May 10th, 2010

Claude Makélélé: Professional and Personal Achievements

Ligue 1 PSG

Ligue 1Claude Makélélé, who is officially hanging up his professional boots now that the Ligue 1 season is over, was the french top flight’s Lifetime Achievement award winner at Sunday’s UNFP Awards. Two weeks earlier, the Paris Saint-German captain and his teammates (L to R: Clément Chantôme, Mateja Kezman, Claude Makélélé and Jérémy Clément.) took in the sights of the French capital to bask in their Coupe de France final glory.

True facts: Makélélé is a suit connoisseur. Which should come in handy when he travels to South Africa this summer to work as a BBC/Canal Plus pundit.

However, Mak has remained tight-lipped concerning one piece of news we actually care about: Noemie Lenoir.

So it seems we may have popped Noemie up on the ex-WAG shelf too soon. News has reached us that the on-again, off-again couple was seen riding the PSG team bus in tandem en route to the Paris City Hall party. You can tell the timelines add up because Kezman’s clothes match. Perhaps not to his shoes, but you get the gist.

Our tipsters have shared the twosome were definitely acting like a lovey-dovey pair at the event, and that a romantic reunion is possibly in the works.


Did You Know? Noemie was a brave soul during Paris Fashion Week a few months back by posing for makeup-free shots for Marc Jacobs before hitting the Louis Vuitton runway. Earth-shattering stuff.

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7 Responses to “Claude Makélélé: Professional and Personal Achievements”

  1. Nicolas says:

    Just a little correction :

    Left to Right : Clément Chantôme, Mateja Kezman, Claude Makélélé and Jérémy Clément.

    (the guy in the bus is Kezman, not Chantôme ;) )

  2. Ana;) says:

    Sorry I am a little late with all mak and noemie gossip lol but why don't many of you out there not like him? Did he cheat or something?

    • Ana;) says:

      *I mean why don't many of you like him minus the not lol. Typing too fast does me any justice lol

  3. Anna says:

    eeeeeee welcome back, noemie!

  4. Merel says:

    His only real great achievement is getting Noemi. What she saw in him is just beyond me.

    • Ella says:

      LOL! That’s exactly what I was going to say! Also, she looks amazing even without makeup. She’s flawless…except in her choice of men.