August 26th, 2010

CL Results: Tottenham Hotspur Go To The Groups

OK, another five guys & we’ll so have him covered! Guys? L’il help? Image via Reuters.

Congrats to Tottenham for making it through to the group stages of the Champions League!

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39 Responses to “CL Results: Tottenham Hotspur Go To The Groups”

  1. cherryboomboom says:

    seriously … crouchy looks like jesus

  2. xoWinnie says:

    omg…Milan and Madrid…

    k, that's not even fair.

  3. cherryboomboom says:

    “Hug me brother !!!!”

    anyway , Arsenal’s group is so easy , Chelsea and ManUtd too …
    Anyway .. Go MARSEILLE!!!

  4. ASM says:

    real with milan AGAIN??gah..revenge time madridista!!

    • karen says:

      revenge??did i miss anything?i thought we finished top of the group last season.. :S

      • ASM says:

        we did topped the group sweetie..but we lost 3-2 to milan at home soil last season,thats the revenge.. ;)

  5. gin_in_teacups says:

    Yay for the Spurs!

    Ummm…can we talk about group G? I hate to say this, but I’m scared for my boys (Real Madrid). I may need to self medicate. Vodka anyone?

  6. Erin says:

    With Liverpool out of the Champions League this season, I am cheering only for Rafa Benitez.

  7. Diaritus says:

    The guy is Ammar Jemal (Young Boys)Tunisian ex-player of Etoile Sportive du Sahel ,he's a good defender :) but 6 ft 7 VS 6 ft 1 Ammar had no chance :D

  8. Little Miss Arsenal says:

    Congrats Spurs! Well done…

  9. lorena $Yoyo Gaga$ says:

    I am soooooo going on Arsenal vs Partizan game!!! Sex,Theo,RvP,Chamakh,Vela,Gibbs,Denilson……I won’t be able to survive 90 minutes of that much SEX_radiations!!! :-)

    P.S.(it will be played on stadium that is maybe…ONE HOUR driving by car from my home!!! )

  10. Dee says:

    Group E is the one I’m focused on. Sheesh.

    Got to say though…AC Milan has a tough group.

  11. yb says:

    I think it my young boys didn't earn to loose so high!

    There will maybe be another chance next year if we get better in the Championship… But our team is still so young so they can easily improve I think.

    And Moreno Costanzo is a cutie!!! and scored for our NT after just 1.5 Minutes…

  12. Rossanera says:

    That caption is CLASSIC.

  13. Sylvia15 says:

    ^^ jemal must feel like a fool… he's marking a giant.. ^^

    ^^ just happy that arsenal didn't get any spanish giants to play against..

  14. VeNia says:

    I'm from Greece my teams are Panathinaikos and Barcelona so it was the perfect thing for me!!!i'm going to see my heroes gathered together all in one game!!!Woohoo!!!

  15. LuvinBale says:



    Crouch and Bale were on fire! I have never been so proud to be a Spurs fan then right now. That game was amazing!!! Ive never seen Crouch run so fast- Huddleston was amazing also. They all were fantastic!!!

    Every time they scored I jumped off my sofa and was screaming my head off. I think my neighbors think I am insane.

    OK–Im done. Need to take some deep breaths.

  16. cymraeg_ddraig says:

    OMG So excited!! Inter Milan and Werder Bremen in the group so far….

    • Maria says:

      And Tottenham and Twente!!! Unbelievable!
      Group G looks awesome/terrible too: Milan, Madrid, Ajax and Auxerre…
      Nail biting times!!

  17. senora ramos says:

    ick, i can’t stand chelsea, so i guess we are enemies ;)