December 8th, 2011

Midweek Results, Champions League Part II: Ascending Arms Race

Wow. Just. WOWIE. Or indeed, as our favourite fur-smurf once said… wowzers.

Last night was either a thrilling or agonising night of footy, depending on whether you favour French or English football.

Before we rehash last night’s drama using our trademarked system of pictures and snark, let us hit you with this: which match do our Kickettes think produced the most incredible or shocking result over these past two days? What about your pick for most memorable game (or post-match speech by a manager) of this year’s UCL group stages?

For now though, on with our show.

Benfica 1-0 Otelul

Leading off with the one second leg tie everybody probably forgot about. We said arms, guys! Not legs or rears. Image Credit: AP Photo/Armando Franca; REUTERS/Rafael Marchante.

Our cards our on the table and we’re calling our own bluff: we didn’t once watch either of these teams play separately during the group stages, which gave us carte blanche to skip last night’s match where these two sides played against one another.

Show of hands for those that don’t give a damn?


Lille OSC 0-0Trabzonspor

‘You can look, but don’t touch.’ Image Credit: AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE HUGUEN.

Alright, so we may not have been paying total and complete attention to this tie either. Fortunately, the powers that punish laziness and snacking on the job decided to overlook our ineptitude once again and dismiss both of these teams from the competition. Lucky for us, if not for them, no?


Manchester City 2-0 Bayern Munich

Image Credit: REUTERS/Phil Noble.

Ok, now we see something we recognise. It might only be Sami Nasri’s smooth thighs, but it’s a start.

Having already qualified as group winners, Bayern Munich fielded what reporter Henry Winter described as a ‘Von Carling Cup‘ team. Meaning most of the pretty boys we love (plus Franck Ribery) were left on the bench. Manchester City did what they do and won the tie by a comfortable two goal margin, but thanks to defeats at Napoli and Bayern in earlier group games, it wasn’t enough.

Sigh. It’s always hard to go into a new playground mid-term. At least there’ll be a few familiar faces in the Europa League.


Villarreal 0-2 Napoli

Could someone call Marek Hamsik and tell him Movember is over, please? Image Credit: AP Photo/Alberto Saiz.

It could’ve been so different. There was a lot of complex ‘possible outcome’ extrapolation going on last night (most of which we didn’t understand) but even with our laughable math skills we figured out that Manchester City were dunzo if Napoli beat Villarreal. Since Villarreal essentially had nothing to play for and the Italian sky-blues are on something of a roll, a win for Napoli was perhaps inevitable and came courtesy of goals from Hamsik and Inler. The difference between Champions League glory and Europa League ignominy in Group A?

One little point.


Basel 2-1 Manchester United

Our Phil is alive with the Sound of Losing‘. Oh alright. It was funny at 3am this morning when we were writing this post. Image Credit: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images; VALERIANO DI DOMENICO/AFP/Getty Images.

The question now for Manchester United fans is what’s more upsetting? Crashing out of what, on paper appeared to be a relatively ‘user-friendly’ CL group, or losing Nemanja Vidic to a super nasty knee injury that could threaten their whole season?

The Reds only required a draw against Basel and seemed perfectly capable of getting one early in the game, at least until David De Gea inexplicably dealt with a Xherdan Shaqiri shot with his feet which allowed Marco Streller to score from the rebound. United’s luck then popped off for an early bath as Wayne Rooney missing a Nani cross that quite frankly, one of us could have converted, and Vidic was carted off in all kinds of agony after short circuiting a knee ligament. He will go for a robot-scan later today.

In the meantime, United emerge from the wreckage of a 2-1 defeat as record holders. They are the first team ever to make the final in one season and then get dumped out of the group stages next. Eek.

On the plus side, Yann Sommer’s chiseled cheeks live to see another CL stage. So it’s not all bad news.


Dinamo Zagreb 1-7 Lyon

Image Credit: Getty Images.

Six second-half goals helped Olympique Lyonnais to a remarkable 7-1 victory against GNK Dinamo Zagreb – their biggest ever UEFA Champions League victory – and the most unlikely route through to the round of 16. We actually scrubbed this game from our ‘to watch’ list on the basis that there was no chance they would score the required seven.

Which, on reflection, makes us look even more faithless and inept than we usually do. Amazing.


Ajax 0-3 Real Madrid

We could stare at his rear all day long. And frequently do. Image Credit: Getty Images.

The shock result for Lyon at Zagreb had implications in this game too, but not for Real Madrid. Ajax were three points clear of Lyon before kick-off, but after having two goals disallowed and their superior goal difference rendered worthless, they failed to qualify. For their part, Real Madrid’s three goals (two from Callejon, one from Higgy) topped off a perfect record in Group D.

It’s unlikely to escape the notice of our Madrid contingent that this is a better record than Barca.


Inter Milan 1-2 CSKA

Image Credit: REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo.

Inter haven’t exactly left their poor form in Serie A, but had already qualified as Group B winners prior to kick off so the pressure was largely off. CSKA had to win the game in order to qualify ahead of Trabzonspor anyway and did so via a late, late goal from Vassili Berezoutski, but when all the shouting and celebrating ends, are you Inter fans satisfied? Your season stats suggest you won’t be soon, even if you’re all smiles now.


Were you any more successful in picking the right game to watch, Kickettes? You couldn’t have been much worse.

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48 Responses to “Midweek Results, Champions League Part II: Ascending Arms Race”

  1. nayet21 says:

    Gonzalo Higuain!!!! He is PERFECT (for me)… And I am happy that Real Madrid won… :)

  2. Melissa says:

    French betting agencies are officially investigating the Lyon/Zagreb game.

    Look at the math here (and also the picture in this article):…

    A Zagreb defender winking at Gomis after one of his four goals. The same defender was seen earlier at the bookies. And according to the Telegraph there *will* be an investigation into both matches. So if it wasn't fixed then it at least was suspicious enough to warrant investigation.

    • lesgirondins says:

      The procedure by the French betting agencies is entirely routine – it happens every time there is a result that isn't average. So that's hardly evidence! And the photo of the defender leaving the betting shop? It was taken in April 2010. So please check these points first.

  3. MissU Paolo says:

    City's 10 points would've won 2 groups and placed us 2nd in 6 others. We just had the worst luck drawing into 1 of the hardest groups in CL history-and in our debut too :( I never thought we'd win it, but I hoped to pass onto the next round. We played naively at first (maybe nerves too) but it can only help to have that experience for…next yr? *fingers crossed*.
    Premier League will continue to be the focus as well as defending the FA Cup. Who knows about the Carling Cup and Europa League. Though there will be some interesting match ups with the teams that didn't make the CL cut.

  4. lesgirondins says:

    Seriously? Has everyone gone mad? I can appreciate that match-fixing does happen but to randomly throw around accusations with no basis in fact is absolutely ludicrous. So on the basis that Lyon's 7-1 victory over Zagreb is supposedly a conspiracy, are we to also assume that there was corruption when Manchester United beat Arsenal 8-2? That wasn't exactly expected either.

    If you watch Lyon more generally in their domestic league, and also in previous Champions' League campaigns (rather than just making inane comments based on what Sky Sports tells you about their performance in the Champions’ League this season) this isn’t exactly a surprise. While they can be utter rubbish they've scored 3 in each of their last two Ligue 1 matches, they’ve easily put 4 past some pretty decent French teams (St Etienne, for example) after being a goal down, and let’s not forget their Champions’ League match against Benfica last season when they were 4-0 down and scored 3 in the second half. And all of those teams are vastly superior to a quite frankly shocking team like Zagreb (no offense to Zagreb fans but they're not exactly a quality team!).

    Not to mention, yes they required a huge swing in goal difference but it was precisely the reverse of these two matches in which Ajax had gained theirs – Lyon lost heavily to Real Madrid (4-0 – so no surprises that Ajax lost yesterday either, to be honest) and Ajax comfortably beat Zagreb. Given that the two encounters between Ajax and Lyon ended in 0-0 draws, it's a safe bet to say they're pretty evenly matched (for those who say that Ajax are better, the facts don't lie) so it isn't really as big a deal as everyone's making it out to be (plus people really ought to get their facts right – Lyon's goal difference bettered Ajax's by 2 goals so they didn't "get exactly the number of goals they needed").

    And yes, the two disallowed goals for Ajax were totally harsh but that doesn’t equate match-fixing – it isn't as if this sort of refereeing doesn't happen in the Premier League! Aside from anything else, the impracticality of paying off officials in TWO Champions' League matches, Dinamo Zagreb AND Real Madrid? I mean, it's hardly a walk in the park. And another point? Lyon are pretty much broke. I'm not sure where you all think this money's coming from… (and that's the only possibility, since there's been no evidence of irregular betting patterns whatsoever, even AFTER an official investigation).

    Of course, as in any case there's a tiny chance that this is suspicious. But it would be great if people would form intelligent opinions rather than hastily jumping to unfounded conclusions. And before anyone suggests that Lyon aren't capable of such performances in the Champions' League, let's not forget that it was an inferior Lyon side to the current one that sent Real Madrid out of the Champions' League two seasons ago.

    I don't even support Lyon, or have any particular affection for Dinamo Zagreb. But it's incredibly disrespectful (and foolish) to level such accusations with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. And winking, really? If you're going to assume a supposed grand plot involving two teams and officials across several countries in two matches, one of which involved one of the biggest teams in Europe, I don't think he'd be stupid enough to broadcast it so obviously. So please, think before making such statements.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      You know what, I will never understand how a football follower wpstill thinks that UEFA is not slightly corrupted, after all Platini do support BLatter and for me it is enough to suspect as an orgainzation, this organization is not transparent as people thinks it is.
      I personally don't watch sky sports, but as grown person I came with my own conlusion, I seen both games, first I gave Lyon benefit of the doubt for their win, but I decided to watch, you just can't go from a club who just scored 2 goals to a club that scored 6 in 30 minutes, I seen how Zagreb played in their home aginst us, how their gk was incredible, how they managed to play against lyon in a way is nit even acceptable for my neighbors kids when they play in their little pitch near my house, yeah when was the last time you defender winking to the forwarder and giving him the thumbs up after he scored aginst him, yeah always!
      This game is suspicious, yeah btw Lyon needed a win with 7 goals scored you know that in order to qualify depending on Ajax losing, Ajax only needed a draw, with RM fielding their b team, with Benz playing like he didn't want get injures, yes why wouldn't I think champs of holland could get atleast a Draw against RM in their difficult arena, with a gk who is playing his first away game ever in ucl with no experience what is so ever, ajax did score 2goals before we scored our second, so try explain your logic to Ajax fans, who i doubt was looking forward to go to the next round spsince it has been long since they did, yeah Lyon is not one of the best teams in Europe of course speaking about currently, they used to, but now Lyon is not anymore.

      • lesgirondins says:

        This isn't a discussion about whether UEFA is corrupt, so don't conflate the two issues. And you might have come up with your own conclusions but you've done so on the basis of poor evidence – for instance, when you say "a club who scored 2 goals" you're basing your opinion on a very limited set of results and completely disregarding domestic form (and previous Champions' League form). If you're going to suggest these things you must study the teams you're talking about in greater depth.

        And please get your facts right before commenting – Lyon needed a swing of 7, yes, but they only needed to score 4 (while keeping a clean sheet). Check the CL tables.

        And you keep talking about Ajax as "the champions of holland" as why they should have gone through, but then you equally say that they haven't qualified for a long time. So is that really evidence for their quality? No. So please read through what you say before posting it!

        And when you talk about Zagreb's decline in form – is this surprising? When you're 3-1 down with nothing to play for, is it any wonder the players might be demoralised? And for God's sake, all this furore about a supposed wink – just a reminder that gestures, as with language, are nuanced and don't always correlate with a particular feeling. If that's even what he's doing, as it's all very blurry and it could be nothing more than getting something in his eye.

        I fully accept that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but it is entirely unacceptable when it is based on zero evidence, and supported by little more than illogical comments. As adults, if we are to speculate it should be done in light of clear-cut evidence rather than pure conjecture – saying "try explain your logic to Ajax fans, who i doubt was looking forward to go to the next round spsince it has been long since they did" is hardly evidence for match-fixing – I support Liverpool and we've had plenty of perfectly valid goals disallowed this season! The offside rule is one of the toughest points to delineate for officials in high-level matches, and these things don't necessarily equate a conspiracy.

        And again, these kinds of results aren't exactly uncommon – look at United's win over Arsenal (8-2) and City's win over United (6-1). Are you trying to suggest these were fixed too?

        I'm a sports journalist so any such scandals would actually benefit me for work! But it's irresponsible to level these kinds of accusations with no substantive evidence.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Yeah that's the thing if we evaluate the domestic league performances based on ucl, well based on that logic I would have to say man city should be on th semi final, you reasoned that in a way, don't insult me by saying read what you read before pairing, because I could say the same logic against you, no?
          I am not even an ajax supporter, or I like Ajax win * as mean it sounds, I loved to see Cruyff face after his team lost*, but all I have said is an I investigation, UEFA should open an inquiry and look at it, why wouldn't they? When you have a perfectl a suspicious result that just raises questions they as a football government has the responsibility to just look at it, all I have said in all my posts, the same thinsg, open a case inestivatge.

          Yeah, but in order for Ajax to qualify, they needed 7 goal difference right? With Ajax losing with big result, again as I said before Ajax was pushing forward in the first half, they scored twice, why wouldn't Zagreb win for their dans, jptheyre is money at it stake too, no! They could have gained money for win or draw? They are professional club, they are playing on ucl, they have no place if they can't even play for their fans, * if iyour opinion is that Zagreb are lplaying for nothing, this is mine regarding Zagreb and how they are playing for something".

          • lesgirondins says:

            Actually that was precisely my point – an irregular result is just that, an irregular result. The only reason previous performances come into it is to judge whether a team is capable of performing to that level – here, then, Lyon's previous performance domestically prove that they are capable of such an impressive performance. This doesn't preclude a bad result – Manchester City (as much as I hate to admit it) are an amazing team but that doesn't mean they can't perform badly at times. What their domestic form shows is their potential – there'd be a reason to be suspicious here if Lyon were suddenly bottom of Ligue 1 and hadn't scored more than a goal a game for the past season or something. But if you look at their domestic form it is entirely conceivable that they would have managed this result.

            When I say "Zagreb have nothing to play for" – it's fine saying that they're a professional club and they play for pride etc (which I totally agree with in theory) but it is human nature to be demoralised when losing badly. And on top of that, people talk about how the Zagreb defenders were supposedly standing around while Lyon scored, but if they watched the entire match they'd notice that actually Zagreb were chasing down Lyon every time they had the ball – they certainly weren't just allowing Lyon to play their game. Moreover, with ten men it's a bit difficult to play anyway so I'm not surprised they gave up – tiredness would have been a key factor too.

            "in order for Ajax to qualify, they needed 7 goal difference right?" – I don't understand what you mean here? Lyon needed a 7 goal swing in goal difference but they only needed to score 4 to equal Ajax, the other 3 goals could have been goals against (and thus from the Real Madrid – Ajax match). So Lyon scored 2 more goals than they needed to – it certainly wasn't exact.

            UEFA as a matter of routine check betting patterns on irregular results. They have already done this and found nothing suspicious! So until there is concrete evidence it's a bit farfetched to assume conspiracies.

  5. elsebethynwa says:

    UEFA is so corrupt. That they don't investigate this case is a disgrace. I know Dinamo don't have anything to play for, but they are playing at home and would want to say good bye to champions league and the fans in a proper manner. I saw a pic of one of the croatian players picking up the ball after a goal, winking and giving a thumbs up to a Lyon player. Just a coincidence? Suuuurreee. I feel so sorry for Ajax, they did what they had to do, nobody expected them to beat RM but wy can beat them when the ref is against them?

  6. littlegreenpea says:

    So here I was, thinking Manchester United had a sure first place in their group, but alas. They played poorly and were very inconsistent through the group. I hate to say it, but I don't believe that Manchester United will win anything now. Even as a United fan, it seems unavoidable that City will win the Premier League, even this early in the season. Now, without Chicharito and Vidic, plus the fact that City is ahead on goal difference AND wins, it seems very unlikely United will pull through. They just aren't scoring enough, and City, with their average of, like, 3 or 4 goals per game, United will be playing catch-up the entire season. 'Tis a crying shame. But that's life, I guess. I had such high hopes for them (and Chicharito) this season….

  7. IrishBlue says:

    All of Manchester out of the Champion's League, SAY WHAAATT!!!!!!!!! Crazy.

    • April says:

      And yet they are top of the PL table… gotta wonder what it says about the English league, if anything that their two top teams points-wise are not in CL, and two teams that had their share of struggles (but are rebounding back up the table) are through. I say this as a Chelsea supporter, but it seems a strange thing that I didn't really expect.

      • IrishBlue says:

        It is a bit strange, now just waiting patiently for their unsteady run in the premier league to begin *fingers crossed*;-)

  8. Kristina says:

    There is something fishy about last nights result. I don't mean Man U and Man C getting kicked out, I guess they pretty much have themselves to blame. I mean the results in the Lyon – Zagreb and the Ajax – RM games…

    Anyway I suffer for all the fans who saw their teams get eliminated. But on the other hand, it's so great to see the Basel-players and the fans happiness! It's like they won the whole thing!

    Ad AVB must take care so that he doesn't end up sounding like Mou with that "everybody is against us"-rant.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      AVB's inner Mourinho is taking over xD!!, he rants, he played like him, yeah definitely I see how he is labeled as the new "Mourinho" :P !

      • April says:

        No offense to Mou, but I hope it doesn't last. I like a smart aleck comment about the press every so often, but he went a little too far the other day. Wish he left it to the "slap in the face" comment and nothing more.

        Supposedly he wont keep playing like Mourinho, as that may cost him his job (as other managers learned before). But I think he can do a good mix of counter attack and pressing, and hope Chelsea achieve that balance.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Don't you think when Mourinho played in that way after him came Carlos who played the same way that that's maybe maybe the best tactical approach for Chelesa teams is playing for the strength of Chelesa players.
          Because the Moment he went back to that way, look at how well they performered drogba, cech, TERRY, Cole!! They all excelled.

          Well, I think AV.b is taking over Mourimho since right Jose is becoming so relaxed and calm that sport journalists is not fan off, so maybe for the sake of making headlines AVB rants should continue :p! *kidding*

  9. Natalie says:

    Poor Ajax (and i am a madrid fan)! It is to fishy how Lyon managed to score the exact amount of goals needed to qualify! And yet, not a damn thing will be done to check it out by UEFA! Such a shame!

  10. Jade says:

    Ajax was cheated out of the CL. As a Dutch football fan, I am very sad to see a team that DESERVED to go through to the next (read: better-paying) stage in the CL because of a disgraceful fixing of matches. I will lose my faith in UEFA if something is not done about this. Utterly disgraceful.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      You cant believe how bad we felt about it yesterday, it is like we wanted to apologize for our win :(

  11. FiGGy says:

    I don't even know where to begin. Champ leg run for united has been so poor :/ And to make things worse it looks like Vida will be out for a while aswel as Chico being sidelined. To say I'm bummed out is understatement & a half.
    And UEFA seriously, your rep is just getting worse everyday..

  12. mata says:

    So sad for ManCity. They must be the first club in history not to advance from the group stage with 10 points. It really was the group of death. And just shocked for ManU. And an anjury to Vidic to add to the injury to Chicharito on top of everything else.

    • DebS says:

      City played so well yesterday and still didn't go through. :( Poor Villareal has had a tough time as of late so I wasn't holding out too much hope for Napoli not winning.

      By the way…have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE David Silva?! His goal was fantastic. His vision and ball control on the pitch are a sight to behold. I love this kid!

  13. Sergz says:

    There is something suspicious about United's white kits. Nothing good ever comes out from wearing them. Losing two Champions League finals and now this?

    I thank God that I attended a concert instead of this. I was actually close to selling my ticket just so I wouldn't miss the match. I'm glad I didn't. :P

  14. Meeka says:

    Manchester United and Manchester City have been eliminated but Arsenal and Chelsea are moving forward?! Shocking!!! o.O

    • lone- Brazil says:

      realmete is the end of the world's Chelsea and Arsenal and the Manchesters sorted out! My Incredible Bayern Munich was rated! Super Mario kisses!

      • Jas says:

        Not for Chelsea or arsenal fans ;)

        • Meeka says:

          I know!!! I'm glad Chelsea has gone through. They finally showed some confidence. @lone- Brazil: I believed Bayern Munich would go through I just though Man City would have gone with them…

  15. Carolina says:

    Has Man United ever won in the white kit?

  16. Lauren_BCN says:

    Manchester United lost,Vidic is hurt…. I need some good news today PLEASE !!!! gourcuff, borriello,bartra…anyone :-( ((

  17. olalawhatsmyname says:

    So sad city didnt qualify but thats life and we had a really tough group. Next year hopefully theyll go further. As for the last 16 wwoo0oww really interesting teams.Cant wait to see who will meet who. I have a feeling that Real and AC Milan are going to go far this year actually think one of them will win it. Barca are not gonna win cuz nobody have ever won twice in a row, its wierd but its like you win this year you dont win next year, its just something weird with that in the CL.

    NOTE NOT A BARCA HATER just saying what I feel is going to happen:)

    • Kristina says:

      I don't see any Barca hate in your comment. I'm a cule and even I am having doubts. But it's gonna be sooo exciting! I guess the Man U and Man C supporters don't agree with me.

      • ohlalawhatsmyname says:

        Its sad, I would like to see city further but at the same time I dont have to worry about them lossing a match or sometiing I can just sit back and enjoy some good fotball without having the fear your team might be next to be axed. Its weird but it kinda feels good, aint like they were going to win all of it.

        NOTE AGAIN:To other city fans its the truth:)

        • Kristina says:

          I know that feeling. When your team is there competing you can't really relax and enjoy it the same way. It's heaven AND hell.

  18. Sarah, Madrid says:

    So if UEFA took some time away from their precious busy schedule to investigate Alonso's dancing skills and Dudek telling a SECERT methods to Iker, I will never understand if they don't look into the LEGIT SUPER LEGIT goals cancelled for Ajax for imaginary offsides, Hell I would have ruled Pipita goal for offside *though it wasn't, but it could been*, with the fishy 7 goals and 6 in 30 minutes of time Gomis with a SUPER hattrick, with a defender winking and giving thumbs up, I lose hope in fair play. Yesterday win was dirty, the 3-0 goals *although I love that capitan Pipa with his booty scored with Callejita doing it too*, BUT I was cheering for Ajax to score for the whole of second half.

    Sorry Ajax, UEFA shame on you!!, there is referees mistakes we gets, in the other hand there is OBVIOUS cheating!!

    Manchester CITY as City, Hard luck for both teams!!, Napoli, Basel congrats on making history!!

    • canederli says:

      Yeah, I'm a hardcore Madridista, but I was cheering for Ajax to score at least once. And those two goals were totally legit. We didn't need the match – they did. What a damn shame.

    • Louise says:

      It will be very hard for UEFA to prove anything without finding suspicious betting patterns, of which there is no evidence yet.

      UEFA have been investigating the result (through their betting fraud detection system), they just haven't launched an *official* inquiry. They will if suspicious betting patterns are found or other evidence is found. What more can they do for the moment? UEFA can hardly start accusing Lyon, Zagreb or the officials in the Madrid Ajax match of match-fixing without a little evidence first.

      I'm not sticking up for UEFA or anything but a certain procedure has to be followed.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        * All I asked for is an invesitagtion in my post*, as I already said they did it for "Mourinho" instructing his players.

        I know again that game fixing is not the same as a coach instructing their coach, BUT they can't investiagte the fact that defenders of Crotia champions were standing there looking at goals going in from a Team scored only 2 goals before that in UCL. It just sounds fishy, everything about this game screams FIX! But I agree, that they need a solid evidence because it could result into team being puinshed for years on Europe level, but I only wants UEFA to open an official inquiry, since apparently they are investiagting the fact that Jack Wilshere tweet about betting on his teammate to score in a game lol

      • liz says:

        honey stop cheaters never prosper

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      First, Captain Gonzalo was amazing, although I wish he were just wearing the armband and nothing more…Anyway…
      Ajax had two legit, rather impressive goals and got a raw deal. The referees should be ashamed and as a fan of football, I'm annoyed. Perhaps they should refresh themselves on the offsides rule.

    • xoWinnie says:

      wtf! i need to watch this game, the scoreline never tales the tale,
      because i was so happy my Real bbs won, but this sh1t is shady as hell!
      poor Ajax! no matter how much you lose by,
      feeling cheated is the absolute worst way to feel after a loss.
      you always wonder what could have been had they been counted :(
      i hate trifling referees!

    • DebS says:

      I was too Sarah. The ref at the one end of the pitch was pathetic. I really wanted Madrid to go unbeaten but I wanted it to be fair. That ref screwed Ajax. Yes, Madrid also had a goal ruled out by the same linesman but the 2 from Ajax was early in the game and could have changed the game completely.

      I was very happy that XIT got the start. And this was the first time that I can honestly say I was impressed with Altintop. Adan, Albiol & Nahin had pretty rough games tho, imo. :