October 6th, 2010

Chris Pontius, D.C. United: A Vote For Versatility

Chris Pontius explains just exactly why you should vote for him. (Getty Images)

You may recall we recently notified you that we had been nominated for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award; a matter of days later we were stunned to learn we had won. That was down to you guys. The fact that we totally forgot to go to the awards ceremony is indicative of a level of disorganisation we’d rather not admit to in a public forum. We still won.

Suffice to say, we know you would like to voice your support for Mr Pontius, whose washboard stomach and talent with a paintbrush is unsurpassed. Please visit Cosmopolitan, peruse the array manflesh on parade and offer your support to the nominee you feel is most qualified to jump naked in knee socks.

Also please note: Those who wish to take their support to a level known in legal circles as ‘stalking’ will be pleased to learn that Chris Pontius will be attending the Cosmo Bachelor Party being held somewhere near midtown Manhattan on Tuesday night. If you snare him, do let us know!

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8 Responses to “Chris Pontius, D.C. United: A Vote For Versatility”

  1. mamaly says:

    a burberry tie, come on

  2. Zinny says:

    It's nice to have some hot men closer to home.
    Forget the White House or Washington Monument, I'd go to D.C. just for these guys!

  3. JVD says:

    When Cosmo includes a footballer from MLS (there have been a few over that past eight years) they are always the hottest man to make the cut. Totally voted for Chris (but the Crew still have my heart)!

  4. Kylie says:

    I voted! I always look forward to the Cosmo bachelor issue every year, so yay for a footballer being represented! And I'll always support an American baller when featured in a mainstream American media publication (even if this one has nothing to do with his football skills haha!)

  5. wow says:

    He difinitely got my vote!

  6. jellenp says:

    Kickette Army:

    Do not be distracted by all those other naked torsos!

    We must stand behind our footballers!

    Mr. Pontius FTW!

  7. @meljustfell says:

    so i went to vote for him
    and i looked at the slide show
    some of the guys were really hot
    & my fave part when they asked them if they manscape
    and one of the guys said he rather not say.
    he doesnt manscape lmfaoo
    chris pontius ftw. <3

  8. Leya_S says:

    Why is he seriously so perfect?
    Gorgeous, talented, service-oriented…
    Where are these men in MY life???