February 1st, 2007

couch potato links: WAGs boutique

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  Hey, so we thought the first episode of the WAGs Boutique was a little sucky, but what did we expect? Only one of these gals has even been to Baden Baden, the true measure of a WAG if ever there was one. TV producers: we need a little A-List up in hee-ure. Shoot, we’d settle for a fly by from Abi Clancy at this point.

Apparently, Cassie Sumner, a WAG on the Better Half squad isn’t actually dating Michael Essien (Chelsea). Or she was, and he got so ashamed he’s now denying any knowledge of her. Either way, it’s not good for the show. Link: A Wag or Not A Wag

Learn more about Cassie and her fabulous real/fake life as a WAG. Link: Cassie Sumner profile.

Since this is turning into a Cassie S heavy post, let’s continue. She first hit the headlines in 2004, after being seen having a drink with Prince Harry at Chinawhite. She later told all to the tabloids about their “intimate” moments. Oh, and she sort of used to be an escort. Eep.
Link: Harry’s Kiss With Cassie

Promo clip for WAGs Boutique on You Tube.

Next week we’ve got a boutique catfight on our hands as Cassie tells Michaela Henderson-Tynne to talk to the hand. Literally. Link: WAGs Get Their Claws Out For The Cameras

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