January 11th, 2012

Christine Bleakley: Professional Problems

Christine Bleakley is seen leaving the ITV studios with Frank Lampard and his kids, 04/01/2012.

First she was a hit, but now she’s supposedly on thin ice with her new employers. That didn’t take very long, huh?

But why has Christine Bleakely fallen so quickly out of favour with the general viewing public? Could it be because people have gotten over the thrill of celebrities braining themselves on national TV?


It may also have something to do with the fact that there’s more interesting things to watch than her show, ‘Dancing On Ice.’ We spent a good five seconds thinking about what, exactly, is more interesting to watch and came up with the following: Martin Keown’s face getting smacked by a ball, Iker Casillas pretending to work out and drying paint.

Anything else you’d rather watch, Kickettes? Desperate Scousewives even?

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21 Responses to “Christine Bleakley: Professional Problems”

  1. Marina_Isabella says:

    aaaanyway… cute little girls dressed like little girls and not like they're mini versions of a 19 yr old woman. Thumbs up.

  2. kel says:

    I find her boring. Even being a WAG doesn't make her more interesting. And the shoes she presents are boring too. No one would give a hoot about her career and it's incline/decline if it wasn't for him.

  3. FloraJane says:

    My thoughts upon seeing this pic:
    1. Frank is bloody beautiful. It's like I forget how much sometimes and then I see a pic and it's right there in my face.
    2. I must really have come to terms with Christine, accepting the grown-up proposition that she makes Frank happy, because instead of thinking nasty thoughts about her, the second thing I thought about this pic was that they look like a happy family. And I hope that they are.

  4. mena says:

    I know some readers on here love Christine, but that photo makes me want to slap her across the face. I think she is horrible for using Frank's daughters as paparazzi bait.

    • April says:

      Wow- I didn't see it that way myself. Interesting how differently we can interpret things. Being that Frank is there, I think if there is any baiting of the paps, then he's the guilty party because he is the father and responsible for them. But I figure they are just leaving the building together and the paps are gonna take photos. If Frank was concerned, he'd have Christine leave separately of him and the kids… but the paparazzi would probably still wait for him.

      I have to say, I think it is great that his daughters seem close enough with her as well.. nothing like hating the step-parent to make for a tough marriage. I hope the whole family is happy.

      • mena says:

        Do you know the story behind the photo? The paparazzi photo-op was in reaction to Elen's snarky comment on Twitter about not being able to talk to her daughters at Christmas. Christine claimed to take the high road but she replied to & retweeted dozens of tweets that attacked Elen. It was childish of Elen to tweet in the first place but Christine continued the drama online and then days later dragged the kids into it with this photo. Frank has always been protective of his daughters regarding the paparazzi, so I doubt this was his idea.

        And Christine is NOT the step-parent to Frank's girls. At this point, she is still just the fiancée. Until she is the step-parent, she should back off and leave any issue involving the children up to Frank. He didn't publicly respond to Elen, so Christine should've left it alone. Instead, Christine went over Frank's head as the father, publicly bickered online and then used his daughters & the paparazzi to get back at the mother of his children. Nice.

        But hey, if you think that makes for a happy family then go on.

        • mata says:

          I don't know the ins and outs of this but if what you say is correct then both these women need to smarten up FAST. Because nothing is going to screw up those two little heads more than being caught in the middle of this hostility and, believe me, young as they are they will be aware of it.

        • laura says:

          I think it is lovely that Christine gets on with his children. They look comfortable with her. I don't like to be judgemental but they are so young, how could Elen leave them to go to India over the Christmas period. Christine didn't retweet dozens of tweets, just one or two and I don't blame her to be honest. It was not fair of Elen to attack her in the first place. Elen seems like a bitter woman. Poor Frank, it looks like she doesn't want him to be happy.

          • Anonymous says:

            I assume as part of their custody agreement, Elen and Frank split holidays and tbh I don't blame Elen for not wanting to spend Christmas alone at home. And I'm sorry but Christine should have NEVER retweeted that tweet about what kind of mom leaves her kids at christmas, the kids are lucky to have Christine etc. Totally over the line and extremely petty/passive aggressive, regardless of what Elen said in the first place.

          • mena says:

            Christine retweeted more than one or two times. Elen started it with 2 tweets back-to-back. Elen shouldn't have done it but that was it, that's all Elen did. Christine replied to & retweeted some very abusive tweets about Elen and didn't stop there.

            Days after the Twitter incident, "Christine's friends" went to the tabloids and were quoted going into great detail about Christine's low opinion of Elen and how Elen's girls call Christine 'Mum'.

            Then days after the tabloid stories, the paparazzi ran these photos of Christine with Elen's daughters.

            Elen is no angel but Christine is no better. She used those girls and thanks to her, Luna & Isla's family drama was played out in the tabloids for all to see.

            And ditto what Anonymous said about Frank & Elen splitting holidays. When Frank has their girls, why should Elen hang around an empty house alone, especially at Christmas?

            • laura says:

              Perhaps Elen shouldn't have tweeted the nasty comment about Frank in the first place. She tweeted it on Christmas eve and in so doing, put in into the public arena with little or no thought for the children. I would defend myself if a comment was made about me.

              Also, it is not the first time she has done it. I wouldn't stand idly by if someone said that about my man. I wish Elen would get a man and then she wouldn't be so eaten up with jealousy and could let him move on

              • mena says:

                Of course Elen shouldn't have tweeted what she did, but Christine should've handled it privately. She didn't. Christine brought in more media, she got publicly nastier and she involved a lot more people. She made it worse.

                How is airing all that dirty laundry in public good for Frank or Isla or Luna? It wasn't good for any of them, but that doesn't matter because it was never about them, it was ALL about Christine.

                The tabloid stories were written like all the other PR crap Christine's management teams sends the tabloids. What kind of woman uses family strife to promote her own career?

            • April says:

              Right… but do you see that you are contributing to that whole tabloid craziness by getting so involved and emotionally wrapped up in this situation? Goodness.. you've actually managed to pay such close attention to their childish Twitter war that you can recount it here for everyone. It's just that kind of interest in it that sells those papers and gets the kids in tabloids.

              As much as I hate to say it, we're all the kind of audience that sells that trash. It wouldn't exist if there wasnt a market for it.

              • mena says:

                I don't follow WAG twitters. The only reason I know about it is because "Christine's friends" talked to as many media outlets as they could. Thanks to her, more articles were written about this than have been written about Frank's issues with AVB.

                If Christine had kept it private, the public wouldn't know anything about it.

        • April says:

          Right… but Frank is there. If it wasn't a fan of stepping out the building with the paps there, then he didn't have to. Simple as that. And I am sure Frank is well aware of whatever banter is happening between his ex and his current. If he wants to put his foot down, he will. If he hasn't, then he is just as guilty as his lady friend. That is what I am getting at.

          Too many people get after the lady because they have too much a fondness to admit sometimes that the guy they fancy is just as culpable, if not more so.

          Now, I don't condone the exes and currents getting in fights, especially in a public space, but they are both going to be defensive of their own. If either of them, or Frank himself, makes the girls feel as though they have to choose, then everyone loses. But I suppose this feeling can only really be understood by anyone that has been through a similar situation.

          I also think there is a fair amount of conjecture in stating that this was a set up photo op by Christine to rub it in to Elen based on some Twitter war that happened before. The paparazzi are everywhere. They follow both her and Frank. They were leaving her place of work… it's not like it is unheard of that they would be outside a television studio.

          I don't know at all if they are a happy family, the kids just look comfortable with her, and her not being legally married to Frank yet doesn't mean she isnt family to them or that Frank hasn't granted her some parenting role in their lives. All in all, it is not for us to say. That is really what it comes down to. We are on the outside looking in and that is all we'll ever be, so we shouldn't try to get too wrapped up in the drama. It's hard sometimes, because we grow to love certain celebrity couples (like I would just die if anything happened to Nando and Olalla… but reality is it could.. I don't know them and it ain't my business).

          • laura says:

            I think you make a good point about the public getting involved in their private lives. They probably both regret making comments now. Anyway they seem to have got over it, maybe others in the public need to do so instead of recounting it. It just provides fodder for tabloids

            • mena says:

              Yeah, the public should also be informed and not fall for PR spin from someone with ulterior motives.

              • laura says:

                Mena, I get the feeling you don't like her anyway. If she hadn't walked out with the children and he was pictured with them walking behind or in front of her, it would also have looked bad. We would probably hear comments like 'she is not maternal' 'she is cold'. It seems she can't win. I think she is pleasant and seems like a nice enough woman

                • mena says:

                  After this I don't like her.

                  I was MEH on her before. Rolled my eyes at her "I'm so not a WAG" claims and didn't get the hype surrounding her. But other than that, MEH.

                  As far as her being a presenter, I felt sorry Christine was being bashed by the viewers. I don't think she's a great presenter, but I don't think she's awful. I think she's a victim of her own self-promotion. She's over-exposed and can't possibly deliver the hype. It's a shame, but she did have a hand in creating the problem. TBH, I think she's a better fit for DOI than Daybreak, so good luck to her on that.

                  But this stunt with Frank's daughters is unforgivable, IMO. Lashing out one time in anger is one thing. But Christine dragged this out for days and then dragged the girls into it. Cooler heads should've prevailed, but things only got worse and I blame Christine for that. To top it off, Christine used the opportunity to promote her own career. I mean, WTH? It was shameless & tasteless.

                  The only reason I know so much about what happened is because "Christine's friends" went into great detail & great length when they blabbed to the media. If any other WAG or WAGabee had spilled so many private details about a footballer's family life they would be crucified and rightly so, I think.

                  I don't think Christine deserves a pass on this.

                  • laura says:

                    I think you are reading too much into it. Anyway, I probably wouldn't be happy if my partners ex landed me with the kids for xmas. Elen is no angel and she is always bad mouthing poor Frank

  5. Laura says:

    I thought she did very well on the show. She was a presenter in her own right on the one show before she met Frank Lampard. Alot of people are jealous of the fact that she is engaged to a footballer. She always seems pleasant and has done nothing wrong.