May 21st, 2012

Chelsea FC: Turning The Air Blue

This was how we looked after the game, too. Only instead of a medal, we had shot glasses on our foreheads.

Wahey the Chelsea!

The Champions League final has been twelve months in the planning. For the last couple of weeks, there’s been talk of little else in the footballing world.

Which is why, instead of forcing the celebrations into an ill-advised second day, Kickette will be launching an enquiry into how our staffers managed to arrive at the pub late, failed to get a seat, drank too much to compensate and then collapsed on 64 mins.

Luckily, fate stepped in and applied a strategic tech fail. This is the only reason we still have our dreamy jobs.

Drogula, moments before reaching for a heavy book to drop on the offending arachnid. Images via dirtytackle, Pete Souza/The White House via Getty Images.

Were you watching?

If you were, you were in some serious company. The G8 crew, including Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and David Cameron, were as baffled as we were over Anatoliy Tymoschuk’s new ‘Ellen’ hairdo, while Wyclef Jean and Snoop Dogg joined us in snubbing Salomon Kalou’s spider-like effort.


He knows. Image: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/GettyImages.

You, like them, will have seen John Terry patrolling the touchline prior to kick-off, a rueful “yeah, ok, perhaps I am a massive plum” expression on his face. Then, after half an hour or so, you’ll have welcomed our holler for Eva to come on and brighten up an otherwise dull game.


Um, did any one see which part of Tommy’s body scored the goal? Image: ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/GettyImages.

Then, if you were following the Kickette Big Match Drinking Schedule (and many of you were, you irresponsible lunatics), you’ll have wished you’d said a polite no to that additional six pack of of beer when goals from Thomas Muller, then Didier Drogba pushed the game into extra time.


If only the rest of the Chelsea crew had been so considerate with their hair. Images: REUTERS/Michael Dalder, AP Photo/Matthias Schrader.

Hopefully, you will still have been conscious when Drogba scored the winning pen, the blue half of the stadium (and David Luiz’ predator hair) exploded in merriment and JT effected the swiftest costume change in West End pantomime season history to get his hands on the trophy and the trophy on his head.


This just about summarises Fernando’s Chelsea career to date, does it not? Images: AP Photo/Matthias Schrader, AP Photo/dapd/ Michael Will.

The excitement was agonising. Or maybe that was just the hangover. Anyway, if any of you were awake at all yesterday, you’ll have caught Fernando Torres’ curiously timed comments about his Chelsea career to date:

“This season I felt things I had never felt,  … they have treated me in a way I was not expecting, not the manner for which the club brought me here. We have had many conversations and now the season’s finished we will have more talks to see what happens in the future because this is not the role for which I came and I’m not happy.”

Actually, you know what? This (and Roman Abramovich’s exciting new glasses) make us wonder whether we dreamt the whole thing. Why don’t you guys watch the victory parade, while we have another snooze to find out? In the stationary cupboard. So our editors can’t find us.

In the meantime, a huge congratulations to Chelsea. You finally did it, Blue boys!

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84 Responses to “Chelsea FC: Turning The Air Blue”

  1. Yessica says:

    What troubled me the most was Juan Mata announcing before the game that Torres’ feet stink.
    Unacceptable, Fernando. Unacceptable.

  2. Zahara says:

    MARIO GOMEZ!!!! omg omg i dont know howw i never used to find him attractive!! he is fiiiine :)

  3. Anne says:

    This is the cup they should have won in Moscow.
    Like Drogba said (god, I'm gonna miss him..) it was all written in the stars.
    All the players deserved to be there, with their kits on, because it's the team that won the trophy (not the individuals). The pictures are great, the match was full of emotions and, above all, Merkel was left speachless.
    Perfect night.

  4. con2e says:

    Congrats to Chelsea and their fans. BUT, I'm sorry, John Terry and his being in his kit at the end of the game so he could be in the pictures to celebrate, how utterly classless and pathetic. Keep it classy JT! Once a chav, always a chav.

    • April says:

      But all of the suspended players were in their kits. They decided to wear them as a team. All the players that didn't even make the bench were in their training gear and uniforms.

    • denchido says:

      ure the one being pathetic and a looser..he is the chelsea captain and he has every right to be in that field whether anyone likes it or not

  5. Leya_S says:

    3 things:
    1. Bosingwa was having his own non-stop party as soon as the game was done, it was so cute!
    2. Ohhhhhhh Schweini, :(
    3. Why are there no stills of Mario Gomez's devastated (and devastatingly gorgeous) face?!?! Reminded me of Wesley Sneijder at the WC final.

  6. jean says:

    I couldn't bear to watch the penalty shoot out, I had to move to another room and just took peek-a-boos during each pen lol. But I'm so so glad chelsea won, it was a magical night, and Chelsea really fought for it until the last minute.

    And this anti-football thing can gtfo.

  7. tashy says:

    Can some1 plz tell m wat is “anti football”

  8. Cella.xx says:


    Congrats to chelsea from man utd fan!

  9. Jess says:

    Congrats Chelsea!!! I was so nice seeing my favorite club win after so many years but the penalties were nervewrecking!!! Anyway, Robbie di Matteo better stay at Chelsea after this. He really deserved it with turning the club around so drastically in just 3 short months!

  10. sarah says:

    I am sooo happy that Chelsea won the UCL!! To be honest, I didn’t see that coming.
    Although I’m German, I supported Chelsea because I’ve never liked FC Bayern so why should I support them just because I’m German. Plus, I’m a Torres fan.
    Do you know how weird it was to watch this game with a bunch of FC Bayern fans. They cheered when I was about to cry and the other way round. We were like 10 – 15 people and I was the only Chelsea fan. But they were extremely tolerant.
    Blue is the colour!
    Oh and I have to say that I looove funny David Luiz! Gotta love his humour! Haha love how he climbed on the goalpost, the interview where he was drunk and the parade the next day where he shouted “hello geezers, what’s up maaaaan” xD
    Oh and I hope you didn’t miss Torres singing.

  11. Nature says:

    Took a lot of time to recover from this game none of my friends watched it but i still gushed like a moron to them, it was such an intense game and i was disappointed when Torres didn't start but he played like a beast when he did come on. So proud of the boys and Robbie he really is turning this boys to legends.

    • FloraJane says:

      I did the same thing! None of my friends are football fans but they let me gush and weep and giggle anyway! Good friends! lol I thought Torres did well, too. I thought they all did. And while I am somewhat surprised that Torres didn't come on til late, I still have to believe it all went exactly the way it was meant to. :) Totally agree with you about Robbie. I'm hoping he gets the job permanently.

  12. FloraJane says:

    What an epic day. What a crazy season. Who would have guessed only a few short months ago that Chelsea would have ended the season with the FA Cup and the Champions League. A huge thanks and congratulations to every member of that team, the staff, Roman, and especially Roberto DiMatteo. It's almost surreal, just looking at my boys lifting that trophy when nearly everyone had written us off, and talked about how all those teams were going to destroy us, but like Didier said in his interview, at Chelsea you never, ever give up, and they simply never did. And to see my boys- the so-called 'old guard' out there celebrating was one of the best moments I'll ever see. I have supported them and suffered right along with them when things just didn't go our way, and this year was maybe the last year that those boys that have been there all this time together- John, Frank, Didier, Ashley Cole, and Petr Cech- would likely have the chance to do this TOGETHER. So winning it THIS year was everything. Moscow is a distant memory. I think the victory was even sweeter NOW because of what they went through to get here. I really do believe it was meant to be. And if that was the last kick of the ball that Didier Drogba ever has with Chelsea, then what a way to go out! To see him score that and then he and Cech crying and celebrating almost in disbelief- well I have no words for how special that was. Those two were magnificent. Ashley Cole was epic. Luiz and Cahill played, I'm pretty sure, most of the match in pain. They had some big JT-sized shoes to fill, after all. And Cahill- what a story there. I'm sure he's still pinching himself. And Bertrand- CL debut…in the FINAL! lol Afterwards, Cech still seemed dazed. But during the penalty kicks, did you see his face? That was determination and destiny written on that face. And all this derogatory nonsense about the game, the play, JT, the frickin colour of the sky, whatever…none of it matters one little bit. Chelsea stuck together, worked their asses off, never gave up and they won the Champions League. THANK YOU to the people who have and will post genuine messages of congrats here, the rest…it's just noise. But as for John lifting the trophy, he's the Captain of the club, and if you aren't a Chelsea fan you'll probably never understand why we love him so much, yes even when he makes mistakes. He's a Chelsea legend and had every right to lift that trophy. Winning the Champions League is a journey, not one match. Not playing in the final doesn't change that. (Just ask Roy Keane, who was robbed of that honor in 1999, and came out in the press recently saying that John should be allowed to lift the trophy. Thanks Roy!) So, well done boys! You did it!!!! After everything, Chelsea are the Champions! And Blue Is The Colour! CHELSEA FOREVER!!!

  13. bri_saldana says:

    I was up in the air the whole time, as to whether or not which team I really wanted to win. Alas, either way it turned out I was going to have a twinge of heart break for both clubs. The look on the face of the Bayern's players was just gut wrenching. I'm truly happy for the Chelsea fans & Lamps especially.

    On a side note: I'm a little disappointed in Fer; he should have let the celebratory dust settle b/4 spouting at the mouth about how unhappy he was. Doesn't he understand that no player should be bigger than a club?!?!?! Really, Chelsea has NEVER won a CL title in the entirety of it's existence which coincidentally is (I'm sure) more that 100 yrs or so. Geez Fer, get a grip…go back to being all sexy & humble that's why we adore you!

    • jean says:

      That interview was completely blown out of proportion by Balague and Sky Sports, he actually said that above all he was happy and that it had been worth it, and that he would've given up if it not were for the fans' support. But no one is paying attention to those comments, understandably so.

      Anyways, what a night!

      • bri_saldana says:

        I was actually well aware of what he said about the fans…I still think is was not cool to be complaining about not starting. (which was basically what he was doing) In my humble opinion it would have been classier to simply celebrate in a monumental occasion.

        • Jean says:

          I didn't took it as 'complaining' exactly, just as mere expression of dissapointment, which he even said was dominated by happiness. He didn't attack the club or players in any way and tbh I think it all came out in that moment, every emotion: happiness, dissapointment, excitement, etc. Nights like those call leave you very emotionally drained I guess. But I understand where you're coming from and some other fans who found it annoying. To me, it was just another attempt from the media to make a big deal out of nothing.

  14. April says:

    What a game… it took me a day to recover. I cried, I laughed, I flipped the heck out. It was the kind of game and season that you just don't write the script for. Craziness! The last thing I wanted was penalties… go up against a German team in penalties? I'd told my friends that it was done then. No point getting my hopes up. But huuuuuuuuge credit to Cech (whom I normally consider totally average at pens)… what a hero! And to the boys that took our pens all cool and collected (poor Mata was in tears after his… so glad it was redeemed)… glad you were because I was a wreck!

    To Bayern players and fans- well done. It was a great game of football and I'd heard that both sets of fans were pretty good to one another, and my experience was no different. It was really some game, and I penalties are really the worst way to go out, but the team and fans handled it with a lot of class and sportsmanship. Entirely worthy and honorable opponents. May we meet in the final again next year ;)

  15. IrishBlue says:

    SO HAPPY!!! Im still happily floating along on my cloud of footballing bliss, after going from one emotional extreme to the next during it Im so glad it's over! They went out onto that pitch and proved a point, job done.

    Bring on the Euros!

  16. Katie says:

    I really don't understand why everyone is branding Chelsea with all this 'anti-football' rubbish. I think people forget the aim of the game; get more goals than the other team while making sure they don't score against you. They were just playing the game. Teams don't win on the basis of ball possession, they win on the basis of goals, and that's exactly why Chelsea won. Congratulations are in order, completely deserved. Commiserations to Bayern, must've been under so much pressure from the media etc. And although I don't like to admit it, even felt for the Spurs fans. Gasp, I know!

  17. Gladys says:

    I'm really sorry about the Spurs. It's a shame that Chelsea's win had to be at their expense for a CL spot. I don't have a regular EPL team, so I tend to prefer individual players– and I really adore little Luka, Bale and Niko. I know it's hard to imagine the first two staying but I wish you guys well. You never know.

  18. lola says:

    first of all, congrats to all chelsea supporters! the game had me on the edge of my chair and tears blurred my vision long after the game had ended.

    second of all, it's killing me inside how every happy moment in torres' career has to be clowded by something he said and what someone took the wrong way. that 'interview' was made just hours after the game, emotions and adrenaline were high. the only reason why this story feels like a dropped bomb to some is because the journalist tweeted things randomly out of context throughout the day. if he had posted it in full none of this would have happened, but by the time he did post it, everyone's blood was already boiling.
    he said he wishes to know what his role at the club will be which i can fully understand because he has to live on his toes not knowing what awaits him after every transfer story someone makes up. who could live like that?
    now many chelsea fans want him out saying he can fark off if he doesn't want to be there. he said he was so down he wanted to quit at one point but the fans kept him from giving up. at the prime age of his career! would someone ungrateful and self-centered ever say that?
    he said he was happy he could contribute at the end and that the team won and that he is happy. he celebrated like crazy, sang on the bus, said he was looking forward to playing atletico in the summer and that best is yet to come.
    and today the journalist said that even though torres doesn't feel comfortable in this role he's playing atm he never said he wanted to leave, because he doesn't. talk about stirring things up!

    i'm sorry for a long rant, i have a soft spot for him. some of you might understand :)

    • April says:

      My favorite part of Balague's boil up and drama creation was the fact that he waited until today to tweet that Torres really wants to stay. He was just trying to stir something up to literally rain on Chelsea fans' parade and generate views to his site. Sorry, but Torres singing… SINGING… in celebration with the fans at the parade (albeit poorly- dont start a career in music, haha)? The guy that is normally pretty reserved in celebrating? I feel he looks the happiest with this win as getting any trophy he's gotten yet. Perhaps the extremes of this season only added to the relief and joy. But he was one of the craziest in celebrations the other night.

      • jean says:

        Singing his heart out, partying with David Luiz in the goal post. Yes, he definitely wants to leave.

        • Femz17 says:

          I've never seen Torres so happy! What a lovely side of him we're getting to see. As for David Luiz…I love that guy with all my heart. Oh, what am I saying, I love each and everyone one of them soooo much. What a team. What a night :)

      • jean says:

        And I agree about Balague, what a dissapointment, I thought he was one of the few decent journalists out there. Though the worst for me was him getting interview on Sky Sports and talking about how sad Fernando was. What a media whore.

        • April says:

          he and the anchor tried to make it soooo dramatic. I couldn't even, with that video. I realize they make money by generating views and stuff, but when it is because of inaccuracies in reporting, I have no sympathy for any anger delivered in their direction.

          • jean says:

            IA, and then him tweeting that "Fernando never said he wants to leave Chelsea", AFTER the media shit storm he created was just the cherry on top. Really Balague?

            • jean says:

              omg Kickette just instantly blocked my curse word, I didn't know that happens lol.

              • Kelly says:

                We didn’t do it – our admin controls must be acting a fool. Like always. We can’t wait until our site joins the 21st century!

  19. YoungChelsea says:

    I am SO proud of my boys! I was a total emotional wreck on the day but we have FINALLY done it! I don't care how we did it, we just DID IT! I love my team <3

    However, I must say that I am feeling for Bayern, they played immensely – it's such a shame that it was Basti who missed, I love him!

    Anyway, a really happy Blue here!

  20. Carvivlie says:

    This was a disastrous win for Spurs. Now out of CL for next season how many players will we lose?! Gosh I hate Chelsea–except for David Luiz and those gorgeous curls.

    • April says:

      I don't think that the rule is really fair.. but it's the rule that people should take issue with. I might be biased, but Chelsea worked hard in the CL at the expense of their league season… and they won the coveted prize they were after. Third or fourth were desired, but only got us another go at the tournament next year… no trophy. I'm in favor of changing the rule so that all teams can play.

    • k22milan says:

      The only player I wasn't getting annoyed at celebrating in the end while my Schweini cried was David Luiz. I don't believe I can ever be upset at that babe. Him and his curls are just too damn sweet! Lol.

  21. tashy says:

    So happy chelsea won DA LLAMA WAS RIGHT!!!!
    I honestly thought bayern wuld win but robben missed da penalty nd so did sweni he was in tears nd I was so happi wen da camera zoomed in on mario green teary eyes so HAWT!!!!
    I rally don’t want torres 2 leave his doing well at chelsea (well this season) nd I don’t think many teams wuld buy him
    But if he does leave I hope he goes 2 real madrid if there’s any1 who can bring torres bsck 2 his glory daes its mou
    But anyway so proud of da blues

  22. Kristina says:

    Congrats Chelsea! If you had only played like this against Barca it would have been easier to loose against you. And Didi looks so much more handsome standing up ;)

    No seriously, a big congrats! It was an entertaining game. I hate that it was decided in a penalty shoot out though. It's too cruel. Poor, poor Schweinsteiger.

    But on the upside we got to see a lot, A LOT, of David Luiz! The frizzy haired loco!

  23. Miss XOXO says:

    Happy my lovely club win…:-))

  24. xoWinnie says:

    words cannot describe the excitement, happiness and light-headedness i felt when i found out that Chelsea had WON! i'm actually glad that i wasn't able to watch the penalty shoot-out as it happened because i almost had a panic attack watching the replays lol

    for the record, i don't think Chelsea played "anti-football" in the final actually. i think they just did what they had to do in terms of defending against a team which was dominating the game offensively. that's different then playing "anti-football" and "parking the bus" to me because they still attacked when the opportunity lent itself. but that's the thing about Chelsea when they play against teams like these. the opportunities are few but they somehow always manage to take advantage of them, and that was why Bayern lost. they were simply not able make the most of their chances. i know this bothers a lot of people, and the stats don't lie. yes, statistically speaking, Bayern SHOULD HAVE won, but they were unable to find the net despite all of their chances, and they got cocky (subbing Muller off? and they really did put on a show during the penalties didn't they?…*looking at you Neuer and Gomez*) so they lost. such is the beautiful game, so people have no right to take anything away from Chelsea's victory.

    • Kristina says:

      I agree they didn't play boring anti-football in this game. I was happy about that. I wished for a fun game, and we got one didn't we?

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      The term anti football is making fun of those who call it that, there is no term as anti football to start with. This term has started because of some big mouth legends such cruyff and xavi, or this term is just stupid and I literally use it to be sarcastic
      I thought Chelsea played the same as against Barcelona but everyone forgetting they had key players missing which looked less like defending, but if we are talking style Chelsea defended, kudos for them for knowing what worked best for their players and what won them titles! nothing insulting in that, it is a tactic, some people should deal with it!

  25. Gladys says:

    Congratulations Chelsea fans (and a million abrazos to the lovable Spanish and Brazilian contingent, as well as Drogba…and heck, many of the others)!

    I know everyone is going off (especially many of my fellow Barca fans) about the whole defensive play thing but if you can't finish a shot (and Bayern had so many) it's no one's fault but your own (believe me, FCB has been suffering from this all season). Cahill, Cole, and Luiz did what they were supposed to do and it was tremendous– but there were also lots of sloppy misses. And let's not even talk about Cech. He guessed the direction of every penalty kick. You can argue with me til you're blue in the face, but he is the finest keeper playing in any league today.

    The one person I really feel sorry for is (and I'd never thought I'd say this) but Ribery. He played his heart out only to get an ankle injury at the end courtesy of Didi. Schweini, Lamm, and some of the others, too. The one person I don't feel sorry for…Robben. Pure selfishness, time and again, and he still couldn't deliver. Oh, and, special recognition to Neuer. He took that PK like a boss.

    • xoWinnie says:

      right? Cech is a BOSS! there were some concerns about his career after his head injury, but dare i say it: he bounced back better than ever!

      i agree with your views on Robben though, but Gomez was the same at times too. they both wanted to be the hero.

      there were some things that bothered me about Bayern at the end. the sheer arrogance in subbing off with 7 minutes left in regular time, the player's reactions after scoring their penalties, Neuer going up for a penalty….i was like really though? that was kind of pushing it in the "arrogance" department. say what you want about Chelsea, but they remained humble during the shoot-out, even after Ollich got denied. i felt horrible for Schweini though, and I can't even imagine the pressure on Drogba when he went up to take that penalty. there was no better man for the job in my opinion, Terry would have cracked. Lamps also took his penalty like a straight up G! he cold, controlled, and collected. i love that man.

      • anna says:

        Neuer only took the penalty (that early anyway) though, because no one else had the guts. Robben for one…

        • xoWinnie says:

          i guess you're right! i still found it a litle "much" though…don't get me started on Robben though. what an ass. had anyone else been denied by Cech for that penalty, i would've felt bad, but i had no sympathy for him at all!

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        After what neuer said about Ramos I don't feel bad for him a bit, I felt bad for robben!

        • xoWinnie says:


          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            Well it is going back and forth now it become a true bitch off lol. It started with neuer saying " I didn't know Ramos liked his PKS over the bar" so Ramos on twitter he is like " I didn't know neuer like losing finals, humility champions" then neuer: " at least I scored my penalty kick " so Ramos like: " I am glad neuer is doing good, he can be a striker as well" XD

            It is fun tbh, but neuer didn't need to say that in the first place, which made me dislike him in the final, Ramos didn't need to say that as well, but it is all harmless rivalry fun! Ramos is quite catty!

            • xoWinnie says:

              LOLOL! Wow, what a fckin jackass! Makes the victory all the more sweet to me then "yeah well, I scored my penalty!" sit the hell down you childish asshole! rolling my eyes so hard right now smh

  26. Thea says:

    Congrats Chelsea – feel for Bayern tho………….

    Have BIG problems with JT – really don't know where he gets off. but hey not my fav player nor is he in my team either!!

  27. Ali says:

    FINALLY! CONGRATS TO THE PLAYERS AND TO US FANS: OUR FIRST CHAMPIONS!!!! When Drogba went to kick that penalty, my heart nearly stopped, but he MADE IT! Love you guys!!!!

  28. DC fan says:

    1) Terry was part of their road to the final even if he couldn't play the final game, so he (and the others) deserved to be there. 2) Start Torres, or at least give him equal time, or trade him. This is unfair, a waste of talent, and just plain ridiculous. But I wish he hadn't complained…

    • cupcakes says:

      First off – yay!!! Watching the parade was amazing and I'm sure it'll be just as fun next year ;) I'm happy Terry got his medal, but looking to the future, a half-crippled-with-hamstring-injuries Luiz & Cahill have got be to ahead of him in the pecking order for CB because he's getting embarrassingly slow. (Hurts to say!)

      Secondly, they'll probably ship Drogba off next year – he wants a 2 season contract and he's already 34, plus his amazing cup finals form has hidden the fact that he's been fading in the league games of late. If RA wants Chelsea to have any hope of retaining the trophy he'll keep Cole & Cech, then ship all the rest of the OAPs out and build a youthful team focussing around Torres next season. Speaking out didn't do David Silva any harm when it came to getting more time with the Spain NT, so I think he was right to do so.

      My commiserations to the Spurs fans.


      • footballandme says:

        Drogba is gone. His contract has expired and he is now a free agent.

        • April says:

          And so it is done. I was surprised the news came so soon and was hoping an arrangement could be made between him and the club, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. He's been awesome and I really wish him the best- so weird to think of him playing for a club outside of Chelsea, now.

          • jean says:

            Barca rumours are quite strong too. I'm a Barca fan, and for some reason, I really could picture him there tbh. Not as a starter or as our main striker, but definitely as a valuable asset.

            • April says:

              I've heard about these… I watched the match with a friend who's a huge Barca fan and he didn't object to the idea.

              But now it is being reported that the quotes about him leaving are false. Wow… dramatic quotes about leaving that aren't all real, left and right for Chelsea strikers!

  29. Sarah, Madrid says:

    It is kind annoying seeing terry up there with his stupid red card in the semi, I don't know but JT is really making an effort of being the most unpopular player for the season!

    Congrats Chelsea, I like how " anti football" won jajaja!

    • Rosa says:

      To be fair, Ivanovic, Meireles and Ramires was also up there taking part of the celebrations, despite them being suspended from the game. I don't particular like Terry either, but I think he had a right to be there.

      • xoWinnie says:

        i think what pisses people off about Terry's red card was the way he got it. completely unnecessary and avoidable. he could have been a part of the final were it not for his own stupidity.

        • April says:

          His card was definitely stupid and he got his punishment in not playing the match. But I felt he earned the right to be there to lift the trophy as much as the others. He put in some stellar performances in other matches, and even in the Barca match, up until his point of craziness, I recall him doing okay… he'd had a great block not long before that. Alas, he wasn't meant to play in the final… and I am not a Terry lover or anything, but I seriously doubt Chelsea would have passed Napoli without him- that trophy was a little bit of him, too.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        I felt bad for them, they didn't get sent off, they were accumulated yellowe, which is a stupid rule, but JT red was stupid!
        I just don't like him so, maybe a bit biased, glad how Chelsea players blocked him for showing him being all "captaincy" and lifting the trophy! You tthink it is fair, it isnt like the other Chelsea players didn't play their heart out like JT, he chosen too be sent offs by his own hand, so I don't think he comes under the same category as the others.

    • Kristina says:

      Yes, I guess the world will be a better place with anti-football! Woho!

      • Kristina says:

        Sorry, the devil got my tounge there. But I don't think they played anti-football in this game. Against Barca yes, but hey if that's what people want I'm gonna have to accept it.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          They actually played more anti football than they did against Barcelona, prooof one corner one goal, but hey whatever get you win!
          In the end of the day, they are winners!

          • Kristina says:

            Oh no they didn't! When you have ten men in your own penalty area and the eleventh is flopping around on the ground somewhere, THEN you're playing anti-football. The number of goals or corners are irrelevant. A game without any goals at all can be beautiful. IF you play the ball. Chelsea tried and so did Bayern. It was entertaining and fun football.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              Kristina for the first 80 minutes, Chelsea didnt even try to win ball and counter attack, yes they did! It was defending, of course stats such as shot on targets shows your attention to attack,I am a neutral as it can be for the first 80 minutes game was dominated by bayern, missed their chances couldn't convert it, then Chelsea after Muller goal, felt the heat attacked, won a corner scored, football is about taking your chance, Chelsea literally did that, kudos to them as simple as that!
              Great defending, great goal keeping, a bit luck with a beast of an attacker Chelsea won! Incredible story and incredible tactic with very smart coach.

              • Dopey says:

                I hate to break it to you but Chelsea did not play football until Muller scored. And when they equalized, they reverted to not playing football again. Hence why Torres said Chelsea were playing with the handbrake on and clearly he found it annoying. You could see he was seething that RDM didn't start him and instead opted to go very defensive.

                For Chelsea, whatever, whatever, they won. But if you actually wanted to watch a football game, it was dreadful. Games that end 1-0 can be exciting and beautiful to watch–if the team show intent to play. But on Saturday Chelsea for the most part didn't. Bayern did but failed to finish off their chances.

                • Sarah, Madrid says:

                  I understand my football ver well thank god, I don't know if you watched the 2003 juv Milan final, how boring it was for neutral, everyone was like both don't want to win, but as fans of their respective clubs who cares if you are a fan last thing you care about in a final the way your club played as long you won, everyone called that game a tactical battle, they did play football in term of defending,if they didn't play " football" I don't think they would have won the best cup in the world! You can't blame Chelsea for bayen poor finishing it.
                  Everyone knows in this cups you need a bit luck to win, ask Barcelona in 2009.

              • Kristina says:

                Everything is relative Sarah. Compared to the game against Barca, they practically owned the game :) .

                • Kristina says:

                  Plus, you can argue that everything that happens on a football field under 90 minutes with 22 men on the pitch is football, but if I'm gonna pay for those expensive sport channels I want to see two teams fighting for the ball all the time. Not lurking about waiting to "take their chance".

    • Carvivlie says:

      I just really don't like John Terry so seeing him enjoying himself annoyed me.

    • Anna de babi says:

      Haters Gonna Hate ! you just one of them…In the Face!!!!!!!!!!! Ca fait mal hein?

  30. Doles says:

    I can't even express all my feelings in words! Finally we won the BIG EARS! It made me crrrrrrrryyyyyy
    There can't be a better ending to a what seemed to be a terrible season in the beginning….
    It was super nice to see all Chelsea players smiling and celebrating! Especially Torres! He was turning into 'David Luiz' , climbing up goalpost, screaming and wearing scarf around his head.

  31. rafaela says:

    I just felt in love with Terry’ s face “I know I am hot and you like me”!!! What a match!! (To say the truth I didn’t see all the match because I was drunk!!!)

  32. Eliz says:

    Congrats Chelsea