December 15th, 2009

Coleen Rooney: Baby’s First Shopping Trip

Coleen Rooney and Kai

Coleen and KaiAw, bless. It’s a big day for a new mum.

No, not your child’s first tooth, nor their first gaze up into your eyes with a smile that isn’t wind. We’re talking about the first shopping expedition*. That moment when your credit cards are exerting their rights to shop for more than booties and Elmo videos and baby better be up for it, damn it.

Coleen Rooney’s retail day out in Liverpool today with her brothers and baby Kai was a huge success, in our opinion. Why? Well, Col was out for several hours at the shops and looked relaxed from sun up to sun down. Perhaps part of the chilled mood comes from the emotions a giant Chanel bag over the shoulder can give, but by all accounts it looked like a good day out for the family.

(And, a good day out for the Chanel, natch.)

*We’re assuming this is Kai’s first official public retail therapy outing, but please update if we missed this milestone occasion.

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23 Responses to “Coleen Rooney: Baby’s First Shopping Trip”

  1. Koozies says:

    She is so beautiful

  2. Koozies says:

    She is a good mother as other mothers.
    She still is very beautiful now. And her baby is so cute!

  3. Campo says:

    Is that a pram designed by HR Giger?

  4. Dreamgirl says:

    She looks lovely as always. :D

  5. Merel says:

    Nice bag Coleen, really nice. :D

  6. carly says:

    Seriously this animal print trend is soooo tacky. All items should be burned.

  7. Lana says:

    Aw, cute! Can’t wait to see baby Kai
    Don’t like her outfit through. Animal print, leggings and red bag look kitschy together

  8. Elise says:

    Honestly, if I could have any WAG’s wardrobe, I’d choose Coleen’s. I really like nearly everything she wears, including this outfit- except for the leggings. (I don’t like them on anyone.) I’d toss those out and wear jeans instead. But Coleen always looks cute, even when she’s not perfect, and I like that.

  9. HiL says:

    Not a fan of anumal prints, but overall she looks great :] love the hair!
    *squeeee* baby Kai! i’m dying to see his cute little face too.

  10. Wow, Kai is surviving despite the horrible mothering he’s received over the past 6 weeks. Imagine that. *rolls eyes sarcastically*
    Love her bag.
    Love her boots.
    Love everything about her.

    • Samantha says:

      How do we know he's survived? We've never actually seen him! LOL! :)

      Don't like her outfit. At ALL.

      Hate the jacket, hate the leggings.

      • FirstTeamCoach says:

        Actually some of us have. At OT and in the flesh. He is surviving.

        • Stiliani says:

          Well, children also survive in orphanages and refugee camps, doesn't mean it's ideal circumstances for them to be raised in. HAHA, it's a JOKE people!!!! Geez, lighten up! :)

          PS, her outfit sucks here, but I like the diaper bag.

  11. T says:

    Colleen looks great! But, the diaper bag's not a Chanel, it's a Juicy Couture!

  12. Lucy says:

    tha outfit is absolute horrendous, as we said in Mexico "aunque la mona se vista de seda mona se queda", no matter what she wears she always look trashy

    • Lamps' babe says:

      I totally agree with you… cannot buy style…she can have all the Chanel that she wants….

    • bubbly_cheryl says:

      i second that as well, i don't like that animal coat and the boots together, and partly the reason why i don't like coleen is because she once said that (when she was wearing a rabbit fur coat- i think) 'animals get killed for their meat, why should we waste their skins?' (i am by no way saying that her coat is made of real animal fur)

  13. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Love her outfit. Love her bag.

    Still not a fan of the boots, but I can deal with them. They're not horrible.

  14. Boston Red says:

    She looks great. I can't wait until we get to see his obviously adorable little face for the first time! Her Chanel collection is probably worth more then a year's rent *sigh*