March 9th, 2011

Charlie Davies: Sports Illustrated & Stanky Leg Statements

Looking healed and happy to be making his highly-anticipated return to the U.S. soccer scene, D.C. United’s on-loan lad, Charlie Davies, is featured in the newest issue of Sports Illustrated - in which he says he’s come full circle since his horrific October 2009 car accident.

Speaking with with Grant Wahl, Davies revealed the spectrum of emotions he expects to feel during his debut (possibly United’s 19 March home opener vs. Columbus Crew):

“Will I be sad? Happy? Nervous? If I score a goal, will I break down and cry? Will that signal [my] getting over the mountaintop? Will I dance? Yes, I will dance.”

Will he be too nervous to get dressed that day? We sure hope so.

Also: what kind of dance will it be? Will it resemble something Arsenal-supporting Kickettes have only dreamed of? Or will Davies try to one-up Peter Crouch’s classic post-goal robotics?

In order to quiet our insatiable internal queries, we decided to seek clarification direct from the man himself:

“I’m going to have something up my sleeve for that first goal. Everyone knows about the Stanky Leg, I will probably pull that out again or some sort of variation of the Stanky Leg. That said, it’s always good to be creative, so we will see – it will definitely be fun to watch.”

We wait with baited breath and loose limbs, CD.

To read Davies’ interview in full, be kind to your local magazine vendors and pick up the 14 March issue of SI that’s on newsstands today. Thx KS & AC! Image: Sports Illustrated.

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7 Responses to “Charlie Davies: Sports Illustrated & Stanky Leg Statements”

  1. sheila says:

    There aren't enough months in a year. We would have to name each week.

  2. chay says:

    it would only be to the kickette crew's benefit if he were so nervous that he forgot to dress himself! (let's hope he gets too nervous and shows us the sexy scar) :-P

  3. if him, Landon Donovan , and Stuart Holden do the stanky leg, i am going to faint.

  4. mochara says:

    Stanky leg? Sounds, er interesting……….

  5. kaitlin says:

    he should do the dougie like teal bunbury and juan agudelo did versus chile. xD

    "i like that bun-boo-ree!" (:

    • Leya_S says:

      HAHAHA, I *totally* just came on here to comment that he should do the Dougie!!!!!

  6. Glad he's back in good form! I do hope that he is a little less wild than he was.