izzy says:

    Barca was AMAZING!!!!!! i could not stop yelling and freakin' out everytime they got near a goal!!!!

  12. ubermunster says:

    Oh joy! Wilshere's cheeky backheel was a joy to behold. Portent of things to come? Maybe.
    In the meantime, Cescy is clearly fast regaining his form and Chamakh looks like he's been playing with Arsenal for years, instead of just mere months. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for Arsenal.

  13. Kc95 says:

    I'm nervous for my Madrid. They won, and Ozil was a total beast, but…
    26 chances and two goals????
    That concerns me. That game made me so nervous and sad. Plus Cris had that stupid hair cut and Sergio didn't even show. I'm sending them all my love and praying for them every night.

  14. senora ramos says:

    this is nice kickette. wonderful week. real madrid, arsenal, and valencia all dominated!!

    happy bicentennial to the mexican ladies (and guys) on here!!

  15. I like this new comment system!
    Oh but the Champions league results could not have been more perfect. Barca won and Cesc is on fi-yah! Perfection.

  16. JVD says:

    The ManU result is particularly disappointing as we lost Valencia as well as tied. But I have to be honest, Rangers defense was insane. I say we break through next time though. Plus, how cute was Hernandez?

    I was so glad Barca bounced back. We aren't 100% though… our defense had some major holes in the first half which isn't going to cut it against AM. I hope we bring our second half play to Madrid Sunday.

  17. @DebStimson says:

    Welcome to the best sport on the planet! :D

    I TiVo'd all the matches (I hate the commercials at half time and TiVo lets me skip right past them :D ) and watched them all last night…except Barca…watched that one yesterday morning. If you get GolTV, there's more matches on there…but these are usually the league matches…like all the leagues, Brazil, Columbia, Bundesliga, etc. The downside is the listings only show "soccer" and not who's playing or if it's LaLiga 360 (news).

    • Leya says:

      Thanks for this. I'm thinking about adding GolTV, ESPNDeportes, and FSC+ to my cable package, so this info is helpful!

      I think I read somewhere that FSC and ESPN signed exclusivity rights with Premier League that precludes them from showing La Liga games…or I could be making that up, idk. Anywayz, I'm so mad bc on Sunday, only one of the biggest games of the Premier League season is happening (Man. U. vs. Liverpool) and you can only get it on FSC+… WHY ON EARTH wouldn't they show that on regular FSC?!? Lame.

  18. mursal says:

    i'm surprised there isn't a pic of cesc when he was grabbing his butt when he got hurt hahaa.

  19. BarceLisa says:

    yeah welcome to football (soccer).

  20. BarceLisa says:

    I love this new format, although I'll miss the old one, just like I miss the edit button.

  21. juliefromparis says:

    Oh but youre right, same goes for higuain or benzema most of the time. Of course their goalkeeper was in a good night. But seriously, when most of your shots fly five meters up the net, u can be mad at yourself! but i admit my opinion is not very accurate since i dont know much about technical moves and stuff. I usually just drool over players:-)

  22. JulieFromParis says:

    Our yummy merengues looked good tonight.

    Still, can somebody tell me again how you can call yourself professional baller and miss so many opportunities *looking at you Cris*. I know he's not on top form already but hey guy, you're being paid millions and you train all day so what's the use if all you can do is bitchface on the pitch???

    Sorry about that Kickettes, but Cris and I always had a Love/Hate relationship :)

    Good luck to Paris in EuroL tonight *fingers cross*

    • @DebStimson says:

      I felt bad that he couldn't get it in the net but you have to admit Stecklenberg had a great game and saved a few "would be" goals. You could tell Cris was truly frustrated..the bitchfaces were a dead giveaway, no? lol Higuain has been struggling a bit too, missing some easy goals, and he's a forward. In spite of the lack of goals, the rest of Cris' game was brilliant, IMO.

    • Kc95 says:

      I know what you mean about love/hating Cris. I adore Real Madrid, but he pissed me off last game. It was either right to the goal keeper or so far off that I was standing up and screaming "What the hell are you thinking?!?"
      And I want to shave him. His hair makes me so angry.

    • D.J. says:

      cris was injured his ankle in the opening game against malaga when he was tackled by a player from the opposing team. you could see him limping during the game and afterwards. he was rushed back because jose needed him especially with all the injuries that madrid have had so far. you also have to remember that cris was needed badly mainly because right now we only have 3 forwards and with benzema extremely out of form and seeming lazy and disinterested often. initially it had been said that he was out for atleast 2-3 weeks but he came back after only one. you could see he hasnt recovered fully yet because some of his passes were off and he couldnt get enough height on the ball something which he normally excels at. plus he didnt run as fast as he normally does. hope he rests this week and gets to recover before he returns again

      • juliefromparis says:

        Thks for the recap even if i wrote my comment knowing about cris’ aborted recovery. Still, ive been watchg the guy play for a while now and, even if i admit hes brilliant (who wouldnt?), i found him somehow less efficient for quite a time now. Just my opinion though. Let me also add that concerning la ligua, RM has a lot of excellent players who run fast and create speed and mvt, we need someone who scores. WEEKEND YEAH, I gonna get a drink now, cheers ladies :-)

  23. Crappy. But well done to Rangers for carrying out their game plan with great discipline. It wasn't entertaining but it was very effective. But I'm more bothered by Antonio's injury. Horrible.

  24. Leya says:

    Welcome to the lovely world of footy (aka soccer to all us Yanks) and you picked a good team to support! Arsenal is my fave, as well!

  25. CarmenFoxe says:

    Was very chuffed with the arsenal score, Chamakhs goal was the highlight for me

  26. Dee says:

    Well, in the old format, I was saying that I was truly shattered by Roma's loss and that I needed lots of wine. I have a chance to watch it, but am wondering if I'm that masochistic enough to see it. Then I had a mini rant about the so called "Fans" at the live blog where I followed the game yesterday.

    • BarceLisa says:

      poor Claudio Ranieri. Of all the Italian managers, he seems to me one of the most likeable. He's had the most rotten luck in his career. I'm rooting for him to finally win the big one (league or Champions league).

      • Dee says:

        I kept wondering why he waited and waited to use subs. It broke my heart to see the blog fans turning on him Totti and DDR. As I told a friend of mine, it took everything I had not to go off on them.

        • DeeRoma says:

          Actually the way I phrased it was "Hold me back, Tina. I swear I'm going to go full-on Valkyrie on these fools." I just stopped reading and commenting instead.

    • Rossanera says:

      Red or white? I will send you a caseload, friend.

  27. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    I was just saying to Rossanera (in the old commenting format) that i´m still doing a little tap dance of joy because of Zlatans 2 goals! But i have changed my name to Lotte (Zlatanista). And that it is a strange and good feeling cheering for Milan :)

    But first i am beside me of happiness for Barca, and for the fact that Puyi is still with us after that terrible landing on his neck, phew!! Goddam i love that man to pieces!

    • @DebStimson says:

      that was really scary, wasn't it? Then the commentators were saying out Puyol never wants the physios to come out when he's hurt and almost takes it as offense when they do. lol Now THAT'S a trouper! Barca does play better when he's on the pitch…that's for sure!

    • neenyah says:

      Aww why the change in name?

      AHHHHH That Barca game was gooooood. I'm downloading a copy of it. LOL

  28. hereforthenando says:

    They changed the commenting system to something that can notify you if anybody replies to you and stuff, so I guess all of the comments in the old format have been lost.

  29. Leya says:

    oh no! comments are gone! I was looking forward to reading them, too!

    Great week in the Champions League!
    Cescy was amazing at Arsenal and looked extra hot for some reason that I can't quite put my finger on. I'm DYING for Arsenal to get some silverware this year, so that if Cesc does decide to leave and go to Barca, he'll be leaving after a truly brilliant season. Carlos Vela has been giving a continuous preview of just how good the Mexican side can and will be in the next World Cup. And Marouane Chamakh, my new love, never ceases to amaze me. Great work by the Gunners!

    Not a Man U. fan but I have so much love for Chicharito, that I still cheered for them against Rangers. And on that note, props to Rangers bc their defense is a freaking WALL. I feel so bad for Valencia, that injury was gruesome. I'm kind of glad Man U. didn't win, but I would have liked to see Chicharito score.

    At Barca, they played very well, and I think my neighbors think I have tourrettes because I did not stop yelling with all the non-stop action. The commentators of Arsenal's game said that apparently Barca had completed a record 792 passes or something like that. Brilliant! Although I SERIOUSLY could not get over all the missed opportunities. I was having a heart attack. Do I think they're missing Zlatan's height in the box? Sometimes, but a lower-to-the-ground Daveeeeed Villa can be just as lethal, if not more so. Pique was so adorable with his bandages, but I'm so scared one day he's going to go the Petr Cech route, and have serious head injury and have to wear a helmet forever. I'm still holding a grudge against Javier Mascherano throwing a tantrum to get moved to Barca.

    Although I'm not a Real fan, I can't NOT watch them. Crispy's haircut is pretty heinous as had been discussed in previous topics. And I missed The Ramos something FIERCE. I'm so sad he's injured. Sergio come back!

    Inter? Really? Que paso? I was shocked to see that they tied Twente.

    • mursal says:

      i think cesc looks especially better with his beard :)

    • @DebStimson says:


      Couldn't watch the United/Rangers match after seeing that video of Valencia's injury. :*{

      Barca did play well. But why do I feel so badly for the other team when they get slaughtered?! Guess I've watched too many of my daughter's games where we were on the losing team. lol The definitely could use more height in the box. Felt so bad for Pique after that header…you could tell he was in serious pain…but still he trudged on. :{

      RM match…so missed Ramos too. RM was clearly the better team and should have won by lots more but Stecklenberg came up huge in that game. Cris played well, in spite of not being able to score. IMO

      • @DebStimson says:

        okay…for some reason, the above post cut out the first part of my reply….

        *Cesc was brilliant! When he gave up his hat trick to let Vela have the goal? awwww….just awww! He was definitely*

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Leya, you are my spiritual sister! I sympathize with basically all your feelings and opinions, from the love for Arsenal and Chamack, to the grudge against Mascherano. My thoughts exactly!

    • neenyah says:

      The possession was like 80% Barca, 20% Panathinaikos. And the passes made by both Busi and Xavi were more than the passes made by the whole Panathinaikos team. LOLOLOLOL So proud! : )

    • Little Miss Arsenal says:

      oh my gosh…98% of what i was going to post is already here!

  30. Lotte says:

    What happened?

  31. Dee says:

    Where did all the comments go?

  32. gin_in_teacups says:

    Thrilled for the Real Madrid win, though I think we could have won by much more. Damn Stekelenburg and his goalie prowess. It would’ve been nice to be up by more than Milan. Also thrilled for Arsenal. I have the game on DVR and I absolutely can’t wait to watch it!

    And as always, Chelsea continue to piss me off with their thus far entirely too successful plan to be unstoppable. I was thinking about this yesterday and, blasphemous as it is, I would rather Barca win it than Chelsea.

  33. DJ says:

    both my teams did really well, so im ecstatic. Arsenal was absolutely amazing and cesc was at its fulcrum – 2 goals and 3 assists, you make me proud captain :D i really wanted him to get his hattrick especially when he said later on how disappointed he was that he didnt. yet his unselfish assist to vela’s second goal, when he himself could’ve had one for himself, shows how he’s grown. Vela’s on fire lately, 3 goals in 2 matches, hope he continues to shine this way. i was worried that with both theo and RvP out we might struggle, but thank you arsene for laying my fears to rest. Chamakh is well on his way to being one of the best strikers in the league. he offers an aerial threat, something that was sorely missing before. Props to wilshire, he teams up really well with cesc and shava. i would chose him ahead of diaby. the only real worry for me is the GK. Almunia hasnt been particularly error prone so far (hope i didnt jinx it) but he’s still extremely shaky.

    madrid played well, especially ozil and surprisingly marcelo, who was one of our best yesterday. im really worried about cris. he still hasnt recovered properly from the ankle injury against malaga. his crosses were off, he was lacking pace and he couldnt get enough height on the ball. wish he’d be back to full health before he returns. The best thing ofcourse is that we’ve strengthened defensively. carvalho and pepe were amazing yesterday. im not a fan of albiol, who’s defending is often shaky, so im really glad we got carvalho. sooo happy for pipita’s goal, he deserved it :D

    • senora ramos says:

      yea, i was really proud of marcelo as well. he'slast 2 matches, he's performed really well! hope he keeps it up. i love cron and what he brings to our team, but forme, he was too selfish yesterday, though there were at least 2x that pipita should've passed to him as well. ozilcontinues beast mode. soooo glad he plays for us. we need to be less wasteful with all of our chances. this will haunt us in later rounds! again!

  34. Dutch-Gooner89 says:

    Am a extremely happy gooner! yeah baby, what a performance by the boys, very proud, but its still the early stages so am keeping my calm….FOR NOW!

  35. YasminMarisa says:

    So thrilled about Arsenal's win that I'm even waiting for repeats so I can watch the match again (they repeat matches here). Although I have to admit then half the reason I wanna watch it again is so I can see RVP sitting in the crowd behind the substitutes. My cousin spotted him but I didn't and then I got frustrated.

  36. Lisa says:

    5-1 yeah baby, the Barca boys are back in town. Milan won too and Zlatan scored. My weekend was aight.

  37. Lotte (former Zlatanista) says:

    Barca´s back with a vengeance!! Messi is pure magic. But when Puyi landed on neck i stopped breathing for a while. Thank God he´s alright!

    Zlatan finally bombarded the net. Good boy!!

    Yay for Arsenal and Marouane, also!

    So when you sum it up it was great, just great!

    • Lisa says:

      that thing on Puyi's head could land a Boeing 747. Its basically Superman hair, thats why Castrol chose it to be part of their Ultimate Player.

      Yay for your man Zlatan, I'm so happy for him. Check out that Auxerre player giving him Mega-Bitchface. btw why the name change Lotte (Zlatanista)?

      • Lotte (former Zlatan says:

        Well, as i said in an earlier post i just felt like being myself :) . And the truth is my patience with Zlatan is running out. He´s ben saying and doing some pretty stupid stuff lately, and i don´t want people to think that i support that. But so far he is still my boy and i will follow his adventures in Milan with mucho gusto!

        And yeah, Puyi is well embedded in his hair! He is superman and Tarzan and the incredible Hulk in one and the same person!

  38. cherryboomboom says:

    uumm .. you girls forgot marseille and spartak Moscow …

    • juliefromparis says:

      Are u sure u want to talk about it? I feel for u though, putain la france et cette champ ligue cest la galère..

  39. Dee says:

    Yesterday was painful. Truly painful. I was following a live blog and the first 70 minutes were fine, then it all imploded. The “fans” commenting on the site weren’t helping matters either. I have never wanted to kick the butts of people that also root for my team ever…but yesterday was a first. Can someone send me a big bottle of vino?

  40. kickette_admin says:

    We're transferring them all over, don't despair! All will be back shortly.

  41. LuvinBale says:

    Confused would be the word for how I feel. Spurs came out if the gate as if their lives depended on winning and it was fantastic! Crouch and Bale did a superb job as usual then VdV and Huddleston were just amazing.

    Then the second half came and it was as if they forgot they were playing a game. What the huh?!

    Really needed a win on this one but a tie isn't that bad though. Got to see Frings play a good game. Hes yummy in a caveman type way.

  42. Rossanera says:

    Fantastic. Horrible memories of this weekend banished. Watched the Barca game at a pub on Tuesday with one of my girls and the table of Barcelona expats we befriended at the table next to us. Happy to see Barca back in tip-top shape.

    After following the first half of the Madrid and Arsenal games on Twitter in class, I gave up on criminal procedure and ran to the bar down the street where my boys were watching the Milan game. SO happy to see Ibra score, and he looks happy with the team. Where is my girl Zlatanista? I thought of you. Hope you were doing a happy dance somewhere!

    I thought of you too, Dee. Sorry your boys took a beating :(

  43. I'm pretty removed from the Champions League now that Liverpool aren't in it, but I've been watching a few games when I can. Barca looked GOOD. Hope that everyone is holding up well, I know how stressful the CL is! Good luck to all of the Kickette soldiers, even though we may not always cheer for the same teams we are all unified by our love of abs.

  44. anja says:

    I just say: thank you zlatan for taking your shirt off!!! mmmhhmmm…..

  45. VeNia says:

    yay!!Barcelona is back!!i must confess that during the whole game my mind was saying Panathinaikos but my heart was saying Barca!!so i was glad that they won but a little sad too because they could have done it with less goals.

    • Lotte (former Zlatan says:

      I guess it was like Xavi said, they were angry. So they didn´t hold back. Messi was pretty pi***d of because he didn´t score the penalty. So it could have been even worse for Panathinaikos. But i feel for you, i have been in the same situation.

  46. Pooky says:

    So, how many weeks until Zlatan throws all his toys out of the pram and talks wistfully of how loved and respected he was by the management at Barcelona compared with the b******s at Milan?!

    • Thea says:

      Not long I would guess ….. and won't he be crying in his wine if Barca make it to the top of the CL tree again! LONG WAY TO GO THOUGH.

    • blitzen says:

      Well, he is already karate-kicking his teammates and alienating the local press, so I’m guessing the honeymoon stage is over.

      • Lotte (former Zlatan says:

        Those honeymoon stages just gets shorter and shorter.

        • gina-liza says:

          well, you know how it is. Different times. The new generation is fast in everything: short courtship, shot gun wedding, the first fights… and off he goes badmouthing the next club. Nice way of making money.