August 30th, 2011

Christine Bleakley: Out & About In London

Lead image taken 30.08.2011. Below image taken 12.07.2011.

This is another pathetic attempt of ours – thinly veiled as a ‘newsworthy’ post that’s ‘timely’ and ‘relevant’ – at getting a better, more magnified look at an English WAG’s engagement ring.

Soz. We couldn’t help ourselves.

Verdict: Wowie.

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14 Responses to “Christine Bleakley: Out & About In London”

  1. Deedoodahday says:


  2. sahil says:

    who is she??

  3. Gina says:

    Breaking news, Kickettes! Simone & Ballack broke up. She already left home in Dusseldorf and bought a house near Munich, taking their three kids with her.…

  4. AFC_Lady says:

    I'm intrigued by the necklace/pendant she is wearing. Looks like a simple chain with a football charm.

  5. michael, korean says:

    frank is a lucky man, forreal

  6. Now @ says:

    A beautiful and classy ring for a beautiful and classy women, well done Frank!

  7. footballandme says:

    Come on Frank. If your going to spend THOUSANDS on an engagement ring then either :-

    1) Get a Ring Setting that is strong enough to take the weight of the diamond in it because Christines is to heavy for the metal


    2) Get the ring so it actually fits her finger without looking like it's going to drop off her finger!

    I know Diamonds are a girls best friend but so's correctly fitting Diamonds as well!

  8. IrishBlue says:

    What a ring! She looks gorgeous and natural here too.

    • FloraJane says:

      I was thinking that, too. This might be the prettiest she's ever looked. But then I'd probably be all glowy and happy and beautiful, too, if I was engaged to marry Frank! lol I do think she's one of those girls that looks much better with less makeup, like in both of these pics.

  9. xoWinnie says:

    Frank took "putting a ring on it" to next level!
    look at the size of that rock!

  10. Miss Lampard says:

    Well, maybe it's only my problem, for sure it's only my problem, but I still can't stand her. I found her such a too old and wrong woman for a fantastic man like Lampsy that I so far from the idea to love her. She still reminds me an ugly frog!! It's hard to see Lampsy engaged with this woman, but what can I do? In one word: nothing! It's hard to be so far from where you would be! There are people in the world that are more lucky that the others, but I still have the chance to reach the top with hard work and determination. I can't sleep with the true Frank Lampard next to me, but I sleep with his shirt. It's consolation, but not enough for me! (Yeah girls, I'm totally crazy if the matter is Frank Lampard)

    • Luna says:

      I pretty much agree with you! She's so bad girl for him. Like I still secretly hope he will wake up one day and realize it by himself..but still nothing. UGH I can't stand her!

  11. Red_Girl says:

    Wowie indeed. But too big for her finger judging by pic number two. Go and have it adjusted, Christine, then it won't twirl round.

    • Kat says:

      Was about to say the same thing, but it seems to be in place in the more recent (lead) picture, so she seems to have had it resized already.