January 27th, 2008

Denial-Town, Population Cheryl Cole

We thought Cheryl Cole was going to break out a can of whoop ass on cheating hubby Ashley, but instead she’s gone public -and unpaid – saying she’ll stand by her man.

image Cheryl says she doesn’t believe Ash was able to throw down under the circumstances and quite convincingly states: “That’s utter rubbish, I know that for a FACT. I know Ashley intimately. When he’s under the influence he ISN’T capable.“ 

Go Cheryl with your “for better or worse” stance on marriage and embrace of the happy place called denial. 

Question: what will Mrs C think about the other two glamour models now up in the tell-all story mix? (One of whom, btw, was paid

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23 Responses to “Denial-Town, Population Cheryl Cole”

  1. If Cheryl Cole was struggling to cope with her heartbreak over her marriage turmoil, she certainly didn’t show it at the Brits. Fresh from a sunshine break in Thailand and Los Angeles, the Girls Aloud singer made a dazzling appearance on the red carpet, showing off her tanned physique in a super-short, off-one-shoulder canary yellow dress.

  2. I think she knows better what to do… It’s her husband and knows him better than we do…

  3. desireable xx says:

    i heard cheryl and ashley are gettin divorced its in the paper 4 million pound divorce settlement. well most of these wags seem to put up their patners mistakes coz they dont want to lose their dream lifestyle the fame luxury cars & holidays, shoppin trips meetin & partying with famous people and in the spotlight 24’7.at this rate i think there be no wags left there all splittin,divorcing there danielle lloyd dumped by teddy sheringham,marcus bent,jermaine defoe cz they were cheating and raicism ,gemma atkinson cz ronaldo was sleeping wiv prostitutes,charlotte mears, jermaine defoe was cheating on her,cheryl cole,claire merry 2 and many others. well i think the remaining wags should be very strict with their partners cz its happend to their friends it can happen to them well all i can say u lived the dream u was a wag and nw ur not its really sad though but ur back in reality nw. there only 2 decent wags coleen mcloughlin & cheryl cole both good roal models the rest our just full of their selfs. cheryl really depressed i heard, she seem such a lovely person anyway best of luck 2 u xxxx

  4. tammyiv says:

    "That's utter rubbish, I know that for a FACT. I know Ashley intimately. When he's under the influence he ISN'T capable."

    Cheryl-baby Quote of the DECADE right there! WELL DONE! Insulting and emasculating. 

    But honey, this is why you never make haughty/arrogant comments about other people’s marriages because that Sh*t comes back to bite your ass hard.

    Honey he cheated on Arensal with Chelsea, you knew he had it in him.  I love that the chickie has tapes

  5. carly says:

    OK then, if she really said this…Well, can’t support you no more Cheryl, love, it’s too pathetic :(

  6. neli says:

    so she wouldnt accept 6k because she’d feel like a whore, but selling the story for

  7. Becca x says:

    I Dont Really Believe All of These Stories, One Person Comes Out With ‘I Slept With….‘ And Then Everyone Else Joins In. Anyway They’re Probaly All Skanks After 5 Minutes Of Fame. I Swear Some People Get A Kick Out Of Putting Relationships In Jeopardy. It Just Shows You.. Some People Are Prepared To Ruin Other Peoples Lives Just For A Bit Of Money.

    Glad Ive Got That Off My Chest!! <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/raspberry.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="raspberry" style="border:0;" />

  8. cassie says:

    i have to say that i would never just throw away my marriage if someone came out and said they slept with my husband…whether it’s true or not, to just walk away isn’t something someone who loves the other person and/or trusts them would do, so i back cheryl 100%.  that being said, both ashley and herself should know this is the territory that goes with being famous, girls are constantly throwing themselves after these footballers and there are PLENTY of girls that will make stuff up for their 15 minutes of fame.  i’m not saying that some of these guys don’t cheat on their WAGS (ahem, frank lampard) but there are some that don’t, so you can’t always believe what you read in the tabloids.

  9. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    My day is now complete, I feel so much better for knowing that Ashley Cole cant get it up after a night of boozing!!

  10. Johnna says:

    I think if I never ever EVER hear anything else about Cashley having sex, it will be all I’ve ever wanted in life.

  11. The Fourth Official says:

    Regardless of what she believes, Cheryl should resist the temptation to run to the tabloids.  It’s a no-win.  To maintain a quiet, resolute dignity, she should save any dialogue for her husband and her lawyer.  It’s the only way she’ll come out of this with any self-respect.

  12. kickette says:

    FYI gals, Cheryl did officially tell that story to the NOTW… both her and Ashley decided to do it, and they refused payment…. x

  13. aja says:

    kickette, you’ve made my day.  it is 6:46 am here in nyc, and i wake up to reading the phrase “side-eye sandwich.“  perfect!  i really love that.

  14. carly says:

    I’m not sure about any of this…

    1. I think marriage is a serious thing – not to be shoved to the trash at the 1st tabloid newspiece (nor 2nd, not even 3rd..)

    2. Did Cheryl really say those things? That worries me, because when you have to reveal intimate details to justify your marital life…oh boy, that’s not good. And that’s not tasty neither.
    I’d have to hear it from her mouth to believe any of this.

  15. Eveline says:

    Ashley got away with that one. But he really should be careful from now on. Cheryl doesn’t look like a girl who lets her hubby walk all over her. I’m sure, even though it might be all rubbish, she’ll keep a close eye on him. And that’s a scary thought!

  16. lose that girl says:

    Cheryl said previously that she’d leave her partner if he cheated—it’s easy to say that BEFORE it has happened. It’s another thing entirely when it does happen and you have to face reality and ditch him or stay with him. I’m not really going to pass judgement on her either way. The story does sound really fictious BUT then again I wouldn’t put it past Cashley from straying. She’s doing whatever it is that she needs to do. When you love someone it’s really difficult to make that leap and leave them behind for good.

  17. Sarah x says:

    I Think Cheryl Is Quite Clever For Stayin With Ashley, He Probably Didnt Even Do Anything With Her.
    Shes Told him She Might Be Pregnant wiht His Baby Too, But It Turned Out That Was a Lie
    The Rest Of it Probably Is Too

  18. Elise says:

    I don’t think Cheryl is pathetic.  I think she loves her husband.  If she didn’t she’d cut her losses and move on.  She has the resources to take care of herself. Whether or not he deserves it is really beside the point.  She’s obviously trying to save her marriage, and as hard as that may be anyway, she’s doing it in the spotlight, knowing there will be people who will call her pathetic and stupid, or worse.  So I must conclude that she’s willing to take all that because she loves him.  Love- real love- doesn’t always make sense and it sometimes makes you do things you would never have thought you could or would do. Eventually she may have to say ‘enough’ and end it if this kind of behavior from Ashley is the norm (and sadly it appears to be), but I’ll respect her for doing it on her own terms and not those dictated by public opinion.

  19. Amelie says:

    tis the obvious response…. exactly what victoria did.

    agree with the comment about not wanting to hear about Cashley having sex.
    ugh. revolting.

  20. brandy says:

    Just because you say it over and over again won’t make it real Cheryl. It will make you pathetic though. Good luck with that!

    I will never understand these women who defend their trashy skanky husbands. I mean what did these men do to deserve such loyalty? Maybe I can understand why some former shop girl would grin and bear it, but Cheryl has her own cash, her own career. She doesn’t need his bank account.

  21. Robin says:

    Cate – nothing has been proved and probably never will be. A few skanky women come out and say they’ve slept with him? It could be as true as if I came out and said ‘oh yes me too – I did too – where’s my $? I see a bandwagon I do believe I’ll jump on board.
    Of course you can’t believe 99.9% of things you read in the English papers anyways.

  22. Cate says:

    Any respect I may have had for Cheryl has plunged to nothing. I can’t believe she would stay with him.