April 26th, 2012

Champions League Results: More. Now. Again.

We thought when we woke up this morning, this photo would turn out to have been a figment of our inebriated fevered imaginations. They normally are. Image: Andreas Gebert/dpa/Corbis. Thank you, Ruby.

Since Tuesday night’s drunken tweeting went down so well, we felt almost obliged to sneak out of the office early and do it all again.

Our jobs suck, don’t they?

The Pre-Game Warm-Up


Safely ensconced in our local dive bar, surrounded by nubile interns just waiting to fulfil our every sordid whim, the Kickette crew briefly discussed who was going to win. Like Arjen, a few of us weren’t necessarily optimistic as to Bayern’s chances. Like Basti, our colleagues were not impressed.


First Impressions

Image: JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/GettyImages.

Cristiano got off to the kind of cracking start that amazed fans and lifted their expectations to thrilling new levels. And so did we. Well, ok. He scored two goals in the first fifteen minutes and we accidentally invented a new language. We all celebrated our respective achievements by sliding about on the floor though, so you could say it amounted to the same thing.


Oh No He Didn’t!

Pepe’s up close and personal moment with Gomez in the area earned Bayern Munich a priceless penalty. We’d have offered him a medal. Image: JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/GettyImages.

Half time. It’s was all square at the Bernabeu after Arjen Robben’s pen, so for a moment we were able to turn our attention to important business matters. Anton Hysen naked, with just a sack and a rope to protect his modesty. Cue an unsightly scramble for the publish button, and the kind of double entrendre abuse designed to prompt plenty of wincing when we read it back this morning.

The work ethic is relentless here, isn’t it?


The second half was slightly less dramatic than we were expecting, so we allowed our literary bent a little exercise. Don’t worry, we won’t be letting it out of it’s drawer again. It only served to remind us of a commonality of purpose with our readers that may cause some people to report us the authorities.


Heavy Artillery

Image: REUTERS/Felix Ordonez.

On 95 minutes, Bayern brought on their big gun. Or, if you work here, the big bulge. It’s all the same. Kickette staffers switched to red wine, in order to cope with the excitement.


Iker? Your Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Image: Jasper Juinen/Getty Images.

Penalties. Everybody prepared themselves by stroking their loved ones. In Sergio’s case, this meant his hair.


Just as the tension (and our bar tab) was approaching breaking point, a football came flying through the window of the pub and landed in in our cocktail fish bowl, causing a tsunami of beverage that nearly knocked us off our stools.

Cheers for that, Sergio.


The After Party Party

Image: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images.

So Basti scored the winner and Bayern Munich will face Chelsea in the final of the Champions League. More importantly, unprecedented scenes of nudity unfolded on the pitch (see top) and in our (ex) local. We assume they’ll be sending us the bill for the damage/offence caused in due course.

Did you have as much fun as we obviously did, Kickettes?

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124 Responses to “Champions League Results: More. Now. Again.”

  1. Anna Ivory says:

    I Know Why Ramos Throw this ball on The Moon..cause He want to be the center of attention AGAIN in http://www.kickette.com lool you guys should stop with this obsession loool .Arretez les filles :P

  2. Anna Ivory says:

    Glad Bayern Won cause I'm a chelsea fan and I think Madrid would win against them!!! it's like a Dream Barca and Medrid out Hope we will not be hearing from these Drama queens until next season looool

  3. Agnes Wonka says:

    I feel so sorry for RM….I really wanted them to win.
    Sergio must have felt really bad :(

  4. elylovesfootball says:

    When i saw that pic of Mario i just went in flames.
    Gosh he has to stop being this hot or i'll literally melt.

  5. pipihitam says:

    Danke Schoen Basti, for taking it off litterally! Mein Herr!! *smooches*

  6. LoveLondon says:

    I've been so blue over my Real…Love Real Madrid no matter what. Chelsea better win because Fernando's goal has brought me the most JOY this season,love him and never give up on him. Hala Madrid, GO NANDO!

    • GermaninLondon says:

      I would totally agree – if that scenario did not give AC,FL, & JT bragging rights! C'mon, Bayern!

  7. camille says:

    guess someone has a new background for their computer:))))))))))))))))
    and congrats to bayern it was such a good game!!!!!!!!!

  8. LoveBird says:

    WOW I am in love….. that photo ai, ai se eu te pego ahahah

    Bayern so deserve to fight for that title @ home, damn wish I could say the same about Chelsea but I hate anti-game, it just doesn't qualify as football for me

    But Bayern, oh boy love their game so much, now that is football, so exciting to watch [excluding the penalties at the end, but loved them afterwards]

    Would love to watch the final live! Their red is so beautiful too!!

  9. MarioBaby says:

    So proud of my team :) I love all of you especially Mario <3
    Great Game, RM did a good job too

  10. earidurt says:

    This match broke my heart, most painful loss for me as a Madrid fan. So close…so very close. Congratulations Bayern! Hala Madrid….now and always!

  11. NinaNoir says:

    Just dropping in to say the thought of Mario Gomez shirtless was the only thing that made me feel a little better after the game. Hurts that Real wont be in the final, but that photo of Gomez's assets almost makes it worth it.

  12. Ashwitha says:

    I love Real Madrid, but my favourite team in the whole world is the German national team, so last night left me torn between agony and joy. Rather pleased I get to see the ever-so-yummy Mario Gomez again in the final though!

    Just out of curiosity, because this question occurred to me last night and I can't for the life of me think why they do it: why do football players take their shirts off when they're happy?

    Not that I'm complaining one bit, but it strikes me as a bit odd that that's the first thing they'd do.

    • April says:

      I have TOTALLY wondered this, too. Because if we can figure out why, then maybe we can influence such a thing to happen more often. :) Scheming…

  13. IrishBlue says:

    Mario Gomez bum + Thomas Muller short tent = photographic perfection. Bravo!

  14. AC_USA says:

    I am so proud of my Bayern boys! :) )) Yesterdays game was too much for my poor little heart-I had like a gazillion mini heart attacks. In extra time I lost every mail I had. Penalties were even worse but my boys did it :) So proud of them. They came onto the pitch and played like men. And won fair and square. In fact everything should have been decided in the first 90 minutes if Gomez and Roben were a little more lucky but oh well. All I can say to my boys is-THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!! :) Now lets go kick some Chelsea butt :) ))

  15. Gladys says:

    Sorry if this creepy question isn't about the result…but Kickette, where is the shirtless pic of Granero you refer to in your Tweet?!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I was literally mentally taking pictures while am stressing out in the game and try Check icymi post when una madridista post it, she will definitely have it (same con la roja blog) blogger ;)

      • DebS says:

        We can always count on Una to find the best pics, can't we?!

        The shirtless Granero was when he was talking to Mou before being subbed on. :)

  16. Catty women says:

    Congrats to all the Bayern and Chelsea fans on here! A job well done beating two gaints from Spain!

  17. Lizzie says:

    was extremely upset that my madrid lost ….it still hurts this morning ….found a tiny bit of solice when Monterrey won the CL over here….but still wish my madrid could of won

  18. rafaela says:

    I was so sad for Real’s lost and I wanted to kill all Bayern’s player but when I saw this photo…..

  19. Katie says:

    Congrats Bayern. Ever since the last world cup, I can honestly say that German football has to be one of the best in the world – coming from an Arsenal fan! I'm still not sure who I'll be supporting during the finals though. If Arsenal are well and truly secured in 3rd place and guaranteed a place in next year's Champions League, then I hope Chelsea win and if not; Bayern. Is that fickle? Oh well – just tactics.

  20. indianmuggle says:

    Call me unfair, tell me this isn't what football is about, call me one of those silly arrogant Barca fans, rub RM's league in my face, you know whatever. But I WILL say this : I'm super glad Madrid can't win it this year either…

  21. Jenni says:

    Amazing match, and I'm so relieved that Bayern won. I can't stand Real Madrid – not into fascism or royalism – and as an Arsenal fan, I just wouldn't have watched if it was Real Madrid vs Chelsea. Now I can energetically cheer for Bayern.

    Feel sorry for all those that will miss the final, from both sides – is it me or do there seem to be more than usual? I thought making it three yellow cards equals a ban, rather than two, would reduce the incidence of this, but I guess referees have become more card-happy at the same time. I didn't think the guy last night was too bad from that point of view, but why on earth he thought the first penalty was a penalty, I'll never know.

    • April says:

      It is currently a three card accumulation. I think it needs upped to 4, or they ought to grant amnesty int he final to those with card accumulation next year. Unfortunately, it cannot really happen this year, or there will be some outcry.

      I think refs just card more frequently in a lot of these European matches, too. Maybe they should change the number of cards to accumulate with any trends in how many cards are given out per state or year?

      • Jenni says:

        Wow… I really like your idea! They already did change it from two yellow cards in the whole competition to three (I think people were starting to get themselves booked in the semi final first leg on purpose to avoid missing the final). Sadly, the referees seem to have made up for that by giving more cards. I think your mathematical idea is marvellous and will keep things fair.

        • April says:

          Oops… just saw your mention of the increase from two to three in your original post. Sometimes I am terrible at the reading. I am also poor at typing, it seems! "given out per *stage or year"

    • anon says:

      They need to change it to the WC format where all yellow cards are wiped out at the semis. 3 yellows over an entire tournament is ridiculous.

    • Jenessa says:

      Facism? Real Madrid isn't exactly post World War I Italy…that's a little mean…

  22. JenC says:

    Yay for Bayern boys! I'm getting sick of spanish clubs to be honest. They are so overrated,over-hyped and overpaid…in terms of looks too…

  23. IrishBlue says:

    Chelsea v Bayern final, who predicted that!

    Can't wait for it, Bayern have been magnificent this tournament and deserve their final spot. Hopefully we can just go out there and play our hearts out. It would be nicer if it wasn't actually played in Munich, though Im hoping that won't make a difference.

    • April says:

      At least it's not really a home crowd. Tickets have to be split. But I wanted Bayern because I felt like if we lost to them, I'd take it better than I would have taken a loss to RM. I am not entirely sure why.

      I am psyched for this one! Let's hope it's the Blues that pull off a wonder and raise that trophy on the 19th. Would do a lot to soothe the fans after a tough year, and hopefully Abromovich from making a lot of impulsive buys or decisions, and the team could finally try to rebuild for reals. :)

      • IrishBlue says:

        How amazing would it be! Unbelievable to think not so long ago we were down and out, couldn't win a game. Such a turnaround, I was sceptical about RDM as were plenty others at the start but he's really proven himself.

        I hope Roman doesn't feel the need to sack him and bring in someone more high profile just because he can.

        • April says:

          I hope he makes some sound decisions around the next manager. RDM has definitely helped the whole mental state. I'll never really understand what went so wrong with AVB, and I am not sure we will for some time, if ever. But the team has really rallied around him. It could put a damper on that spirit if they had to watch him go in favor of another new one.

          On the other hand, it could be hard for RDM to have to part with players this summer, assuming he'll still need to do some cleaning out. But they may find he is well up to that task, too. I'd probably be in favor of giving him the next year to see how it goes, and maybe extend the contract beyond that based on performance in the season.

          • AC_USA says:

            I never thought Chelsea was gonna make it. Totally thought it was gonna be Barca. As fas as Real Madrid vs Bayern go I knew that neither team was gonna give up easily but Bayern has that little extra motivation to win it because the final is in front of their people and fans. So I expected a great 2 games. I feel like RM gave up a little too early but I was cheering for Bayern anyway!!! :)

  24. Loninha - Brasil says:

    My future husband Mario Gomez is getting better and we are in the Final huhuhuhu Chelsea to come!

  25. Mirella says:

    What an exciting match with two brilliant teams and a dramatic ending! The Bayern win is the icing on the cake and makes me very happy!
    Real Madrid obviously had the much better start, but the boys came back and throughout the game I had the feeling Bayern wanted it more. The final in the Allianz Arena means so, so much to these players, the fans and especially Uli Hoeneß (the club's president).
    Of course, I'm a little sad for the boys who will miss the final, especially little Alaba. His handball didn't look intentional to me. But hey, at least in the end he showed some of the biggest names in football how to clinically score a penalty.

    When he presented the team sheet, my commentator said the only difference to the first leg would be Marcelo for Coentrao and that wouldn't be a surprise because "Coentrao only plays at away games. He is not liked by the fans at Bernabeu." Is this true? Is there a reason?

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Perhaps he meant when Fabio caught smooking on his bday and bernabeu booed him afterward once, but that's happened once and that's it however not the main reason, the reason behind that Coentrao is better defender than Marcelo, that's the thing, he plays when he need our left back to defend more than attack including home games.
      with that said, Marcelo was our best player yesterday!

  26. Kristina says:

    Half naked Germans. What is there not to love! A big congratulations to Bayern Munchen! They were absolutely splendid! What a game!

    I think it's so cruel though. The penalties I mean. So much pressure on one individual, and a bit dissappointing after such a game.

    From my perspective as a Barca fan I'm a bit sad that we won't get to see a final between two teams that are somuch in love with the ball as Barca and Bayern seems to be. But hey, I'm not complaining, at least it's gonna be a final where I don't have to fear for my health while watching :)

    Good luck to both teams! If I dare say so I think Chelsea need it a little bit more, those Germans looked fierce yesterday.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      "between two teams that are somuch in love with the ball as Barca and Bayern seems to be" really?

      • Kristina says:

        Possession. Wanting the ball. Desiring the ball. That's whats I meant. I have no doubts that RM loves to play either, if you thought so. Definitely not. A good game from RM's side too.

        • Kristina says:

          *too* not *either* of course.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Oh, I still thought that RM and Bayern were equal in wanting the ball, the second half both team would have the ball start passing in their own side, it was so frustrating to watch too!
          Anyway the result for me show that these two teams were equal. People who spoke about a clasico final before the draw jinxed us jeje

          • Kristina says:

            I was more thinking about how Chelsea played in their semifinals. And you can't really blame me for wanting Barca in the final. And I think that possession went to Bayern. The commentators actually compared Barca and Bayern, pointing out where Barca failed and Bayern succeeded. I didn't think so much about RM when I made the comment.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              I don't see them playing the same! Anyway…wishing Valencia luck today!

            • Annika says:

              Yeah, "my commentator" said something like that too. Umm… he actually said that Bayern was like a physically more capable and faster Barcelona…

              Anyways, I could notice certain similarities too. I mean all of that passing…

  27. Kat says:

    Did Sergio really shed tears? I haven't decided if I want to see photos because it just break my heart, but did he, really?

    I love, love how everyone in the team rallied behind Cristiano, Kaka and Sergio. Iker, in particular, brightened my mood (and I was in a really bad one) when he posted that ADORABLE photo of him and Kaka on his Facebook page, where he thanked the three who missed their penalties for their courage. Such a nice gesture from the captain. Alvaro Arbeloa said a similar thing on Twitter as well.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      How can you fault him if he shed a tear, Kaka did as well!! Ramos did speak over twitter as well, his words were amazing, but nothing tops Iker's! why make these players bad, they are already feeling it, nothing worse than going out on penalties nothing!

      • Kat says:

        I'm not faulting him in any way whatsoever. I just never thought of The Ramos as a crier. Kaka, yes. Iker, DUH. Yes. But not Sergio. Which was why I was asking.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          It was a theoretical question! :) ! Not you kat, well iker don't cry when we lose :p

    • Kat says:

      it *would* just break my heart.

  28. stapiiid says:

    Neuer is the best goalkeeper, I always said that and all could see yesterday the proof.

  29. DrStrangelove says:

    I don't care. I honestly don't. Why do I not? Because next year, we, the mighty Toon, will be in this. We will be battling in Europe. We will (theoretically) have a shot at winning the Champions League. No more proxy support to foreign teams, hoping that they beat Man U or Chelsea. Next year, I will be able to support my own team, in the Champions League. My own team. Mine. Our lads.


    • Kat22 says:


      And you thoroughly deserve it as well. Played some brilliant football this season.

    • cupcakes says:

      Starting praying for a Bayern victory DrStangelove because the EPL only gets 4 slots in the CL and if Chelsea win the whole shebang then they will automatically qualify next year, and just the top 3 clubs (ManU, ManC & The Arse) will join them.

      And you can blame Liverpool for that!

      • DrStrangelove says:

        I am hoping for a Bayern victory, in common with most of the rest of the country it seems. Chelsea have managed the interesting feat of mobilising the bulk of the English footballing public to cheer on a German team.

        • IrishBlue says:

          It would be incredibly unfair to that team if it did happen, Newcastle have been brilliant all season.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          really? my friend told me, the whole of london based supporters were cheering for Chelsea against Barca

          • Jenni says:

            I'm an Arsenal fan and I can guarantee than very few Arsenal pubs would contain people cheering for Chelsea. There's always a handful, and always a debate, but these days, nobody really wants Chelsea and Man U to win anything.

          • April says:

            I think many people cheered for them to get into the final. But now they will cheer for Chelsea to lose to Bayern. Makes sense from the "race for the top 4" perspective. I'd quite rather Chelsea somehow manage their top 4 spot anyhow and put that whole thing to rest. Not sure I care which team falls out of the #4 spot for us to get there (a girl can dream).

    • kel says:

      Haway the toon indeed. Hard to believe they were relegated 3 seasons ago. Look at how they've turned it all around. Just proving how great they and their supporters are after all the craziness surrounding them.

  30. Kat22 says:

    Wow, what a game!

    Seeing as Bayern are the only German team left in the competition, I was rooting for them. (I don't have anything against Real Madrid though). I thought the boys put in a brilliant performance, coming back after that dodgy penalty in the first few minutes and the other goal by Ronaldo. And all that away from home too. They thoroughly deserved to go through.

    I felt so sorry for Sergio though. He looked gutted. Penalties are always a cause for heartbreak. :-(

    Anyway, if the two semi-finals are anything to go by then the final is going to be a right cracker! Can't wait.

    Toll gemacht Jungs, toll gemacht! :-)

    • Kat22 says:

      Oh and Mario Gomez is HOT, but then we already knew that. :-D

    • stapiiid says:

      yeah they really did a great job

      • AC_USA says:

        Yeah that penalty was absoutley confusing to me. Guy is falling down and ball touched his hand-thats true. But what in the world do you expect him to do with his hands as he is falling down. hhhmmmm

        • Kat22 says:

          I know, it's ridiculous. There is no way he could have stopped that. Very harsh to give a penalty for that.

          • AC_USA says:

            Or at least np yellow card because he was one of the best players on the pitcj and for stupid yellow je is not gonna play in the finals. :(

            • Kat22 says:

              Agreed. I wish they would change the rules slightly so players can play in the final. Apart from John Terry obviously. Don't think anyone would argue with that one.

    • April says:

      The interesting thing is that Chelsea and Bayern have had a lot of similarities in this competition so far (as far as the stats show). And now with all the suspended players for the final, they have that too. Should make for what is hopefully a very interesting finale indeed!

  31. Thea says:

    OMG – What a few days we have had (welcome break from working the GP in Bahrain related stess!). My heart was in my mouth the whole way through THAT penalty shoot out with Kaka, and CR9 not really justifying their bucks! Still laughing at the Ramos miss AND MOUR having to fake class in defeat afterwards!

    • Marissa says:

      Excuse me but I don't think Murinho "faked class" in any way. He looked genuine and truely supported his players. He told them to mmove on and think about La Liga, he even congratualted Bayern by going into their locker rooms. That's true class right there, nothing fake about that. Stop picking on Mourinho, he has been very classy lately and deserves to be respected.
      And Ramos told everyone to move on, he also congratualed Bayern.
      Like it or not, they were both truely classy and only Barca fans would see differently…

    • KL7 says:

      I hardly think you can say Cristiano Ronaldo didn't "justify his bucks". The man has done nothing but justify the highest price tag ever since he came to Madrid. He played his balls off in the game. His two goals were the reason the shoot out was needed. The race between RM and Barca was so tight for the league, every game counted. CR7 was the hero in most of the wins. You can hate him all you want but you can't take away the fact that he is one of the best players in the game.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        I already told her so, but she is so convinced he didn't, all I have to say " calma"

    • Lindon says:

      What a stupid little girl you are for your comments.

    • xoWinnie says:

      awwe, sounds like someone's still bitter about Saturday's game…and Tuesday's game…and Messi's missed penalty…and last Tuesday's game…and the league…there there hun!

    • Kristina says:

      I love it when MOUR loses. Always and forever. It's almost as good as when Barca wins. So something good came out of these semifinals. But I felt bad about Ramos. I hate those penalties. I think Kaka is overrated, and CR..well he always seem to follow Messis lead. Even in missed penalties.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Kaka is a previous ballon d'or! Harsh to say he is overrated as he have been suffering for injuries for almost now 4 years! Go watch his real interview on rmtv and see how much suffering he had to go too, trying to force his body to do things he can't do anymore, how he lost hope as he got frustrated with his injuries!
        Since canales was injured as well,yesterday I hope he doesn't suffer the faith, it is always heart breaking injuries doing these to talented players.
        As for cris this is his second miss in 2 years! Just scored first too. Soo not really

      • xoWinnie says:

        yeaah…I'm sure Cristiano was following Messi's lead when he broke HIS OWN Liga records and won the Pichichi last year too LOLOL, good one. also, give Neuer a little credit. had he jumped the wrong way, it would've been a goal. your little Messi's penalty wasn't going in because the crossbar had other plans. sucks, doesn't it.

      • k22milan says:

        Kaka is not overrated. He's not at his best, and hasn't been for a few years. But he is not overrated.

  32. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I obviously did't enjoy that, IKER you are my San, animo for Kaka, Cris and Ramos!! I can't ask more from my team, Jose press conference was just soo amazing, it was more like a father speaking about his sons rather than a coach, I think that's why he is so loved by all his players. As I said, even Bayern coach praised Jose merits as he went to their locker room and congraluated them.

    Congrats Bayern, one just don't win penalty kicks against Germans, I honestly give merits to Neuer more than Cris penalty, especailly the Cris one, it was a good save!

    As for the final, all I say may the best men win, although I do have a soft side for Mata. Always rely on Iker FB to cheer us up, my capitan oh my capitan, he is just the saint! Proud madridista

    Hala Madrid! Beauty of this game, you win some and lose some, what an emotional rollcoaster this week have been.

    • xoWinnie says:

      and that's that! i usualy don't have much to add after you've commented before me, you, Bri and Deb! <3

    • DebS says:

      Sarah, must you always read my mind? ;)

      Well said. Gutted by the loss but my disappointment is FOR the guys, not IN them. They gave it they're all and, this time, Bayern came out on top. :(

    • KL7 says:

      The whites played their hearts out and I'm so sad for them that they didn't make it through. Nothing made me prouder to be a Madridista than the crowd singing CR's name after he missed to show their support for him.
      It's been a hard couple of weeks for the boys but at least they can raise the cup for the league. Their hard work this season won't go unrewarded. Hala Madrid!

    • bri_saldana says:

      It's been 4 DAYS and the pang in my heart has NOT gone away. I'm still getting over the "..lose some" part. I'm super proud of the boys and all the Madridistas showing respect! It was so tough but nothing to be ashamed of…onward toward the La Liga crown. Let's finish strong, ¡Hala Madrid!

  33. mata says:

    OMG, as if that game wasn't heavenly enough, now this view of Gomez's assets, thank you Kickette!

    Congratulations BM, can't wait for the final!

  34. cupcakes says:

    Penalties + Germans = Eternal Sadface (Unless you're German, natch.) Which is why Khedira & Ozil (I know he was subbed off late on) should have taken them. I can't believe TSO didn't spot that!

    Oh well, if any of the RM boys need hugs, I want them to know I'm available and I guess I'll just have to watch Chelsea defeat a far-less aesthetically pleasing team (Robben? Schweinsteiger?! Ribery?!!) on May 19th.

    • Kat22 says:

      So I'm guessing you don't think Mario Gomez is good looking either?

      • cupcakes says:

        Fair point! He is but one princess-cut diamond in a bag of coal though…

        • Kat22 says:

          Lol, bit harsh.

          But hey, as long as they play great football who cares? Don't exactly think the Chelsea team is full of beauties either, apart from Fernando obviously and I do have a bit of weird soft spot for David Luiz.

          • April says:

            I would add to the list that I think Mata, Paulo, and Mikel are attractive. Kalou has a cuteness about him. Meireles can be good looking apart from his hair. I think the unfortunate thing for Bayern is that they have one particular player that is maybe not as easy on the eyes ;) .

            I also figured that cupcakes was referring to Bayern as being less pretty than RM (not Chelsea).

            • Kat22 says:

              "I also figured that cupcakes was referring to Bayern as being less pretty than RM (not Chelsea)."

              Oh I got that. I just used Chelsea because it's going to be them against Bayern now. :-)

            • IrishBlue says:


              Cech is quite easy on the eyes too. Im undecided on Cahill, though he has his cute moments.

              Im not biased! Ok well maybe a bit.

              • April says:

                I almost threw Cech in there. And some folks quite fancy themselves some Frankie and others. I imagine it's quite the same for Bayern. :)

        • mata says:

          Well, Mr. Neuer can hop in my sack of coal any day.

        • NinaNoir says:

          Best. Description. Ever. And what a diamond he is…

    • FootyFanUSA says:

      Far less aesthetically pleasing team? Are you taking about looks because Mario gomez is FINE.

    • IrishBlue says:

      Schweinsteiger is hot! In my eyes anyway…

    • JenC says:

      LOL, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…I think Bayern has more attractive players than Chelsea. Holger Badstuber,Mueller,Gomez,Toni Kroos..much much more attractive than any other team.

      • Kat22 says:

        Oh, nice pic! :-D

      • SoccerDuckie says:

        I don't recognize the cutie on the far right, under the blue screen. Never mind, rolling in the hay with Mr. Anonymous it is then for tonight. =)

    • xoWinnie says:

      call me crazy, but I find Schweini more attractive than Gomez. though i know by most standards, Gomez is better looking

      • April says:

        Not crazy. I think Gomez has a good body, but I can't do the hair. This, coming from a girl who endures terrible hair from Torres. Now THAT is crazy!

        All the more Gomez for the other ladies ;)

      • kathrynlouw says:

        I do too. I know I am in the minority on this, but I don't fin Gomez attractive. His abs… well, that is another story, but I am not attracted to his face or his hair. But to each their own, I suppose.

    • Annika says:

      Because really, football is all about beauty and general attractiveness. Not skills or something. But then again, have it your way, I'd rather have Ribery, Robben and Schweini on my team than any other attractive player. Also, Ribery may be the ugliest man alive, but as long as he does what he does, I am more than okay with it. Same goes for the other two.

      • April says:

        You seem to have missed the website your're on ;) I don't think the comment was meant with any intention to comment on skills.

        • Annika says:

          No, I am pretty sure I am on the right website and I still think that looks have nothing to do with that final, plus, the 3 of them are a joy to watch. And, while we're at it, Real Madrid doesn't have that much of an attractive team. At least in my eyes.

      • NinaNoir says:

        Yeah yeah yeah, Robben and Schweini on my TEAM but Gomez and Sergio, Iker and the rest of the pretty Madrid boys on ME. Yes please.

      • Kat22 says:

        Stimme Dir hundertprozentig zu!