June 25th, 2009

Charity: The Lowdown on The Showdown

imageOne team won, and the other lost. The details are fuzzy as there were so many more interesting things going on during yesterday’s Showdown in Chinatown that you need to know about.

Such as?

Oh, some girl taking Adrian Mutu’s crotch to the face after he over-ran the mini pitch. Or Tony Parker body-checking Ryan Babel into the stands.

Wait, did we mention Mutu’s crotch? Yes?

Okay, good. Here’s our insider take on all the action and some pics from the after-party:

Eloquence Under Fire

Speaking of Adrian Mutu, it’s a good thing he’s so bloody good-looking, because his personality kind of sucks.

When we asked (in both Italian and English) if he thought he was hotter than Xabi Alonso, he responded with, “Better luck next time.” (If you recall, Xabi usurped Adrian on our Finest Five list).

When we explained, in more detail, that women had chosen Xabi (and his ginger bear) over him in the hotness category, this was Adrian’s answer: “I don’t worry. I feel nothing.” Looks like our selection was totally validated. Thanks for the memories.

Of note: Prior to our “interview”, Adrian winked at us whilst we stalked him, waiting for our moment. We feel special. And a little cheap.


Blue (team Reyna) and White (team Nash) shirts were excellent choices for two reasons:

1.  It was raining and wet cotton clings to the body easily;

2.  The shirts were used to wipe sweat off of various foreheads thus exposing quality midriff. Our faves? Kalou’s 8-pack and Zanetti’s hip dips.

In case you were wondering, none of the players were wearing protective gear (ahem) which made watching them sprint down the small pitch all the more worthwhile.

imageRandom: Now that we’ve seen him up close and personal, we regret neglecting Mathieu Flamini. We liked his long and sexy gold chain worn (outside his shirt collar.) (No, seriously, we did). His hair was undone and his stubble was well-designed. Interestingly, MF had an equally attractive entourage.


Hugs, slight hand-holding and a singular ass slap were the true game highlights. “Best Couple” award is a tie between Tony Parker/Thierry Henry and Mathieu Flamini/Salomon Kalou. They were in wub.

Rapping Skills

When asked for a rap by a random in the stands, Ryan Babel gave a little dancing freestyle accompanied by some misguided arm movements. He also managed to rhyme our name with his favorite breakfast condiment in some amount of style. (Apparently this interaction exists on video so if you have it, please send it our way!)

imageWives and Girlfriends

Consuelo Mutu is stunning. Without question. However, that does not redeem her choice of attire for the game. Let’s see… Imagine a one-sie. an all-in-one, if you will. With two overall-type straps, fitted throughout the body with full trouser leg.

Now imagine the entire outfit was denim… … BECAUSE IT WAS.  Accessorized with chunky red heels and a (stellar) red Chanel bag, natch.

We also spotted an unidentified WAG in full Burberry-regalia taking her place on the family buses. We’re talking coat, dress, hat and umbrella. Unfortunately, she stopped the matchy-matchy at the shoes…those were black and white zebra platforms. Not sure whom she belonged to, but she should definitely be put back in her box/dressing closet/nowhere in public.

And of course, the cattle call of Wagabees on premises were wearing a variety of nightclub-suitable attire at 4 in the afternoon.

Kudos to all who played for a worthy cause!:

Claudio Reyna (U.S., Red Bulls), Thierry Henry (France/FC Barcelona), Javier Zanetti (Argentina/Inter Milan), Salomon Kalou (Ivory Coast/Chelsea), Ryan Babel (The Netherlands/Liverpool), Giovanni van Bronckhurst (The Netherlands/Feyenoord), Mathieu Flamini (France/AC Milan), Ivan Cordoba (Columbia/Inter Milan), Adrian Mutu (Romania/ACF Fiorentina), Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns) Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs), Grant Hill (Phoenix Suns), Chris Bosh (Toronto Raptors), Raja Bell (Charlotte Bobcats).

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13 Responses to “Charity: The Lowdown on The Showdown”

  1. Venice says:

    Aww I definitely picked the wrong time to visit NY! Would've loved to see this! Great initiative by Steve, and great article by Kickette! Please do this stalking more often! LOL Mutu, a bit of a sore loser isn't he? And that picture of Titi is giving me thoughts that'll keep me up all night… you know what I'm talking about ;)

  2. carly says:

    I'm too jealous to be able to comment properly. Pupi? Hip dips? Oh God.

  3. carly says:

    I’m too jealous to be able to comment properly. Pupi? Hip dips? Oh God.

  4. striker says:

    sounds like fun!

  5. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Am extremely jealous. And laughing at Mutu… “better luck next time”? Priceless.

  6. Erin says:

    Thanks for the report, Kickette! Some hilarious tidbits. :D

    I’m so sad to have missed it…stupid meetings. It was so near to my apartment too. :S

  7. ImAKeeper says:

    I was there and it was AMAZING!!! Wore my Liverpool jersey and caught Babel’s attention.  Nearly fainted when he looked at me and smiled.  And yes, I too am now a complete Flamini fangirl.  Can’t wait for next year!

  8. shay says:

    It’s way more than generous to call Mrs. Mutu stunning. She’s not ugly by any means, but c’mon. I see much better looking women, with better clothes, walking down any city street.

  9. nicki says:

    Awww well done Kickette. I did not think I would ever stop laughing at the Mutu interview…well until the picture of Pupi and his sexy stare made me faint.

  10. aristeia says:

    Pupi's hip dips… someone get me a defibrillator. Kickette, what a great recap! I'm intensely jealous, but that's nothing new. Thankfully, I have enjoyed the pleasure of seeing Pupi play in the rain. Though Mutu has never winked at me. Dang.

  11. BarcaGirl says:

    I can’t quite get the mutu thing. All I can concentrate on is that ugly patch of pubic hair below his lip. It’s useless even pitting him against Xabi. Seriously. Xabi wins by a landslide. Hands down.

  12. IshYEAH. says:


  13. Sarah says:

    Sooo jealous! Was seriously considering taking the train up to NY to see this but then I realized I was a) broke and b) going to miss the epic US vs. Spain match. Maybe next year though! Can’t wait to see the videos. :D