September 15th, 2011

Chivas USA: The Dating Game – UPDATED

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Update: Kickettes’ pre-dating rituals, caught on film.

Sometimes we think the MLS has pulled a NOTW and wire tapped our HQ’s phones because their events align themselves perfectly with our foul-minded office convos. This is one of those times.

Chivas USA, together with the Fundacion Chivas de Corazon, have decided to give Kickettes plenty of daydream material by auctioning off a date with some of their club’s ‘ballers for charity.

It’s almost like our own personal mini-transfer market!

The evening will be hosted by Jimmy Conrad, and a good chunk of squad hotties (i.e. Dan Kennedy, Justin Braun, Bryan de la Fuente) will be auctioned off as another group of players will be serving up drinks and good looks behind the bar. Since it will be taking place at Hollywood hotspot Drai’s, it’s definitely a dress to impress event. And, what’s more, Chivas USA has a special treat for LA-bases Kickettes.



We have two tickets to giveaway to one winner. Here’s how to enter:

1. Head to our Facebook page and “Like” it. Duh.

2. Leave your name and LA-area zip code (only way for us to verify you’re local) in the comment section of our wall post.

3. Feel free to tell us where you’d place your big if you got the chance to go.


It’s that simple!

Well, not entirely, but at the very least, feasible to complete.

And don’t forget, if you don’t win VIP access, you can still make yourself feel warm and fuzzy inside by buying your way into the event.

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25 Responses to “Chivas USA: The Dating Game – UPDATED”

  1. marysaid says:

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  2. Erika P says:

    IS THIS ANNUAL?!?! it better be :)

  3. Melanieee. says:

    that was so adorably cheesy :)

  4. xbabyshakesx says:

    AHHHHHH! this is soooo amazing!!!! I hope Arsenal hold one too!

  5. Gladys says:

    Aw, Mariano (second from the left) is adorable (big surprise… he's a 5'7" brunette…too much Barca viewing, I guess). I'd throw some cash that way, if only I weren't trapped on the other coast. Good luck, bidders.

  6. caquark says:

    WTF?! I object to criteria #2, the LA-area zip code. Getting to LA isn't an issue, I'm checking out the list!

  7. xoWinnie says:

    awe, this is such a cute idea!
    it's also nice that the players were willing to participate
    i don't think many big clubs in Europe would be as wiling
    hopefully this catches on!

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  9. Nicole says:

    For a list of the guys being auctioned off, visit:

    • Amandinha says:

      hahhaha Is the goalkeeper gay? His celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling! hahah WTF?
      I mean, who doesnt love Ryan Gosling? But come on… couldnt he just say Kim Kardashian like every other player?

  10. earidurt says:

    OMG…GENIUS!!! all footie clubs should adopt this!! Real Madrid….do you hear me?! get with the programme! i get first dibs on the ramos!!!

  11. laligaforladies says:

    I don't follow Chivas either, but hello Dan Kennedy (I do love goalkeepers). I'm so happy that they have decided to do something that screams Kickette, and hope that more teams follow their example!

  12. April says:

    No Heath Pearce? I'm out! JK- great cause for charity… I don't know if it is just the climate over here being different with the sport, but I appreciate the involvement of MLS with charities and a willingness to do the "sillier" things for a good cause. I do wish that the European leagues would follow suit ;)

    • April says:

      *I should note that I am aware that the other leagues are involved in charities too and it is much appreciated… but I haven't seen as many events like this (or the Revs bartending and similar things). They seem frivolous, but they are great ways to make money for charities.

    • Rossanera says:

      He's engaged, right?

      • April says:

        He might be… he definitely has a girl. While I find the stache hilarious, I could do without it and would have his slightly longer hair back. Like the cowboy ad from FC Dallas.

    • bella says:

      i hope pearce be a bar tender there (sorry for my english)

  13. Hot4Spurs says:

    I don't follow Chivas so I don't really know which players to drool over. I think it's great they are willing to do this for charity.

  14. Desert17 says:

    And if you can't make the event, but would still like to donate – please visit to still donate (and get Chivas prizes!).

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