April 28th, 2011

Champions League Results: The Saga Continues

Says it all really. Image: Getty Images/Daylife

For us, results posts act as a form of closure. An opportunity to review the games in the cold light of day and chew the fat on the issues raised. Unfortunately, with second legs due to be played next week, Barcelona considering action over Jose Mourinho’s post-match comments and a rabid following of both clubs on our humble website, we have a feeling this one might attract a bit of ‘attention’ in the coming days.

Our comments moderator is trembling. Be considerate.

Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona

Hmm. That looks friendly. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

When you take the nature of the Copa Del Rey victory into consideration, it was surely written that Lionel Messi would be the man to fire the opening salvo in this particular battle. Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty in that match was the decisive blow, but now, barring a comeback that would surely take its place in the annals of history were it to happen, the newly two dimensional King’s Cup will be the only silverware gracing the Madrid trophy cabinet this season.

But it’s not the sublime goalscoring skills of ‘The Flea’ that we need to discuss here. If you haven’t seen his goals, you owe it to yourself as a football fan (affiliations aside) to watch them full stop. Sadly, however, that’s not the issue bothering one Jose Mourinho this morning. Among the accusations levelled at Barcelona by Senhor Mou are that Barca’s affiliation with UNICEF affords them favourable treatment from UEFA and that they are allowed to get away with stuff because they’re great. Basically, he’s disgusted to live in this world.  Bless.

Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

While he stomps up the stairs, slams his bedroom door and turns his music up to eleven, let’s look at the facts, shall we? Until half-time, the game was proceeding in a relatively pedestrian manner; both sides fouling, diving and referee bothering in equal measure. A few players, obviously bored with this, took the half time whistle as a cue to start the real action, a scrum on the touchline resulting in Barcelona substitute goalkeeper Jose Pinto getting sent off.

Pepe followed a quarter of an hour after play resumed (left), his tackle on Dani Alves deemed sufficiently contentious for a straight red. Mourinho’s response (clapping sarcastically at Alves) saw him dismissed too.

Image: AP Photo/Daylife.

Although Madrid had held their own, the advantage the sending off provided Barca was always going to be one to exploit. Ibrahim Affelay replaced Pedro and five minutes later provided the cross that thwarted Casillas and allowed Messi to strike. The rest? Well, you should know by now.

We don’t expect you to be able to discuss the issues arising from this game rationally just yet. We understand. So we will just remind you to play nicely, respect other people’s views and keep the snarking to a dull roar, please. We don’t want to have to red card anyone, do we?

Schalke 04 0-2 Manchester United

It’s not exactly a traditional method of running a back four, but hey, ’Daddy Rio comfort’ is working for us! Getty Images/Daylife.

Right. Before we begin, let’s get the background to this tie out of the way. The Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen is not Wayne Rooney’s happy place. Schalke, who under any other circumstances would have been considered massive underdogs against these opponents, have had an epic journey to this semi-final and a perfect home record up to this point. Therefore, it could go either way. Surely.

Er…no. Don’t be distracted by the scoreline, people. United were awesome and it’s a credit to Schalke goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (left) that the second leg at Old Trafford isn’t going to be a training exercise. Strikes from Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez and Park Ji-Sung were all repelled by Neuer in the first half and it took wave after wave of United attack to thwart him; Ryan Giggs being the man to do so on sixty-seven minutes. In doing so, he became the oldest goalscorer in Champions League history, which is really odd to those of us who remember him when he was a puppy.

Wayne Rooney struck two minutes later, giving United a two goal advantage going into the second leg at Old Trafford, and while Schalke have form in this area, the sharp football minds at Kickette feel that United will almost certainly be appearing at Wembley for the final. With Barca.

You heard it here first.*

*Please bear in mind that we reserve the right to deny we ever made this prediction, should events conspire against us. We’ll probably even sneak back and re-edit this post to erase our erroneous assertions. We’re that sad.

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313 Responses to “Champions League Results: The Saga Continues”

  1. liposuctie says:

    This is highly informatics, crisp and clear. I think that Everything has been described in systematic manner so that reader could get maximum information and learn many things.

  2. xoWinnie says:

    i am not supporting anything.
    i tend to comment on posts i agree with form Real fans
    only if they prove points rather than just simply being disrespectful.
    in fact, i tend to only comment on posts by Cules that also raise points
    without being disrespectful or derogative as well,
    i don't really like being involved in that.
    but in case you haven't noticed,
    their posts have been thumbed down.
    the other ones have been thumbed up.
    if you don't like it, ignore it (like most people do)
    it's just sort of a double standard, that's all.

  3. mochara says:

    All I have to say is it was the worst game of football I have ever seen until the 70th minute, both teams were disgraceful and I think there were more fouls than actual playing time! However when Ibrahim Afellay (my new love) came on, Barca started playing a lot better and Afellay made the first assist to Messi to get Barca going.
    Moral of the story = Play Ibi more!!!

  4. Lotte says:

    Me neither. But I'm happy that the ref's gave the carfs. Because I agree with Tina, I'd take diving any day before violence. Diving is cheating, but at least you don't hurt anyone physically.

    • tulipino says:

      Lotte, we get it. Just shut up. Barca players play fair and everybody else is at fault.
      Same record over and over and over again here on this board. If you don't have anything new to say, then… see my second sentence, you Jean D'Arc of Barca

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Football is a contact sport, that's my point, I support my club and I still think we didnt play dirty, yes we had few aggressive tackles here and there, but so did Barcelona and I didnt rebel them as dirty! Because it happens in football. Both sides tackle, we commit more fouls because you hold on the ball more than we do, so it seems like we play dirty, but we didn't.

      I didnt talk about referee or if it is card or not, I really dont care at this point, we need to get over it, but I am just saying how unfair we have been labeled in the football now.

      • Lotte says:

        Sorry, I could have sweared you were talking about the ref's judgement. My bad.

        • Lotte says:

          And for the record, I don't think that RM is particularly violent team. I have in the past on this blog expressed my respect for the club and their players. What has got me going this time is mou and his behavior. And also the sore looser mentality of SOME, absolutely not all, madridistas.

          I'll shut up and get out.

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            What I meant is ( the red card), not the overall judgement of the referee, in my second post. Anyway, there is sore losers from both side of the club, I thought that both parties to be blamed in this one, Mourinho has pushed it I agree, I didnt like what he said, BUT both clubs are at fault.

            I hope for beautiful football at the second leg, esp that both clubs lost in Liga lol.

            • Lotte says:

              Yes this is getting too much (I know, I know, I'm a part of it and a bit ashamed right now). This isn't over at all. I wish for a much more positive football experience in the second leg.

              Now, I'm getting out ;) .

  5. Slave4Mou says:

    Lilly, check out the Infidelity Files from awhile back…. my only defense of Jose's alleged musical love choice is "Summer of '69"… (in fairness the song is crap but the name is funny!)

    • Lilly says:

      I read the article and I must say; I'm scandalised he is physically able to get it on while listening to Bryan Adams!
      Mou is just too much for me to handle…

  6. Zahara says:

    i am not proud of the way my barca boys played on wednesday, but real was at fault just as much as barca was.
    they all need to take some chill-pills.
    but mou's tactics were terrible, and though the game was very close, messi is the one who separated the two sides.
    messi is football god…and ronaldo knows it..he was so quiet that night.
    and i love how david villa discipline sheet is clean.
    and xavi could have chosen his words a bit more carefully.

    and omg, sergi roberto, mamma mia.

    and visca el barca!

  7. Julia says:

    I'm only disappointed with the so called Barça fans here, that apparently can't see for themselves and took the 'diving' speech from the madridistas.
    I've been watching Barça's games since I'm 9 years old and, sorry if Barça dived once or twice, but IT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE, madridistas sure as hell know that.
    About Pepe, EVEN if he didn't touch Dani, he SHOULD get a red because of the way he intentionally lifted his legs to hit another player and because he wasn't from far the less violent player out there. That's enough.
    And you're all forgetting the we didn't win because Pepe saw a red or cause the game was rough… BARÇA WON BECAUSE OF LEO MESSI! He's a freakin genious, and that's what FOOTBALL FANS should be talking about.
    Just to finish, let me say it…
    The tension of a Clasico is much more then you from outside Spain or Catalunya can imagine, the history, everything that's behind it. And I'm sorry, but only a few RM players know what i'm talking about and feel it.
    It's a war of two rival countries, clubs and ideals.

  8. @DebStimson says:

    http://www.realmadrid.com/cs/Satellite/en/1330054… Pepe didn't even TOUCH Alves! o_O

    If he IS calling Marcelo a monkey, any respect I had for Busquets is now gone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VXKWHNHt4o

    I used to have a lot of respect for the Barca guys as people but not anymore. The comments after their Copa del Rey loss and now their behavior during this game and the comments made afterward are despicable. And Barca is supposed to be the "classier" team?! pfft

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Some actually defended Busquets, saying it sounds like mo mo not "mono" .What the hell is mo mo! lol or ok every football swear on the field, ok yes players talk dirty on the pitch, but the choice of the word ahhh I can't express my anger . Hyporcite! your own team mates have been labeled by this Alves, Etoo by crowds! Unbelievable, does he even has the balls to apologize? no! In hell, did Messi apologize for throwing the ball on Bernabeu crowds? no, but Pepe did (( the worse player in history of football the monster as fans describe him)) he apologized for his hand gesture in CDR. Yes! I will throw it out-there and talk about it.

    • bri_saldana says:

      Yeah…I think it's such crap that the majority of the Barca fans on this site continually vote down the video post of this incident and completely refuse to acknowledge it at all. If the roles were reversed they'd be screaming bloody murder.

  9. timon says:

    there was another game at the same time taking place between two teams also called Barca and Real?
    Because you surely must have watched a different game than the CL semi final. I didn't see a brilliant 2nd half.
    Which game then did you watch???

  10. NinaNoir says:

    Holland in the World Cup Final was like a lawnmower let loose, they played really rough, and I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing but you can't compare it to the way RM played Barca.

    Nobody got De Jonged. Though I kinda wish someone had…

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I just want to put this question out-there.Ok! I will say we played very dirty, so why did Barcelona player get the urge to "act" to get yellow/red cards for our players? Why not wait for our players to play dirty "as we do" and commit fouls that require senting off?

      • Lotte says:

        Are you serious!? Do you really think anyone would risk injury just to prove to the world that RM played dirty? When you put it that way I almost condone with the diving. Perhaps thats the answer to your question. The barca players didn't want to injure themselves but they wanted the ref's to see the aggressive play by some of the RM players? I don't know.

  11. SizzlDizzlworstNameEver:D says:

    I am a real Madrista and the match hurted me very much, but I have to Congratulate to Barcelona ;D
    Messi was playing wonderful!!

  12. Lotte says:

    Well I don't know what he "seems" to dot, but in reality he does. I have read it in many interviews and heard it too. I admit that directly after a game he is not so keen on giving praise to others. Maybe it is adrenaline still pumping or something. But he has praised Man U, Rooney especially, and Sevilla. Just to name a few.

    I don't know why, but I kinda like it that he won't sell out the barca way-of-play just because they loose. Maybe it's because they don't loose that very often and it would be stupid to discard their tactics after an occasional defeat. If they start to loose more frequently, I'm pretty sure that he would start question things.

  13. BlackRose says:

    Some comments are just funny. Barça that should be a bunch of perfect, immaculate angels just because the media say so. Real Madrid is under no obligation at all. I thought sportsmanship and skills were expected of EVERY professional team equally? Well, current Real Madrid offers neither skills (other than being skilled at playing some weird, dirty sport that rarely uses the ball) nor sportsmanship (Mourinho's rants are nothing new, he's been doing this for years, and Pepe's "style" of defending by attacking other players' bodies is nothing new, either; what's new is Arbeloa being a pr*ck, for instance), but who is asking? They're meant to be like this, aren't they…

    • Lotte says:

      Doble standards, I'm afraid. This is what I mean. The image of barca as a team of saints has been created outside the club.

    • jhd says:

      Do you actually watch any Real Madrid matches beside those against Barcelona? Because what you call "playing some weird, dirty sport that rarely uses the ball" is just us adjusting to play against Barca. Everybody know Barca is the best team in the world, no one is denying this, so Real Madrid has to find some kind of way to beat you and if that is parking the bus, so be it. Do you know when was the last time we tried to outplay you at your own game? November 29, 2010. How did that end?

      Sportmanship? Please. At least none of the RM players calls one of your black players a monkey.

      Get off your high horse and look at your club closely and try to admit it's not perfect. I will be the first to admit that Real Madrid is not perfect, as I do have many problems with it, but Barca fans whining about some people commenting on your diving and general bad play from Wednesday's match is just hilarious.

      • BlackRose says:

        I do, nearly every week. Some of my friends support Real and we see the matches together. And NO, you don't just do that against Barça but against many others (tell it to Preciado), the main difference between Barça and other Spanish teams being that you're much more afraid of Barça (unfortunately, current Liga BBVA is bicephalous, and Madrid and Barça are way above the rest regarding budget and players, which has a reflection on the league table), so you usually don't even try to counter-attack when you come across the ball.

        Did Busi call Marcelo a "monkey" (in Spanish: mono)? I could swear he was actually uttering to similarly bilabial consonants (and "n", bilabial it's not), BUT nevermind: I suppose he might have said "monkey", which is totally despicable in my book. It's still not exclusive to Barça players to insult, try to degrade, pick a fight… I'm sure there's no need for me to give examples. Players are human beings and some are humbler and more decent individuals than others. Not a fan of Busi's ways myself, as I've said several times here (have you anything to say about any of your players regarding personal attitude on the pitch or have you stolen my high horse?).

        Our team is wonderful PLAYING FOOTBALL. I never said they were all Mother Theresas or the kings of western morals. I still think that they're much less prone to dirty tactics and to picking fights with their opponents than Real Madrid, thus displaying better sportsmanship. In fact, it is my opinion that being dirty is tactically detrimental to our game. We benefit from interruptions being few and far between because our passing style and our always wanting to keeping possession tend to make our opponents exhausted and less and less concentrated, while interruptions (and I include someone going out of the team's way to insult, hunt, absurdly foul somebody,, basically being too much of an individualist -besides an idiot- whether the ref sees it or not) make US less intense and way less dangerous.

        • Winnie Mata says:

          BlackRose, i think what JHD is trying to say that even though the media may be guilty of having formulated and imposed Barca's image and a clean, saintly club, a lot of fans are eating it up lick ice cream! you seem as biased as anyone else when it comes to defending the club they love, but a lot of fans (of both teams) will defend them to the bitter end. my friend sometimes sends me links to posts in Barca comms. with funny GIFs and stuff, and i sometimes read the articles (i read one concerning something insulting Xavi said about Arsenal during Cescgate), and no one had any problem with his disrespect towards another club that isn't even his direct rival. that's…not right. concerning sportsmanship, i think Barca are just as much "sore losers" as anyone else, however, being a sore loser would require them to lose and that doesn't happen often. remember the sprinkler incident against Inter (sorry to keep bringing this up, but it really is the best example), and Valdes trying to intimidate Mourinho, even going as far as to put his hands on him!?! now, i know Mou was being a smug jackass about the whole thing, taunting the fans and whatnot, but Barca had come out guns blazing in the sh1t-talking department in the weeks leading up to that match, so he had a REASON to be smug for once in his life. they also stayed on the pitch for a little too long after they dived, fouled, and hand-balled their way through the Chelsea match. being sore winners has not escaped them either, you can find this in most post-match press conferences they do after big games. so you may want to compare their antics to Madrid(like most people always seem to want to do), but truth be told, you're becoming just as bad.

  14. TariGirl.x.ManUtd says:

    Manchester United played absolutely fantastic . The score could have been 5 nil or even 6 nil , but Manuel Neuer saves were amazing . Ryan Giggs was superb & the goal he did was very easy as the Schalke defense wasn’t strong . Manchester United were attacking very good . although Schalke was attacking , Man Utd’s defense was tougher & stronger . Manchester United have surely booked a spot into the final : Manchester United vs Barcelona/Real Madrid .

  15. Julia says:

    Watch the video of Busquets calling Marcelo a Monkey, then watch the video of Keita and Pinto tryinfg to fight Arebeloa, then watch the video of Alves, Busquets , Mascherano diving like they are fighting to win an oscar, then come back and talk about respect.

    Mou speaks his mind, perhaps its a bit crazy but so was that game.

    • BlackRose says:

      so Keita started the fight with Arbeloa? LOL!!! And have you seen Chendo grabbing Pinto by the neck? You have to be kidding me…

  16. Slave4Mou says:

    I am so disappointed by yesterday's result. Words fail…. I was hoping for edge of my loveseat, champagne flute- clutching drama. Now, baring a miracle, we know RMA is out. Still, Mou can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. (Yes, I am aware of the Bryan Adams rumours – yes, that is clearly wrong but the exception proves the rule, non?) He's such a bad boy. Who doesn't love that? Oh and a genius….

  17. Cora says:

    As much as I loathe Holland and their defensive tactics, I acknowledge that their "WE ARE ROBBED" accusations had its merit. The fact remains, Arjen Robben was THIS close to scoring from a beautiful counter attack (hmmm… is that even a football term? Xavi should educate me about this coz I don't think "counter-attack" is part of La Masia's football) before Iker tackled him down.

    I'm not defending RM's football, I just get this immense rage when some elitists *COUGHXaviCOUGH* are saying stupid things like "We're only the ones that want to play football."

    Xavi, your mad skills doesn't make you immune to accusations of douchebaggery.

  18. Ashley says:

    I hate Man utd, but after watching the clasico i can say that i hate barca even more, so please man u do me a favor and teach those babies a lesson.

  19. Adriana says:

    Que grande nuestra capitán <3

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      He didn't even talk about the referee after the game. The situation between Real Madrid and Barcelona now is shameful to both history, I dont like what is happening a bit. You cant blame Mourinho only, both parties are at fault.

      This is awful! I cant believe it reached this point!

  20. Winnie Mata says:

    have you ever heard of a backhanded compliment?
    "congrats Real! but honestly what was Sergio thinking dropping that trophy?
    gees way to have respect for your first cup in 3 years!…" etc.
    in order words, they don't care for it so they didn't deserve it–WHINING!
    because only Barcelona WANT to win things and will take care of them
    so they OBVIOUSLY deserve it…ppl needa chill. it was an accident.
    not to mention the bitching about Arby and Ramos and Villa thing
    there was plenty of whining, friend.

  21. Winnie Mata says:

    defensive football is a tactic.
    you do what you need to do to go where you need to be
    this is what they did, Jose clearly thought that this would be the best strategy for this game.
    it's a STRATEGY! yes, we all want to watch wonderful, exciting,
    back and forth, 1010908084 shots on goal football,
    BUT when you're down to the wire, you'll do what it takes!
    if defensive is the best way to secure a good result,
    you do what you need to do! people can deal with one game of
    "not real football" if a win comes along with it. at the end of the day
    most people will agree that winning is "the only thing"
    you may not be proud of the way you won, but you;ll be happy you did!

    • Lilly says:

      Actually, no.
      Winning isn't the holy grail, at least for some fans. I'm not happy Barca won even tho I'm a cule, coz the game was marred by all the aforementioned factors.
      Winning is the be all end all for club presidents, coz they earn $ from it. The only thing fans earn is the satisfaction of watching a good game. That's what football is all about in the first place: Entertainment.
      And it's pretty much ruined.

      • xoWinnie says:

        as a fan–i like winning.
        i love an entertaining match and i love to win.
        who doesn't? especially in this heated, politically influenced sport?
        i like to see aggressive attacking, fierce, CLEAN defending,
        sharp and quick counter attacks.
        those are the most entertaining games in the world to me,
        but when it comes down to it, a team has to adapt!
        if you're up against a team who dominates possession,
        you don't generally go head to head with them unless you can hold your own
        using this game as an example, i don't think Real is ready to do that just yet
        i wish they would have played more aggressively,
        especially when they were at home because i guarantee
        they are not going to get many chances for a comeback at the Camp Nou
        but that is the strategy Mou went with, and it didn't work
        i hope he tries something else. however, if it had worked,
        it would've been a successful tactic and maybe then
        people would not have been as critical.
        if winning wasn't that important, there wouldn't be almost 300 comments on this thread.

        • Lilly says:

          You're right about Real's game, they did what they had to do, however my general point was this:
          The mentality of "win at all costs" is what led to the bad refereeing, the diving and the hostility on the pitch and on this thread. This is what's compromising the sport, and I just wish we would all take it easy and start seeing this less as a competition and more as enjoyment. That's just me tho, and I know it's not realistic. I'm just putting it out there :)

    • Lotte says:

      I wouldn't support a team that played hesitative, defensive football no matter how successful they were. I wouldn't be bothered to watch, it would bore me in the long run. It is a tactic, sure, but not so entertaining to watch, I'm afraid.

  22. izzy says:

    The game yesterday was pretty bad i mean I LOVE my Barcelona but i have to say BOTH teams played for dives and fouling and complaining. Im very happy that Barca won but i still feel bad for Real Madrid I think they have fantastic players and i think Mou as a manager is great but i hate it when he opens his mouth cause he always over steps his boundries. He really shouldn't have said those things he and everyone who ever plays any game or sport needs to learn how to win and how to lose. He said some dispicable things. Its a shame because he represents Real Madrid a historic istitution and a great team i think instead of blaming everyone else he should think about what HE could do to make it better. Needless to say i wish Madrid all the best but Im rooting for my Barca, however i do hope the second leg is much improved with less fouls and much less complaining and just plain beautiful football. As far as yesterdays game the thing that rescuded it for me where of course Messi's INCREDIBLE goals that man leaves me with my jaw to the floor everytime i watch him play A – MAZING!!!!

  23. sick of RM vs FCB says:

    am I the only one that is worried about the Spanish National Team…

    & I'm tired of this … both team are acting like lil kids… this might as well be called World War 3 ….

    as for the game it self .. .worst game i have seen both teams play

    Madrid they just played defense … & made sure FC Barcelona didn't score… & Barcelona just want to have the ball so Madrid wouldn't score

    BOTH TEAMS!!!! have actors that deserve an Oscar … cause c'mon I know you ain't going to fly like superman … for something soo lil … DISAPPOINTED in Dani Alves, Pedro Rodriguez (even though Marcelo stepping on his leg was wrong), Sergio Busquet, Pinto, Sergio Ramos, Alvaro Arbeloa, Pepe, that one guy the call Manolito, Mou and that one guy who grabbed Pinto by the throat …PROUD OF … Lionel, Xavi Hernandez, Iker, Pep for not answering Mou … & Ibi (i think thats what they call him) & Puyi…

    • sick of RM vs FCB says:

      BTW …..

      Sergio Ramos & Alvaro Arbeloa have stop following Gerard Pique … & Pique has stopped following them on Twitter…. yes someone actually put that as news…

    • Winnie Mata says:

      i completely agree about Spain. i know they usually get over it,
      but this season has been HEATED! even Del Bosque is expressing concerns
      i really hope this doesn't tear the team apart.

  24. lisa says:

    this is what drogba meant when he said "this is a effing disgrace" mas que un club indeed.

  25. Sunshine! says:

    Ladies ladies let's all cool down and put a sheet over what happened yesterday.

    Let's all move on and see what happens in game two.

    Let's hope Madrid learn from their mistakes and play a game we know them to play! I want a clean game from both teams. All us fans, doesn't matter Madrista or Cule, we all deserve a do-over clean game nextweek!

    Hala Madrid

    • Siv says:

      As a madridista, I am so depressed. What are we going to do with our backline? No Sergio and no Pepe, two of our key players. At least Carvalho is back! But seriously, I have very little faith in Garay, and Albiol too for that matter =( but maybe this would force Mou to use more of our offensive players.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        I dont think we madridista afford to play anything but offensive, I dont think we approve of anything other than attacking Mourinho already said we are out of the UCL, so I think he will throw all his tactics out of the window and he play offensive. I will miss Pepe and Ramos the most, but I like Garay, Albiol what concern me. Again, the atmosphere between the two clubs are awful, I doubt we will see football next game. That's what piss me even more, it seems like both clubs forget we have another classico to come, with everything going on now, how would they survive another one, actually there is another two in the summer also madness!

  26. BlackRose says:

    the match (and pre-match, and post-match!) was all very S&M, which I wholeheartedly approve. Also, dirty boys and drama queens are my thing. This said, I'm hoping for a less dramatic and more to-the-point second leg. You know, just for a change…

    • BlackRose says:

      (I was referring to the RM-Barça soap, of course)

      • JulieFromParis says:

        S&M, hell yeah!!! Go girl, that's the spirit! We should organize a punitive strike for those naughty naughty boys, you're in ;) ??

  27. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Well I want add one thing, real madrid style is not defensive, we know how to control the game by transfering defense to act quickly, we dont play most of time with counter acting, look at our previous games in UCL, we were equal with number of goals scored with barcelona before classico, we had more ball posession than Barcelona statistically in the UCL, before last night game again. We are playing amazing football, not tiki-taka but we can control the game, last camp nou classico we opened up our lines, we got trashed, we learn from our mistakes and ironcially I remember Mou got trashed for playing Ozil and underestimating Barcelona.
    I hate it when Mourinho is labeled as defensive coach. Again how could I question Mourinho tactics?
    Bottom line, we are not a defensive club, I didnt get how does the football world judge us based on only 2 games of the season which are a) liga classico in bernabeu b) yesteraday first half.

    • Lilly says:

      I know, RM usually play very entertainingly and I enjoy watching them. Just for the record, I believe the 5-0 was simply a bad day, combined with the fact that the team hadn't gelled yet. It's just that the media blow everything out of proportion, so the general image of a team is easily misunderstood.

    • bri_saldana says:

      Great point Sarah…I've been actually proud of the fact that they evolved to play Barca defensively. It's the only solution and it was working! Messi didn't even touch the ball but maybe 3 times in the first half not to mention the previous two meetings. Additionally before these, very valid post, I was never quite sure on how to defend RM defensive tacts. Aggressive, Yes but dirty? I was never convince of "dirty" on their part.

  28. AC_USA says:

    First of all I am a Barca fan head to toe and I love the players on the team! That being said, what a hel Alves and Pedro??? Barca was a better team yesterday(take a look at the possesion of the ball) and they won fair and square! Love them for that! Pepe's red card was well deserved and I am 100% sure he didn't get it for just that one foul, but for what he did throughout the game which was try to break as many legs as possible! Ramos's yellow was legit too because also throughout the game he made one too may fouls-cool off your head a bit buddy :) I also think that Marcelo should have been sent of because he was no different then Pepe (climbing on top of Villa in 1st half was histerical btw). On the Barca team Alves should have deffinetley ended u with red(too many fouls)! And Pedro, dear Pedro, you have dived so many times yesterday that you never have to dive again in your life. Take a lesson from Messi's book! Di Maria too. I am positive that his arms are hurting like crazy today because he spent most of the time on the pitch wawing for the ref to call the foul. Honey they are not going to call everythig, get over it! I was sad to see Ozil get subbed-he is just too cute to be subbed :P And most importantly Mourinho get your tactic straight! Who in the right mind plays a deffensive game against Barca at home? Thats right-no one! Next game you batter attack till you can't attack no more if you want to score at all! Defensive tactic doesn't always work man! So Basically there were more fouls and craziness to see yesterday then soccer! Hope the next one is better or I am gonna loose every ingle nail I have! Its bad enough I bit most of them yesterday! <3 Barca <3 Messi

    • Daniella says:

      I am a Barca fan too. I watched the entire match between Barca and Madrid (two el clasicos, Copa del Rey and the champions league semifinal) I must say that Di Maria, Marcelo and Arbeloa are king of divings! During Copa del Rey, Arbeloa should had been given yellow card but the referee did nothing. There were lots of dirty tactics thrown by Mourinho during Copa. No offense.

  29. Liya says:

    Messi was the only reason that last nights game was remembered as a football match. He really saved the game from being talked about for the wrong reasons. Last night was one of the better demonstrations as to why I support the Premier League more than the Liga. Rivalries are one thing and sure you get alot of punches and dirty words thrown around in a Man Utd s Livpool or United-Chelsea or any "classic" rivalry but the one thing the Premier League can attest to is the fact that none to very little players will behave the way those two teams did. Nobody's sayn' don't throw a comment here and there, I mean a little bit of edge and snarkiness is what makes the game more interesting but there's a line you just don't cross. Barca are by unanimous vote of everybody including the teams own players and coach, the best team in the world right now so WHY did they have to do what they did?? And if Madrid are as good as Mourinho and Ronaldo claim to be, then why go and carry on for yourself? The lads seem to be forgettin that the football should do the talking. Anyhoo, if they are going to fight next week, I hope 2 or 3 barca playas get red cards, coz honestly, that's the only way I see United winnin' And I really want em to win.

    BTW how good wasn't Ibi Afellay? :)

  30. royalwhites says:

    Barcelona and their power over soccer makes me laugh SO hard. Always a man sent off, always unfair advantages, duh! Who wouldn't be the best team with that type of power? Barca couldn't and DIDN"T score on an 11 man Real Madrid, they could only do it, when the man keeping Messi at bay Pepe was sent off, and when our coach couldn't implement his tactics because he got sent off. Like Mou said, the day they can beat a team with 11 men in CL then they would have deserved to win. For now, they throphies are just being HANDED to them. muerte al Barca! Hala Madrid! Que no se les olvide quien es su padre, cules. This too shall pass.

    • BlackRose says:

      I'm sure your forgetfulness regarding Marcelo's trampling over Pedro while the Barça player was down (where Marcelo should've been sent off AND it was a penalty foul) is purely accidental.

    • Lotte says:

      Last time RM played 11 to 11 against Barca during 90 minutes they lost 0 – 5. So what do you mean Barca can't score against an team of 11 RM players? Makes no sense. I understand that a madridista (and Mou) wants to forget those things, but they did happen.

      • jhd says:

        Please point me to a video or a transcript of Mou saying that Barca can't beat RM 11 vs 11.

    • izzy says:

      The clasico in novermber Sergio Ramos was sent off in like the 90th minute and they beat Real Madrid 5-0 so yeah Barca can beat them 11-11

      • BlackRose says:

        and he was pushing and shoving Barça players all the way out. SO classy…

        • xoWinnie says:

          he was angry. he pushed everyone out of his way, even Mou,
          not just Barca players. not condoning it
          (although i am clearly biased when it comes to Ramos),
          but if you see someone that mad,
          especially when you're the opposing team,
          i wouldn't exactly stand in his way with my arms on
          my hips in the most condescending stance.

    • aha, that's right says:


      don't do that. There is a hoard of lonely, desperate fan girls on this site who dream of becoming the next WAG of a Barca player (totally unattractive bunch of players by the way. Did you notice?)

      You'll upset their stomachs by criticising their darlings.
      As a proof, watch how long my comment will be on this site.

      • Blah Blah Blah says:

        OMG you just called Barça players ugly, I think I'm going to cry. You grown-ups can be SO cruel… :( (((

        • drama overdose says:

          Worry not, hemorroids can be treated.

          • REALforLife says:

            I assume you must speak from experience. A Madrid fan wouldn't know because (s)he jumps up and down and supports the team. I totally see how Barca fans develop hemorrhoids, though, they sit way too often in self-righteousness, enjoying their prawn sandwiches… that's how you get them, dem hemorrhoids.

            • OK then says:

              OH, so you're not suffering from that? I'm so glad! Can you spare us the display of resentment then? You're not really offendid anybody, sweetie, I hope you realise it. No more "you're such a loser because you love a team of ugly players and you wish to marry all of them!". It sounds ridiculous… Someone attacking people people he/she doesn't even know is, well, a rather embarrassing spectacle.

              So: Are you happy with the way Real Madrid played yesterday? Or last week? Is there anything you would change? Barça lacked ambition yesterday once they'd scored the goal and since that's happened before, I think it should be corrected somehow. Some more players obviously needed a rest, too. I was sad Deulofeu couldn't play: he's such a promising talent. His speed and technique make him nearly unstoppable when he's got the ball.

              • REALforLife says:

                I'd like to redirect you to the comment by drama overdose

              • xoWinnie says:

                just wondering here,
                why can Barca fans insult other people (see above posts)
                while other fans cannot?

                • REALforLife says:

                  that's a logic soley birthed in the heads of self-centered Barca fans. For some unidentifiably reason they just think they're the sh*t and stand above all others, a character trait that Barca players mirror on the pitch as well. Must be the mantra they are telling themselves in the morning: we're the best, we're the sh*t, we're…
                  One day you believe it and there you go, a totally distorted perception of reality. Ignorance is bliss and therefore hard to let go off. I don't know many other clubs whose fans are so opportunistic than FC Barcelona. Fair weather fans really. It must be the money and star power that attract fans like these. And yes, the fan girl comments on this site are hilarious! Then people come and say 'but we like the club for how they play football'.Right. Most of them cannot differentiate between offside and a corner kick. It is really sad.

                  • self-righteous anon says:

                    I'm sure you're quite the expert, as opposed to us Barça fans (we're all total ignorants, and ordinary fan girls, and we've been supporting Barça since yesterday morning -all of it: unlike you-) but I'm still waiting for you to reply with some sort of remotely football-related, or at least constructive and not fallacious (ad hominem here, ad hominem there, non sequitur everywhere) comment to prove how different you are, and how classy. Feel free to teach us a lesson in footie wisdom.

                    • REALforLife says:

                      I see i struck a chord in some of the fan girls on this site here. Since most of you Barca fans don't bother to keep to "remotely football-related" comments other than "he pushed him, and he shoved him and that was so mean" (boohoo) I wouldn't bother to keep to football related comments either. For what???? You wouldn't understand anyway. All you guys are busy doing here is drooling over players and "analyzing" a game you have no clue of. It is really funny. Besides, "fallacious" lies in the eye of the beholder, something a die hard distorted Barca fan wouldn't possibly be able to grasp.
                      None of my comments are "ad hominem here, ad hominem there, non sequitur" as you like to put it. If you are looking for that sort of comments I might wanna direct you to the highly intellectual comments of e.g. Lotte, now that's a real fun read.
                      Meanwhile, you may rest assured that you just proved my image of a self-centered, ignorant Barca fan, who really thinks her sh*t doesn't stink… but I can smell it even till here! I wish FC Barcelona a season in the Segunda División, just ONE, to cleanse themselves out of all the overblown crap they have been dragging along for too long. That's not healthy at all, including the "fans" who are poison to any club: the one's you show up only in fair weather and don't stick to it in stormy seas… enough of them are posting on this board, actually way too many.

                    • bumble mumble says:

                      No, "fallacious" doesn't lie in the eye of the beholder. It's not like your ice cream flavour of choice or your favourite football team. You're being fallacious, constantly, which makes your whole reasoning (?) flawed.

                      I was trying to talk about football and, in fact, I alluded to our match vs. Real Sociedad. I'd really LOVE to know what your view is on how your club played yesterday and/or how it played last week (if you'd rather keep it on topic) and what things could be done to improve, in your opinion. I asked you about that before already. But you'd rather go on babbling about what Barça fans are or are not, what we pretend to be and how you know better, thus refusing to carry on any real dialogue. You're even mentioning Lotte, who was no place here because she's not replying, maybe not even reading… Since you seem to imply, by using sarcasm, that her (my, their, our) comments are not nearly intellectual enough, do you have anything more interesting, profound, enlightening, cultivated to contribute? Again: please, feel free to do so.

                      Lastly, I don't care what your image of Barça fans is. Your likes and dislikes are none of my business. I'm merely responding to your "arguments" even though, so far (I'm still hopeful), you haven't bothered to go beyond permanent attempts at personal attacks, which will always be unsuccessful because you don't know any of us, or at least you don't know ME. Shots in the dark = pointless.

                • here we go again says:

                  care to point out the insults, please?

                  • Winnie Mata says:

                    above posts i said. simply look a few posts
                    above in this very same comment,
                    you don't have to look that far really.
                    who mentioned a hemorrhoid first?
                    not "REALforLife". so why do her posts get thumbed down,
                    and b*tched at, while the other one does not
                    (except by REAL herself)?

  31. Meginha says:

    Re: Pepe's red card

    It was deserved. The point is not whether his intent was to play the ball, or how easily Alves went down. The card is for the action itself. Looking at the official FIFA rules for misconduct, the tackle pretty clearly falls under serious foul play (lunge from the side, one leg, endangering safety of an opponent). How many more broken legs and destroyed knee ligaments do we have to see before punishing fouls if acceptable?

    Here's the rule. From http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/affederation/gene…

    A player is guilty of serious foul play if he uses excessive force or brutality against an opponent when challenging for the ball when it is in play.

    A tackle that endangers the safety of an opponent must be sanctioned as serious foul play.

    Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force and endangering the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play.
    Advantage should not be applied in situations involving serious foul play unless there is a clear subsequent opportunity to score a goal.

    The referee must send off the player guilty of serious foul play when the ball is next out of play. A player who is guilty of serious foul play should be sent off and play is restarted with a direct free kick from the position where the offence occurred (see Law 13 – Position of free kick) or a penalty kick (if the offence occurred inside the offender’s penalty area).

    • BlackRose says:

      Factual indeed, bravo :)

      There's no doubt in my mind that he deserved to be sent off. He wasn't even complaining at that point, and we know Pepe…

    • guest says:

      are you even serious?! look at the videos showing that pepe BARELY TOUCHED HIM. ridiculous. barfa players have cheating players, and their fans aren't much better.

  32. saskia says:

    Lotte, what YOU think is beside the point. It is utterly irrelevant whether you don't think they're holier than thou or not. Fact is they think they are and yesterday was a prime example of their hypocracy. Concerning the best of the best remark, I was actually talking about both teams. But holier than thou has nothing to do with the claim for being the best of the best. Jeeezzzz, learn to read. I don't want to have to explain everything to you. It is difficult enough to break it down for you as it is. You clearly are a fan girl. The correct expression would actually be delusional fan girl. Maturity doesn't always come with age, as you so wonderfully demonstrated in your posts.

    • Lotte says:

      I understand perfectly well that you mean that Barca expresses a "holier than thou" attitude. I mean that I have never seen proof of this attitude. (Sorry, English is not my native tongue, so maybe it's hard for me to get through.) And I'm perfectly honest when I say that I have never seen proof of any arrogance. I just haven't. I have only seen a team proud of their achievements and of their system. And they should be. So insult me as much as you want, it doesn't change anything.

      • Sergz says:

        I think it was pure arrogance when Xavi said that "real football won" last night. I also think it's arrogance when Sandro Rosell gets pissed off at Arsenal for buying players from their academy, calling it "kidnaps", when Barcelona does the same thing to smaller clubs etc.

        • pkkk says:

          As much as I like Xavi I can't stand those comments… Man, what do you mean, ehh?!

        • Lotte says:

          Didn't real football win last night? I thought Messi's goal was real football magic. It doesn't get better than that. So again, where is the arrogance? You all prefer false modesty, I can see that, but is it totally forbidden to be proud?

          • Winnie Mata says:

            how are diving theatrics, reaming out the ref,
            engaging in physical altercations, etc "real football"?
            when Real does that, they are cheaters and scumbags,
            but when Barca does that's, "real football"??
            if the score had been reversed,
            would that have been "real football" as well?
            nothing against Messi, but he was pretty much the only thing
            that made this game feel like it wasn't a total waste of time
            his goals were a thing of beauty,
            but those goals don't make up for the shenanigans of last night.

            • Lotte says:

              In Xavi's world real football is football of possession. And amidst all that dirty play by barca players, and by RM players, barca had that possession. So in this sense he is right. Xavi is the only player in the world that cannot come out after a game and say: "I think we played the best football and we deserved to win". I have seen so many others do that and it causes no upset. But when he expresses opinions about his team it is automatically arrogant. How unfair is that?

              If RM had won, i'm not sure we would have seen this total chaos on this site. Can it be that RM fans, and people that just do not like barca, are sore losers? I don't know. Ihave seen dirty games before, but these reactions borders on the ridiculous.

              • Euskadi says:

                Did you see the first half? Where they stood on their own half of the pitch, passing the ball around amongst themselves for minutes without creating anything exciting? That is possession, I give you that, but not football at all!

        • Winnie Mata says:

          this is what i'm talking about when i say i don't like Xavi.
          and then people chew me out and thumb me down
          for calling out the oh-so-scared "Maestro".
          lol whatever.

  33. diana says:

    And in other news, how amazing was Neuer against Man. United???Right?Did anyone see the match..?no?ok.

    • hbandshbreak says:

      He was INCREDIBLE! Love him! Thanks for pointing it out. All the rest of the drama is getting attention when someone who legitimately played brilliantly (and behaved himself) is being overlooked.

    • Jo_ says:

      Amazing saves. Frustrating for me as a United fan but still brilliant to watch in action.

  34. Por dior says:

    My crystal ball says that what you have seen and heard from yesterdays game is just the beginning of the mother of all football wars. I´predict that it´s going to get even uglier and after three clasicos my heart can´t stand any more pressure.

    • I may need to take a spa day and meditate before I watch the second game.

      • Por dior says:

        I really think thing´s are going to get really nasty between both teams and it´s going to continues when the clasicos are over.

        You can´t have 4 clasicos and afterwards act like nothings happens .

        • hbandshbreak says:

          It's like trying to go back to holding hands after schtupping, ain't gonna happen. I have a strong fear about escalation between the teams AND the fans. This whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Disgusting display yesteday from both sides.

    • NinaNoir says:

      My thoughts exactly. If I played for Real, after that first leg I'd go to Camp Nou wanting blood instead of victory. I'd be so frustrated and I'd be wanting to give certain individuals a reason to writhe on the ground. With the chance of actually getting to the final being unlikely, it can turn into war, and I wish we wouldn't have to see that.

      Honestly, I hope it's going to be a game on tuesday instead of a massacre. Madridistas don't need vengeance, we need a fair fight.

  35. Spainardlover5 says:

    Amen :)

  36. RAMOSSSSSS says:

    first off im a madrid fan all the way
    2nd i thought it was all entertaining
    3rd umm sergio ramos looked sexy as always
    4th really bummed hes not playing in the next match
    and last but not least if all else fails im going for man utd!!!!!


  37. Hanna says:

    The Real Madrid and Barcelona match was just embarrasing to watch. All the diving and theathrical acts got boring a long time ago. And let me just stop for a moment and say that isn't it time for UEFA to do something about this. Do we see grown men dive or roll around five times when they hit the hard WOOD floor when the get "tackled" in Handball? No!
    To see men who have top physic and who work out almost every day of the week act like they can't take shove you know your grandmother could put more strenght in is pathetic and an insult to the game.

    Now that I'm all done venting I think the person who is worth remebering yesterday was Messi. It's an honor to watch him play and it's sad that his two goals got overshoned by dirty play.
    And as an end note for this loooong rant (^^) did Mou only substitute in Adebayor yesterday? I was waiting for Higuain to come in but as time started to run out I was seriously wondering why nobody else was substituted. It made me feel sad for both Higuain and Benzema that they didn't get to play after that splendid game they did last Saturday.

  38. Nicole says:

    Honestly, after that game; I'm a little less in love with football as I was before it.

    I really wish I could go back and un-watch the game because everything about it was just a little bit disgusting.

  39. mani says:

    The amount of diving, theatrics, and drama on the field came from BOTH teams not just Barcelona. I admit that Dani Alves severely exaggerated his “injury” and that Pepe whom I despise, should not have been sent off. Hell he shouldn’t even have gotten a yellow card. Am I a little ashamed of how my team won yesterday yes, but will I stop defending them to death no. I never want to see players from any team resorting to that type of mess/drama. It’s totally unnecessary. Both teams are already good there is no need for the drama and tension. They just need to play the game. Madrid did the same crap last night that people are accusing Barcelona of as well. Diving, overly exaggeration of fouls, drama, hard fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct(MARCELO), it all needs to stop. Mou needs to learn how to stop blaming everybody for his teams loss and change what HE is doing wrong. The only people on that pitch from Madrid yesterday that really wanted to play and attack was Iker and Ronaldo. Everyone else was content with the hard fouling and sitting back and waiting for Barcelona to attack. I see why Ronaldo was so upset with his team. I’m not saying in no way shape or form that Barcelona players are saints and played godly yesterday because they didn’t. But the fact of the matter is that Barca won and Madrid lost. All anyone, madridistas cules, whoever, can do is simply move on and prepare for the next match that each has. Blaming the ref, UNICEF(Really Mou?), and anyone else is not going to change the FACT that Barcelona won.

    • Lauren says:

      Yes, thank you. Although I disagree, I do believe that Pepe deserved to be carded as his attack was cleat-first and dangerous. Not even that but they deserved to be carded so many times when they weren't. The player that PUSHED Messi in the face? The player that stepped on Pedro's leg? HELLO? No one saw that? Was I the only one actually watching this game. Yes, both teams did their fair share of dives and theatrics but that is football – every team does it from time to time. I think the people on Barca who got their yellow cards deserved them and they accepted them. Because RM lot they are acting like sore losers and it's so annoying. Accept your defeat and MOVE ON.

  40. jess says:

    -Barca wins thanks to the ref?Loads of bull.You don't win 6-2, 8-0 or 5-0 thanks to a ref.
    -Everyone's mocking about Barca's tiki-taka, in reality they gain more ball possession.And do be honest, if RM had a little bit more possession we would've seen much more diving from their side.Because Real's players DO DIVE.When you don't have the ball you CAN'T DIVE(that doesn't go to justify the shameful behaviour of Busquets and co' btw)
    -Pepe was committing his usual aggressive fouls even before the red .However, his foul on Alves DIDN'T deserve a red.
    -Marcelo and Adebayor however, deserved a straight red
    -If madridistas want to blame someone, it should be their coach.You don't play against a team like Barca, at home and leave players like Kaka, Benzema &Higuain on the bench.If there's a team who can beat Barca, it's madrid and instead of blaming Unicef, UEFA, Shakira and God knows who else, have some balls and play football.
    -I think that we deseved to win, Messi's goals were amazing.There are still 90 minutes and 'till then, nothing is 100% sure for me.

    • MeSergio&SaraIkerAf says:

      Great comment Jess ;) Agree 100%!!

    • diana says:


    • Lauren says:

      This this this.

      No one else but you have brought up Marcelo or Adebayor's fouls and it angers me so much. Adebayor straight up PUSHED Messi in the face, both hands right up at his face and no one called that. Disgusting.

      The way Real Madrid was playing was disgraceful and I am beginning to think I was the only one watching this game closely.

      • Winnie Mata says:

        oh my gosh what are you on about!?!
        no one here has denied that Madrid played horribly
        it was a disgrace and embarrassing. no Madridista will deny it,
        we are EMBARRASSED and ASHAMED that our players would
        behave that way, no one condones what they did.
        what we ARE saying, is that we weren't the only ones playing dirty,
        and WE WEREN'T! that's all we're saying!
        the ref messed up a myriad of calls that would have benifitted
        both teams, that's life etc. but as much as you wanna talk about
        how disgracefully Madrid played, maybe you missed when
        Pepe and Busquets grabbed their faces and threw themselves
        on the ground for NO REASON. or maybe you wanna talk about
        how Busquets called Marcelo a monkey, and Pinto slapped Arboloa,
        and Valdes grabbed somebody from the Real bench's face and
        NOTHING happened to him! maybe you can defend that too…

        i love that you comment on the post that indicates everything you WANT to see,
        and yet have nothing to say on the ones that feature anything Barca players did wrong.
        other than Messi, no one really did anything to be proud of that game
        it's just completely unfair to place the blame on Madrid.
        maybe you watched a different game than everyone else…

  41. Hannah Gray says:

    I am very glad about Barca's victory, but it was the worst games I've ever watched; behavior and officiating-wise. Both teams were diving left and right, to the point where it was almost unbearable to watch.

    The call against Pepe (this coming from a Barcelona fan) was bad. I really don't like Pepe AT ALL, but that was a yellow, not a straight up red. The ref did not even give him a warning earlier. Had he already warned Pepe with a yellow, then a second yellow resulting in a red would be more understandable.

    On a positive note, two gorgeous goals from Messi.

  42. Kait says:

    RM and Barca behaved like spoiled rotten brats on the pitch yesterday. As a RM fan, I was disgusted with their game play and their behavior. If Madrid doesn't pull it together, I'm half tempted to fly to Spain, and kick them all swiftly in the posterior region. Except Casillas. I still love Casillas. He seemed the only one who still had any class for the majority of the game.

    • Vanessa says:

      As a RM fan i may have to join you in that "ass" kicking. :)

      I don’t know what’s worse the throw down during half time or the diving fest?! It was a poor display of football from both sides. I hope the off field antics stop from Mou and the on fields antics stop from Barca. Diving is not beautiful football, good to know the world is finally seeing this side of them. How some of these players (im talking about you Xavi!) walk around with their ego’s in tow is beyond me!

      How Casillas handled himself during/after the game showed a lot of class, one of the reason why i love him as the captian of Real Madrid and Spain!

      • Por dior says:

        San Iker is just pure class, he´s always trying to put peace between the players from both teams , so far i haven´t seen that from anyone else do that.Casillas has not only shown in the clasicos that he´s a great goalkeeper but also a great captain .

        Proud of him .

        • debsen says:

          He is pure class. I'm sad that all these clasicos are destabilizing the Spanish NT. Even VDB is worried how it will effect the team. VDB seems to be a much better suited coach for Iker than Mou (IMO, as he's as humble as Iker!). I just hope the Spanish NT don't implode like the French NT in the last WC.

    • ciotog says:

      May I suggest ass slapping instead of kicking – just as effective and probably more fun ;-)
      A punishment doled out by Kickettes as we see fit!

    • hbandshbreak says:

      You can count me in as an associate ass kicker. Both sides were shameful. (Iker was awesome though).

  43. nandosfreckles says:

    all i can say is : SERGI ROBERTO!

    anyone notice him? I know I did.

    • Zahara says:

      omg i know!
      he is so hot, my god!
      and hes only a liiitle older than me, so im gonna go for it!lool.

      • Lotte says:

        lol, I like your enthusiasm. He's way younger than me, but very cute. I wish him a great career.

  44. Leaaa says:

    Some pathetic behaviour on show last night. I would like to see managers/clubs start punishing over-paid players' stupid antics but that'll probably never happen.

  45. Maria says:


    Disciplinary cases opened against Real Madrid and Barcelona

    The case against Real Madrid is in relation to the throwing of missiles, a pitch invasion, the red card shown to Pepe, the dismissal of coach José Mourinho, as well as the inappropriate statement given by Mr Mourinho to the media after the match (UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, Article 5 – Principles of conduct).

    The case against Barcelona regards the red card administered to José Pinto.

    Both cases will be heard by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body on Friday 6 May.

  46. Maria says:

    ok I know I'm going to get … alot of negatives … but … I have to give me point of view….

    I am a shame… IT'S A REAL SHAME… what Pinto did …. I know he was defending Pedrito … but he should have put a hand on Alvaro Arbeloa …but that person from Madrid should have NEVER put his hand on his throat…

    As for Pepe Red … I saw yellow (this coming from an FCB Fan) … but the Fox Deportes (here in the USA) said it was red … sooo I'm going to go with what the ref. & the ppl who talked during the game while i was watching it… & Pepe always plays with fire…in past games his kicks always get him in trouble…

    At first I think it Mou was funny … always complaining … but I'm getting sick & tired of it….


    • Maria (Part 2) says:

      as for how the FCB team played …. everyone(mostly everyone) said it even VICENTE DEL BOSQUE (x Madrid player & coach … & now coach of the Spanish National team) FCB PLAYED BETTER THEN RM!!!! … yea both teams where diving & fighting …. but Madrid was NOT playing it was a battle … a war (thats what I reported said & I agree) … yea we had guys wanting to win Oscars … but so did Madrid….

      over 700 pass for Barcelona while Madrid only did less then 200 …. soo yea stats say FCB did better then RM ….

      I got a question …. Did Marcelo get a yellow for stepping on Pedrito??? … Cause I don't think so …. different media from different parts of the world … said RM played dirty FCB stayed to it's style…

      RM was looking for it … & they kept playing dirty & FCB got tired of it … thats why FCB played rough yesterday … cause c'mon … u can't tell me that … what Manolito did to Busi … was ok…

      I'm proud of FCB … But I love Iker & i'm proud of & a few others

    • bri_saldana says:

      NOTE: this video is bias and made by RM: Additionally, at the time even I thought that Pepe at the very least should have been given a yellow card. Turns out that HE NEVER DESERVED EVEN A POSSESSION FOUL. (well as it pertains to contact, going in that high I would say yes.) He NEVER touched Alves!

  47. naomi says:

    that's because you gave in to cynicism. There were plenty of great and fair semi finals in the past. Just apparently not recognized by you. What a pity you expected what happened yesterday. Are you sure wrestling isn't more for you? Or playing cards?

    • BarceLisa says:

      I'm no cynic and I have been watching football for 20 years. What else amazes me is how naive some Kickettes are about this type of "football" and believing that neither Real or Barca were capable of playing this way. If you knew anything about the history and rivalry between these two teams (adding Mourinho to the mix) you too would see that a match taking place like the one last night was only a matter of time.

      p.s. If I wanted to see wrestling I would watch Real Madrid's defending from the last three El Clasicos and playing cards is more exciting than watching Real attack.

      • naomi says:

        now, look at BarceLisa, the little cynic who pretends not to be one. 20 years you say? More like 20 years with closed eyes. Thank you for your albeit poor way of trying to enlighten me on the history of Barca and Real. Guess what? I'm well aware of the fact that they're bitter rivals. This, however, does not excuse them from playing sh*tty football, especially not if they claim to be world class and for sure not in a CL semi final. And no, noone here is naive about what happened yesterday. The thing is, we are still able to shake our heads at such a poor and unfair performance of both teams, something you are apparently only too used to. So don't try to pour your non-knowledge over passionate kickettes who are true fans of the beautiful games and don't have their heads stuck in the Barca AND Real players' as*es.

        • BarceLisa says:

          yes naomi, I clearly know nothing about football since i do not have blind faith in modern-day footballers to put on a show every time they walk out to the pitch. In 20 years I have clearly learned nothing about footballers desire to win so badly they turn into neanderthals and crying babies. I am such a cynic that even after so long watching the game with my eyes closed, I still get up at the crack of dawn to watch matches I will never be able to attend in person. Thank you so much for exposing me for the fraud that i am!

          • naomi says:

            oh honey, you are soooooo welcome!
            Were we trying to be ironic? Hmmm, how cute!
            Glad you see how pathetic your views are on football despite your, again, failed attempt at being ironic. I don't wish neither Barca nor Real fans like you, I really don't.

            • BarceLisa says:

              that's nice. Enjoy that prawn sandwich.

              • naomi says:

                oh really?
                I AM the one enjoying the prawn sandwich?
                Look at your hilariously sad posts above. Then you'll see that YOU are surely not a football aficionada. I think you are the one munching on it. Don't choke on either the sandwich or your cynicism.

                • BarceLisa says:

                  My posts and my views on football may be sad but at least I'm not continuously picking a fight with a complete stranger.

  48. WOW says:

    I am delighted that Uefa is taking action as to what went down yesterday! I hope all of them get penilise for their nasty attitude. That match 90 minutes of wasted time i went back with the exception of Messi goals! I feel so sorry for those poor children who idolise them! Do they not think about the children watching them and hoping to be just like them?

  49. Ashlee says:

    Pepe deserved to be carded but a red, I am not sure about . A yellow would have resulted in a red anyway, either way it was happening. So lets not forget that.

    4 Clasicos in 17 days was always going to downward spiral. Too much bad feeling and ill sentiments for it not to. I am surprised at the amount of antagonizing and eventual blowouts. But again, that goes back to all of the crap that surrounds Clasicos to begin with.

    Neuer, you are a talent and I am so glad the rest of the world sees it. Tremendous keeper and well on his way to becoming one of the best in the world, if he isn't already. I have nothing but the best wishes for him and I hope he conquers the world. He humbled the Glory of Man Utd many many times before and only a select few can. Bless xx

    • Adriana says:

      Actually, a yellow would have been Pepe's first card in the game and therefore would NOT have resulted in a red.

      • BlackRose says:

        You can't grab an opponent's shirt repeatedly when he's attacking though, and he does this with Messi every time. That's several yellow cards he was forgiven. Marcelo was also forgiven a straight red which would've resulted in a penalty foul. And I know Pepe is usually forgiven this sort of grabbing and slightly pushing stuff (maybe so that he can be talked into refraining from trying to break legs, punch faces, walk on other players' backs -yup, this has happened more than once- and all), but rules are for everybody to abide by.

  50. BarceLisa says:

    Wow all the years I have been coming to this site, I don't think I have seen this much vitriole after a match between Kickettes. Everyone else pretty much all the main points so here are my two cents.

    -All you so-called neutrals who tuned in to see a beautiful sportsmanlike lovefest are clearly delusional. This is the BIGGEST rivalry in world football playing off in the semi-finals of the Champions League. What else did you expect was going to happen? I'm surprised there weren't MORE fights and red cards (maybe in the 2nd leg?).

    -What happened in this match is no different than any other derby match in world football, if anything it was quite tame compared to other countries' rivalries. Its only because its Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Champions League that we are holding this match to a different standard. Maybe that is right but I don't think it should be so.

    • Daniella says:

      Haha I agree with you! What would you expect to see? Two biggest rivals on earth playing the champions semi final . Before the match I knew what would happen. Only few people who post comment here understand where we coming from. Yes, the rest of them are so called neutrals because they don't understand the history between Barca and Madrid.

      • spikey says:

        Pardon me? Eurocentric much?
        The greatest rivalry in futbol my dear was, is, and will probably always be Boca Juniors vs River Plate.
        You got the hots for one of the Barca or Real players and thus think they are the center of the world? You just proved your ignorance, isn't that a bliss. And don't judge people because they criticized a crapy game of two highly acclaimed teams. EVERYBODY who hasn't lived under a rock for the past decades understands the rivalry between the two football clubs. But yesterday was eye cancer and no ad for football at all. And I think people are allowed to say that.

  51. Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

    Whatever else happened in that Barca – Madrid match last night one thing cannot be argued with, Messi's second goal was absolutely stunning!

  52. jamal says:

    shame on both teams.

  53. Lily_5 says:

    If stark had done his job well i think madrid would have won or at least came out with a tie.But instead he gave pepe a red card out of nowhere! It didn’t deserve a red card he killed the game with his decision. Barca deserved to win but the attitude of the players and the referee made it a shameful victory. I hope mou finds a way out to save the team from another defeat in the camp nou especially without ramos and pepe and thumbs up for Iker and Afellay cause theye were the only ones with manners on the pitch.

  54. FloraJane says:

    If Schalke can't get it together and do the decent thing by beating United, and RM can't get past Barca, then I'd rather they just toss the trophy in the bloody ocean this year and forget about it.

  55. JA7 says:

    I dont support either team, but i was kinda rooting for madrid yesterday..but HOLY the amount of diving and craziness that took place on the field! I was like srsly? is that even necessary? some of these footballers are such actors and shud pursue a degree in theatre instead (Busquets)..and im disappointed that sergio ramos had to get a yellow card and misses the next match..

  56. MadridistaJenn says:

    I can't truly express how I feel right now because I'm in the midst of a foodie hangover from the chocolaty, crunchy, salty, cheesy, doughy things I stress ate to cope with this game. If I would have played the "el clasico drinking game," I would have been unbelievably drunk. Frustration is an understatement.

    The only thing I can say is that we didn't put the round ball in the rectangle net and that's all.

    • hbandshbreak says:

      My hangover this morning was epic. In addition to the booze, I found a pile of Cadbury wrappers next to the bed when I awoke. Oh dear. :-( What a shite game!

  57. Fernanda says:

    I am a HUGE Barcelona fan and I am happy with the win! Messi's goal is just unbelievable and proves why he is the best player in the world! His performance was the only glimpse of the beautiful game I love so much. And major props to Casillas also. He is class through and through.

    I am not, however proud of how my team played last night. I am first and foremost, a fan of FUTBOL and I will admit that all that diving and play acting got old and annoying and it was embarrassing at times to see my team stoop to that level.

    That being said, I believe Real Madrid should also be embarrassed about the way they played last night. Not only with the dirty tackles and fouls, but also with the way they just did not go out to play futbol. They only had 28% ball possession last night. How is it possible for a home team to have that little possession? I am not a fan of Ronaldo's hissy fits as most of the time I think they are bs, but seeing him yesterday, I completely agreed with him! He was the only one who was actually tying to get the ball as opposed to just sitting back and waiting on it to come to him. He said it himself that he doesn't like the defensive form of play but he has to adapt.

    Mou's whining and complaining is getting out of control. He needs to quit talking and actually go out to win! All this ref bashing is nothing more than a ploy to divert the attention form the fact that his tactics and coaching simply did NOT work! He needs to look at himself and his team and take responsibility for once for his shortcomings. All his ridiculous complaining is nothing more than a reflection of him being a sore loser!! He is seriously tarnishing his reputation in my opinion. Now, every time I think of him, the words sore loser and arrogant come to mind, as opposed to "The Special One. "Barcelona won simply because they are the better team. Period. And that's coming from my brother who is a Real Madrid fan through and through!

    • dorothea says:

      Messi's goal is just unbelievable and proves why he is the best player in the world!

      At club level may be. But when have you last seen him play a good game in the national team? All I'm saying is
      Argentina 0
      Germany 4

      And Mister Best Player in the world nowhere to be seen. Such a "joy", such a "joy"! He was embarrassing for my team.

      • Fernanda says:

        I'm sorry dorothea, I didn't realize that the best player in the world is in charge of carrying his whole national team through a world cup. The reason he was nowhere to be seen as you say is because Argentina lacked the quality of play and players in Barcelona, as well as quality coach. It takes the whole team not just one man!

    • bri_saldana says:

      well the 28% possession stat does not at all speak of a true pic of the competition play. And as far as I'm concerned RM never had the chance to change the non-attacking tactics because the Red card came crashing down on them so fast that the game was over by, what?, the 60th min? Adeybayor was already making an impact! As far as Ronaldo is concerned, I wouldn't expect you to be paying attention but he hasn't been that way all year. There is little doubt that the skill of Barca makes them the best in the league and worldm, especially over RM. However, that alone is not entirely what tournament competition is about. It's about which team can win. RM are definitely equal contenders for wins. The diving nonchalance is getting to me. Now sadly BOTH teams are having to defend themselves to UEFA. I turns out that Dani Alves WAS NEVER EVEN TOUCHED! So what went on last night was just a bit more than a "tisking" passing comment. Just say'n….
      Mou…well he is Mou and sadly the Club and players will pay for his actions despite how annoying he is to the world. He's got his comming….

  58. Gladys says:

    On a completely superficial (and possibly traitorous note), I would like to collectively blame the ref, Pepe, and Dani for the absence of Esteban Granero on the pitch last night. He and his hot, clutchable sideburns were warming up, clearly waiting to take over for someone in the midfield before that red card. Thanks an effin' lot, fellas!

    • hbandshbreak says:

      LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you for this, Gladys! So, so true! We were DENIED! I'm a serious El Pirata lover. How hot is that boy?!?! Here's a little prezzie for you: http://headbandsandheartbreak.wordpress.com/2011/…

      We have a feature called Pirate Watch:2011 and find ways to sneak him in to completely unrelated posts if possible. ;-) We're amazing quite a collection of his hotness. Yum.

      • Gladys says:

        You are awesome!!! Thanks so much. Hot damn he's gorgeous (as if I weren't already a sucker for a footballer who likes good literature)…come to think of it, maybe it was best not to see him and my other forbidden footie love Pipita on the pitch in the midst of all that madness. I want them missing from my memories of that game.

        • hbandshbreak says:

          I agree – let's not sully their hotness with last night's crap fest. ;-) Did you see how El Pirata tweeted Lorca poetry as what the goddess Cibeles said to Iker when he kissed her after the CDR? Could he get any hotter? I think not! ;-)

          Oh and "amazing" = amassing! :-)

    • Winnie Mata says:

      LOL @ "clutchable sideburns" oh dear! :D

  59. Sarah, Madrid says:

    First, as a Madridista, I will not talk about referee, I am disappionted in the awful display of football especailly in the first half from both sides. Anyway, I switched off the tv after pepe sent off, I cant watch game from one side, we went downhill after the sent-off, Iker and Puyol were class, every player on the pitch should behave like them. I am worried for SNT and I think Iker and Don del Bosque have some work to do. Iker doesnt deserve goals, never does!

    Anyway, hard luck my club, I will always support you my madridista, we had a good run this season, amazing performance, pretty good goals, alot of attacks and I am proud of you, Congrats Messi for the beautiful second goal, thank you for some football, sorry Raul, I am so touched by him exchanging shirts with Giggs, legends!

    Man united vs Barcelona, 2009 all over again, let's see.

    • stephanie87 says:

      I am also a madridista and I am very dissapointed with this game but I would not worry about la Seleccion. At the end of the day our boys are mature enough to put aside club differences when La Roja plays.

  60. Tina says:

    Both sides fought hard and played their tricks, but the team that played football won!


    • wihaaa says:

      i have to agree
      all who think you made a bad comment are just jealous madrid fans
      it was not a perfect game and not very fair!!
      but barca plyaed better….way better
      madrid played like shi*
      noooo they do not played at all!!!!!!
      and mourinho…i always liked and respected him but his commtns get ridiculous!!!!!!
      a fuc*ing bad loser!!!!!

      • Winnie Mata says:

        are people seriously still thinking that only Madrid fans are complaining?
        fans of a lot of other teams are agreeing that both teams played like crap.
        everyone who was robbed of what could've been a great show is complaining
        about how both these sides played, not just Madridistas.
        but i guess SOME people are inclined to think possession means everything.
        Barcelona may have played SLIGHTLY better, but it was not "way" better.

        and as for the sore loser comments…sprinklers, anyone?

        • REALforLife says:

          only people who don't know anything about football think that. Of course they both played like crap. It was apparent, but if you are biased because your secret love plays for one or the other team then your sense of judgement is slightly distorted… let's put it that way. Way too many people here on this board think football won that evening when the truth is… football lost! Both teams should be ashamed of themselves!

  61. Rossanera says:

    Disappointing on all counts from all sides.

  62. Sergz says:

    Manchester United won fair and square. They could have won by 5-0 or something if it weren't for Manuel Neuer. He's amazing!

    About the Real Madrid-Barcelona match… I lost so much respect for both teams. What's up with all the cheating? Pedro gets a smack on his shoulder – grabs his face. Busquets gets hit on his chest – grabs his face. Dani Alves wasn't even touched by Pepe (who got sent off!) and went out on a stretcher – to come back in the game 2 minutes later?
    And let's not forget about Di Maria's dives as well… Why do they have to cheat and harass the ref (mostly the Barca players) if they're so good already? It just ruins everything!

  63. Cescy says:

    I'm a huge fan of Barca but admittedly a lot of Barca players dived and a lot of players from both sides committed some terrible fouls but that said just because Barca played some dirty tactics doesn't mean that Barca are a dirty team the same way as just because Madrid lost to Barca playing negatively doesn't mean that madrid are a negative team. Give our boys a break ladies and gents. I really want to see some awesome FOOTBALL and not some pseudo-el clasico-type match. And some Pique shirtless action! I'm happy for the win but not in the way we won. All in all it was a petulant game with no real clasico vibe. Next time leave the diving to the professionals.

    • fabregaslover says:

      "just because Barca played some dirty tactics doesn't mean that Barca are a dirty team"

      what utter nonsense you are writing. Are you drunk?

  64. Gladys says:

    I would like to thank Iker and Ibi Afellay for being perhaps the only major players on the pitch not involved in any aspect of Los Shenanigans 2011! The diving, the shoving, the sitting on, the slapping, the stamping, the arguing– all that was missing was the throwing wine!

    So Iker, I'm sorry about the two goals, but at least they were from Leo and not, say, that adorable mop-headed teenager who came on last minute. And Ibi, what a beautiful run up the side and assist. If I were the boss, I would have started you, but then again, I would have also forced you to play shirtless.

    I'll ignore the rest of the players and cut to los honchos:

    Mou– you need to stop making this about yourself and how many titles you can win. I won't talk about the physicality of the game (Kickettes from both sides above have already addressed this far better than I can). You have a very solid team that has worked extremely hard this season (heck, they won the Copa– sorry if that means nothing to you but it damn sure ought to mean something to them). They need encouragement and strategizing, not complaining ("baditude" is contagious, I'm afraid). There is still one game to play– stop concentrating on how you now have no hope of winning and think about all that fabulous talent (some of it on the bench last night) available to you. Wouldn't it be nice for your team and your fans to prove Barca wrong? I don't like people who give up and I don't like people who refuse to ever take responsibility.

    Pep– while I was happy with the outcome, I was disgusted with the ugliness of the match– other than Leo's goals, it was very bittersweet for me. You need to have a "Come to Jesus" talk with your team and explain to them that the pitch is not The Great Barrier Reef or the Royal Theatre or The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I love Barca, but I don't love the way some of them behaved last night. It was sad.

    Lastly, is it too much to hope for a fourth game that involves some hand shaking, fairly clean playing and, above all, lots of shirt removal? Think about us fans. We deserve this.

    • Gladys says:

      P.S. My apologies for the long comment. I need a mind-muzzle today.

    • Seemeen says:

      No need to apologise cos lady you have everything spot on. If only Mou and Pep would read this forum they'd learn a thing or two. I'm not so sure which I'm most disappointed in, the diving, the urging of the ref to card or the lack of shirtless action. Ok well that was silly of me cos shirtless action wins hands down. I just hope these guys remember that at the end of the day they're team mates and most of them will play on the same team some time soon.

    • Jules says:

      I could not agree more with everything you said. It was an awful match that was only saved by Lio’s gorgeous goals. That second one was a thing of beauty but the behavior on the pitch was mad. The tackles and the dives on both sides were absolutely shameful and Mourinho’s post match comments were just… well least said soonest mended, right?

    • hanna says:

      Girl, I thank you for your comment, Big Time!

      After watching last night I didn't know how to put into words how I thought about all this. There was just soooo much going on, rather confusing and all. Reading your comment makes me realise THIS is exactly how I felt about last night's match. Thanks for helping me out here!

      Here's to an open, fun & sexy game next week!

    • hbandshbreak says:

      This Madridista completely agrees, Gladys. That game was shameful on both sides. Messi's goals were gorgeous. I sincerely hope the next game shows us a return to sportsmanship and a whole lot less of grown men acting like obnoxious children. (And as ever, copious shirt removal).

      • Jagger says:

        I honestly think it's more of an insult to his own team when Mourinho blames the UEFA administration, refs, UNICEF, etc. for their losses. Those losses are very few and happen to the greatest teams in the world. The players seam to understand this MORE than their coach. That's sad. Quit bitching and play the game because your team ain't too shabby.

  65. Emily says:

    I'm not a fan of any of the teams left at this point, so I was kinda rooting for Schalke as the underdogs. That being said, I was shocked by the displays by both real and barca… I feel like most of us just want to enjoy the game. Is that too much to ask?

  66. Despite the overall negative aftermath of the match, I am indeed glad that Barca won. I think they have the best chance of beating United in the final, and since Schalke completely rolled over on Tuesday, it looks to be a Barca v United final.

    Barcelona were definitely guilty of 'play-acting' but so were Real. And what really upset me during this game was not all the annoying stops, and cards, but the way that Mourinho set his team out. He played not to lose and generally, especially against a team like Barca, it doesn't always work. For football's sake, all the neutrals wanted was a great contest between arguably the two best teams in the world. What we got, with the exception of two sublime goals from Messi, was anything but.

    At first everyone was thrilled that this was a semi match-up and not the final, but now I wish it was the final. If this was a one off match, perhaps Madrid would have approached the game in a more attacking way. I have always hated Mourinho and his absolute arrogance and I am glad that he got it wrong yesterday. Barca for the win!

  67. rubyqueen says:

    apart from the world cup final between spain and holland.this was one of the worst games i have ever seen.!!where was the football all everyone did was fight and foul.!!

  68. Devilish-x says:

    After watching my united lads do so well in Germany, I was for sure hoping to sit down and watch a great game of football.
    But I gotta say I was hugely disappointed. No dis-respect, but some of the antics by the players was just shocking to watch cos I never see that kind of stuff happening in the premier league.
    Yesterday was probablly the most sympathy I have felt for a referee. The amount of times he got surrouned by players for every little decision was just crazy & so wierd to see!
    Anyhoos, I'm sure emotions are still high & kickette soldiers will be feeling pain. there's two more games to be played – I for one firstly hope my united lads can finish the job off and secondly deeply wish that the next el classico is just all about the football.

  69. Lotte says:

    First: I'm so happy that Barca won! So, so happy!

    But goddammit there was some dirty play from both sides! Pedro and Busi dived, as did di Maria. Marcelo put a hole in Pedro's leg when he tread on him deliberately (did you see that Mou? The ref's didn't). Pinto behaved like a jerk and Pepe behaved like Pepe and both deserved the red cards they got!

    Lastly: I'm so effing tired of Mou complaining about playing 10 against 11! I don't understand that! Last time RM played 11 against 11 during 90 minutes Barca beat with 5-0. Get over it already! And Mou is very close to stepping over the line that separates the legitimitely upset ones and the sore losers.

    Still, with all of this sh*t, I'm happy!

    • BarceLisa says:

      agreed! I thought I was the only one who noticed that in the 5-0 match it was 11 against 11, yet somehow Mourinho fails to remember that everytime he brings up that tired 10 vs 11 statistic. I hope Barca's legal department sues the very-expensive pants off Mourinho and the Real players for their grossly incorrect statements. I also truly believe if Real had won this match 2-0, everyone would be congratulating them, just like in the Copa Del Rey final. This time around Barca didnt sit there and take the abuse Real players dished out and the referee didn't allow it either.

      • ciotog says:

        Well.. it was 11 v 11 for most of the match then the Ramos did his Raging bull thing and got sent off it didn't affect the match or anything but yeah 10 men. Forget the law I would be more in favour of ky wrestling Old School style to sort it all out, sell out crowd and all proceeds raised can go to Unicef ;-) Xabi v's Valdes first match up anyone?

    • Maria says:

      I felt that I was the only one that notice that…. the in the 1st RM vs FCB this season …. they scored 4 goals against Madrid … with 11 vs 11 … & I think the 5th one came after Sergio Ramos was sent of or right before that…. sooo yea… I that 10 vs 11 is getting on mine last nerve …. & I agree with what you said…

  70. Seemeen says:

    I might be a Barca supporter but I will admit that some of the Barca players and especially Busquets should be ashamed at their behaviour. That being said, Madrid players are a bunch of sore losers who had every advantage especially a home one but gave it away with poor sportsmanship and actually refusing to play FOOTBALL! For once I agreed with Ronaldo when he pulled a hissy. All they seemed prepared to do was defend, wait for a Barca error and go on the counter. PATHETIC!!!!! Messi you saved that game from being remembered solely for childish behaviour and poor tactics. As for Senor Mou……..SERIOUSLY! Does he ever watch himself on the telly when he goes home? Every time he opens his mouth I never think he can get worse but last night topped it all. Marca must think they're in heaven today!

  71. Kat says:

    I'm too sad/disappointed/angry/frustrated to make the effort to string words together and talk about what happened in the match.

    I will say this, though. Ronaldo didn't score from a penalty in the Copa Del Rey finaly, Kickettes. That was in the La Liga game. In the Copa final, he scored with a beautiful header.

  72. Kristine says:

    I just wish there was a do-over button. That RM-Barca game was a damn disgrace. These back to back Classicos only created tension, anger, hostility and EXHAUSTION. There was no beauty in last nights game, for sure.

  73. lorena_yGp says:

    Can't we just enjoy the football !?!?!? …and few hotties on the pitch:-)))

  74. AC_USA says:

    If he wants to make it to the finals of the Camps. League, Mourinho needs to find mistakes in his tactics, and there were many, and not just walk around blaming the refs! You cant change the refs, but you can change your tactics sir!

  75. Marie says:

    The clasicos have helped me and apparently many others achieve newer levels of insanity (UNICEF part of the conspiracy, really??)
    The game was terrible in many ways, Messi's goals (specially the second one) being the only testament to what an awe-inspiring fixture this should have been. As a cule even this victory, leaves me with a sense of being robbed of a truly magnificent match.

    • jhd says:

      Oh God, can people stop it with the UNICEF comment? It was obviously a play with words, because Barcelona is often portrayed saintly in the media (and the UNICEF advertising is a part of that). Seriously, people come on.

      • Jules says:

        Mourinho’s post match comments were so far over the line, it’s astonishing. If he wanted to complain about the diving, go ahead but after what he said about Pep this week, his referee attack was kind of incredible. Accusing not just a team but all of UEFA of fixing matches is beyond inappropriate.

        • annafcb says:

          It's what he wants, to be honest. I'm a culé and I like Mourinho (I find him brilliant and quite the character) but this game he's playing outside the pitch is so very obvious. He's creating the tension off it and yesterday we got a sample of how powerful his words truly are. Everyone talks about the obvious theatrics (Busquets, Alves and, errr Pedro… what else is new??) but seems to leave behind his. Both teams were reacting to each other; had so much drama not been created prior to it, I believe they would've been much calmer. His comment on how invincible Barcelona is had me laughing out loud, really Mou? You just tore a cup from our grasp, outplayed us, and we're invincible? Selective memory, I tell you.

          The amount of aversion he's causing against my team bothers me somewhat, but then again people will always see very clearly our negative aspects and nothing else. Doesn't lessen my love for Barça, so carry on. Cheers.

  76. I lost a little respect for both Barca and RM last night. Man U all the way!!!

  77. Cora says:

    And whoever say that "Madrid ain't interested in playing football, NEVAH" must have forgotten that playing defensive football works; and hey: it's also football.

    Ask the Greeks in 2004. Ask Inter last year. Ask the Italians who lifted the World Cup in 2006.

    Playing openly-attacking football against a team like Barca is like begging for a trashing. Barca's possession football is impressive if you only look at the stats. Anyone who watches the game will see what it's all about. I see players passing to each other like 50 times inside their own area, but when they tried to attack the RM defenders SHUT IT DOWN. And yes, tackles happen in football and people fall; it's just how it works as a contact sport. What is odd in a football game is seeing a bunch of big burly dudes coming on the ref's face and screaming bloody murder every time their teammate's down. I mean, WTF.

    There's no point in resorting to foul-counting and the old "he dives too so my team's dives are ok". The fact remains: We were all robbed of a balanced, sportsmanlike, and fair game tonight and for that, I am still angry.

    • xoWinnie says:

      defending's not " real football", don'cha know?

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I am trying my best to stay calm and be accepting of the reality of losing and these stuff happen in football, but I am this close to breaking point from what I have been listening reading. People are blaming Ronaldo, we deserve what we got because we have Angel and Ronaldo as divers, angel yes dived, but what did ronaldo do in the game to deserve calling at, what does it even have to do with the shameful act?. Mourinho has been criticized all over for playing the way he did, well he is a tactican, he thinks for the second leg too, his goal was observe barc offensive first half, then go for the attack in the second, then with the red card for pepe and for him too, everything went down the hill. Tackles something that apparently barcelona fans are not aware off, tackles happen in football something it can be aggressive, but it is not dirty playing, the only dirty thing we did in the match was Marcelo stepping on Pedro and I really didnt like a bit, and I will never defend of his actions, I am ashamed of it. I am not sad with this lost, I am disappionted. Defensive as style? is italy world cup winner? did they anyone with playing like that oh my god? get out of here!

    • Lauren says:

      How did they "shut it down"? Their defense sucked. It worked for most of the game but how many complete passes did Barca make? 400-some and how many shots on goal? MANY. You can not say the same for RM. Real played poorly that game, there is no way around it. Let the better team win – and they did.

      • Cora says:

        Hello, did you watch the game before Pepe got kicked out?

        In the first half, the only good shot I saw was from Villa. RM's defense locked it up so tightly that even Xavi committed a stupid pointless kick from way outside the pen area that went way off target. Please provide me with your version of the fact because srsly girl, you're way off base.

        Of course on the second half they managed to sneak in past the defenders because RM's ten men got really spent and almost died from zoning on what was supposed to be an 11-men work-zone. Really, next time I want to see 10-men Barcelona playing against 11 world class players who are so disciplined and able.

        One more thing, from last I checked, football is not won by how many completed passes one make. Passes are pointless when it does not yield any goal. Seriously, please get your footballing education from anyone but Xavi.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Guys! Both clubs didn't play attack both was defensive, we were planning to change our game by second half, but the plan back fire on us by Pepe red card. If our plans had worked and we won, everyone would have praised Mourinho, Mou took a risk that didn't work out for him. Some says that Pepe saw that coming, ok! the guy is aggressive, but you can't give him a red based on presvious actions, because if so Mascherno should be sent-off based on his perfomance in EPL and Argentina and Busquets for acting, it doesnt make sense for me, I dont know about you!
          Barcelona should understand this fact, Barcelona were defending with holding the ball and passing! I dont blame them. but don't tell me, they played better because they didn't, that's it. Simple!

        • Tina says:

          Barca didn't really have to attack did they? They could have walked away with a 0-0 result and still have 90 minutes at Camp Nou. The team that needed to attack was basically RM. And they didn't, to Cristiano's big disappointment obviously.

          I have heard the comment that possession means nothing unless it results in goal sooo many times. Obviously that's true. But it's a totally pointless comment to make about Barca. Because they score. A lot. Even the most dedicated madridista must acknowledge that. That's why they are fun to watch.

          If they don't wish to play with 10 men I guess they should take it a little easy. I mean diving and playacting is unsportsmanlike, but deliberately trying to hurt someone is so much worse. And I don't think playing 10 to 11 against Barca means that much to RM. They were 11 on the pitch when they Barca won with 5 – 0…

  78. ciotog says:

    Well Buesquets, Pedro and Alves that was a little embarrasing- no more of that ok! Thought the Pepe card was a definite yellow/ possible red it was dangerous play but he went for the ball and Alves got out of the way- not the worst call in the world. The Alves stretcher thing is what will (rightly) annoy people but the tackle was a definite card. Adebeyor tackled like a baby giraffe and Marcello was lucky with the stamp. Iker was classy as always. An angry Xabi is a hot Xabi. Messi brightened up the night and the second goal was amazing he beat six people! Also Arbeloa's challenge I got the feeling it was more about what happened last wk with Villa – I think Barce are more annoyed with that than they have said. Sergio tweeted a picture of himself to cheer us all up and remind us that madridista or cule the sight of him in a tight white t-shirt and skinny blue pants giving a thumbs up will unite us all!!

    • Kristine says:

      Big thumbs up on the tight white shirt and skinny pants! Sergio always has the answer!

  79. Pru says:

    So happy that Barca won!! I was admittedly a little worried that Mou's tactics would work again after the cdr final, but those two goals, especially the 2nd, were absolutely genius! The game was slightly embarrassing, though, with all the theatrics and pressure on the ref, but I don't see how Pepe's red card was undeserved. Yes, Alves probably exaggerated, but keep in mind that contact does not have to be made in order for a player to ge a red card. Pepe went in studs up, one of the most dangerous things a player can do, and just the act of doing so should be enough to get a red for serious foul play.

    Anyway, so excited for the return leg! Hoping for a more respectable game between the two sides, but with Barca and Real, you just never know…

  80. LeeLee14 says:

    Oh, okay as a very proud cule I would like to say the following: this game was full of bad tackles (mainly Madrid and some Barcelona) and shameful diving (yes, you Pedro and Busquets and di Maria). That FACT aside FCB deserved the win and this is clear. Messi was magnificent and we did our talking on the pitch. I hope the 2nd leg goes even better for Barca. Puyi made it through the game and the 0-2 made my day! VISCA BARCA!

  81. Linda says:

    Unitedddddd!!! How good were we?? It was Neuer vs Manchester United. The whole team played well and hopefully we will finish them off at Old Trafford. Come on Unitedd!!!

  82. jhd says:

    I feel dirty saying this (as a Liverpool fan), but I am also rooting for United in the final. I can't believe the best team in the world resorted into such dirty tricks yesterday. Yes, both teams played dirty, but coming from Barca (a team that is always portrayed as saintly and godly by the media and their fans) it's worse. Pepe didn't even touch Alves (replays show that) and it should have been just a yellow. In fact, the referee at first signaled a free kick for Barcelona but when a swarm of Barca players attacked him he gave Pepe the red card (Valdes is a goalkeeper, he should really stay at his place). Alves was on a stretcher for five seconds and then got up and continued playing. Congratulations to Barca, and congratulations to Messi, but if you're proud by how Barca played yesterday, then there's something wrong with you.

    • Cora says:

      I can't word this better, since my ability to form complete sentences were robbed by red flashes of RAGE since this morning.

      How a Cule–heck, ANYONE could be proud seeing their team winning by acting like a bunch of drama queen escapes me.

      Seriously the next time Barca plays, there should be a team of Navy SEAL standing by to act as Referee Protective Services. SMH.

      • bri_saldana says:

        LOL; YES…sending in impartial maritime American special-ops may be the only way!

    • I agree with you! I was very disappointed with the diving and fighting and bombarding the ref last night from both teams! Alves was horrible the whole night with the complaining and diving.

    • Marie says:

      Just to respond to you, I m a Barca fan and I am happy with this victory. Proud of it? definitely not. There were a lot of diving and play acts from both sides. Pepe's high leg, studs up challenge was a red card-able offense (literally, a yellow would have been more appropriate) but you are right Alves over-reacted although blaming the other players for pressuring the ref is not true. Members of both teams crowded over everytime there was an incident. And Valdes, as a vice captain i think he has every right to come over during these kinds of situations.

      Finally, best team in this world or not our players gave their all in this match. They were desperately trying to get a result and that was admirable (diving incidents aside, *looking at Busi, Alves and Pedro*). So I guess I am proud of the team if not the game.

      • jhd says:

        Iker is the captain of Real Madrid, but he knows his place. He know it's wrong to swarm a referee, especially if he hasn't seen the offence. I have never seen him argue with a referee, but rather keep teammates from fighting.
        Yes, Pepe's act was an offence, but not for a red card considering he went for the ball. And Busquets also did the same to Xabi during the Copa game, but he didn't even get a card for it.

    • Lotte says:

      It's not worse if Barca players behave dirty. It's just as bad as if any other players behave dirty, ok? And they did last night, as a Barca fan I can't and I won't deny that. So I'm not as proud today as I usually am of my team. But I am proud and happy that my team does not have a pompous, sore loser as a coach.

      • saskia says:

        actually, it is. Because Barca players pretend to be holier than thou, the little angels, God bless them. Yesterday, we saw another, more truthful side of them and it was not a pretty sight.

        • Lotte says:

          They do? Where? When? That is just a myth created to make all others feel better about being jealous.

          • saskia says:

            I'm a Liverpool fan and I couldn't care less who won yesterday. What I don't like is if very good players disgrace the beautiful game, especially if they claim to be the best of the best. They do? Where? When? You gotta be kidding me. Be a bit more honest when it comes to your team, fan girl! Jealousy? I love if Barca plays beautifully, but also think at what cost they keep the "magic" (cough, cough, yesterday) going. Between 250 and 260 million in debt, and no we're not talking about good ol' pesetas here. So when it comes to the bigger picture, I'd say Bayern Munich is the club to look up to. Healthy club through and through, unlike yours or mine for that matter.
            So next time, you enjoy the as*es of your beloved players think about that.

          • xoWinnie says:

            oh really? could've fooled me.
            in fact, aren't one of the cules who's always on here praising Barca's supposed "class"?

            • Lotte says:

              Yes I'm one of those cules in here that are proud of my team. But I am also one of those cules who has stated in comments on this post (if you will be bothered to read them) that she is not so proud of her teams performance yesterday. I have personally never said that Barca players are above diving. Why should I have said that, with Alves and Busi on the team? I'm not stupid. I love Barca because they play football in a fantastic manner, but I do not consider them saints. They use the tricks they got up their sleeves like everybody else. And yes, they have got class, most of the times. Like everybody else.

              On the other hand, I have said on numerous occassions that I have no respect for Mou and his whining about everything between heaven and earth and whatever. And he has really outdone himself this time. He lost and he can't take it. That is not classy.

              • MeSergio&SaraIker says:

                Couldnt agree more with you! ;)

              • Winnie Mata says:

                what you said has nothing to do with my comment about class.
                there is nothing wrong with supporting your team,
                but the constant comments from Cules about "class" and such
                should be called into question when you put on a performance like last night's
                just because YOU don't happen to one of these fans,
                doesn't mean that what Saskia said about the "holier-than-thou" attitude isn't true.
                it completely is.anything that comes out of Xavi's mouth before/after every match
                is proof of this, and all the other fans who preach the same sh*t are also guilty.

                and also…i don't think anyone would ever call Mourinho classy.

                • Lotte says:

                  Again: Xavi is the only player in the world that cannot express opinion about a game or about his team without being labelled arrogant. There is a double standards here. Read my comment above if you don't understand my point.

                  • Siv says:

                    I am bothered by what Xavi said but I can kind of see your point. He really didn't have to mention how he's not friends with Sergio or Arbeloa though. They are all team mates on la roja and there was no point in saying things like that.

                    • Lotte says:

                      You are right he didn't have to mention that. But I do think that Xavi has got the label "arrogant" the same way that Cristiano has got the label "diver". No matter what they say or what they do, they are always judged in that light by people that are, excuse me, narrowminded. People that wants simple truths. Cristiano is no more diver than anyone else, and Xavi is no more arrogant than anyone else.

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      Xavi is more arrogant than everyone else.
                      you don't see other Barca player sh1t-talking and disrespecting others
                      half as much as he does, and that's because he feels that he can.
                      if this was the case, and the comment about narrowmindedness
                      was indirectly directed towards me, i would dislike other Barca players as well
                      and with the exception of Xavi, Busquets, and Valdes (on occasion)
                      that is not the case.

                    • Lotte says:

                      The comment about narrowmindedness was/is directed to people who do not, on occasion, question their beliefs. I'm sure that you do, though. But there are people that has adopted that "Barca=arrogance" view without even thinking about what it implies and where it comes from. The saddest thing I know is people so stuck in their minds that they can't change their opinions and start questioning things.

                      The notion of Barcelona as a club of saintly creatures are fabricated by media. They need a club like that. I can't explain it in any other way. They always love to polemize. And people are bying it.

                    • Fernanda says:

                      where do I start with you…
                      Ignorance is bliss!!! That best sums up your distorted view on the Barca players and their image in the media. I agree with Saskia: hypocracy got exposed!

                    • Lotte says:

                      So Fernanda, from where do you get your knowledge? Or don't you want to share your deep insights? You know what I think? I think you haven't really thought this through, have you. It is so easy to repeat the mantra "Xavi is arrogant, Barca is arrogant". I have explained my views. You do the same, if you can. Being condescendant towards me doesn't count. Tell me in what way Barcelona is an arrogant club. Can you do that? In your own words, not just echoing everybody else?

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      i know the media does that.
                      i cannot stand commentators for any Barca games,
                      they practically jizz their pants anytime anyone in a Barca kit touches the ball
                      but as some comments on this very thread will tell you
                      they're not the only ones.

                    • bri_saldana says:

                      LOL xoWinnie…your right! Well at least in the US they do. I can't even explain the ecstasy moans and groans; plus man/messi crush they have. Just funny how you noticed that….hahaha

        • BlackRose says:

          No dear, Barça players don't pretend to be holier than thou. There has always been diving and ref-surrounding in Barça, such as in Real Madrid (most prominent current examples: Di Maria and Chrissy) and every other squad. What you won't see in Barça is what Pepe and Arbeloa do on a regular basis: when our defenders and midfielders attack, they actually use the BALL to do so, not their legs and whole bodies against other players. Pepe has a sad, pathetic record of playing beyond aggressive (it's amazing that he's not sent off much more often) and if you bother to read what FIFA has to say about things like the one he did (or tried to do, FIFA wouldn't care) the other day, his sending off was more than adequate.

          Also, you won't see Barça wreaking havoc and starting fights everywhere when the results are bad. Ask Ramos & co. for that sort of behaviour. Real Madrid have been increasingly despised by fans (and coaches, and players) of other teams around Spain, and it's most certainly not because of jealousy as there's not much to be jealous about, salaries aside.

          • BlackRose says:

            and btw YES I'M PROUD. There was ONLY one team trying to play FOOTBALL, trying to move the ball around and make it beautiful, and I was SUPPORTING that team.

          • xoWinnie says:

            you don't see the point do you?
            when fans like you go around acting like Barca are the be-all and end-all of footbal,
            it irks people. and when you defend that kind of behaviour
            by saying things like " they are stooping to Madrid's level" and
            "Barca want to play REAL football" and
            "it's okay when they do stuff like this because it doesn't happen often"
            that irks people as well! and for the record,
            Barcelona are fast becoming one of the most despised teams in EUROPE
            especially when the Champion's League comes around
            because this league is the one that has really been criticized
            for their preferential treatment of Barcelona over the past few years
            that used to be a title familiar to Madrid,
            but maybe you guys are becoming like Real than you'd like to admit.

            • Tina says:

              The most despised team in the world? In your mind maybe. I have read criticism and praise for both teams these past few days. This is just laughable.

              • xoWinnie says:

                my bad, i didn't know Europe equated the world!
                gotta check my geography apparently!

            • BlackRose says:

              it's NOT okay when they do "stuff like this", but I'm HAPPY that it doesn't happen often and EVEN HAPPIER that we can be defined beyond that and people most often refer to our team playing a dreamy, skilled, musical (Van Basten dixit) football. Yes, refusing to have possession of the ball is a style like any other, so I'll just say I personally don't like it and that the specific teams that have gone down in history always strivedd to play the ball. Regarding diving and dirty ways, particularly when things get too rough, I despise them as much as you. What can be said about Real Madrid? How many teams, team managers and non-Madridistas fans in Spain have suffered and criticised Real Madrid's antics (dirty tactics, lousy and disrespectful press conferences, players harassing the refs) this season? How many have suffered the same when Barça visited? Yeah, no parallels can be drawn.

              You say that many people in Europe hate Barça. That may well be, but before Mourinho's insistence on how he's a victim of it all (YAWN- FOOTBALL, MAN) the media and pundits were exhilarated at Messi's goals and Barcelona's passing style that day (like they have been for years -countless articles praising our style of football and comparing us to the greats of all time-, and we're proud of that). Then come the riots and the big moral lessons (given by the least suitable guy) and football talk stops Sorry but I'm not buying.. How many times has Mourinho talked about tactics, playing style, his possible mistakes, his different options? How many times has he done this DURING HIS WHOLE LIFE? Because Cristiano Ronaldo (less than happy with the way the team is playing, btw) once dismissed Mourinho as a bigmouth when they were both in the EPL and Mou was already the victim of some conspiracy or other, and when his team won, it was his genius, while when his team lost, it was the world against him.

              Preferential treatment of Barcelona and Barcelona only? B*llocks. All the big clubs get preferential treatment at some point, as smallers clubs will tell you. Being poor and relatively unknown sucks in life: people tend to believe the powerful ones are right and refs are only human. Real Madrid crying about this is truly hilarious (I've got too many years of watching Spanish football behind me, I can tell you), and Mourinho!!! The one who got preferential treatment against Barcelona during semis last year, after which he went on to win the Champions League, and the one who got preferential treatment when refs couldn't be bothered to notice serious punishable offences by Oporto players. Naturally, whether you believe this is all mistakes that happen or some huge worldwide conspiracy is up to you.

              Again: Real Madrid were robbed, as some say? Hell no, MARCELO should've been sent off and a penalty foul given to us. ARBELOA should've been given a couple of yellows. ADEBAYOR PUSHED Busquets. RAMOS could've been dismissed. PEPE is only too accustomed to play bordering on violent and he ALWAYS has it coming. Some reputed refs who were consulted in Spain say that what Pepe did or tried to do is a RED, so it's a matter of opinion, and even if it was "only" a yellow, he was forgiven a yellow before during the game.

              And no, we're not becoming like Real, fear not. And Real isn't being itself either. Leaving the grass high, parking a bus like a pub team would, starting fights, whining all day, it's all very respectabe, but nothing to do with what La Quinta del Buitre, Di Stefano or Zidanel taught the world.

              • BlackRose says:

                *Zidane… And pardon all other spelling errors and terrible grammar!

              • Lotte says:

                Well put, with or without "spelling errors and terrible grammar" :) .

              • xoWinnie says:

                i never said Real was robbed. i didn't think they deserved to win.
                i didn't think anyone deserved to win, that game was a disgrace to the sport.
                i also never said Barca is the only team who gets preferential treatment
                i've seen refs look the other way quite a few times in favour of Madrid
                as well as other countries i cheer for. i don't agree with this
                seeing players like Sergio, Di Maria, Marcelo, Cristiano etc dive
                angers me almost as much as seeing them actually get fouled.
                i'm not going to disagree with anything you said about Mourinho
                in fact, i watched the Liga Sagres when i was growing up
                and i absolutely HATED him when he was at Porto.
                he is an egomaniac, big-mouthed, arrogant elitist; every time he open his mouth
                this becomes a proven fact. i also hate the fact that he doesn't ever
                want to take responsibility for anything and that his success has somehow led him to believe that he has the Midas touch without him putting in any work.
                but i'm glad to have him with us, i think that if he can get over himself,
                Madrid can be as great as it was in the early Galactico days.
                i personally never cared for Barcelona's style of play
                they play beautifully, don't get me wrong,
                but i don't like watching a bunch of passing before something happens
                i like a more fast-paced, aggressive, on-off attack-counter attack game
                (hence why i prefer the EPL over La Liga)
                and despite most of my family preferring Barca, i prefer Madrid
                my boyfriend is a rugby player, who also happens to be a ref for this sport
                and he is constantly complaining about the theatrics and other things
                that irritate him about it. he's English and his favourite club is Manchester United,
                he hates Real and Barca equally (he doesn't like Spanish soccer).
                that being said i ALSO enjoy watching Messi, he is brilliant,
                a football prodigy if that's what you want to call him.
                no one who is truly a fan of this sport will dispute his talent.
                i just happen to think Barcelona were a much more likeable team a few years ago
                and maybe that is the media's fault as Lotte said, for "portraying" them a certain way,
                but this is not exactly the kind of rival i can respect
                (and i'm sure you can say the same as far as Madrid goes,
                i know i am definitely as disappointed in their antics as any reasonable fan should be.)

                • xoWinnie says:

                  oopsy i forgot to state what my point was in mentioning my boyfriend
                  he basically uses games like this past Clasico as proof that soccer is a joke
                  and that rugby, the so called "gentleman's sport" is a real man's game.
                  i know it's unfair and biased, i can see his point!
                  (although i would never let him know it).

                  • BlackRose says:

                    funny, I had an English bf who played rugby (not a pro) lol! He basically thought the same as yours. And believe me, I see your point, and when we don't get anywhere near the goalkeeper (which happens a lot when a team has strong defense) there are times when I'm in total despair and loudly asking for Ibra or Larsson to come back. But… Call me a masochist lol.

                    BTW I should just leave this thread. I'm too stubborn and always trying to reply to everything. And it's come to a point where we're two opposing kickette squads verbally fighting lol. This is El Clásico IV before its time!

          • jhd says:

            Who is "Chrissy"? There is no player in Real Madrid called like that. Yes, Barca players do pretend to be holier than thou. What did Pique say to the RM players after the Liga clasico in April? He may have denied it, but Iker (someone who never starts fights) later confirmed he did say something offensive. After every RM match in this month Xavi commented that RM didn't want to play football. Even after the Copa match, where RM beat Barca fair and square. Xavi somehow thinks Barca has invented football, and everyone else is somehow playing some mythical sport. This IS a holier than thou attitude.

            • BlackRose says:

              So I'm supposed to believe what Piqué denies he has said (which had nothing to do with a holier-than-thou attitude, but rather it was some politically-oriented thing)? And why am I supposed to believe that? Surely Piqué must know what he said? *Puzzled* Besides, Iker may have been implying what you say he was implying, but I might just as well presuppose that he's just following suit and he has no idea, but doesn't want to discredit his mates, his journalist friends or a rumour that favour Real Madrid. If he actually KNOWS Piqué said that, he should be CLEAR about it. Otherwise, since the only person speaking out was Geri, he's the only one I'm believing.

              The Xavi thing. Not only Xavi has said that, many, MANY footie pundits, managers, fans and players speak the same way about Barça and Real Madrid, or about, say, Brazil/pre-2010 Netherlands vs Italy. It's just a way of saying that football is, for most people, much more elegant and beautiful to watch when you dare play it with the ball on your feet and not waiting for your opponent to make the moves. We/they also believe that if all teams played like Barça it would be much more amusing than if all of them played like Real. Others say that Barça's way is boring: too much possession, too little direct action and effectiveness. Several RM players (Cristiano Ronaldo himself) have vocally agreed. Are they holier than thou too or just giving an opinion and defending their own way? Some say Barcelona play handball and not football. We're not offended. You can't make everybody happy.

          • bri_saldana says:

            Still not gonna agree with the sending off…EVER! Everyone over analyses these teams like they are the only two in the world and like what goes on their pitch is the only way to play. What Pepe did is little more than a ripple in the EPL. There would have been NO call or even incident. As a matter of fact Alves would have gotten sent off for pulling that crap. That being said I know that Champions League is a different beast. I'm just not partial to preachy type commentary when it comes to Pepe's so-called warranted red card.
            I think this type of attitude is a prime example of the "holier than thou" attitude that Barca players & fans tend to have. Barca has a few bad boys themselves, before this incident I practically considered Alves a THUG, but anyone of Barca could have done the exact same thing Pepe did when the card was called. If the roles were reversed and a Barca player got sent off for that crap (AND IT COULD HAVE EASILY BEEN POSSIBLE) then there would be no doubt in my mind that you would be arguing the red card atrocity.
            I'm not saying you should not be happy for your team, I unlike others will not even have the audacity to try and convince you that the Barca's victory should be view by you in shame. What I'm saying is quit taking a condescending position to controversy that ANY player could easily get caught up in. Especially with teams that display similar behavior like RM & Barca, and MOST IMPORTANTLY when both sides decide that their going to behave the way that they do because the "other did it first" kind of scenario. Two wrongs don't make a right…and arrogance pertaining to this red card incident is a mute point.

      • kat says:

        really? did you hear peps pre game words. he was being a complete and total ass. Pep is just as bad.

        • Winnie Mata says:

          apparently Pep is perfect, and everything he says and does is perfectly alright.
          he's just defending his team from Mourinho the evil dragon.

          they talk about how Pep should never lower himself to Mou's level
          (and i don't think he should either)
          but when he does there's always an excuse lol

          • Tina says:

            lol, You mean, the one time he did?

            • xoWinnie says:

              this isn't the first time Pep has made underhanded comments
              or been rude, so i dunno what you're talking about.

            • jhd says:

              It was very classy of Pep to comment how Mou was going to be happy when he found out a Portuguese referee was appointed to the RM – Barca CL match (he was later changed to Stark, and we all know how that ended). If Mou had commented something like this, cules would have jumped at his throat.

              • BlackRose says:

                Not " a Portuguese", but a referee (Olegário Benquerença) that had been very controversial during the Champions semis last year (Inter-Barça). His mistakes (MISTAKES, no conspiracy or robbery talk) favoured Mourinho's side. And Pep is saying this because Mourinho had said, a couple of days earlier, that he wished he could have a referee that gave his team, and not Barcelona, preferential treatment.

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            Didn't pep question the integrity of the portuguese coach even before the game started? I am just stating facts. Yes, Pep has class I agree, but this time he didn't like or not he didn't. I have another question, when some of our players play dirty, alot jump to the conclusion that Mourinho tell his players to play dirty, so when Barcelona players do it, it is not Pep too? Just saying again. See how sometime some of the argument make no sense what so ever for us Madrid fans.

        • BlackRose says:

          sure, doing it ONCE is exactly the same as doing it systematically. Pure math.

    • yeah thats exactly what Mourinho said, he was like : i would be ashamed to win like that" he also remembered what happened at Stamford Bridge and With Arsenal

      • diana says:

        Jesus…do people still mention that Arsenal game?Yes Arsenal lost because Van Persie was sent of.You keep telling yourself that.

        • jess says:


        • diana says:


        • jhd says:

          And what was he sent off for? For not hearing a whistle which is completely unbelievable considering a small number of, oh, just 95.000 people were shouting at the top of their lungs. And it's cool that Abidal can put his hands on someone's neck (in this case Van Persie, but that's irrelevant) and go completely unscathed.

          • Winnie Mata says:

            that happened at Stamford Bridge, too?

            • jhd says:

              At Stamford Bridge at least four penalties should have been called for Chelsea. And I say this as someone who absolutely despises Chelsea (even more than United or Barca).

              • Winnie Mata says:

                ohh i see what you're saying!
                i was just confused because i thought the above poster was talking about the game against Arsenal! nvm!

                • Julia says:

                  Here i have a video! haha Here is the scandal of the Stamford bridge, guess it doesn't hurt when the president of the UEFA is a Barcelona fan.

                  • BlackRose says:

                    well, Mr. Blatter forgot to help us last year, where ref errors perhaps cost us the semis. Boo hoo where's conspiracy when you most need it… :(

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      don't be mad because you tried to pull the same sh1t at Inter that you did with Chelsea and it didn't work out for you. the team that "parked the bus" still wiped the floor with you 3-1 at the end of the day on aggregate. so much for " real football" .

                    • BlackRose says:

                      again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KtHjSn0zQw

                      (Funny you comment on the Motta thing somewhere else -no, I don't like the way Busi dives so often, when there's no need as he's such a good player… A shame, really- but fail to comment on the majority of critical mistakes which were good for Inter)

                      Barça won't always win, playing it beautiful or not. I've seen much more losses than victories, so what. I still prefer it when we/they play it beautiful no matter what. I like football. I want to be entertained, I want to admire the technique and the way the players co-operate with each other. "Resultadismo" is not for me. And for the last time: NO, I DON'T LIKE DIVING. I don't care if it's Busi, Di Maria or my little cousin who dives. Well, my cousin always looks cute, but still. But I LOVE our style, and I LOVE how we generally just play and talk football. And how our players caress the ball along the pitch and everyone gets a chance to contribute. I don't want any bus parking. If you enjoy that way of playing football, good for you. It's not my problem.

                  • xoWinnie says:

                    a lot of the examples: i.e. most involving Alves in the vid clearly show a dive, not a foul.
                    if anything, this is more embarrassing than your players criticizing them for parking the bus lol

      • BlackRose says:

        Yeah, I remember his semis against Barça last year, where ref decisions were heavily in his favour. He had no complaints, of course… I also remember how he took Oporto to the finals without any sort of help *chuckles*. I'm sure he's totally unashamed, however, because the way he's been ranting on and on, saying ridiculous, when not libelous, things about his colleagues from other squads and about referees whose errors were against his best interests, while displaying an amazing lack of self-criticism and humility, and the way he carries himself everywhere show that shame is not a feeling known to him.

    • Sarie says:

      Thank you for writing this, you put it far nicer then I ever could.

    • meh says:

      I would love to see barcelona 'best team in the world' play in the prem, and away game at stoke perhaps on a cold rainy day, then we will see how tough they are. bunch of babies, the lot of them (including rm apart from mou and adebayor) really, its so pathetic…like, im bored….

      • Kristina says:

        Mou is the biggest cry baby of them all! He is the pathetic one. You lost Mou, dry your tears man!

      • kat says:

        if you dont like liga teams don't comment because a lot of ppl who dont like the premiere dont say anything bad about it

        • meh says:

          i am not sayin i dont like la liga teams, i am sayin that play acting is not part of the beautiful game, so i dont understand how these teams are the best in the world if they behave like that…

      • BlackRose says:

        Mou has been crying all year. He even mentioned on wednesday how he was okay because football, meh, he has a dear family waiting for him at home which is what matters blablablah (OMG a pro manager getting all intimate in a press conference, how sweet and epic of him). His way of always talking about himself and getting personal, and playing martyr, and crying for more expensive strikers to sit on the bench, and blaming everyone else (how manly mmm), instead of talking about the team he is managing, his tactics, possible mistakes or things done well etc.

        On a cold rainy day I can only picture him complaining about the weather and how the sun is always shining for Guardiola, to be honest.

        • jhd says:

          You're delusional if you think Mou in personal is anything like Mou in press conferences.

          • BlackRose says:

            I don't care what Mou is like in his personal life, As a matter of fact, most people who have worked with him have only nice words (Pep and Xavi included -and Mou has said kind words about them as well-). I was only saying that he alluded to his family when that was not the topic of discussion. He's ALWAYS referring to himself: his accomplishments, his happiness, his unhappiness, his desire to coach the Portugal NT, his being unfairly treated or misunderstood. And, when he's not talking about himself, he's mostly talking about conspiracies that negatively affect him.

    • xoWinnie says:

      you took the words right out of my mouth, and used nicer terms then i would have. that's for sure.
      that being said i am just as disgusted in the way Madrid played last night. smfh.

    • BarceLisa says:

      good luck with that. I hope you are just as congratulatory to United in a few weeks when they beat your record of 18 league titles.

    • Spainardlover5 says:

      Wow, everyone needs to calm down. Okay, it wasn't the best display of football yesterday. But lets be honest, it was the third clasico and there's got to IMMENSE stress and pressure on those players. I'm not saying that makes it right, because it doesn't, but everyone doesn't need to flip out over ONE GAME. It's not even the second leg, people. Yes, I'm a Barca fan. Yes, I still am and will be for the rest of my days. I love my team, and I don't approve of everything they did but HOW CAN YOU PREACH ABOUT DIVING BUT YOU HAVE CRISTIANO RONALDO ON YOUR TEAM? Move on.

      • kat says:

        yeah and you have sergio busquets so i think everyone should move on and stop bitching about when people dive cus it is bound to happen

      • Cora says:

        OH LAWDDDD another one who accused Cris for diving, having seen exactly how many match he played recently? I used to loathe the man, but since he moved to RM I see that his behavior is changing. Point me to a single RM game this year and last year that he dived. PLEASE. This is a challenge.

        Now everytime he gets fouled, he will try his damnedest to get up and get the ball. Yes, there's that crybaby antics when the ref didn't give him the foul, but how would you react when you've been fouled like a gazillionth times and the ref just won't see it? He knows that it's because he has a bad rep with the ref, and he's been paying the price.

        Srsly., get your fact straight before you went off on the internet

        • Siv says:

          I totally agree with you. Cris used to be the worst diver ever, but if cules would just watch his games now they can tell that he's really improved. Granted, he's never going to get over his reputation of diving, which is a pity.

        • bri_saldana says:

          thank you!!!

    • Por dior says:

      If you thought that the worst part about the game was Alves , Pedritos and busquets "acting " ,well there´s a video circulating in twitter of BUSQUETS saying a racist remark to Marcelo.

      • jhd says:

        Yep, obviously I posted the comment before the video circulated. I am now wondering if Barcelona will do anything about this, like make Busquets apologize. If not, the little respect I have left for them is forever gone.

  83. Linda says:

    The game between Madrid and Barca was just embarrasing to watch at times. Busquets is one the most despicable players I have ever seen. Red arrow me all you like but I LOVE football and I just hate it when a game is played in this way. Marcelo stamp on Pedro was also disgracefull. This was just a bad advert for La Liga. Plus, Real Madrid fans can say watever they want and blame the referree but they also need to blame the tactics used especially in the first half. Only Barcelona wanted to play attacking football. Just ask Ronaldo,he was furious at his team.
    I was expecting a good game of football but was left dissapointed. Thank God for Messi's second goal. Gave me goosebumps.

    • Adriana says:

      At one point in the first half, Ronaldo was chasing the ball around between three players by himself in Barca's side, and after basically running in a circle, he threw a mini-fit because ALL of his teammates were still on Madrid's half.
      For once I think his fit was reasonable.
      As a Madridista, I was not pleased with the game yesterday.
      At all.
      Where is the madridismo?

      • Daniella says:

        Watching the Real Madrid / Barca game was painful to say the least and more so as a Real Madrid fan, not so much because they lost but rather the manner in which they lost. They don't call it the beautiful game for nothing and as far as Mourinho's tactics go it was amateurish against Barca – I agree Ronaldo was the only Real player looking for some kind of attacking opportunity…
        What ever happened to Benzema & Higuain?
        To top everything off there was the added and unnecessary drama of diving and unwarranted tackles that made me cringe, not to mention the pre & post game antics of Mou

    • Susana says:

      Ronnie was mad at Mou for playing that brand of "park the bus" ball…he said so in his post-match comments. At times I felt sorry for him for the very reasons mentioned above…he was the only one pressing.

      As for the entire match…an embarrassment to the footy world. Both teams should be ashamed of their behavior. Yes, Barca pulled some dirty ones, but then so did RM. As I watched I couldn't help but be happy they weren't playing in the final…GROW UP!!!!!
      As for J-Mo…he pines away about being Sir Alex's successor…I pray that never happens.

  84. Jade says:

    Let me just say this: Mourinho shouldn't really be complaining about how Pepe got a red card and how Barça always have the refs behind them, he should be doing something about his team's dedicated commitment to constantly fouling and playing dirty. Marcelo should have been sent off as well for that mean, disgusting foul on Pedro. Really not necessary.
    I'd rather have a team win for trying to play well than to have a team win for making dirty tackles and unnecessary kicks when the ball is way out of sight (even The Ramos did this! Shame. Poor Iker though was screaming his lungs out).
    And I'm happy for Ibi (it's Afellay, btw) giving an assist. As a Dutchie, I like to see the boys do well. :)

    • Adriana says:

      It's not really fair to accuse only Madrid of playing dirty last night – Barcelona was just as guilty of that.
      Regardless of which team you support, it was just a terrible, terrible game to see from two of the greatest sides in the world.

      • Jade says:

        Yeah it was, but in my opinion, Real Madrid played worse. Both sides were diving and tackling but Real Madrid really made some completely unnecessary fouls and were fouling nowhere near the ball.
        And therefore they should not complain so much. Have you seen their website? http://www.realmadrid.com/cs/Satellite/en/Home.ht…. Just get over it already. They lost this match, they can still win the other and they've won the Copa. I really don't like their negative attitude.

        • xoWinnie says:

          everyone has a negative attitude when they lose.
          did you miss the whining over the CDR last week?

  85. Taskeen says:

    Wow. That was one heavy heavy match last night. I was watching in a state of perpetual stress. Thank god Barca locked it down but i will admit that i was a liiittle disappointed at some of the diving action (yes, Busqi, that first foul didn't really touch your face did it?). But both sides were guilty of a few dives here and there. The red card situation was heated but i believe it was deserved and no one can say that the ref was pressured by the Barca players as no ref will lightly act against the pressures of the home crowd. Well onto the next one folks, its going to be biiiig, that's all i know.

  86. Summer says:

    At this point I'm totally for United…Go United and win the Champions!!