May 8th, 2012

Chicken At Ewood Park: A Take On Twitter Reactions

Shorty got loose, prompting Yakubu of Blackburn and Ali Al Habsi of Wigan Athletic to corral the thing into the goalie’s net before forcefully removing it from the pitch during Monday’s match. Image: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images Europe.

A chicken on the run at Ewood Park last night definitely did not go unnoticed – especially by football’s Twitteratti.

Some commented on the animal’s fine form, while a few cracked jokes at Blackburn’s expense. Many others simply marveled at the fact that someone was able to successfully smuggle the damn thing into the stadium.

Whatever their opinions were, it seems all had a lot to say about the night’s big news. Check out some of the best Tweets we saw and feel free to share ones we missed in the comments section, Kickettes!

“You have to see it to believe it here at Ewood Park as there is a chicken loose on the pitch” - @LaticsOfficial

“Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Ewood Park” - @StupidFootball

“Good to see the Ewood Park chicken in attendance at Blackburn’s game tonight, important to have loyal fans.” - @ArsenalXI

“Like poultry in motion.” - @Sean_Hegarty, RT’ed by @MirrorFootball

“The Ewood Park chicken looked really calm under pressure……unflappable.” - @AndyMartindale

“Never mind the ewood park chicken, did anyone notice the honey monster in the crowd last night?” - @1GoldPLTrophy [Ed Note: NO?!]

“Im very pleased for the Clean sheet and also happy to catch that chicken” - @AliAlHabsi

“Consensus seems to be chicken got off lightly by leaving the game early …” - @DavidJonesSky

“R.I.P. Ewood Chicken” - @AnfieldCat (with photo, at left, attached)

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7 Responses to “Chicken At Ewood Park: A Take On Twitter Reactions”

  1. indianmuggle says:

    Where is David Villa when you need him? (totallygoats reference

  2. Doles says:

    I wanna see Ewood Chicken vs Stamford Pigeon vs Anfield Cat!

    • PhilippaB says:

      And the Loftus Road Squirrel, then we'd have a proper knock-out competition on our hands! I'd think Cat v Squirrel in the final, could go to extra time…

  3. DebS says:

    lol love the comments!

  4. [...] Chicken At Ewood Park: A Take On Twitter Reactions ( [...]

  5. Jayy says:

    Apparently the chicken was let loose as a protest to the Blackburn owners.
    I suspect it was FOWL PLAY ;D (sorry, I just had to say it)
    But that chicken looked soo cute with its lil cape!

  6. Jenni says:

    At Tottenham, supporters used to throw chickens (well, cockerels) on the pitch all the time. My friend would say the last time was either 1972 or 1973, depending how drunk he was.