September 20th, 2011

Coleen Rooney: Real Women Really Workout

Spoiler alert: our ‘test’ doesn’t end well for our self esteems. Image taken June 2011 for Col’s A/W 2011 collection for Littlewoods.

Have you ever sat and wondered how some of England’s beloved WAGs stay so trim and fit in the face of luxe lifestyle adversity?

No? Us neither. But whether we like it or not, Coleen’s trainer has revealed how she stays healthy: a strict no sugar diet complemented by regular boxing sessions at the gym.

Sounds miserable. And claustrophobic.

We’re fully aware of how shedding the post-birth pounds slowly, surely and quite publicly in only a few short months is worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. Hell, we of all people can relate to the difficulties most women face whilst boozing, diet eating and sleeping. And that’s a challenge in and of itself without adding in the physical and emotional toll pregnancy takes on one’s mind, skin and bodacious bod.

So, because we’re both bored and curious to see if we really could ever make it as a bonafide WAG, we’re pitting our own diet and fitness routines against Col’s to see how we measure up.


- Coleen Rooney’s Typical Daily Diet: boiled eggs or porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and fish or meat with veg and potatoes for tea.

- Kickette HQ’s Typical Daily Diet: Pixie Sticks for pre-shower wake up, Venti non-fat latte and blueberry scone for breakfast, something spicy that was shipped from south of the border for lunch, a spoonful (or two) of Nutella for our mid-afternoon snack…and that’s all before the happy hour floodgates fly open.

From there it only gets worse, usually due to the tequila and vodka we consume in various states of mass, which subsequently leads to some kind of greasy food satisfying our stomachs during our last meal (and favourite food group) of the day: late night drunk food.


- Coleen Rooney’s Preferred Exercise Routine: “I love boxing in the gym,” Coleen recently admitted. “Once you’ve done that you feel like you’ve had a really good workout. It tones your arms and it’s good for your stomach muscles too.”

The northern English WAG apparently doesn’t stop the torment there either. According to her personal trainer, Elise Lindsay, Rooney also runs, swims and uses weights to beat the workout boredom.

- Kickette HQ’s Preferred Exercise Routine: Shopping for sport (Carly Cole’s pastime of choice). Leisurely lunching (here’s to you, Alex Gerrard). Sprinting at an abominably slow pace to Selfridges cash register. Furiously clicking refresh on online sample flash sales.

Hmm…it’s clear we’d much rather play ‘dead’ in a pool in Dubai (as per Col) than perform any physical activity that disrupts our matte makeup. We do talk and yawn a lot, so those calories must count for something, right?


Delicately-wristed readers, how do your diets and workout regimes (or lack there of) measure up against one of England’s more ‘normal’ bodied WAGs? Or are you, too, sorry we even asked?

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29 Responses to “Coleen Rooney: Real Women Really Workout”

  1. mamaly says:

    And after all that effort Wayne is in your bed

  2. marysaid says:

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  3. Kitty says:

    No sugar my ass! I seen pictures of her with a drink/ cocktail in her hand ……..
    she looks healthy don't get me wrong but fail to believe she never has sugar

  4. J Cook says:

    She looks good and all but I am surprised she isn't thinner with that type of Guantanamo Bay-style food habit. I work out at least 3 times a week and TRY to eat okay however if given a bag of pixie sticks, they would be gone in two days. I love me some candy!

  5. rachael says:

    I prefer Coleen’s honesty admitting she works at it than all that drivel from some wags being so busy the weight just fell off busy doing what? Having said that she has the time and energy to spend on looking good my exercise routine consists of hoovering, ironing,hot footing it to work,food shopping etc a nice quiet day in the gym would be a treat!!

  6. yasmine says:

    I love that she looks healthy, but these fad diets drive me crazy. NO sugar? Meaning what exactly? No simple carbohydrates like candy, cakes, cookies etc? That seems fine but your body needs sugar (carbohydrates), and the nutrients from fruits, vegetables and wholesome grains (all of which have SUGAR), so some clarification would be great. I wish they would just be honest, say they try and eat as healthy as possible but work out really hard to look good, which, she does. She is short, and has a wider frame so she looks bigger then she is, but too me she looks healthy. I eat as healthy as I can but have a major sweet tooth, it's all about balance. My exercise consists of running around all day after a very active 1 year old. lol best exercise there is.

  7. GlamGooner says:

    Proud of Cols for trying to stay fit and healthy, but a cupcake never hurts…

  8. Lucy says:

    Can´t stand this woman she is so full of herself and she just talk constantly about stupid things, she doesn´t have a proper job or studies, so that´s why she keep talking all that trash?? and by the way ALL WOMEN have real bodies, we are not aliens!! the fact that I´m tall and thin and not curvy and small like her doesn´t make me weirder than her!

  9. Isabel says:

    I work out every day for hours in the summer I eat right too. BUT in the fall my school comes first and I dont have time plus I stay up late to study so lots of caffiene is involved. I rarely work out in winter. Blehhh.

  10. Agnes Wonka says:

    I'm thin, even I eat whatever I want. though my weight is not the same in winter as it is in summer.
    Maybe it happens to everyone.

  11. Agnes Wonka says:

    I love her. She looks great, and she lost weight in the best way: eating healthy and working out. That's it. No magical stupid ways that sometimes are advertised as good.
    I like a woman concerned of her body and taking care of it.

  12. Lisette says:

    I swim at least 3 times a week, which I adore. I walk almost everywhere, even if it's several kilometres away – obviously it's the bus on the way to work, but I'll walk home and on most other occasions. When I go to the gym, I stick to the weights and exercise balls with a bit of the cross trainer, because the thought of running or cycling makes me want to cry.

    And I always make sure that I lift the heaviest weights I can safely manage. I hate the ostentatiously girly types I sometimes see who either refuse to lift weights or else only touch the teensy tiney ones, because they worry that they'll look like one of the men. Those men who have 20 times their testosterone levels. Gosh, I wonder why those last 10 lbs won't go. *eyeroll*

    • Lisette says:

      Healthy diet is my bete noire. I adore all the worst foods, and I can eat more than most men if I let myself. Unfortunately, genes have not been kind to me. I put on weight incredibly easily. So I have to be strict, and limit myself to, say, one mini Kit Kat per day, or maybe two Jaffa Cakes. And not touch salt. *sobs* I love salt. But porridge is my lifesaver. If I don't have a big bowl, with yoghurt and sliced banana, I feel weak and sick.

  13. Now @ says:

    Upon reading Collen's typical diet i am assuming she passes gas a lot (:! anyways she look healthy which is the important thing. I try to eat a variaty of whole nutrient dense foods, However i also eat unhealthy foods too. My diet is a mixture. Plus i do yoga and jog!

  14. Hot4Spurs says:

    I admire her becasue she does not look like the walking dead, but no sugar!!?? I would be the meanest girl in the world.

    • Kristina says:

      I know what you mean. A non-chocolate diet would turn me into a bitch.

    • Gladys says:

      Well, if it's any consolation psychologists have come up with a new eating disorder for people who feel they have to cut all these so-called unhealthy things out of their diet– orthorexia. It's just another form of unhealthy obsessive behavior. Moderation is always the best (though I'm definitely not one to talk– if chocolate were drugs I'd be in rehab now and I've never met a french fry I didn't like).

  15. xoWinnie says:

    wow i feel like a lardass…
    i don't really do much as far as the gym goes
    i have a membership that's going to waste right now -_-
    mostly because of school and stuff,
    i'm going to start going with my boyfriend soon-ish though
    i don't really have any complaints about my body right now
    that mostly happens when i get period bloat lol
    i guess i'm enjoying what's left of my teenage metabolism
    i'll probably be hardcore gymming in a few years

    • Kristina says:

      I think I was more pudgy when I was a teenager, even though I have never been overweight. And yeah, some periods in life you just don't have the time to exercise as much as you might want. But I'm a runner-junky so if I don't get my "fix" I'm no fun to be around.

  16. April says:

    She looks fine by me, but that is no diet I could stick to! I'd also probably look a lot better if I had the hours in the day to devote to such a workout regimen, but alas, I sit on my arse in the office all day and eat cookies and drink alcohol. Not sure I expect to compete with her :) Sure she isn't as rail-thin as some WAGs… everyone's body is different and responds to diets/exercise differently.

    One thing I would really love to get at on her though, are those eyebrows. She may be in much better shape than I am, but I've certainly got her beat on the relationship with my tweezers, so in that I will take some consolation.

  17. Missy says:

    Coleen is too "soft" & "big"! I swear!!! Coleen is Healthy & Normal

  18. Kristina says:

    Well I have been running regulary since I was a teenager. I'm kind of addicted to it. And I don't put on weight that easily (it's the genes from my mother's side I think) so I eat and drink with enthusiasm :) . I'm looking forward to my first sip of wine from the Iniesta Winery. That guy really knows how to invest his fortune. I'm pretty thin and I wouldn't mind more curves I tell you. Oh, and I do Ashtanga yoga. Not that often though, nowadays.

  19. Gladys says:

    Good for her. She looks great. Now when is she going to try some of those boxing moves on her hubby?…Just kidding…I don't advocate domestic abuse but sheesh, let that be a warning, baldy!! No more call girls.

  20. Dominique says:

    okay, i'm lucky. but if you'd eat the same (and ONLY the same) as the article says, you'd be skinny in no time. but Coleen? where is the tone of her body? she is too soft. and big.
    i'd like, that she's not the skinny model-type WAG, but please don't give us diet and excercise routine tips, if you not in good shape…

    • Now @ says:

      Consider how much she''s eating too. There is no way she eats only the same thing, same amount consistantly, these wags just say things!

  21. Dominique says:

    seriously, girls? if i would live on Coleen's diet, i'd be superskinny, while she is kinda big-ish…
    i eat (and DRINK) whatever i want, i just do 2 running course / week, and i have still flatter belly, and thinner thights than her. and i'm 27. after one child too.