October 11th, 2011

Coleen Rooney: New ‘Do, Part II

Going for a new hairstyle can be a traumatic event in a girl’s life. We’re not ashamed to admit that we cried the first time we got a full fringe cut in. We recovered, thank Iker.

Coleen Rooney has done it twice now and seems especially pleased with her lighter, shorter, shaggier locks. Mrs. R. debuted her new style at the Rihanna concert in Manchester Sunday night. We are circling “yes” regarding Col’s new ‘do. It makes her look older (in a good way) and more sophisticated.

We will take great issue with her formal shorts, however. We absolutely love her TWENTY8TWELVE top, but would be much happier if it were paired with a skirt or jeans. Much like Trix are for kids, shorts are for summer.

So now we ask:

Coleen’s new hair: yes or no?

Coleen’s shorts: yes or no?

Circle one answer and pass it back to us during lunch. If you get caught, you’ll have detention with Joey Barton. Which you may or may not enjoy. That’s really none of our business.


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22 Responses to “Coleen Rooney: New ‘Do, Part II”

  1. Marina_Isabella says:

    When will those clunky heels disappear already?… They were 'cool' like 3 yrs ago, but seriously… enough about them! They're the 'modest' cousin of the pole-dancing tranny 'hooker heels' … ugh!

  2. xoWinnie says:

    she's gorgeous! the haircut looks marvellous on her!
    but those shorts are kind of awkward, and the tights are not doing her any favours either
    she should have opted for bare legs and nude pumps in my opinion
    perhaps that would have been more flattering!

  3. Thea says:

    Guys – she has done nothing all the radical with her hair – rather like Chezza she as either:
    Has had the extensions out for a while to stop bald pathes forming
    Just had it cut short and kept a few extentions in for effect

    Either way – they will be back in full effect in 6 months time!

  4. floridagirl says:

    Love her hair!
    The shorts-with-tights look can be cute but it just makes her legs seem to disappear, she's in great shape and should show it off with a good pair of jeans instead.
    Could I still go to detention with Joey? Pleeeeaase?

  5. KL7 says:

    Hair…two thumbs up. Outfit….three thumbs down. Dislike it so much had to borrow someone else's thumb! Hate the tights with the shorts. I think if she left them home it might have saved the ensemble, but i'm not sure if even those shorts were right either. Better luck next time, I hope.

  6. April says:

    Did she… no…maybe? Did she by chance thin out her eyebrows some? If so, then I approve. All of it.
    *sure I still want to take the tweezers to them a bit, but progress is progress

  7. xbabyshakesx says:

    I love her new hair! couldn't even tell that it was her!

  8. girl2 says:

    Amazing hair she has and suits her to a tee.

    She's looking drop dead gorgeous! And these type of shorts are something I could definitely wear comfortably. Hope Roo notices how lucky he is!!!

  9. Kristine says:

    Her hair looks nice (other than looking just like every other wag) I almost went on a hair rant about how women need to get over their fear of bangs and short hair, but I stopped myself.

  10. aurrie says:

    the haircut gives a new look to her …afterall she is a mum now and a wife…..

  11. Agnes Wonka says:

    she looks beautiful, classy and sexy! her hair and outfit suit really good on her :)

  12. Lucy says:

    she always try too hard ir order to look "fashionable" she is still a chav by heart

  13. MammaMia says:

    Fabulous hair – a softer, less harsh look. The shorts, though, are a massive DON'T.

  14. Caraleigh says:

    the shorts are one step away from cameltoe city.

    hair: yes.
    shorts: good lord no.

  15. Sara P says:

    Love the new hair. She looks nice and youthful!!

  16. Hot4Spurs says:

    The hair color and layers look good on her. I'm loving the top. The shorts are okay, but the look is too choppy. Black seperates together can be a little tricky sometimes. I know it's chilly, but I wish she would have left the stockings off.

  17. mata says:

    I still have not learned to like this woman, so this is not a biased, Colleen-o-phile comment at all, but I think the new 'do is fantastic on her. She looks very pretty, and I normally don't find her good-looking at all. And I am so happy to see her looking 25 instead of 45 for a change that I even love the shorts. In fact, with the dark tights they are quite a good look on her, though I'd have to see them from behind to give a final verdict. The Rolex is great, wish I had better view of shoes.

  18. Gladys says:

    I think she looks pretty gorgeous with the new 'do. Also, I have to admit that sometimes I like evening (or even fall/winter) shorts. They don't work for everyone, myself included, but I think they're pretty cute on her. She is only 25 after all, and they add a nice youthful vibe (as opposed to the standard call girl short/tight skirt you see on most of these gals).

  19. Miss Lampard says:

    Where's the difference, 'cause I haven't noticed it??