April 29th, 2010

Champions League Results

Provocative sniping, threats, random, unsubstantiated bitching, and the odd punch up.

Yes folks, another typical evening in the carnival that is Jose Mourinho’s career has passed and Inter Milan’s 3-2 aggregate win over Barcelona last night was sufficient to take them through to final in Madrid on 22nd May. Barca took it with good grace, switching the pitch sprinkler system on while Inter celebrated. (cheque’s in the post, guys!)

They will face Bayern Munich, whose 4-0 aggregate win against Lyon in Tuesday’s semi was a quiet affair in comparison. Alright, there may have been the occasional highlight.

So, while we are sad to see the departure of lovely Pep, Bojan and Zlats (left) et al and some are saying that the line-up is not a victory for attractive football, we feel we can live with it.  As for the result, Mourinho isn’t in doubt. He’s got connections, y’know. 

Your thoughts, Kickettes?

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72 Responses to “Champions League Results”

  1. medi says:

    I dont like this

  2. mei says:

    I'm so happy b'coz my team bayern munich go to final!!!!!!!!!

    N then,I'm very happy Miroslav klose COME BACK……..!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Kahlen says:

    I'm still totally gloating over the Barca loss. I just wouldn't be able to handle them playing at the Bernabeu and possibly winning. Thank You Inter. Ugghhh, hopefully they beat Bayern Munich for ending Man Utd's CL season.

  4. Yasmin says:

    Inter is in the final!!!

  5. JMLover says:

    i adore mourinho…his arrogance is kinda hot!! im not an inter supporter, though jose's a favorite of mine, but im really glad barca lost.

  6. DutchGooner says:

    AM i missing something what is sooo wrong with Mourinho's celebrations, he just guided INTER MILAN to their first CL final since like 1972. I was laughing my tush off when i saw him leg it and was wildin' out, he's always been like that and he was celebarting withhis fans which were all the way at thetop tier underneath alot of barca fans, i just though Barca were sore losers i lost major respect for them, the play acting and the antics at the end.

    I would love to see Jose back in the EPL, he was soo funny and he is a great manager well done to him and well done to Bayern Munich….dont mind who wins as long as the game will hopefully be entertaining.

  7. DJM says:

    I am sooo glad inter won. i love mourinho!! and i just have to say that all barca fans are very sore losers. give credit where its due. And i hope valdes gets a ban or something because that was just spiteful!

  8. Inés says:

    Barça was not going to win everything! what do they think they are?

    • Winnie says:

      completely agree…they've developed an ego of Manchester United proportions…

      (no offense if you're a Man U fan) lol

  9. Winnie says:

    i completely agree with Mourinho's statement.

    Barca fans were not solely focused on winning like they were last year

    this is year, they were just completely CONSUMED

    with the thought of winning the Champion's League in Madrid

    which as a clearly biased Real Madrid fan,

    i found extremely disturbing, not to mention annoying as hell.

    ever since the quarter finals, they've been bragging about how sweet

    a Champion's League victory in Madrid was going to be

    i already had a friend even, who was bragging that Barcelona

    was going to be in the final–at Madrid.

    this only caused me to want Barca to lose even more

    that seemed to be the most important part to them

    not just to win–but to do it in the Bernabeau.

    if that was honestly the only reason they wanted to win

    than i'm even happier now that they lost.

    they were getting too cocky for their own good.

    and i may not like Inter (not in the very least, i assure you)

    but at least they maintained some class.

    they had a game plan and they stuck to it, and as much as

    i may not like Jose Mourninho as a person,

    he really is a brilliant manager.

    when it comes down to it, i really believe that what

    it all came down to in this match was the management

    and as hot and refreshing as Guardiola may be,

    he still needs a little more experience.

    the display by Barca at the end really was despicable,

    by both the fans and the players.

    i don't care how many people tell me that they were "provoked"

    or whatnot.

    i've always thought of them as a really classy team

    and i was honestly shocked to see that they

    would react that way, and were such poor sports.

    now that all that's been said…


    • Syrian! says:

      Omg I deff agree with you, all that barca was thinking about is to play at the bernabeu to show it in the way as “we are so much better that our rivals, we even are playing in their own home ” donno hehe kinda glad they last, they needed this so this high nose they had would get down a little if u know what i mean.. omg and morinho AMAZINGG >> I Love both pep and Jose, but he just is doing sooo good muwahaha I so liked inter for winning.. morinho even said “this was the best defete in my career” :d

      • Winnie says:

        yes, exactly.

        i don't need to be snobby,

        but until you have a record like Real Madrid

        who is historically the most successful club in Europe to date

        you have no right to be so damn arrogant!

        yes, you have Messi, the best striker in the world

        and blah blah blah whatnot…

        but clearly, he can be contained–Inter proved it yesterday.

        so Barcelona (fans AND players)

        need to take this pompous arrogance down a notch.

        yes you're good–but you can be beat.

        i just feel bad for whoever plays them this weekend

        in La Liga, because they are either

        a) going to received a BEASTLY beating.

        or b) their anger is going to get the best of them, and they'll just lose.

        hopefully the second one so Madrid can regain top spot :D

        • Winnie says:

          *mean to be snobby

          • Syrian! says:

            lmaooo hahah ur sooo right, I think they are so pissed right now. Yesterday I read somewhere they players were saying "inter wasnt showing us any good football" I was like damn who cares they won so get over it. But yeah I think they will be taking revange this weekend. I hope they are still not over the game they lost, so they lose points and real tops the table. PERFECT SENARIO hihi. yeah I agree, they have had so many wins already, it became somthing like aah will win everything anyways wer the best soww bahaha soo happy inter+ Morinho ditched them in one hell of a way. Lets see what they 'll bring up.

        • Zlatanista says:

          I believe and hope for the first alternative, obviously. That is how pompous and arrogant i am. I am so arrogant my middle name should be Jose. And i am going to state that Messi is the best footballer in the world, again and again, until i blow up like a balloon. Because i am so pompous. And right.

  10. sunny says:

    did you seriously link someone's twitter as a source?

    • tammyv says:

      yes, mine and I got it from @nikesoccer. The "@nikesoccer" had to go to get the full quote in.

  11. TB says:

    FORZA INTER!!! I am EXTREMELY, ABSOLUTELY OVERJOYED. We’ve still got TONS of work to do but we’ve put ourselves in a position to be able to achieve everything that we want to win.


  12. Missy Manchester says:

    Mourinho showed the rest of the world how to stop the Barca steamroller–with only 10 men! I’m a Man Utd fan but I must give Jose his due–he’s an incredible strategist and he deserved his celebration last night. (And I hope Inter beats Bayern in the final…I’m still stewing about Ribery getting little Rafael sent off!) :)

  13. Mel says:

    I am so happy Barcelona is NOT in the CL final at Bernabeu :D Grazie mille Inter!

  14. beri says:

    I am soooo happy for Inter! They made me so happy! Yup…that’s right the Barca CL train has been stopped!

    I didn’t want Barca to progress and I’m glad they didn’t especially when I saw how Victor Valdes, the Barca fans, and the ground staff at Nou Camp reacted to not going through. It was all in poor taste….very poor sportsmanship! Seems they need to take it down a notch and learn a thing or two about how to lose gracefully!

    On another note, Jose Mourinho…I love <3 you!

  15. barca4ever says:

    a hate morinho he's a dick

  16. Linda (Gooner till I die) says:

    I wanted Barca to progress – simply from footballing point of view. But actually, I didn’t care that much. :) Both coaches are hot, both sides have some great players.
    And maybe it’s better that way, after all… Barca lifting the CL trophy at the Bernabeu? It wouldn’t feel right…

  17. Jovana says:

    Personally, it was hard for me to watch because I love both Barca and Inter, so I didn't have preference who would move on to the finals, but I really dislike Mourinho, he has this attitude that I don't like, even though I think he is a good coach. I am however a Bayern fan so the final match should be a good one :)

  18. tammyv says:

    Inter played a brilliant tie over both legs.. They were way more attaking at home than Barca planned and way more defensive at Camp Nou. It was a decisive victory.

    Braca got wrapped up in their own hype and Jose did exactly what he did with Porto when he won it in 2004. He manages expectations and his squads brilliantly.

    Jose also took down, Carlo A and Pep in the process both who were on the verge of eclipsing him as grestest Chelsea manager and world manger and guarenteed that he will be the next Madrid manager because he stopped Madrid from the humaliation of having Bacra collect the trophy in Madrid.

    It was a little reminder of why he declared himself the [a] Special One and we all went along with it

  19. Kickette Mods says:

    Ladies – please play nice and be respectful.


  20. C16 says:

    Try next year Barcelona! :)

    Somewhere other than the Santiago Bernabeu.

    Guess getting obsessed with playing the final on your enemy's court can't be good.

  21. There was a match yesterday? ;)

  22. Lucy says:

    Barça are a bunch of looosers! I´m so happy Inter won the tie, Valdes should receive a lesson of how to act properly when your team lose

  23. Wow, more graciousness around here than a Daughters of the Confederacy tea party. *eye roll*

    Congratulations to Inter. Reaching the final of the Champions League is an incredible accomplishment.

    • senora ramos says:

      did you expect different? and lol! why do you have to hate on the confederates. it’s not our fault the war of northern aggression took place. :)

  24. mamaly says:

    Congratulations to Inter. Jose Simply The Best!!!

  25. Innocenza says:

    Won't speak to the play… still pissy, but OMG Pique's goal! <3

  26. HJ says:

    I can’t think of a word bad enough to throw at Jose Mourinho..Seriously, the Disliked one?**** him!even though i was on the verge of tears, i just LOVED how valdez sprang to the defense of his fans!aw!Sure, our strategy of passes doomed us but we learn from our mistakes, right?and let that Mourinho come to Spain and every clasico will be a natural disaster!
    the disliked one, there’s only one SEXY manager-and that’s Pep!He is a true gentleman. you ought to learn something..
    btw, my friends and i have sworn not to watch the final.who’s in??com’on Barca girls!
    Visca el Barca!!

    • senora ramos says:

      god! i hope perez is not that stupid ::lolatthinkingperezisnotamoron:: the press who are touting him would want to run him out before the preseason ends. why the hell would madrid want a coach that plays antifootball. but the classicos and the quotes would be halarious.

      • Thea says:

        Sorry Ramos – I hate everybody and and everything today. Real Madrid is a circus and Jose would be the prefect clown to lead them – into Disaster!

    • tammyv says:

      Valdez should be redcarded and banned for 6 games like Drogba was… it was disgraceful

      • HJ says:

        he was only being protective of his fans.

        • tammyv says:

          and Drogba was only being protective of his fellow player.

          6 match ban is the standard.. then he should get it

          • HJ says:

            1)Drogba did it to the referee

            2)Mourinho was teasing the Barca fans.

            3)Mourinho was the one that started the nasty behaviour: the blah, blah,blah gesture he did with his hands when Messi was talking to Ibra. AND when pep was talking to ibra at half time, he leaned on pep and said something,laughed while Pep gave him a disgusted look.

            • Thea says:

              Thanks HJ – both Jose and Figo were extremely arrogant and disrespectful. But it's gone now – we have to look to next year to right the worngs – like we have done before!

  27. azezah says:

    oh! atleast i wont miss those Barca gang. In fact i’m very happy that i dont have to hear about them.

  28. Deffo-Nando says:

    What's with all the barca fans going all crazy? Inter deserved to win. simple as. we could argue that the bojan goal should have stood but pique was offside when he scored. the sending off was ridiculous. Busquets is an idiot. And jose was signalling to the Inter fans after the match. Not the barca fans.

    I have to say, the reactions all over the place have been…just…wow.

    That said, i'll be supporting Bayern in the final :D

    • Innocenza says:

      Pique was not offside. He was even with the Inter defender when the ball was played. Watch the replay.

      • tammyv says:

        I have watched the reply probably 15 times from 3 different angles and he AND Danny Alves were offsides.

        • Innocenza says:

          Well, the ref and I disagree. He jumped back onside just as the ball was being played. Alves was off, but not part of the play.

          • tammyv says:

            The ref also said that it was redcard on Motta, so we will put him in the bad refs catagory

            • Innocenza says:

              How about the called-back goal after the ball played the hand?

              That offside/onside was the linesman’s call. Pique and the defender on Alves are directly even with the linesman on the far side.

              • tammyv says:

                he re-directed to his favorited foot, that is a handball

              • tammyv says:

                and Alves and Pique weer directly even with the lines me.. the defenses of both were behind.. and yet, it all does not matter because, Barca didn't win

                • anna says:

                  vaya tia que mala leche tienes, sacate el palo del culo infeliz

                • Innocenza says:


                  Wrong. He didn't redirect the ball. It dropped in front of him. Nothing he could have done. Legal.

                  Wrong. They won. Or didn't you notice, since they got screwed out of advancing?

                  anna- :)

  29. Senorita Iniesta says:

    Aww … :'(

    Bye bye, baby Bojan … cu next year …


  30. shay says:

    So the Barca fans are happy that their team are sore losers?! I guess they have won so much they forgot how to be gracious in defeat. Congrats to the better team over the 2 legs, Inter!

  31. xoxo says:

    I am very dissapointed, I've never seen a coach more praised for training a team who didn't play anything … anyways always a pleasure seing the big Z :>

    • Lucy says:

      what do you expect for Inter to do with 10 men?

      • senora ramos says:

        everyone knew the bus was going to be parked. you don't like it? should've done better the 1st leg. i didn't expect anything different from the girls today, though honestly. sorry y'all lost, but name calling and the like are really being poor sports

    • tammyv says:

      Didn’t play anything?

      Inter played one of the top 5 greatest defensive matches of all time. They were 10 men against a relentless and brilliant attacking Barca that was at about 95% full strength (really only missing Inesta)

  32. liv says:

    Good for you Jose and congrats Inter.

  33. Ella says:

    Not the final I was expecting to see, but very interesting! Hats off to Inter and BM!

  34. HJ says:

    btw, did u guys see Cesc's sister at the game? she was there, wearing her Barca t-shirt with her name 'Carlota' across her back. now that's what i call not being bitter *her brother+arsenal=hel-lo!*

  35. I can't say it was the greatest of games, but it was entertaining. Wonderful defensive display from Inter. The referee ruined the game though with his refusal to alet the game flow.

    And what might have been if Bojan's goal wasn't ruled out for handball. :(

  36. senora ramos says:

    yesterday was a great day for me. it's better to have 2 former merengues who hate madrid than the blaugrana back in the bernabeu. yes the game was boring, complete antifootball, but that's what you get when the 1st leg was 3-1, so barca can't really complain.

    i don't have a rooting interest in either team, except for tso (who was very horrible yesterday. come on jose, you're better than that), so forza inter (i think that's how you say it)

    • Thea says:

      Barca should of done better with Inter having 10 men – but this is not a good result for football – the final will be boring, defensive with no eye candy and will probably go to penalties. If Inter win both Jose and his gormless lackey (that's Luis Figo to you lot) will be insufferable! Go Bayern!

      • Zo.acm says:

        Haha.. "Jose and his gormless lackey will be insufferable" That is exactly what I told my friend. I cannot stand Inter and it's possible I dislike Mourinho more. Definitely Go Bayern, even though the match doesn't show too much promise…

      • Zlatanista says:

        Agree with you Thea. A victory for truly booring football, and a team with a busdriver for a coach. My hope is that Bayern, and especially Robben, can put at least some passion in the final.